One Last Moment

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Another forest. The fourth one this week, and every time Holly checked, the magic stone always pointed in the same direction. Traveling through the first forest wasn't so bad. It was small. It wasn't even worthy of being called a forest. There was very few trees in it; they were all just very very big. The second one was a little worst then the first one only because is was quite dark. Even during day time it was hard to see. So far, the third one was the worst. It was extremely thick and twice as dark as the second one. Before entering this next one though, the gang takes a few precautions.

Golem: "Ready?"

Suezo: "Ready."

Golem tosses Suezo up in the air as hard as he can, and, after reaching his peak, Suezo looks toward the edge of the forest using his super vision thing. But, instead of finding good news, he finds that the forest is full of baddies, and, that Naga's castle is just outside the forest. Made of bones and a dark shade of grey, it was no problem for Suezo to recognize it.


For once Golem does catch him. He then set's the panickey eye ball monster on the ground.

Genki: "Well? What did you see?"

Suezo: "I have bad news, worst news, and, really really bad news."

The others fall over in response.

Holly: "wELL, Tell us the bad news first."

Seuzo: "This forest goes on forever."

Others: "*moan*"

Holly: "What's the worst bad news?"

Suezo: "Naga's castle is right outside it."

Others: "*angry moan*"

Genki: "I bet that's where the mystery disk is."

Holly: "Well, We better get going."

Genki: "Hold on. Tiger, could I talk to you in private for a minute?"

Tiger: "Okay."

Tiger set's Trigger down from on top of his head then follows Genki away from the group. After they're out of hearing range, Genki looks at Tiger with a concerned look on his face.

Genki: "Listen. I know your not gonna like what I'm gonna say, but, Suezo says that the forest is full of baddies and that Naga's castle is just outside it."

Tiger: "And?"

Genki: "Well, I was thinking. This forest and the castle doesn't seem to be the best place for Trigger. Do you know what I mean?"

Tiger: "...Yeah. But, what do you think I should do?"

Genki: "Well, I saw a small cave a while ago. You could leave him there. To keep him safe, you could put this on him."

Genki pulls a Moo amulet from out of his pocket.

Genki: "I got it from those Scaled Jells we fought a few days ago."

Tiger: ".......Okay."

Genki: "Don't worry. It'll only be a few says. A week at most."

Tiger: "Alright. Let's go."

Genki and Tiger walk back to where the others are waiting. Tiger picks up Trigger, put's him back on top of his head and starts to walk off in the direction that they came.

Tiger: "Come on. I wanna talk to you."

Trigger: "Okay."

After Tiger walks off with Trigger. Hare speaks up.

Hare: "What's the matter with him?"

Genki: "Well, here's what happened."

As Genki finished explaining what him and Tiger talked about, Tiger and Trigger reach the cave that Genki mentioned. It was more like an alcove just big anough for a few people to live in.

Tiger set's Trigger down in the cave and sits down next to him.

Tiger: "You see, I'm going to a very dangerous place, and, I don't want to see you get hurt. So, I need you to stay here for a while."

Trigger: "What about the baddies?"

Tiger: "Wear this and you'll be safe."

Tiger takes out the Moo amulet that Genki gave him from around his neck and puts it on Trigger's.

Trigger: "I don't want you to go."

Tiger: "....I know Trigger..... I know..... but, I have to."

Tiger put's his arm around Trigger in a comforting embrace.

Trigger: "I'll miss you daddy."

Tiger: "I'll miss you too."

Tiger let's go of Trigger and wipes a tear from his son's cheek.

Tiger: "There's a fruit tree outside if you get hungry."

Trigger: "Okay."

Tiger: "I love you very much."

Trigger: "I love you too daddy."

Tiger gently nuzzles Trigger and walks away, back toward the others. Trigger, feeling abandoned and lonely, lays down in the cave and watches Tiger as he walks off. When Tiger did get back, noone really said anything. Hare didn't dare tease him. The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful; they managed to get about half-way through the forest without fighting many baddies. That night, at around midnight and while everyone else is sleeping, Tiger is laying awake in front of the fire. He couldn't sleep. He was too busy thinking about Trigger and remembering how happy he was with his parents. How both them helped they're masters out because they couldn't do what they did alone. His mother helped her master at the hospital. Tiger's father helped his master at the blacksmith shop. These places were both too dangerous for Tiger and Grey Wolf to be, so they had to stay at the cave they lived in. At least one of they're parents was always with them though. They're father was particularly fun; he would always take them places, places like cliffs and forests. They're mother didn't agree with this too often, but they went with him anyway. All this happiness was cut short though when Tiger's mother and father were killed by poachers.

Tiger: "My parents were taken from me. I'm not going to let my son be alone too."

Tiger turns his head to the left, the empty spot next to him where Trigger would normally be curled up in. He gives a mournful sigh and looks back at the fire. Holly then opens her eyes to see Tiger laying by the fire looking pretty depressed. She sits up, watching Tiger.

