This was it. The seven stood infront of Moo in the cold arctic snow, waiting.

"Holly.. You wouldn't want to hurt your own father, would you?" Moo laughed.

Holly's eyes remained stern and angry, staring at Moo. Moo's red eyes narrowed and he laughed.

"So brave..and foolish!" Moo laughed. "You will never defeat MOO!"

Tiger bounded forward, "SHUT UP, MOO!!" He leaped into the air. "Now that my power level is up, I know I will win this time! BLIZZARD!!"

Suddenly, as Tiger did his blizzard attack, another Tiger leaped onto Tiger, biting him. Moo laughed as he dodged the blizzard.

"Tiger of the Gray Wolf of the darkness!" Moo exclaimed.

Tiger gasped as he watched Gray Wolf try to bite him. "Brother?! Brother, NO! It's me, Tiger!"

Gray Wolf growled at him and jumped off of Tiger. Genki leaped in between Tiger and Gray Wolf.

"You two are brothers!" Genki cried.

Gray Wolf roared and leaped over Genki, pinning Tiger down into the snow.

"TIGER!! ATTACK HIM!!" Suezo screamed.

Tiger's eyes wavered, "I_I__I can't!"

Gray Wolf snickered, "Oh? Coward."

"MOO! Release Gray Wolf from your evil!!" Genki exclaimed at Moo. "NOW!"

Moo laughed, saying nothing. Holly clenched her fist tightly, eyes wavering in extreme anger.

"Brother.... Don't you recognize your own blood?" Tiger asked, eyes starting to tear. Gray Wolf said nothing. "I am Tiger of the Wind, your brother!" Silence. "Please, remember me..."

Gray Wolf's eyes turned suddenly warm, "Tiger...."

Moo gasped, "NOO! Gray Wolf, you belong to ME!"

Gray Wolf got off of Tiger of the Wind, and ripped off his Moo symbol. "No!"

Moo laughed, "Foolish monsters. You really think you can defeat me?" He laughed and held out his hand. His laughter faded softly into a chuckle. "Die."

"Blizzard time, brother!" Tiger exclaimed.

Gray Wolf nodded.

"BLIZZARD!!" the two monsters cried in unison.

Suddenly, a strong wind swooped over the barren snow, and a tornado of snow whirled around the monster brothers. They roared and the snow turned razor sharp, flying towards Moo. Moo gasped and put his arms infront of his face to block the blizzard attacks, but he was knocked down by the extreme force.

"What is this power...?" he murmured, flinching as some blood dripped down his head.

"Father...," Holly gasped. She shook her head. "No... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!"

Her eyes turned bright red as Moo started to laugh. With a quick movement of her hands, she twirled around in the air. Her clothes tore apart, quickly replaced by a golden armor. Everyone stared at her in shock.Moo laughed harder as a his symbol glowed on her forehead.

"My daughter!" he laughed. "I gave you some of my evil energy when we met! I now, I released it! Making you.....everyone's worst nightmare!"

Holly grinned evilly, her eyes bright red. Moo looked at the others who growled at him angrily.

"Mocchi sorry, Holly... CHERRYYY---!" Mocchi started.

Moo stood up, peering at the pink monster, "Anything that happens to her, will hurt her..even if you return her to normal!" Him and Holly laughed crazily.

Genki growled, "You----"

Tiger and Gray Wolf shot out a torpedo at Moo, who dodged it. Holly grinned, and pointed at Hare who sweated at her evil expression.

"Die," she whispered, moving her fingers upward.

Hare screamed as his body who tossed into the air. "HELP MEEE!!"

"You---" Genki continued in a faint whisper.

Holly chuckled and then pointed down. Hare's body jolted, then was sent flying to the ground. Before he could reach the ground, Golem grabbed Holly, running her concentration. Hare landed onto his feet with a relieved sigh.

"Holly. Evil. Calm down. Not your fault. Do not listen to Moo, he is. Using you," Golem said calmly to the struggling Holly.

"LET GO!" Holly screamed. "DAADDYYY!!"

Moo just watched coldly, silent.

"You---" Genki whispered.

Holly paused, concentrating. "AAAHHH!!!"

With her sudden outburst, Golem's hand turned bright red. She snapped her eyes, and Golem's hand instantly dropped her. Holly landed onto her feet, then blasted a bolt of dark energy at Golem, sending him flying back, skidding onto the snow.

"You---" Genki whispered, starting to glow.

Golem got back up. Suezo stepped forward, tears in his eye.


Holly looked up instantly, her eyes returning to normal for an instant..remembering...


Holly looked around in her village with her Pink Eye buddy hopping along her side.

"Where to you think he could be?" the Pink Eye asked. (see episode "After The Rain")

Holly looked fearful ,"I don't know, he's just a baby.." She moaned and sat down on a nearby rock. "OOhhh! He doesn't love me!! Just like my father! He took off because of me!" Holly's eyes wavered in sadness.

Pink Eye frowned as her own eye teared up. She wanted to tell Holly the truth..but she promised she wouldn't until the time had come..

"HOLLYYYY!!" a familiar, baby voice screamed from inside a shed.

"Suezo?!" Pink Eye and Holly cried in unison, rushing to the shed.

They listened as a wail followed by knocking shook the shed. "HHEELLPPP!!"

Pink Eye sweated, "He locked himself in a shed?"

Holly sweated too, then opened the shed door, greeted by baby Suezo who rolled out with a fish in his mouth.

"HOOLLLYYY!" he wailed, jumping into Holly's open arms. "I_I_I saw a barrel of fish in this shed..! And_and_*WWWWWWAAAAHHHH*!!!!!!!!!!!"

Holly sweated and flinched at the high-pitched sound Suezo emitted. Pink Eye looked into the air.


Holly stroked Suezo's small head. "It's okay. He's just a baby."

Pink Eye laughed, "Yeah, true. Imagine how he'll sound like when he's older!"

Holly and Pink Eye laughed as Suezo looked at Pink Eye angrily.

"His sound will be off the decibel scale!" a girlish voice laughed.

The three turned to see a girl Holly's age with her baby Vixen Pixie.

"Coltia!" Holly greeted with a bow. "You two still here?"

Vixen nodded with Coltia.

"We'll be leaving with my daddy in a few weeks. What was that noise coming from inside my shed?" Coltia asked.

Pink Eye, Holly and Suezo sweated. "Your...shed?"

Vixen looked into the shed, "Coltia! Coltia! Someone stole all of our fish!!"

Coltia glanced at Suezo who quickly at the fish. Vixen grew huge over Suezo and Holly, a large vein on her head.

"WHY YOU LITTLE----!" Vixen exclaimed.

Suezo screamed and jumped out of Holly's arms, hopping away at full speed from Dixen who chased after him angrily.

"Achika!" Coltia called after her monster with a large sweat drop. She rushed after her monster with Holly and Pink Eye.



Holly shook her head. "S_Suezo...?" Moo's eyes snapped, and Holly's eyes returned to the evil red. "Suezo...everyone...YOU ALL MUST DIIIIEEE!!!"

"You---" Genki said a little louder as his body glowed a golden color.

Holly formed a blue lance in her hand, but suddenly, she was caught in a tornado of Golem's body parts. She screamed in pain as she skidded across the snow, unconscious.

"Damn..," Moo growled, eyes narrowing at Holly. "She is too weak." He held out his hand. "I don't like weaklings."

A burst of energy flew out of his hand, passing a very scared Suezo, an angry pair of tigers, a scared Mocchi and a concerned Hare.

"LOOK OUT!!" Hare screamed, watching the energy close in on her unconscious form.


Genki gasped. The tigers gagged as the light from the explosion faded away. Hare closed his eyes as Mocchi's eyes grew small in fear. Golem rearranged himself and gasped.


Holly was still, her hand dripping with blood, skin white as a ghost's. Suezo sobbed and hopped over, ignoring Moo's hideous laughter.

"HOLLY!! HOLLY-CHAN!!" Suezo screamed, eyes tearing and blurring his vision as he hopped through the thick, cold snow and the hard wind.

He sobbed, tripping into the snow, but then got up. Finally, he reached Holly's body, burnt, bloody and dead. With the last of his will, he fell by her, sobbing and screaming her name. Her golden armor was dented badly and her red cape she had transformed into was torn into little pieces.

Genki turned to Moo, with a loud sob as his body continued to glow.

"You----!" Tiger growled, eyes tearing. "YOU KILLED HER!! YOU---!"

At the same time, everyone screamed, "ANIMAL!!!!!"

Moo was silent, except for his light chuckling.

Genki screamed, tears flowing down his cheeks, "YOU'LL PAAAYYYY!!!"

As he screamed, the Phoenix soared out of his body, releasing a mighty screech in fury. Genki transformed into golden samurai armor as he leaped onto the Phoenix.

"Genki....?" Hare gasped.

"He's the Phoenix?!" Gray Wolf cried.

Tiger grinned. "I knew it. Only a spirit like Genki's could hold the Phoenix's mind!"

Genki's eyes were completely clear, except for a small image of the Phoenix in each of them. Moo stared into his eyes, body quivering in fear.

"You have....clear eyes," Moo gasped.

Around the world, Lost Disks started to glow gold. Alan's worm appeared out of the Lost Disk, blinking. Alan gasped with his new worm he got from Genki and the others.

"Worm!" Alan sobbed, hugging the Worm. "They..did it!" He leaped into the air. "The Phoenix will save us ALL!!" He fell to his knees, eyes streaming with tears as he laughed half-crazily.

His two Worms looked at each other, then sweated.

The Lost Disks in Golem's garden glowed, each one transforming into a monster. The Jell troops revived, with no Moo symbol on any of them. All the Lost Disks were revived..and all of Moo's troops were good once again.

Back at the battle, Suezo stared at Genki and the Phoenix. "Go get 'em, kid! FOR HOLLY!!"

Genki looked down at Suezo and Holly, "Yes. Let's go!"

The Phoenix screeched and flapped it's wings at Moo. Moo screamed as his body started to glow.

"What is the secret of your power?! What is IT?!" Moo screamed as his body started to split. "RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!"

