What    do    you    get    when    you    cross    a    sugar    high,    me    and    Monster    Rancher?    This    story.

"One Weird Day" By: Cybernator1

One day the gang is walking through a forest looking for a mystery disk when Genki's hat starts to float off his head!

Holly: "Genki, look at your hat."

Genki: "Huh? Hey! How's it doing that?"

Wierd voice: "I'm doing that."

Suezo: "Who's there!?"

Mocchi: "Chi!"

Wierd voice: "Me. Cybernator."

Then a strange boy starts to materialize in front of everybody! He's dressed in dark blue sweat pants with a light blue t-shirt without any shoes.

All: "Ah!"

Hare: "What are you doing here!?"

Genki: "And how did you make my hat float?"

Cybernator: "Exactly the same way I do this!"

Cybernator does a little abra-kadabra hand motion at the gang and they all start to fly around trees barely missing them!

Tiger: "How are you doing this?!"

Hare: "This is scientificly impossible!"

Then Cybernator does another hand motion and they all crash into each other!

All: "OW!"

Golem: "That hurt."

Cybernator: "I know."

Genki: "Listen kid. You may have magic powers but I have speed! Come on Mocchi! Let's kiss the sky!"

Mocchi: "Chi!"

Genki straps on his roller blades and Mocchi gets on his back. They both zoom towards Cybernator but he justs yawns and they both go flying!

Both: "YAH! Oof!"

They both crash into a tree.

Holly: "Why are you doing this to us?"

Cybernator: "Because I can."

Tiger: "I'm tired of this! TORPEDO!"

Tiger does his signature move but Cybernator just blocks it!

Cybernator: "If any of you do anything like that again then I will personaly destroy you! I will give you a sample of my power."

The boy raises him right arm like a zombie would and then all the trees in the forest disentegrate!

All: "Wow!"

Then the boy snaps his finger lots of times with each time something different happens like Tiger's fur dissapearing and Holly's hair turning purple!

Genki: "Please stop!"

Cybernator: "Beg me."

Woman's voice: "Time for dinner!"

Cybernator: "Oh man! Next time you won't be so lucky!"

Cybernator dissapears and everything returns to normal. Tiger's fur reappears, Holly's hair becomes brown again and the trees return.

Genki: "That was really wierd."

Golem: "I hope that never happens again."

Everyone walks down the horizen ala western.

Hare: "You looked pretty funny without fur Tiger!"

Tiger: "Shut up Hare!"

Hare gets attacked by Tiger as everyone else sweatdrops.

Fin(the end)