Holly: "(I feel so sorry for him. Almost everyone in his life has been taken away from him. I should talk to him.)

Holly takes off her blanket and get's up, being careful not to wake up Suezo who was asleep right next to her. She walks over to Tiger and sits down next to him.

Holly: "Hey Tiger."

Tiger: "Hi Holly."

After a long pause, Holly breaks the silence.

Holly: "I know how you feel."

Tiger looks up at Holly who was still looking at the fire.

Tiger: "You do?"

Holly: "Yeah. When my father left I felt the same way."

Tiger looks back at the fire.

Tiger: "........We've never been apart this long after we found him."

Holly: "Listen. I know you miss Trigger, so, maybe you should see him one more time."

Tiger: "But... I can't. We have to get that disk."

Holly: "I know, but, if you have a talk with him, niether of you will feel so bad, especially if something were to happen to you. Me and the others will wait for you."

Tiger: "....Would you really do that?"

Holly: "Sure we would."

Tiger: "Thanks Holly."

Holly: "Don't mention it."

Holly gives Tiger a pat on the head.

Tiger: "I'll be back by tommorow morning."

Tiger then get's up and runs off in the direction of the cave he left Trigger.

Tiger: "(Don't worry Trigger. I'm coming.)"

After running for about an hour, and several rests, he arrives at the cave where he left Trigger. He walks in the cave and sees that Trigger is still sleeping, with the Moo amulet still around his neck. Tiger lays down next to Trigger and falls asleep. Later that morning, as usual, Tiger wakes up first at about seven.

Tiger: "Trigger should be getting up soon."

After a few minutes, just as Tiger predicted, Trigger starts to wake up.

Trigger: "*yawn* Daddy! What are you doing here?"

Tiger: "I decided to have a talk with you before I left for Naga's castle."

Trigger: "Okay."

Tiger: "First, we don't need this."

Tiger takes the Moo amulet off Trigger's Neck and set's it on the ground.

Tiger: "Trigger, listen. I want you to know that I didn't leave you here because I wanted to."

Trigger: "You didn't?"

Tiger: "No. If I could, I would bring you with me. But it would be too dangerous. I left you here because I want to keep you safe. That's why I made you wear that Moo amulet, so that if any baddies came around they wouldn't harm you."

Trigger: "So, you weren't trying to get rid of me?"

Tiger: "Of course not! Your my son. I would never try to get rid of you. And, I would do anything to keep you safe. But, to do that, you'll have to stay here. I know it's hard, but, you'll be fine."

Trigger: "Well, I guess it won't be to bad."

Tiger: "That's my boy... I... I have to go now."

Trigger: "Oh. Are you coming back?"

Tiger: "Trigger..."

Trigger: "Daddy, please."

Tiger: "...I'll return."

Tiger takes the Moo amulet out of the grass and put's it back around Trigger's neck. Then he turns around and walks off. As Trigger sadly watches, Tiger takes one look back at him, gives him a reasurring smile and continues on his way.

Trigger: "Daddy...."

Tiger walks continues his journey into the forest, back to where the others were waiting. He reached them in a relatively short amount of time because he walked the whole and so he didn't need to rest.

Genki: "Tiger... You okay?"

Tiger: "Yeah. I'm fine."

Again the group was totally silent. But only when they reached Naga's castle did anyone talk.

Genki: "Well, this is it."

Holly: "Is everyone ready?"

The others respond with a yes. Genki pushed against the massive doors until they slowly swung open. Inside the castle, it was almost pitch black. Even though noone could see, the castle still had an eerie vibe to it.

Holly: "Something doesn't feel right."

Genki: "I feel it too."

Golem: "Hm."

Naga's voice then booms out of the darkness, seemingly to come from the darkness itself.

Naga: "I've been waiting for you."

The others nervously look around them, trying to find the source of Naga's words.

Genki: "Naga! Where are you."

Naga: "Well now. If I told you, it wouldn't be much of a surprise, would it?"

The castle then illuminates with a blinding light for a split second, then it dies down into a warm glow to reveal the interior of the castle entirely made out of skeletons of humans and monsters alike. The room appeared to be some kind of throne room. There were large pillars across the sides of the room. And, at the back was a large throne, again made of the bones of the dead. But, noone was sitting in it.

Naga: "What do you think of my decor? I think it's missing something. Like your bones. Then I think the place will be perfect."

Genki: "Well, your not gonna get 'em anytime soon!"

Naga: "That could be arranged."

Then, the wall behind the throne exploded inward, revealing Naga holding a mystery disk.

Naga: "Looking for something?"

Genki: "Give us the mystery disk!"

Naga: "I would, but, it wouldn't be of much use to you, now would it?"

Genki: "What are you talking about!?"

Naga then drops the mystery disk on the ground wich shatters into a thousand little pieces, creating the sound of a clay pot falling from a shelf.

Naga: "Clay, when hardened, looks so much like the real thing doesn't it?"

Genki: "You mean it was a fake!?"