The Phoenix screeched and Moo's mind was separated from Holly's father body. Moo's mind flew away, to the farthest end of the land. Everyone rejoiced, yipping and cheering. The Phoenix nodded at Genki who understood.

"Thank you," Genki told the Phoenix.

The Phoenix's eyes wavered and landed onto the ground, turning into a golden Lost disk--forever. Genki still wore the magical armor as he bowed at the Lost Disk.

Everyone was silent as Suezo sobbed over Holly as her father fell to the ground, asleep. "Oh sure. Everyone's happy....."

Genki walked over to Holly and touched her cold, dead face. Suddenly, her body jolted up as a yellow energy surrounded her. Her skin suddenly grew warm again as her regular clothes appeared back onto her body, her blood gone. Suezo sobbed and watched happily as her brow flinched.

"Holly-chan..!" he whispered, falling beside her breathing form.

Genki smiled warmly as his armor faded. "Everything's okay now, Holly. Never again."

He closed his eyes as his body faded back to his world.


Present time: 11 years later...

"That's it?" a woman in a Japanese fuku asked a tall figure in the shadows. "That's all of Moo's memory about the Seven heroes?"

The figure nodded, "I cannot image everything he remembered." He frowned. "They're still alive, living amongst us."

The woman laughed, "They won't be anymore....Moo."

The figure stepped into the light. He was the new Moo, Black Magic. The new terror that would bring chaos in the Monster World.....

Episode 1: "Get Along, Try Again!"

"Open your eyes, Genki!" a sweet, girl voice chimed. This girl was Mara, a sweet, brown haired girl with large, brown eyes. "Happy Birthday!"

An older-looking Genki kept his eyes closed though....


Genki walked with his six friends down the road, hands behind his head sadly.

"What's wrong, Genki?" Holly's sweet voice asked.

Genki looked at the six who looked back at him. "Ha,ha! Nothing, guys! Let's go!"

Holly blinked as her and Suezo exchanged a glance. That night, Genki fell asleep before anyone on their camping ground. The others glanced at him as he began to talk in his sleep.

"" Genki said through a snore. "Thank all...."

Holly blinked and then smiled with Suezo. "Oh! Tomorrow must be his birthday!"

"Genki's..birthday?" Golem asked.

"Yes! It's the anniversary of when he was born!" Holly explained.

Suezo laughed, "I love birthdays! Me and Holly's were always celebrated, since we were so loved! HA-Hahahaha!!"

Everyone else sweated.

"But, we don't have any cake! Or presents!" Hare exclaimed. "And it's the middle of the night!!"

Everyone else moaned and looked down sadly. Tiger looked at Genki, then a sly smile crept across his face.

"I have an idea," he snickered, with a smile. "We don't need presents, just my plan."

"Tiger smart, CHI!!" Mocchi exclaimed.

Tiger laughed, "That's right."

The next morning, Genki woke up. He yawned loudly, wiping his eyes.

"HHHEEEYYYYYYY!" Hare exclaimed, doing a flip in the air and landing infront of Genki. "Happy Birthday! Kiss the sky! HAHAHAHA!!" Hare exclaimed, imatating Genki.

Tiger walked over on his front paws with a large sweat drop on his head and a cheesy smile. "Great day! We're ready!" He imitated Genki.

Genki blinked, the laughed, rubbing his nose. "Hey, how did you guys know?!"

Mocchi leaped over to Genki with Genki's hat on. "CHIIIII! Happy Birthday, chi!"

Suezo hopped over and imitated Genki, "Let's go! My heart's a poundingpoundingpounding!"

Golem walked over, "Happy. Birthday, Genki. Holly..has present."

"YYYYYAAAAA!" Holly's voice echoed.

Everyone tripped in shock as she flipped in the air, landing on her feet, giving a peace sign with her fingers. "Yeah!" She paused and smiled. "No wonder you do this all the time, Genki! It feels good!"

Hare laughed with Genki, and soon, they all started to laugh.

"Thanks guys!" Genki laughed. "I have a feeling this will be the best birthday ever!"

Holly handed him a pouch of gold. "Here. I know it's not much, but we want to take you to town and give you a free day!"

Tiger smiled, "Happy Birthday, kid."

"CHI!" Mocchi laughed.

Genki quickly wiped away a tear and laughed, "Thank you, everyone!"

Tiger laughed, but suddenly, he tumbled down, losing his balance on his feet and crashed into Hare who smashed into Suezo who crashed into Holly who smashed against Moochi who landed on Golem. Genki laughed as they all blushed. Tiger shot up and stalked away.

"Very funny," he said, trying to hide his blush.


"Genki!" Mara's voice interrupted his memory.

Genki opened his eyes and gasped, "Monster Rancher 200XX?!"

Mara nodded, "Happy Birthday!"

Genki took the game and laughed, giving her a quick kiss. When he did, he had a strange didn't love her...

"Well, put it in!" Mara laughed, pointing to his Playstation.

Genki nodded and put the disk in. The game started with a familiar voice...Gray Wolf's!

"Ever since a brave hero defeated Moo.. The Monster World was at peace...until now. The Darkness Pair is destroying city after city..if they don't find the original Moo or his daughter.."

Genki gasped with Mara as a realistic image of Evil Hares knocked down a house. People screamed and ran out of the half destroyed town.

Gray Wolf's voice continued. "But the brave eight will not take this anymore.."

Genki almost fainted when he saw an older-looking and beautiful Holly fill the screen, clutching her Magic Stone.

"Father, we have to find the Blue Phoenix! The next Phoenix," she told her father who looked aged.

Her father nodded, "Yes. But The Darkness Pair will be at our throats."


Holly's father nodded, "True. Okay, my daughter. To the Shrine!"

"Yes," a Vixen nodded with her master, a woman Holly's age with brown hair and large eyes. "Take that Mystery Disk, Suezo! Let's go!"

"Hey! Who died and made *you* boss?!" Suezo snapped.

"LISTEN YOU---!!" the Vixen screamed with a vein on her head.

The woman sighed, "Achika..."

Achika looked down, "Hai, hai. Let's go."

Gray Wolf's voice continued on the black screen, "Do you want to come?"


Genki grinned, "YES!! I'M GOING BACK!!" He choose yes as a very confused Mara watched the screen fill with an image of a Shrine.

Holly leaped over to the shrine button as the other woman pressed some buttons. Suezo turned and sweated. A large group of Totos (Tiger/Golem) rushed towards them with a small symbol carved in gold attached to their bodies. The symbol was a picture of two, evil looking eyes and some fire burning around them.

"THE DARKNESS' MINIONS!!" Suezo screamed.

"Do it, Holly!" the woman exclaimed.

Holly nodded, concentrating. The other woman bit her lip as the Totos closed in.

"BLIZZARD!!" Tiger exclaimed. "RRROOOAAAARRRRRR!!!"

The Totos were hit with the mighty blizzard, flying back into the wall.

Genki blinked and bit his lip, watching Holly concentrate on the button as Hare placed the Mystery Disk down into the middle of the shrine.


Genki asked Mara to hand him his Evil Zone game. She did so, and he placed it in, pressing X. At the same time, Holly's Mystery Disk started to spin.


He did so, as Mara watched on. " that..Holly from Monster Rancher 1...? And Coltia from 2?"

Genki said nothing as Holly's head lifted up in hard concentration.

"Unlock!" Holly and Genki said in sync.

Genki's floor started to glow blue as Mara let out a shriek. They were sucked into the TV with various objects in Genki's living room.

Meanwhile, the Totos ran towards Holly as the disk emitted a bright light. Holly just stared at the disk as Gray Wolf leaped onto the Totos, giving them a cannon attack. Suddenly, Genki, Mara, his rollerblades, some of his clothes, shoes, Playstation and radio fell to the floor.

"Genki?!" his six friends gasped at once.

"Genki..?" Coltia and Achika asked.

"Isn't that the boy who defeated Moo?" Achika asked, scratching her head.

The Totos roared and ran towards Genki and Mara. Mara screamed as Genki picked her up and rushed away. Holly blinked, looking a little jealous at Genki holding the other girl.

"SONIC BEAM!!" Achika exclaimed, sending out a large beam from her hands.

The Totos screamed as they were hit, falling to the floor unconscious. Achika smiled and looked at Coltia.

"Great job, Achika!" Coltia exclaimed.


"So, you're back for more, huh kid?" Tiger laughed.

Gray Wolf laughed with his brother. "You think he caused enough trouble for us." He sighed, looking at Genki. "But, he's no kid now."

Tiger frowned, "I know. We're getting a little old for monsters, brother."

"Don't remind me," Suezo sighed.

Achika laughed, "But our spirits will remain young forever!"

They sat in a forest, around the campfire. Holly was separate from the group, silent over how Mara hung all over Genki.

"Oh Genki!! I was so scared!" Mara cried. "Thank you, baby.."

Genki was too busy staring at Holly to even hear her.

"So, Holly," he said suddenly, causing Mara to gasp and look at Holly, a little jealous. "Moo is back?"

Holly frowned, silent. Coltia sighed with Holly's father.

"Genki. Moo has attached himself to a sorceress of black magic. We can be in the fight of our lives," Holly sighed.

Coltia gawked at Genki, "Oh, Holly! I'm sure this cutely-pie can handle it!"

Genki blushed as Mara growled at Coltia. Holly rolled he large, brown eyes with Suezo as she placed her chin in her hand.

"Coltia, you're making Holly and Mara jealous!" Hare teased.

Holly looked up, her eyes large in shock as her whole face turned red as Mara grew a large vein on her head. Hare laughed and Holly shook away her blush.

"Nevermind that!" Holly exclaimed. "It's great seeing you again, Genki, but we have other things to worry about!"

"SHE'S RIGHT!!" Suezo exclaimed.

"CHI!" Mocchi exclaimed besides Genki.

Holly clenched her fist, "We have to find the Blue Phoenix and my village."

"Huh? Why?" Genki asked.

"Don't you get it, kid?!" Suezo snapped. "We tried to go back, but everyone was gone! Nothing was there, only dirt! We thought, since the Lost Disks were revived, we could see Pink Eye and everyone else again! But, no one was there!"

