"Pinky and The Brain Meets Monster Rancher" By: Holly-chan

ANFA: DON'T ASK. I am a funny person by nature, but for some reason seem to write serious fics. Well, he's a fic I wrote when my friend Christine mentioned, "What is it with evil guys? Why do they all want to conquer the world? Like Pinky and the Brain... " That's when something clicked in my head. So, BE WARNED. There isn't much point to the story, but it is er, funny…. ^.^; Anywayz, luv ya Christine, and thanx for giving me the idea (Though I know it was unintentional), and also for being my, um, "editor." ^_^

"Connect these two wires…and that should do it!" Brain mumbled to himself, putting together another invention.

"What are you doing, Brain?" Pinky asked as he walked over.

"I'm constructing a molecular-structure enlarger, Pinky," Brain replied. "When this beam hits us, we will grow to twice the size of the tallest humans. Using our superior size, we will take over the world!" Brain explained.

"That's nice."

"Come Pinky, the device is done!" Brain tampered with a few knobs and buttons, then pulled Pinky over to him in front of the laser device.

"If my calculations are correct, we will grow to be exactly 17'4" each." Brain said just before the beam hit them. They disappeared in a flash of light.


"Which way, Holly?" Genki asked as his friend checked her Magic Stone.

"This way," Holly replied, pointing forward. Genki smiled.

"All right then!" He exclaimed. "Let's go!"

The rebels walked off as Pinky and Brain appeared behind a bush.

"Hmm…..my calculations must have been off," Brain observed. "It seems we have been transported somewhere.

"Hey Brain," Pinky spoke up, "look over there! Zot!" Brain glanced over to see where Pinky was pointing.

"Huh? What are those strange creatures?" He asked himself. Then something clicked in his head as hie smiled. "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

"I think so Brain," Pinky replied. "Why is it called 'Once in a blue moon,' when the moon's white?" Brain sighed and smacked Pinky in the head.

"No you idiot," he growled, "If I can take control of those monsters over there, I can use them as my soldiers and take over the world! But first, I need to make a few things. Come Pinky."

"Narf! " Pinky said as he followed Brain.


"What was that?" Tiger growled. The others stopped and looked around.

"What was what?" Hare asked. "I didn't hear anything. Maybe your 'sharp' Tiger senses are starting to dull,"

"SHUT-UP!" Tiger snapped. Pinky and Brain suddenly stepped out in front of them.

"Greetings, humans and strange creatures," Brain said. the rebels blinked.

"A mouse?" Genki said. "A mouse is talking to us? Am I losing it?"

"You are not losing anything, human," Brain replied. "I am Brain,"


"…And this is my sidekick, Pinky."


"Anyway, we are here to conquer the world. You monster things will work for me in my army." Tiger snorted and burst out laughing.

"HE'S telling us what to do?" He chuckled. "Well, mousy, what if we refuse?"

"Then I will be forced to take extreme measures," Brain replied. "Pinky, the ray."

"Here you go, Brain. Zot!" Pinky handed Brain a small laser pointer. Brain aimed it at Tiger and hit him with a green laser light.

"What the--?" Tiger growled. He shrunk and shrunk until he turned into a puppy Tiger. The rebels blinked.

"I-is that -y-y-you Tiger?" Hare asked, trying not to burst with laughter.

"Yes, it's me!" Tiger yipped. "Hey you dumb mouse, change me back!" Brain ignored him and hit Suezo and Hare with his beam.

"HARE! SUEZO!" Holly exclaimed as the two of them changed back to their baby forms.

"Hey! This isn't funny!" Hare squeaked. Golem raised a hand to grab Brain.

"I don't think so," Brain said, hitting Golem with the laser. Golem shrunk until hit was up to about Genki's waist.

"That's it!" Genki exclaimed. "Ally-oop!" He jumped forward to kick Brain, only to find himself to be hit with the laser as well.

"GENKI?" Holly asked, blinking. The boy had gone back to being three years old!

"You baka mouse!" Genki growled in an unusually high and squeaky voice. Holly bit down on her lip to keep from laughing.

"Let's get 'em guys!" Tiger exclaimed.

"Hai!" the monsters agreed. They charged forward.

"I don't think--" Golem knocked to laser out of Brain's hands, sending it to the ground and shattering it. The monsters and Genki began to beat up Brain as Hare looked at the mouse's transportation device.

"Well…let's see……" Hare tinkered with the device a little. "Hey! Mouse boy!"

"Huh?" Brain looked up to see Hare hit him and Pinky with the device, transporting them away. As soon as they were gone, the monsters and Genki returned to their normal forms.

"I'm glad that's over," Genki grumbled.

"Well, I dunno," Holly said, "you all were pretty cute as babies…."

"HEY!" Genki cried, turning red as the monsters grumbled.

"Well it's true………"


"Well, I guess that didn't work Brain," Pinky said as they found themselves back at the laboratory.

"We'll just have to work on something else tomorrow night," Brain said.

"What are going to do tomorrow night, Brain?" Pinky asked.

"The same thing we try to do every night, Pinky," Brain replied, "try to take over the world!"