The Kid and the Pixie

OK, here's the scoop. I'm mostly Big Blue/Pixie, but it seems like most MR fans are emailing like there's no tomorrow to make a Genki/Pixie shrine. Well, like Holly/Genki moments, here's hints of a Pixie/Genki relationship..


"The Ruin's Secret"

Pixie makes fun of their enemies, Genki's team, and they start to fight. But then, a hostage, a man they met earlier (i think it was mickey..) is held up. Genki makes a promise with Pixie if they gave up, she would let Mickey go. But, instead, she captures Genki's friends and bond them. Genki gets angry and tells her to let Mickey go. Pixie refuses, saying, "I'm just so bad at making prmoises, I never, ever keep them." Genki leaps forward. "A PROMISE IS A PROMISE!!" He punches her across the face. Pixie's eyes waver, deeply hurt. Genki says, "Doesn't a promise mean anything anymore?"


"Pixie's Defeat"

Pixie stands on her balcony, thinking. She remembers how Genki said "doesn't a promise mean anything anymore?" Pixie touches her cheek, eyes wavering, then she closes them.

After Mocchi throws Pixie into another ruin's wall, Genki confronts her inside. Pixie is too weak, but genki tries to get her out. Pixie merely blasts the roof and the building collapses. Genki rushes back in to help her along with Big Blue. Later, everyone digs desperately to find the three under the rubble and Golem finds them, Big Blue protecting them. Genki laughs and gets up from Pixie as she weakly looks at everyone. Pixie looks at genki for a long time.

At the end, Pixie and Big Blue leave as genki waves good-bye.


"Holly's Rescue"

Genki is being held by Moo and just as Holly finally gives in, a flame burns Moo! It's Pixie!! Swooping down to the rescue!

"And...lightning!" she exclaims and blasts open Moo's front window. Then, she orders everyone to go, and they do. Pixie faces off against Moo, but is blown back out the window. Genki sees Pixie falling to her death and orders Falcon to get her. They catch Pixie and fly away. Pixie weakly wakes up, eyes large as she speaks to Genki kindly and gives him the Magic Stone which Moo stole. Genki's eyes waver as he says, "Pixie..." He holds her in his arms until they return her to Big Blue on the land.


"My Name Is Pixie"

Genki's team is held down by the Scale Jells when "LIGHTNING!" Pixie swoops down and breaks their bond while Big Blue helps Golem and Holly (who looks like she has trouble breathing) Soon, Genkiis being chased by a large scale jell ball and Pixie swoops to help him. Genki falls off the cliff and Pixie protects him from the fall, getting seriously injured. Genki revives and helps Pixie away to saftey, although she VERY much refuses.

Soon, Genki and Pixie are on the run from the jells and hide out shortly in a cave. They fall asleep after Genki gets mad at Pixie and falls asleep. Pixie watches him, then falls asleep too. The next time we see them is Genki holding Pixie on his back as Pixie finally thanks him. They climb over the land, getting stuck in quicksand! Genki climbs out and throws Pixie a vine. He drags her out and Pixie thanks him.

Later, Genki jumps into the water in his shorts to take a bath. (I LOVE this part-great animation-and Genki is SO KAWAII!!! #^.^#) Pixie is thinking and has her wounded leg in the water. Genki asks her if it's Ok and the stubborn Pixie denies her pain and tells him to go on without her. Genki refuses and looks up to see a smoke sign. He gets excited and picks up Pixie as she hollers at him to put her down. Genki only skates away with her. Soon, they find out it's a scale jell trap and they tease Pixie about her with Genki. They attack them and Genki protects Pixie. But soon Genki is badly beaten and Pixie stands infront of him to protect him. The scale jells give her another chance to rejoin Moo, she has to kill Genki! She refuses and the jells form a cannon. Pixie starts to repeat "my name is..", powering up a Sonic Beam (i think..) She blows them up in a huge blast. Soon, Genki helps the tired Pixie and he makes her pinky swear that her and Big Blue would help them someday. She looks very confused, yet touched as the others run to her. Big Blue takes Pixie away on his shoulder and Genki skates behind him, holding up his pinky. Pixie smiles and nods, then turns back to look ahead.


Think about it......

Pixie and Big Blue are obviously following them (especially Genki)



I rather have him with Holly, but that's just my opinion.



Yes, I admit, I'm a large Pixie fan! She's like me. Stubborn, quiet, sometimes violent.... (me...? ~.^ ) At first, I thought I wouldn't like her, but now I do! (she did save my Genki..)

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