"Miss Holly thinks The Darkness Pair's minions captured them all to become slaves of Darkness!" Achika said. "Heh. I wouldn't doubt it. Miss Holly is always right."

Golem nodded, "Hai. But. We do not to find them! Far Away. No one has ever seen them."

Holly stood up, "But first, I want to go back to the Shrine."

"Huh?!" everyone else gasped. "Why?"

Holly held out her hand to Genki, "Genki. May I se" She blinked. "Isn't that what you call it?"

Genki nodded with a smile as Mara gave her a frown. He handed Holly the CD Rom from out of the Playstation.

"A C...D..... Rom?" asked Coltia. "Is that like a Mystery Disk, Genki-san?"

Genki nodded, "It should work like last time, right Holly?"

Holly inspected the Disk. "We'll see."


Black Magic sat in his golden throne with carved dragons lurching out of the sides. He closed his shadowy eyes and concentrated. [Lady Darkness..]

[Yes?] her thoughts replied.

[Do you have them in your sights?]

[Dead in my sights..]

[Good. Do not blow your cover...yet.]

[Yes my Lord.]


The team walked back to the Shrine in dead silence. Holly was leading the group with her father with Suezo hopping by her side.

Coltia chuckled, "Sorry, Genki-san, but Holly has changed a lot since she was a teenager. Her and her father don't get along well and now that all her friends are gone." She paused as Achika flapped her wings besides her, giving her a slightly dirty look. "Ever since that day you healed her and left, she was upset she never got to say good-bye. Plus, she's probably jealous for the first time in her life! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

A vein appeared in Holly's head for a short time, but it disappeared when she let out a slight sigh. "I'm NOT jealous. Genki can choose whoever he loves, it's not my concern."

Suezo growled at Coltia, "Hey, the kid doesn't want to hear it!"

"Yeah..," Golem agreed. " back. We should happy!"

Holly smiled at Golem, "You never will change, Golem. You're right, I'm sorry Genki."

"Me too," Suezo agreed.

Genki laughed, "It's okay! You guys must've went through a lot!"

Holly smiled weakly with Achika who flew besides Coltia slowly.

"Look, chi!" Mocchi exclaimed, pointing to the Shrine. He stepped back in fear as Suezo used his large eye to see what Mocchi was looking at.

"Oh great. It's those Totos, with Captain Toto!" Suezo growled. "Don't they ever give up?"

Gray Wolf laughed, "We Tigers never give up, right brother?"

Tiger nodded, "It's just our way."

"Tiger or no Tiger, we have to get to the Shrine to unlock the CD Rom!" Achika exclaimed, starting to fly at full speed. "You with me, guys?"

"Yes!" Golem said, pounding a fist into his chest in agreeance.

The monsters rushed towards the Totos with Genki followed by the girls.

"Look! There they are!" Captain Toto exclaimed. "AATTTAAACCCKKK!!"

Tiger snickered, "Want to play this game?! BLIZZARD!!"

"RRRROOOAAARRR!!" The two Tigers exclaimed, hitting some Totos.

"FIREBALL!!!" Achika exclaimed, knocking out the others.

Captain Toto sent out a torpedo and hit Achika who skidded back into Coltia.

"YYYYYAAAAAA!!" Genki exclaimed, kicking Captain Toto in the face.

"Let's go, quickly!!" Holly exclaimed, running into the Shrine with Suezo.

They rushed to the Shrine as Captain Toto stumbled up with a large, red mark on his face. "FOLLOW THEM!!"

"Achika!" Coltia cried to her monster.

Achika nodded, placing the disk in the middle o the temple. "Yes! It's ready!"

Holly's father placed with some buttons, then nodded at Holly who was ready at the button. She lifted her head in concentration as the button glowed blue.

"What the---?!" Holly's father exclaimed, looking behind him in fear.

The Totos ran towards the group.

"Well, I guess Tigers never will give up," Hare sighed. He grinned. "All right, then! I'm ready! Guru-Guru TIME!!!! YYYYAAHHHHHH!!!!"

Hare boxed two Totos with his special attack as Suezo bit another one. Mocchi jumped into the air, releasing his Cherry Blossom Blizzard at two more Totos.

"I WILL NOT GIVE UUUPPP!" Captain Toto screamed, leaping at Mara who stood oddly calmly before the P.Oed captain.

Mara looked around, no one was looking. She looked back at the approaching Captain Toto as her eyes glowed red. Captain Toto instantly stopped, sweating in deep fear. He turned away and pounced towards Golem who merely flicked him away. Captain Toto rolled until he stopped by his unconscious troop, spirals in his eyes.

"Fighting...solves nothing," Golem said calmly.

"Unlock!" Holly said, pressing the button down.

Everyone watched, a hint of excitement in their eyes.

"Please let it be the Blue Phoenix! OOoohhh..," Coltia begged to herself, stars in her eyes.

Achika smiled at her master, "That would be nice, wouldn't it?"

Coltia nodded happily to Achika who chuckled. The girls turned their attention back to the Shrine as a bright, blue light filled the room. Holly's father made a small grin to his daughter who smiled back. A ball of light pounced up and down in the middle of the Shrine. The light took form into a Ghost!

"You all unlocked me?!" The Ghost laughed, eyes turned upward (^^) happily. "Sasuga wa honshoku da!"

Everyone blinked and looked at the Ghost.

"What do you mean 'You are an expert'?!" Genki exclaimed.

Ghost floated to Holly and gave her a kiss. Her whole face turned red as Ghost laughed. "Sorry, I must be going!"

"Going?" Achika asked. "Where?"

"*That*, is a secret!" Ghost said, then disappeared.

Everyone blinked again.

"That was pointless," Tiger grumbled. "Who did that Ghost think he was anyway?"

Coltia blinked, "It wasn't the Blue Phoenix, that's for sure.."

Everyone groaned at once, sweating.

"Let's find another Mystery Disk," Holly sighed, heading off infront of the group.

"We'll find it, right Achika?" Coltia asked her best friend with sad eyes. "We'll find the Blue Phoenix..and bring everyone that Holly loved back, right?"

Achika smiled and nodded, "Yes."


That night, everyone slept, except for Holly was was gone. Genki snored loudly as Mara slept near him, smiling slyly.

Meanwhile, Holly sat at an edge of a cliff, staring out into the night sky with sad eyes. [Genki is back..but I never thought..he would...get anyone someone else....] She clutched her Magic stone close to her heart. Suddenly, it began to glow red. "The stone..."

"DDIIEE!!" she heard a voice scream behind her.

Holly gasped and turned just in time to see a figure in a large, black cloak fly towards her, arms outstretched infront of her. She pushed Holly quickly off the cliff, then disappeared. Holly screamed, but grabbed a loose root hanging from the cliff.

"FAAATHERR!!! GENNNKIIII!!" she screamed. "Anyone...?"

Yosho (Holly's dad) woke up instantly, looking to Holly's sleeping bag. She was gone!

"HOLLYYY!!" he screamed, leaping to his feet.

Achika yawned and woke up, rubbing her violet eyes, her green hair in a mess. "What's..wrong..?"

"HHHHHHEEELLPP!!" Holly screamed.

"HOLLY!!" Yosho and Achika exclaimed, running towards her scream, not noticing Mara's empty sleeping bag.

Achika leaped into the air and flew through the icy night until she got to the cliff, spotting Holly dangling.

"HOLLY!" Achika yelled, swooping down to Holly.

Tiger, Gray Wolf, Yosho, Golem, Suezo, Hare and Coltia rushed to the edge of the cliff where Achika grabbed Holly in her arms and landed in front of them gracefully.

"Holly! Are you okay?!" Hare asked concernly.

Holly nodded as Achika placed her to her feet. "What happend?"

Holly frowned, "That's what I'd like to know."

Everyone blinked at Holly who walked back to camp. She looked at Mara who slept peacefully in her sleeping bag. Holly sat infront of the fire as the others walked over.

"How can they not hear you scream?!" Suezo growled furiously. "It's like they don't care!"

Holly looked at Genki, then looked down sadly. Yosho frowned at Genki, Mocchi and Mara.

"Maybe it's just me..Holly..but I have a bad feeling about those two," Yosho said.

Achika gasped and turned to Genki and Mara. "Them?!"

Yosho nodded as Colt laughed.

"Oh, Mr.Yosho! They're good!" Coltia laughed.

Holly looked at her father as everyone laughed, "Do you..think?"

Yosho was silent for a moment, then nodded. Holly frowned and remained silent for the rest of the night...


The next morning, everyone awoke slowly. Mara frowned at Holly who was cooking a large pot of soup and some tea for her and Achika. She turned to Genki and smiled at him.

"Good morning, Genki-chan!" she greeted, causing Holly to frown a little. "What was that horrible screaming last night? Did something happen?"

Yosho frowned at her innocent look, "You didn't know it was Holly?!"

Mara sweated with Genki and Mocchi. "Holly?!"

Colt nodded, "Someone pushed her off a cliff! How horrible, right Miss Holly?!"

Holly nodded, "Yes, but what bothers me is that the speed the figure was going, she would've fallen off too, but she disappeared!"

"Oh MY!" a man's voice laughed from above.

Everyone looked around frantically as the voice continued, "It must've been Lady Darkness! That evil witch!"

"Who's there?!" Tiger demanded.

The voice laughed as everyone looked up to see a purple-haired man with a long, black cape draped over his shoulders. "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

Holly blinked with he others. "That is a secret.....?"


The man laughed and jumped down, holding a long sick with a ruby at the end of it. His eyes were turned upright (^^) as he landed infront of a surprised Holly. He touched her face as she blushed wildly..

"Sooooo! At last we meet face to face, Holly-sama!" the man laughed, spreading his cape over his shoulders to reveal a white shirt with a brown belt and grey pants. His white socks were crinkled up over the tip of his baggy pants and his brown shoes looked old-fashioned. "I've been watching you since you were just a wee little baby!"

Achika sweated with Suezo, "WHAAAAT??!"

Coltia asked, "Oooh! But how could you do that?!"

"That is another secret!!" the man laughed.

Everyone else tripped to the ground with a loud moan and thump.