Naga: "You really are slow aren't you?"

Genki: "Rrrr! Goodies rule!!"

Genki and his friends charge forward, but Naga swiftly leaps into the air, landing behind the group.

Naga: "You people are pitiful. Energy shot!!"

Naga shoots a ball of white hot energy from his hand to the ground near Genki and the others wich causes them to scatter across the room.

Tiger: "Torpedo!!"

Bolts of lightning launch from Tiger horns, but Naga just knocks them away with his hand. Then Golem tries to punch Naga, but, Naga evades it by leaping across the room again.

Mocchi: "Cherry-blossom blizzard chi!"

Thousands of cherry blossoms fly around the room, then, they encircle Naga, but they did nothing.

Naga: "Cherry blossoms? Is that the best you've got!? Poison gas!!"

Naga opens his mouth and spurts out a green, noxious looking gas. It quickly spreads throughout the room, filling it within seconds. They all managed not to breathe it in, but Holly wasn't so lucky. She coughed and hacekd as the poison cloud entered her lunges.

Genki: "Holly!!"

As quickly as the gas had appeared, it had dissappeared. Genki ran to the unconscious Holly's side.

Genki: "Holly! Is she okay!?"

Hare: "She'll survive."

Naga: "One down, six to go. Energy shots!!"

Multiple blasts of energy shoot from Naga's hands. They mostly missed the group, but, Golem, Hare, Suezo, and, Mocchi were hit and knocked out.

Genki: "No!"

Genki and Tiger were now the only ones left standing. Everyone else was unconscious or near to it.

Naga: "Hahaha!! Why don't you give up now? If you do, I will make your deaths quick."

Genki and Tiger: "Never!"

Naga: "It's your choice.

Naga moved swiftly around the room, using the darkness as camoflouge. Genki and Tiger looked around the room franticlly. As they were looking, Naga slowly stepped out of the darkness behind Genki. He didn't notice. Naga then grabbed Genki by the back of the neck and lifted him into the air.

Tiger: "Genki!"

Naga: "I'll enjoy serving your head on a platter to master Moo."

Naga was cutting off Genki's air supply. He wouldn't last very long like that. Tiger then leaps onto Naga's neck, burying his teeth and claws into his skin.

Naga: "Agh!!"

Naga was caught off guard, He promptly dropped Genki and tried to get Tiger off of him.

Genki: "Yeah! Get him Tiger!"

Tiger struggled to stay lached on Naga's neck but his claws were ripping into Tiger's skin as he tried to get Tiger off of him.

Naga: "Get off me!!"

Naga then manages to get a hold of Tiger, yanks him off, and throws him across the room into a wall.

Tiger: "Aggghhh!!"

Genki: "Tiger!"

Naga: "Now for you."

Naga slithered toward Genki as he backed away. Soon though, Genki was forced against a wall.

Naga: "Theres no place to run now. You might as well surrender."

Genki: "No!! We will never give up!!"

Naga: "It's a little late for dramatic sayings boy."

Tiger was laying sprawled out on the ground. He squirmed around, trying to get up. He looked up, above Naga, and, saw a bone chandallier wich Naga was standing right below. Tiger got an idea. He gathered his strength as Naga raised his hand towards Genki. He had to do this right or it would all be over.

Tiger: "(I have to do this. For Trigger. For my son.) Hey! Lizard face!"

Naga: "Huh?"

Naga turned around to face Tiger who was now fully on his legs.

Tiger: "Torpedo!!"

Tiger's attack was at the chandellier. The bolts of lightning hit the chain holding it up to the cieling. The chain shattered and the chandellier fell to the ground.

Naga: "NOOO!!"

The chandellier fell right on Naga, breaking every bone in his body. He slowly faded into a lost disk as Genki ran to Tiger who had fallen over from the energy drain.

Genki: "Tiger! You did it!"

Tiger: "No. We did it Genki."

Tiger then also slipped into unconsciousness. After checking everyone to make sure they were alright, he went out in search of a town with a hospital. After finding one, and getting some help, Genki managed to bring everyone to a hospital. Once everyone was treated, he went back through the forest to the cave where Trigger was. By the timne he got there, Trigger was asleep. Genki gently shook Trigger until his eyes opened.

Genki: "Hey."

Triger: "Hi Genki."

Genki: "Listen. Your father and his friends are in the hospital right now. They sall got beat up pretty badly."

Trigger: "Are they alright?"

Genki: "Yeah. They're fine. So, do you wanna go there and see your father?"

Trigger: "Ah-huh."

Genki: "Okay. Come on."

Genki picks up Trigger in his arms and they set off back toward the hospital. On the way, Genki told Trigger what happend, wich passed the time quite quickly. They reached the hospital by night fall. As they went into Tiger's room, Genki noticed that Tiger was asleep in a hospital bed. Genki placed Trigger next to him gave him a pat on the head and left the hospital. He went to the inn, got a room and promptly fell asleep. Trigger also fell asleep. But he was happy. He was back with his father.

The End