"Just who are you?" Holly asked, getting up.

The man smiled, "For you, Miss Holly, I will tell! I am Puck, a wondering sorcerer! When you were young, Holly, I could sense your enormous power! That's why, I'm here now." He kissed her on the cheek, causing Holly to blush redder.

"Um, no offense or anything, bud, but you must be a lot older now...," Gray Wolf laughed.

Puck laughed, "Oh NO! I'm a different kind of sorcerer, so I age a lot slower then any other man on Earth!"

Suddenly, Ghost appeared next to him, "Hello!"

"WWAHH?!" everyone else gasped, tripping to the floor.

"CUT THAT OOUUUTTT!!" Suezo screamed.

Ghost and Puck sweated, "Sorry."

Puck turned to Ghost, "Soo! It looks like you were finally unlocked, Ghost!"

Ghost nodded, "Yes! Thanks to Holly-sama and the others!"

Genki exclaimed, bawling a fist, "What's with this Holly-sama stuff?!"

"So you two want to join us?" Colt asked.

"Well! Sasuga wa honshoku da!" Ghost laughed.

Holly sweated as the others argued with the two. [This is getting too weird for me...] She looked at Puck who gave her a smile. [And who is he really? I wonder....]

A gentle breeze blew her hair across her face as she frowned slightly. She turned and looked out into the clear sky, trying to ignore the arguing behind her.

"Miss Holly?" Achika asked her, touching her shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Holly didn't reply, she didn't even turn to face the Vixen, just thought about.......


Episode 2: "Genki Muyo!"

Genki: "Genki here! In the last episode, I returned to the Monster World with my girlfriend, Mara."

Colt: "Holly is jealous!"

Holly: "Are not! But then, a mysterious wondering sorcerer and Ghost appeared!"

Achika: "I have a bad feeling about this...."

Hare: "Today's episode... GENKI MUYO!"

Genki: "What do you mean there's no need for Genki?!"

Puck: "Sore wa himitsu desu!" ^.^


Puck, Ghost and the others walked out of the forest to an opening.

"Well, well!" Puck laughed. "Looks like we have visitors!"

Everyone but Ghost and Puck huhed and looked around. Puck laughed to himself with Ghost as they paused in their tracks.

"Don't you see them?" Puck asked.

"SEE WHO??!!" Suezo screamed, vein on his head. He hmed and opened his eye wider to look where Puck and Ghost were looking. His eye snapped as he spotted a group of Apes waiting for them in a far of tree. "There's Apes...a couple of miles away from here!" He looked at Puck and Ghost.

"How did you two know about them?" Holly asked, blinking with the others.

Puck chuckled, "Holly-sama! I'm surprised at you! Especially you, Yosho! I can sense their presence miles away! Can't you two?"

Yosho and Holly exchanged a glance with a sweat.

"No....," Yosho replied.

Puck looked a little surprised, "Oh?! What a surprise!"

Ghost nodded. "Oh well, let's go."

Gray Wolf growled as Puck and Ghost walked ahead, "Weirdoes! I have a bad feeling about this.."


Captain Ape watched as the heroes approached them in a cautious matter.

"Captain Ape!" one Ape solider whispered. "It looks as if they know we're here!"

"What?! Don't be stupid!" Captain Ape snapped. He looked closer and gasped. "Aaah! What are *they* doing here?!"

Meanwhile, Puck snickered to himself as a dark shadow covered his eyes. "Time to go."

He and Ghost disappeared quickly as the others gasped.

"Damn! I knew he was leading us into a trap!" Mara hissed.

Holly gasped as five Apes jumped down from the tree and rushed towards them.

"APES! ATTTAAACCCKKK!!!" Captain Ape screamed from his seat on a branch.

"No way!" Achika exclaimed. She flew forward at full speed. "LIGHTNING!!!"

A lightning bolt formed in her hand and she chucked it at the Apes. The Apes screamed as it exploded, hitting one of them who fell to the ground.

"TAIL ATTACK!!" Suezo exclaimed, flipping toward an Ape.

The Ape caught grabbed Suezo's tail and chucked him at Golem. Golem blinked as Suezo crashed into his body and slipped to the floor, spirals in his eye. Golem growled at the Ape angrily.

"Tornado!" Golem exclaimed, splitting up. The pieces of his body merged into a tornado, spinning towards the Ape.

"AAHH!!" The Ape screamed as he was trapped in the tornado. Golem stopped, rearranging himself as the Ape smashed to the ground, turning into a Lost Disk.

Achika kicked another Ape and then finished off with a Sonic Beam. Tiger roared at another Ape and then slashed it, turning it into another Lost Disk.

Meanwhile, Captain Ape watched angrily as all his Apes were turned into Lost Disks. "Darn.."

"Hello, Captain!" Puck exclaimed behind him.

Captain Ape screamed and jumped to the ground. Puck appeared instantly infront of him, still smiling with his eyes turned upright in amusement.

"What are YOU doing here?!" Captain Ape screamed, backing away in fright. "Damn you!!"

Puck laughed, his eyes opening, revealing green, evil eyes. "Sore wa himitsu desu."

Captain Ape screamed as Puck's eyes turned red, glowing evilly with his neck-length hair blowing in his own power. Puck's eyes snapped suddenly, melting the screaming Captain Ape into a Lost Disk. After that, a large explosion exploded the Lost Disk as Puck snickered. He walked out of the explosion, eyes turned upright once again with a smile spread across his face, heading towards Genki and the others.

"Hello! Sorry, me and Ghost had to take care of some..monkey business!" Puck chuckled as Ghost appeared by his side.

Ghost laughed with Puck as everyone else sweated in confusion.

"Well! I say, we find another disk!" Puck exclaimed, rubbing his hands together. "What do you say, Holly-sama?"

Holly blinked, then nodded slowly. She concentrated and the Magic Stone floated out from under her shirt and started to glow. "Magic Stone, show us where the Mystery Disk is."

The Phoenix's image appeared, swirling into an arrow, pointing north. Puck gave Holly a kiss on the cheek as she blushed again with wide eyes, then walked north.

"Well, let's go!" Ghost said.

Achika and Colt had to lift up the shocked Holly to get her to move.

"Achika, why does he always kiss Holly?" Colt asked her monster.

Achika laughed, "Jealous, Coltia?"

Coltia blushed and thought. [He is cute...but Genki-san is way hotter!]


1 hour later, Holly's stone glowed red as they stopped.

"Yes, it's here all right!" Yosho exclaimed. "I can feel it.."

Holly nodded as Suezo laughed, reaching his tongue back to the bag he carried.

"And guess who's gonna get it first!" he laughed. With a quick movement, he untied the bag, sending the pots, pans, shovels, etc flying up into the air.

Soon, everyone but Holly, Colt and Yosho dug for the Mystery Disk. Mocchi used his small shovel, digging fierously as Tiger dug like a dog for it. Mara dug, complaining about the dirt getting all over her new clothes and shoes. Soon, Puck's shovel clanked against a mystery disk. His eyebrows turned upward in interest as a small smile appeared.

"I found one!" he called in a sing-song voice.

Holly's eyes brightened, "Thank you, Puck!" She rushed over to him and looked down at the Mystery Disk in the dirt. "Yes!"

Puck laughed, "Please! Call me Puck-chan! It's a more polite name to call your guardian!"

Holly blinked with Yosho and Suezo. Genki frowned and looked away angrily.

"Well..thank you, Puck-chan," Holly said with a small sweat.

Suezo growled, "He's hitting on her...."

Puck took out the Mystery Disk, surprised to see a piece of paper dangling from the end of it by a small string. "Oh my, my! What do we have here?" He unrolled the ancient-looking paper. "Lookie here....Holly-sama.."

Holly blinked as they crowed around Puck.

"What is it?" Achika asked.

Puck rolled up the paper quickly, "OOhh! Nothing!" He leaped away. "Just some map to an ancient ruin..."

"WWWHHHAAAATTT?????!!!" Tiger and Gray Wolf gasped in unison.

"Give me that!" Genki exclaimed. "Puck!!"

Ghost floated to Puck and asked, "An ancient ruin? What are we waiting for?"

"Well, dear Ghost, it says it is guarded by a powerful group! It's too dangerous to risk!" Puck replied with a frown.

Holly walked over to Puck, "Uhh..Puck-chan..please? Can we have the map? Pretty please?" She looked at him with large, wavering eyes, clutching the Mystery Disk close to her.

Puck smiled and laughed, "Oh Holly-sama! You are ssssooo cute when you do that! BUT. I'm afraid it's too risky! Let's just go to the Shrine and forget about this old thing!"

"But, Puck! We faced Moo together!" Hare exclaimed. "You doubt that we can take on a powerful group? Hey, what are they called anyway?"

Puck laughed, "They are...The Muscled-Dragons!"

"The....what?" Mara asked as everyone else sweated.

Genki laughed, "They don't sound so tuff!"

Puck laughed, "Well! I guess I was wrong then! Let's go to the ruin! Maybe the Blue Phoenix is there!"

Genki shrugged, "Yeah, but first, let's unlock this Mystery Disk!"


The Shrine..

Puck smiled and watched Holly concentrate on the button with his closed eyes. (^^) Soon, Holly pressed the button down.

"Unlock," she said.

The Mystery Disk glowed as a light emitted out of the disk, taking form as a baby Dino. The baby Dino roared and blinked. Achika face faulted with Colt and Yosho. Suezo frowned with Tiger who looked away.

"Well, it looks like the search is still on," Puck sighed with a smile. "Well, what about the ruins? We on?"

The baby Dino roared happily, jumping into Colt's arms.


Puck held the map infront of his face, studying it with his closed and upturned eyes. "Well, we're almost there! Keep walking everyone!" Puck looked at Ghost who laughed with him.

"Puck-chan, are you sure we're going the right way?" Holly asked, breathless from the long walk.

"You don't trust me?" he asked.

Holly shook her hands infront of her. "No, no! It's just that I don't see anything up ahead."

Puck laughed, "O-ho! No need to worry, Holly-sama! Look up ahead, the mist is clearing!"

Everyone huhed and looked ahead as the mist cleared, revealing a huge, old-looking ruin.

"It's HUGE!" Colt gasped.

"Huge..raaarr!" the Dino agreed.

Genki nodded, "But Puck, I don't see anyone."

Puck laughed, "They're infront of the ruin's entrance, of course! But they won't let just anyone in, probably."

Gray Wolf nodded, "Yeah... We need a plan."

Hare nodded, "Well, if only we knew something about these The Muscled-Dragons.. I could come up with another brilliant plan."

Tiger growled, "Hare, if your plans are brilliant...I'm a woman in drag."

Hare growled at Tiger's face who growled back. They started to fight in a cloud of dust.

Puck pulled out a small book from his pocket. "Let's see.... Let's see.... Ah-ha!" he cried, pointing to a page. "The Muscled-Dragons are a group of body builders who where Dragon Masks to disguise themselves. They trade their valuables for....women... Human women, of course...." He opened one of his green eyes, peeking at Colt, Holly and Mara who gasped.

"No...Puck..please...," Mara begged, backing away.

"Oh, but Miss Mara!" Colt cried. "We can trade us in for the Mystery Disk that may have the Blue Phoenix inside!"

Genki frowned, "Yeah, but how are we going to get you girls back?"

Hare laughed, "I have an idea!" Tiger and him separated instantly with Tiger still a little angry. "We'll disguise ourselves as travelers with the girls chained by our sides like they are our slaves. We tell their leader that we want to give one of them for a Mystery Disk-a special one. They'll agree and take the girl we give them as prisoner. That's when we'll attack! We'll defeat the Muscled-Dragons, take back the girl and run! Hahahahahaaa! How's that for brilliant?!"

Achika nodded, "Great Hare, but who's gonna be the prisoner?"

"Not me!!" Mara exclaimed. "No way in hell!!"

Coltia shivered, "They sound scary.........."

"I'll go," Holly spoke up. "It's the only way."

Puck smiled, "Holly-sama, you be careful!" He kissed her on the cheek, causing her to blush again. "Ghost and I will watch you."

Holly nodded. "Okay."


Four buff-looking men with dragon masks on paced by the entrance of the ruins. They turned to each other and struck poses, showing off their muscles. Meanwhile, Genki, Puck, Yosho and the others in disguise as warriors walked up to the entrance with the girls tied to their arms.

"Excuse me, fellow Muscle Dragons!" Achika exclaimed in a golden armor and a band around her head, speaking manly. "Yes! You four!"

"We've journeyed all the way to here to become members!" Gray Wolf said.

Genki held up Holly who was tied up in his hand. "We have a fair maiden to trade you."

Holly sweated and moaned, "Please don't hurt me!"

One guard stepped up, showing off his shirtless body. Suddenly, his pecks twitched as everyone blinked.

"Look Achika! He can do a peck wiggly!" Suezo gasped.

"MY TURN!" Achika exclaimed, striking a pose, trying to wiggle her pecks. She blinked, then hit Suezo across the head. "I CAN'T DO THAT, MORON!!!"

Another guard grabbed Holly and took her inside. Puck frowned and disappeared with Ghost.

"HEY!! WHERE DID HE GO??!" Suezo exclaimed, vein on his head.

The second guard motioned for them to follow him inside.

"Can they even talk?" Mara murmured.

"Sssh!" Coltia shushed as they followed the guard.


They were lead into the main room of the ruin where a shadowed man was seated on a large, gold throne. Fire spurt up behind him as everyone but the guard gasped.

"RRRAAAAAAAAAAA!" the man yawned, stretching out his large, muscular body. His had a green mohawk with a long mustache, wearing only green pants and brown boots. "Welcome, travelers!"

Everyone else blinked as the guard walked out, closing the door behind him.

" ask him about a mystery disk...Tiger," Golem whispered.

Tiger nodded and stepped forward, "Since we have brought you a woman..we ask for a treasure."

The leader of the Muscle Dragons raised an eyebrow. "Ah, yes. Treasure." He sat up and wiggled his pecks.

"Look Achika! He did it again!" Colt gasped.

Suezo nodded. "Yeah, I beat you can do that."

"Sure I can!" Achika exclaimed, striking a pose, trying to wiggle her pecks. She blinked. "I CAN'T DO THAT!!!" She punched Suezo across the face with a large vein on her head. "I HAVE THE OPPOSITE OF PECKS, BAKA!!" (*baka= stupid in Japanese)

The leader laughed a mighty laugh. "HAHAHAAAAAaaaa! What a funny group you are!"

Achika sweated and asked weakly. "Can we have a Mystery Disk..please?"

The leader nodded, "SURE! Take anything you like!"

Suddenly, a large group of Muscled Dragon members burst through the door with clubs and axes in their hands, growling. Genki and the others sweated.

"Um, Achika? Is our plan still working?" Coltia asked weakly.

Achika laughed, "Nope. Our plan has shot straight to hell!"

The leader laughed, "That's right! I was tipped about a group of travelers coming! And now, KILLLLL 'EMMMMMM!!!"

The group of members started to attack.

"BLIZZARD!!!!!!" Tiger roared. "RRRRRROOOAAAARR!!"

A member was blown away into a wall, spirals in the eyes of his dragon mask.


Holly was put into a wooden carriage by a muscular guard. he flexed his pecks at her, then locked the small door on the end.

" too weird," Holly murmured, blinking.

"Indeed!" a voice exclaimed beside her.

"AAhhh! Puck-chan?!" Holly gasped.

"Me too!" Ghost exclaimed, appearing by Puck who sat next to Holly.

Holly blinked, "How did you two get here?!"

Puck laughed, waving a finger in front of his face. "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

Holly blinked, then asked, "Um, can you untie me, please?"

Puck and Ghost sweated.

"HEY!" the guard exclaimed, looking over his large shoulder from the driver's seat. "Who are you two clowns?!"

"Clowns?" Ghost asked. "My, my... Sasuga wa honshoku da!"

The guard growled and swung at Puck who disappeared, reappearing on the guard's shoulder.

"My.. Not very quick, are you?" Puck asked.

The guard tried to shrug him off, but Puck finally kicked him in the face and formed a black energy ball in his hand.

"As darkness is night... I call upon the.... Boost Bomb!" he chanted in an odd voice.

The ball exploded, blowing away the guard into a rock formation, blood streaming to his neck. Puck sighed as Holly's mouth hung open.

"Let's get you untied, Holly-sama!" Puck chimed, untieing her rope.

"Thank you..." she gasped.

Puck nodded, "Let's go save your friends!" He grabbed her hand and ran back to the ruin.

"Save my friends? But isn't the plan working?" Holly gasped.

Puck laughed. "I doubt it, Holly-sama, for you see, me and Ghost tipped them off!"

"WHAT?!" Holly exclaimed.

Ghost blinked, "Was that wrong?"

Holly sweated and face faulted as Puck floated up the a busted, large hole on the top of the ruin. Once inside, he, Holly and Ghost crawled (and floated for Ghost..) over half rotten beams of wood and stone. Puck lead them to a hole where he, Holly and Ghost peeked through to see everyone fighting the Muscled Dragons members. Holly blinked when she saw the leader, rushing out of the door, fear stricken at the heroes betting up his men.

"Agh! That guy never said how strong they were! I'm going to get that Mystery Disk and the girl and RUN!" he exclaimed.

Puck frowned with Holly and Ghost. Puck looked ahead and pulled Holly's arm.

"This way!" he said, leading them quickly to a further away hole.

They stopped and peeked through, their eyes almost blinded by the thousands and thousands of piles of sparkling gold and other treasures. He rushed to a glass case and pulled out a blue mystery disk.

"Oh my...," Puck murmured, surprising Holly. "This will not do at all..."

He disappeared with Ghost, leaving a blinking and confused Holly. She looked back down to see the leader gather a hand full of gold and dashed off. Holly clenched her teeth and leaped down from the ceiling, kicking the leader to the floor. She grabbed the Mystery Disk and ran.

"Hey you!!" the leader cried. "Come back here you---!"

Puck and Ghost reappeared in front of the leader, both grinning evilly.

"Oh, it's you two! Do me a favor and grab that girl?" the leader laughed.

The two were dead silent.

"Hey, come on! This isn't a joke!! Grab her!!"


"Miiiiiiighty, my," Puck grinned, his evil, green eyes reappearing. "You are stupid to think I will help you." He laughed and snapped his eyes.

"NNOO! NOOO! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" the leader cried before he burst into flames, leaving a pile of ashes behind him.

Puck's eyes returned to the normal upturned way as he disappeared again. Ghost blew the ashes away and then disappeared too.

Holly laughed as she looked at the Mystery Disk, running back to Genki and the others. "Yes! The Blue Phoenix! I can already tell by the color of the Mystery Disk!"

"Holly-sama, the color blue means that the monster is evil," Puck's voice warned.

She skidded to a halt, looking up to see Puck floating over her with Ghost. He looked dead serious as he stared into her face. "Let me see that disk."

Holly was silent, confused by his intentions. "Puck....chan... How do you know? Let's unlock it first and see.." She gasped as the disk floated into Puck's hands. "Hey--!" He studied the disk for a long time.

"I can sense it's evil, Holly-sama," he said seriously. "If you unlock this disk, it will attack you."

Holly gasped, "But----"

Puck shrugged and placed his hand on the face of the disk. It suddenly burst into black flames as Holly's mouth dropped open.

"See that black energy? It was pure evil," Puck said seriously.

Suddenly, Genki and the others burst in.

"Holly?" Colt asked the shocked Holly.

"Puck...destroyed...the disk....," she murmured. "his..power is incredibly strong..."

"WHAT?! HE DESTROYED THE MYSTERY DISK???!" Yosho cried. "AAAAGGGGHH!" He tripped to the ground, but quickly shot back up. "Damn you, Puck! What's your scheme?!"

Puck laughed, "No scheme, I assure you. But Holly is right, my power is great, that's why I would be a valuable member of your team. Unlike Genki."

Genki blinked. "What do you mean.....?"

Puck grinned, "You don't know how to use your powers,Genki! There's *obviously* no need for you!"

"Genki Muyo!" Ghost laughed.

Genki looked hurt as Holly gasped, looking into his eyes. She frowned and looked at Puck.

"Genki has never given up, Puck! He taught us all how to face our fears. If your power is so strong, then you would be able to see his clear eyes, they hold the power that one day, he'll master over evil," Holly growled at Puck.

Golem nodded. "Face our fears. Laugh!"

The seven friends laughed at once as Achika, Gray Wolf, Mara, Yosho and Colt watched with sweat drops---BIG ones.

Puck smiled to himself. [So, this will be a pleasant journey after all! Holly is sure smart..] He looked into Holly's eyes. [And beautiful.....]

Holly stopped laughing and turned to Genki. "You won't let us down, will you Genki?"

Genki grinned, "Of course not! I am the champ!"

Mara watched Holly and Genki with a large vein on her head. [Holly.......I swear.....I will.....] She paused as her eyes flashed red. []

"An Easy Game?" By: Sailor Mist (this time..)

"Once upon a time..... There was a man...who only loved monsters! His heart only loved his other humans..not even his own parents!"

"That's mean!!"

"Sssh, Colt! Puck is trying to tell us a story!"

Everyone was seated at a long table in an inn as the dreary candle filled Puck's face with mysterious light.

"Sorry Achika...," Colt sighed, looking down.

"One day, while training his monster, he spotted a young maiden by the water! Her hair was a long, golden blonde and her eyes....were a deep green... He instantly fell in love! What an ironic twist........."

Coltia: "Oooh! I wonder what will happen today, Miss Holly!"

Holly: "Me too, Colt!"

Achika: "Usually, the title gives it away, but I'm confused right now..."

Suezo: "Your little head hurts, doesn't it Achika?"

Achika: "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

Suezo: "EEeeeek!!!"

*Achika chases Suezo around the room*

Holly: "Well...uh...Colt.. Let's find out!"

Golem: "Hai!"

Tiger: "I sense danger ahead....."

Genki: "An Easy Game?"

Gray Wolf: "By Sailor Mist."

Sailor Mist: "That's me!!" ^.~

Puck continued his story, with more feeling. "He became obsessed with her beauty! The man thought, how can I be with her forever? He finally decided to leave his tower, leaving all his monster to die. Starving....and alone. Today! No one dares to step foot into the tower, because, my friends, they say that the ghosts of his monsters haunt the place, protecting a mysterious monster....."

Lightning flashed as Puck laughed maniacally. Colt's hair stood up on end, her eyes wide open in shock.


She hit Genki off of his seat, screaming. "I'M SCARED!!!" She hit Achika off her seat. "I'M SCARED!!" Then she kicked Tiger and Gray Wolf who's eyes grew wide in shock as they flew from her kick. "I'M SCARED!!!" She kicked Hare and Mocchi off their seats. "SCARED!!!" She punched Suezo and Yosho off their seats. "SCARED!!!!!!!!" She ended it by squeezing Holly's neck in a tight hug, the table flipped over with everyone she kicked off on the floor, spirals in their eyes. "I'MMMMMM SSSSCCCCAAAAAAAAAARRRREEEDDDD!!!"

Holly gagged as she coughed, "Col...tia...chan.... It..was..just a story!"

Ghost nodded, "Riiight! But what me and Puck are thinking is that..this mysterious monster can be..the Blue Phoenix!"

Holly gasped as Coltia let go, crying on the floor.

"The Blue Phoenix?" Yosho asked. "Sooo..."

Puck nodded, "I say, we explore the tower the man lived in...the cursed...Ghost Tower!"

Lightning flashed again as everyone looked out the window to see the Ghost Tower sitting on a large cliff. Everyone stared at it, blinking in awe.

*CRRRAAASSSHHH!!!* A tray of plates and glasses crashed to the floor.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" everyone screamed in unison as a lone bowl spun around before finally clanking too the floor nosily.

The hotel keeper gasped as his eyes were large in fear. "Uh... Uh... You....all..aren't going to...uhhh..Ghost"

Holly blinked as Coltia squeezed Achika's neck.

"Yes..sir. We are," Holly replied.

"I--It's a death trap!!" he boomed, eyes widening in an insane-like matter. "IF YOU GO YOU'LL NEVER REEETUURRNN!!" He screamed in a VERY frightened Coltia's face. "YOU BETTER FORGET ALL ABOUT IT NNNOOOOWWWW!!!"

"WWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! IIIII'MMMMM SCCCARRREEDD!" Coltia screamed, punching the hotel keeper in the face.

Achika sweated as the hotel keeper flew into a wall, smashing his face. He moaned as he fell flat on his face as Mara clutched onto Genki.

"Did he say...?" Mara asked Genki. "That we'll never return..?"

Coltia and her screamed, "WWWWWWWWWAAAHH!! WE'RE SCAARRREEDDD!!"

"HOLD ON!" Suezo exclaimed. "It's just a stupid story!"

"Riiight!" Puck agreed.

"Rrr..," baby Dino growled.

Holly nodded, "That story is old anyways! It's probably been around since my father was a baby!"

Yosho blinked. "Am I really that old?"

"If that's how you feel...," the hotel keeper groaned, getting up with a large black eye. "Then there's no use in stopping all of you... But take head, and take this!" He walked over to a large bag behind the counter and pulled up a Buster (Hare/Pixie) costume.

Everyone sweated as he continued, "Take this bag with you!"

"Huh?" Gray Wolf awed, sweating.

"What *is* that?" Genki asked.


The next day, Holly, Puck, Genki and the other monsters walked up the hill to the tower.

"Here we are!" Hare exclaimed.

"About time," Tiger growled as everyone turned.

"Well, I think we would've been here earlier if it wasn't for those two...," Ghost laughed as Colt and Mara trudged up the hill.

Colt whined, holding the large bag on her back, "Well...*breath*....OOH! WHY DO I HAVE TO CARRY THIS BIG, HEAVY BAAAAGGGG?!"

"Yeah! And how do you know *we* wanted to come?!" Mara snapped, a vein on her head.

Holly sighed, "We're all a team, Mara. We have to find the Blue Phoenix together if we want to do anything about the Darkness."

Colt sighed with Mara as they weakly got up and flopped to the door of the tower.

"Weeelll! Let's take a look, shall we?" Puck exclaimed.

"O-kay!" Genki agreed, pushing open the tower's golden doors.

*rustle* *rustle* Everyone stepped in and...

"WWWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Colt screamed, pointing to a ghost of a Rover (Tiger/Hare)

"IT'S ONLY A----" Suezo started to exclaim, but a ghost of a Worm crawled up to him and stared at him. Suezo's face turned deep blue with everyone else's as he backed up. "GHHHHHHHHOOOOOOSSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!"

Puck stood there in awe with Ghost as everyone ran out as fast as they could. Holly rushed back in and pulled Puck and Ghost with her.


"Damn...were those....?" Yosho asked, out of breath.

Puck nodded, "Just ghosts."

Colt sweated, "Well, Puck. You've seen ghosts a lot because of your Ghost.."

Ghost laughed, "Well! Are we still going in there?"

"NO!" Mara exclaimed. "I WON'T! I WON'T! WE CAN'T!!"

Holly laid back against the rock, looking up sadly. "She's right..we can't. The ghosts inside will most likely get us... How can we get in there....?"

"Maybe...," Colt interrupted, pulling out the Buster costume. "That's why the man gave us these..."

"Of course! Disguises!" Puck exclaimed.


"NO! I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE!!" Achika exclaimed, sweating--a lot.

Colt, in the Buster outfit, held up a Nya outfit to Achika. "Achika-san.. You have to wear this!"

Achika sweated more, "But...they don't have to!!" She pointed at the other monsters. "I'm a monster too, you know!"

Coltia pulled out her Monster Book, "Well, it says here, Achika-san, 'Vixen: Pixie/Golem. This monster looks just like a human an is the strongest of all Pixie monsters.' The ghosts might think you're a human in a dopey disguise."

"HEY!" Achika protested. "Horns." She touched her horns. "Wings." She flapped her wings. "Tail!" She wagged her tail. "Now do you think I'm a human?!"

"Please wear it, Achika?" Holly begged in her Mew outfit. "It's not so bad..."

Puck agreed in his Monol costume. "Yes! It's actually feels pleasant in some weird ways!"

Genki agreed in his Gali costume. "You'll get use to it! Promise!"

Yosho growled in his Dragon costume.

Mara sweated in her Pink Eye (Suezo/Pixie) costume. "Yeah..whatever..."

Achika growled and face faulted with tons of sweats all over her face.


Soon, inside the tower..

"I see," Holly said. "The ghosts don't think we're any harm to them now."

"Rrriiigghtt!" Puck agreed.

Achika trudged behind the crew. "That's great and all...however...WHY DO I HAVE TO WEAR THIS STUPID THING?!"

"Ooh, Achika-san, you look soooo kawaii in it!" Colt laughed.

Achika growled. "Listen....youuu...."

"HAHAHAHAHAAA!" a voice laughed from above. "Welcome all!"

Everyone gasped as a Joker floated down from above.

"What the--?!" Yosho hissed, looking up with the others.

"A Joker?!" Genki exclaimed. "What do you want?!"

The Joker laughed, "HAHAHAHAAA! Sooo, you all look like you've come to look for the tower's mysterious monster, huh? Let's play a game!"

The baby Dino growled at Joker as he chuckled some more. Suddenly, the Baby Dino was surrounded by blue mist and it floated into Joker's hands.

"Hey--!" Holly exclaimed.

Suddenly, the Baby Dino became clear and he turned into a Dino ghost.

"DINO!" Colt exclaimed.

Joker grinned, "If you play my game, I'll spare the rest of you."

"Roooaa--!" Dino exclaimed, then exploded into mist.


But before he could do anything, Hare was surrounded by the bluee mist as he screamed. Tiger stopped in shock.


Joker grinned and did as he told him. "There are four levels. If you lose, I'll turn you all into...dolls!"

Everyone else tripped to the ground. "DOLLS?!"

Joker nodded, "Then I can torture you for the rest of your lives! MWA-HA! HAHAHAHAAA!"

The Joker disappeared up a long spiral staircase with his laugh still in their heads.

"Weelll!" Puck said happily. "Let's get started!"


The heroes ran up the stairs as fast as they could. They finally busted through a door, breathing heavily.

"Weeeelllcccooommmee...," a voice hissed.

Everyone looked to see a giant Naga floating in front of them.

"Weeellccoommee too thheee fffffffirsssssssstttt chaaalllangeee!" the Naga hissed. "Your firsssssttt chaaallengee iiisss the eenndd caaatccheer!"

Everyone sweated.

Achika said, "That....."

Yosho sweated, "That word game?"

"Hehheeeheee! Whhoo willl beee your firsssstttt reeepprreesentativvvee?" the Naga hissed.

Yosho blinked, "Who's the best speller?"

Achika blinked as everyone looked at her. "Huh?! ME?! I can't even spell cat!"

Hare laughed, "C-a-t! Cat!"

Everyone else looked at him as he sweated.

"Oooh.. Me and my big mouth..." Hare sighed.

"Haaarrreee? Are you sssuuurrreee? Hahahaaaa!" the Naga laughed.

Suddenly, Hare's bottom started to glow. A loincloth appeared wrapped around his waist.

"What the heck is this?!" Hare gagged, looking down at his bottom.

The Naga laughed, "You aarreee thhhheee ooogeerrr! Yoouu haaavvveee tooo gggrraabbb ssoommeonee else'sssss eendd in oorder nott to beee the ogre..! The laaassttt onnn whoo isss the ogre looooses and getsssss turned intoo aaa dooollllll!"

"BUT YOU DON'T HAVE A BUTT TO GRAB!" Mara exclaimed.

"THAT'S CHEATING!!" Colt yelled angrily.

The Naga laughed, "Then ifff the bbuunnyyy doessssn't want too be theeee oooger...he hasss to graab soomeone elsssse's eenddd!"

Hare blinked, "Grab someone's..." He turned to Holly. (0.0;;;) "...End...?"

Holly blinked, then released a yelp. "Aaah!" She backed away, holding her butt. "No...Hare....please...n_n_no.."

Hare sighed and scratched his chin. "Achika?"

"IF YOU DO! I'LL HAUNT YOU WHEN I DIE!!" Achika exclaimed, turning super deformed and small, waving her arms in the air.

Hare sweated, "Maybe I can get Tiger's...."

Tiger growled, "I think you'll know what will happend if you do!"

Hare moaned, feeling like he was dropping into a black hole, "NNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooo............................!"

The Naga laughed, waving his tail back and forth. "Yoouu looossssssee! Yooouu loooossssse!"

Hare screamed, "No! HELP MEeeeee---!"

He glowed a bright red, then fell to the floor--as a small Hare doll.


The remaining crew ran up the stairs once again, breathing hard. Tiger held the Hare doll in his mouth as they reached another gold door. They rushed through it, breathing hard.

"Oooh! Poor Haaarreeee!" Colt whined, tears in her eyes, taking the Hare doll from Tiger and rubbing it against her cheek.

"Okay! What's the next test! We're ready!" Genki exclaimed.

"HAHAHAHAHaaaaaa!" a voice laughed.

Everyone looked up to see a Prism (Pixie/Monol) floating over them.

"Welcome! To the second challenge!" she laughed. She paused and looked at Achika dressed in the Mew suit. "HHHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY?!?" Achika exclaimed, getting REALLY P.Oed with a vein on her head.

The Prism laughed, "Look at you! A Vixen...dressed as a Mew! HAHAHAA! Do you actually listen to your master?!"

"Yes I do... I love Coltia and she loves me! SO TO TEACH YOU...I'LL VOLUNTEER IN THIS CHALLENGE!"

The Prism raised an eyebrow through her purple shield, "The next challenge...IS WORTH TWO PEOPLE IF YOU LOSE!"

"WWWWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH????!!!!" the others exclaimed.

"OH! Then if Achika loses! I'll go with her!" Colt exclaimed.

Achika turned to the determined Colt, "Coltia-chan...."

Coltia nodded bravely. The Prism laughed.

"Don't hold back! TAG!" the Prism exclaimed.

Everyone else tripped to the ground with a moan.

Holly looked at the Prism, "That's not fair! You're covered in a forcefield so Achika can't tag you!"

"YOU CHEATER!!!" Suezo screamed with a vein on his head.

"HAHAHAHAAAA! All's fair in love, war and Tag!" the Prism laughed.

Achika groaned, "So I'm it, huh?" She sighed. "Well, I don't want to tag any of you.."

"Hold on, Miss Achika!" Puck objected. "Tag me."

Ghost nodded, "And I will go with him."

Achika blinked, "Puck...?" She walked over and tagged him as he smiled.

"Thank you! Okay Miss Prism, you win!" Puck said to the Prism who sweated.

"Uh...FINE! You lose!" the Prism exclaimed.

Puck and Ghost flashed blue, then fell to the floor-as dolls.


"Almost....*breath*..there!" Genki exclaimed as he and the others left rushed to the third challenge.

"OoOOh! Puck-chan!! I'm sorry!!" Colt whined as she held the Hare, Puck and Ghost dolls to her cheeks.

Achika burst open the next golden door with Tiger and Gray Wolf as the others followed.

"," Mara breathed, holding her weak knees.

Holly breathed hard, "It's...the..only...way...Mara...."


"HAHAHAAA!" a voice laughed.

Everyone looked up to see a giant Jell sitting on a beam. "For the third challenge......Duck, Duck Goose!"

Everyone moaned and tripped to the ground.

"THAT IS SSSOOO STUPID!!!" Mara screamed, waving her arms in the air angrily.

"A Jell, can stretch. This game. Is unfair," Golem said angrily.

Genki agreed, "That's right! What kind of cheap challenge is this!?!"

Jell snickered, "This worth EVERYONE....but four...."


The Jell laughed, "Since you, Mara, think this is stupid, then you can be it!"

Everyone sat in a circle, including the Jell as Mara walked around everyone.

She touched Achika's head. "Duck." Tiger's. "Duck." Colt's. "Duck." Holly's. ".....D_duuuck..." Holly blinked.

"It's all right, Mara, you can tap me as goose," Holly said sweetly.

Mara sighed. "Not now." Holly blinked again. "You're too...nice...." She touched Jell's head. "Goose!"

"MARA! NO!" Genki exclaimed.

The Jell laughed and stretched his hand out and touched Mara who turned blue and fell to the floor--as a doll.

"NNOO!" Gray Wolf exclaimed as everyone but Genki, Holly, Colt and Achika turned to dolls.

"Why spare us?" Achika asked the Jell who merely laughed.


The remaining four rushed to the last challenge. They blinked as Colt and Achika held their doll friends in their hands, staring at two golden doors.

"Okay. Me and Holly will take this door, Achika, you and Colt will take the other one!" Genki ordered.

"Right!" Achika agreed.

They pushed open their doors, only to find a drop. The four sweated as they dropped down with a scream. Colt and Achika screamed and then...turned into dolls. Holly and Genki landed hard on their butts as all the dolls landed on top of them.

"Oh no!" Holly gasped. "We're the only ones left!"

"Hahahaaaa! How amusing!" the Joker laughed as he sat in a chair in front of the two.

Genki shot up, "What's so funny?!"

The Joker laughed, "That story....was all a lie!"

Holly sighed, "So that thing about a mysterious monster inside in here....?"

Joker laughed, "A lie, naturally. You might as well hand over the Magic Stone!"

Genki growled, "You'll never get it!!" He jumped into the air and tried to kick the Joker. "YYYAAaaaaaa!!"

The Joker disappeared and Genki crashed into the wall.

"GEENKIIIIII!" Holly exclaimed.

The Joker came up behind her and held his reaper in the air, about to slice her head off when.

"EVIIILL BOOMB!" Puck's voice rang.

The Joker was blown away by a blue energy as he screamed. Holly turned to see a blushing Puck and Ghost.

"Ho-hooo! Am I stupid or WHAT? Fooled by that fake story...," Puck laughed.

Holly blinked, "Puck..chan... How did you...?"

Puck laughed, "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

Holly tripped to the ground, but got back up. "Can you help the others?"

Puck shook his head, "Only YOU can, Holly-sama!"

Holly blinked, ""

Puck took her hands into his and concentrated. A blue mist surrounded her as her Magic Stone glowed bright red. Finally, the mist faded away and Holly blinked.

"I opened up your TRUE powers by giving you some of my energy. Now, repeat after me," Puck explained with a smile. "Ancient Gods."

Holly repeated, "Ancient Gods.."

"You who watch over the Earth!"

"You who watch over the Earth."

"Lend me some of your strength, just this one time."

"Lend me some of your strength, just this one time."

Holly and Puck started to glow blue as their hair blew in the sudden wind.

"NO!" the Joker screamed.

Puck pointed his and Holly's finger to the Joker who glowed red, frozen from their pointing.

"Energy YOOOO!" Puck exclaimed.

"Energy Yo!" Holly repeated.

"NNNNNNOOO!!" The Joker screamed as he exploded.

The tower started to crack and rumble, then exploded.


"Weeeellll! All ends well, riiight?!" Puck laughed as everyone sat in front of the shattered castle.

"Ends" Yosho asked, crossly. "YOU told us that fake story."

"Yeah!" Genki exclaimed.

Holly asked, "Puck-chan... How did the Joker know that YOU told us the story?"

Puck smiled and rubbed his chin. "Well, to end this.." He kissed Holly on the cheek as she turned bright red. "Sore wa himitsu desu!"

"So," a woman's voice asked.

Everyone turned to see.......

"Remember us?"

.....Pixie and Big Blue.


Episode 4: "Like Father...."

Genki: "Hey look everyone! Pixie and Big Blue are back!"

Holly *bows*: "Welcome back."

Pixie: "Heh."

Suezo: "Still the same I see...."

Big Blue: "We only came back because Sailor Mist and CP told us to."

Genki: "Oh."

Coltia: "Last time, we had to play an unfair game! Only Holly and Genki were left until.."

Puck: "HELLO!"

Genki: "He showed up..."

Puck: "Oh-HOoo! Some gratitude! I showed Miss Holly her REAL power.."

Holly: "Thanks.."

Mara: "I still think that was useless..."

Yosho: "Today's episode... Like Father..."

Everyone else: "Like what?"

Yosho: "That's all it says.."

Everyone else: "Oh."

Pixie: "As soon as this is done, I'm going to get some Advil..."

^^CP's fast fact! Holly's power is called "Energy Yo!" because in Spanish, yo means I or my. So it basically means "My Energy" ALSO if you watch Sailor Moon in Japanese, when they say "energy", it sounds like "Energy yo".^^


Pixie leaped off of Big Blue's shoulder. "What are YOU doing here?" She asked Genki.

Genki crossed his arms, "That's the thing I want to know!"

Pixie growled as Big Blue frowned. Both of their Moo emblems were gone and they still looked the same.

"We were. Looking for. The Blue Phoenix," Golem explained.

Pixie frowned, "Yeah, so why'd you have to blow up the tower?"

Puck laughed, "Now, now, Miss Pixie! YOU don't know anything now, DO you?"

Pixie growled, "What was that...warlock?!"

"Now, now! Please don't fight!" Holly begged. "Pixie? You two still looking for a clue to Pixie's past?"

Pixie looked down sadly, "Yes. But it's been awfully quiet, besides, everywhere we go, there's badies and destroyed ruins.." She looked at Big Blue turned his head away slowly, looking displeased. "And.....that's....why.....we...wanttojoinyou...Genki.."

"NO WAY!" Genki exclaimed happily.

"Really?!" Hare exclaimed.

Pixie sighed and nodded as Big Blue only frowned.

"Oooh! Welcome Miss.Pixie!" Coltia exclaimed happily. "Now we have more girls on our team! And one more Pixie!"

Pixie blinked, "You...have a Pixie?"

She looked to see Achika look at her oddly. Pixie's eyes snapped as she turned away, her face turning a little blue.

[What is this feeling?! It's like...I know that Vixen!] Pixie thought.

"Master..Pixie?" Big Blue asked.

Achika blinked. [I....I..think I know her...! Naahh! Impossible..]

Coltia glanced at Achika, then at Pixie, then Achika, then Pixie.

"Achika-chan?" she asked.

Achika snapped out of it, "I'm okay."

"So. What's our next move?" Gray Wolf asked.

Puck rubbed his chin, then looked at Holly, "Well! Why don't we check the Magic Stone!"

Holly nodded iin agreement and checked her stone quickly. The arrow pointed west as Puck grinned.

"Oh goody!" he said, clapping his hands together. "That leads to Hartsville!"

"So?" Mara asked.

Puck laughed,"Hartville is where I was taught sorcery!"

Holly blinked, "But I heard Hartville is just ruins now."

Puck nodded, "Of course it is, Holly-sama! You have to remember, I've been living for hundreds of years now, so it was most likely destroyed in the Ancient War!"

Colt's eyes wavered, "Oooh...I'm so sorry Mr.Puck..."

Pixie frowned, "So. You want us to search the ruins for anything valuable, right Puck? Hmph. It's just like the dirty humans a long time ago."

Puck grinned at Pixie, "Well, if the Blue Phoenix is considered valuable, we're only interested in that. Anything else of value we can put in our own pockets if we wish." He laughed. "Of course, we'll all stay together, so I wouldn't consider this slave working."

Pixie's frown deepened. "Okay, but any of your stupid human tricks, and I'll have no other choice but to kill you, Puck."

Puck laughed, like her threat was all in fun, "Fine by me!"

Big Blue frowned too as Pixie hopped on to his shoulder. "You take Master Pixie's threat like a joke?!"

Pixie laughed, "Clam down, Blue. It may seem like a joke to him, but if he does something stupid...he'll be laughing in his grave."

Puck chuckled, still smiling as the others blinked. Achika leaned down to Hare.

"Not a very friendly Pixie, is she?" Achika whispered.

"HAHAHA! If I had a gold piece for everytime she acted like this, I would be one rich Hare!" Hare laughed.


Hartville: 1 hour later

Big Blue flopped to his knees as Pixie sprout off his shoulder, floating in the air. Genki fell to his knees along with the others, even Puck.

"Damn....I can't feel my legs...," Yosho breathed.

Gray Wolf's pink tongue hung out of his mouth, "I....may never walk again..."

Holly laid on her back as Achika floated in the air, with a spiraled-eyed Colt on her back.

"Hot..........," Colt said through a daze.

Achika sweated as Pixie looked at her with a slight grin, "You really love your human, don't you?"

Achika blinked, "Yes. Colt-chan cared for me when I was abandoned as a baby."

Pixie gasped to herself as a faint image of herself as a baby laying under a tree, crying as a village burned up in the background.

"Master Pixie?" Big Blue interrupted her.

Pixie shook her head and looked at Achika, "I think I know how you felt."

Achika blinked as Colt murmured something about not wanting to go to school. Pixie looked down at Puck who finally got up, wiping some sweat off his brow.

"Well! I'm ready!" Genki finally exclaimed. "So Holly! Where to?!"

Mara looked angry, "HOLD IT!" She stopped Holly from using her stone. "Genki-san! Let ME use my woman's intuition!"

"Woman's....intuition..?" Pixie asked, blinking. She looked helplessly at Big Blue. "What's that?"

Big Blue looked just as confused as a sweat rolled down his head. "Well...I means...she has...special powers of some sort..."

Golem blinked, "Special...powers?"

Holly shook her head, "No. It's like a sixth sense. Something in your head tells you what to do or where to go and you follow it."

"Right Holly!" Genki agreed.

Mara growled as her eyes flashed red. She turned to an abandoned ruin and stomped towards it.

"UUUUWWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" she backed away behind Genki.

"What the--?!" Tiger exclaimed.


Colt snapped out of it and gasped, "Oh NO! Achika-chan! Achika-chan! It's a---!"

Pixie growled as a large foot stepped out of the shadows of the ruin. "A Black Dragon..."

"WWWAAAHHHH???!!!!" Suezo cried, looking at the Darkness symbol on it's chest.

"RRRRROAAAAAAARRRR!" the Black Dragon roared. His eyes flashed blood red. " are the rebels! If any of you dare to step foot in these ancient will all...DDDDDIIIEEE!"

"Holy crap!" Gray Wolf exclaimed as the Black Dragon sprout out at Suezo, burning him to a black crisp.

Suezo blew out a breath of smoke as Holly scooped him up. "RRRUUUNNNN!!"

"WWWAAAAHHHH!" Colt exclaimed as Achika took off with Pixie towards the Black Dragon.

"Colt-chan! Jump off so you won't get hurt!" Achika demanded.

"Ooookkkaaaaayyyy!" she wailed, jumping off with streams of tears sprouting out of her eyes.


Golem blinked as Colt landed on his shoulder, spirals in her eyes. "Thank you...."

"Welcome," Golem said, pleased.

Pixie swooped over the Black Dragon, then turned with Achika. "SONIC BEAM!!"

The Black Dragon turned and flapped his wings, trying to push the attack away, but the Sonic Beam blew him back into a rock. His body crashed right through it as he rolled into a tower ruin, smashing it to the ground.

"Wow...," Hare said, shielding his eyes with his paw. "That's some strong attack.."

Achika gasped, eyes wavering in amazement and fear.

"Well, that's that," Pixie said. "Let's go."


Puck casted a light ball which floated over the team as they walked inside a ruin.

"Are you sure the Magic Stone said a Mystery Disk was in here?" Big Blue asked impatiently.

Holly nodded, "Yes."

Yosho frowned, "You should give that stone to me. I'm not Moo anymore."

Holly stopped as she turned to him, "Grandfather gave me this stone, father. It wasn't given to you for a reason!"

Everyone stopped and turned.

"What the hell is she talking about?" Pixie asked Gray Wolf.

Gray Wolf frowned. "Yosho was Moo."

Pixie and Big Blue wailed at once. "Whhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttt?????!!!"

Yosho frowned, "But I am not the man I use to be, Holly-chan."

Holly snarled at him. "Father! Remember when mother died?! YOU didn't even care!"

"How can you say that?!" Yosho asked, almost booming.

"Holly-chan!" Colt whined on Golem's shoulder. "Don't fight with him again!!"

Holly turned to Colt, "No! I have to tell him! HE destroyed my village! Left me in the rain without a good-bye! I cannot just throw those memories away!"

"Holly!" Genki argued.

Holly sighed as Yosho frowned.

"Okay. I'm sorry father. I'm just tired," Holly sighed.

Yosho grinned half heartedly, "I know what I have done to you cannot be forgiven, but I want to start a new life, my daughter."

Puck nodded, "It's true, Holly-sama. Now, let's say we find a Mystery Disk."

"All right!" Genki exclaimed with the others (except for Pixie and Big Blue).

"Yeay...," Pixie and Blue said dully.



"Master Black Dragon!" a Black Dragon soldier exclaimed as his fellow soldiers clawed through the ruin rubble.

A flash of sunlight revealed a Lost Disk, half crushed by the rubble.

"Damnit! Who did this?!" another Black Dragon exclaimed.

"Must've been the stupid-looking group that went inside the right wing of the ruin," another said coldly. "LET'S GET THEM!!"

"HHHHAAAIIIIIII!!!" the others exclaimed before rushing off.


Puck peeked around a corner, his small, suspicious green eyes scanned for anything dangerous. Ghost appeared next to him, smiling to himself with eyes still in the upright position.

"Puck-chan? Is it safe?" Holly asked, peeking with him with Tiger and Achika.

"I don't smell anything," Tiger whispered.

Puck's eyes turned upright again, "Neither do I!"

Holly, Tiger and Achika looked at him confused with a large sweat drop over each of their heads.

"Oh! I mean I don't sense any danger, not smell!" Puck laughed, sweating. "Let's go, shall we?"

Gray Wolf shook his head, "Baka."

Pixie smirked, releasing a soft chuckle as she sat on Big Blue's shoulder. They walked down a little before they came to a room.

"Let's go, Chi!" Mocchi exclaimed, rushing in with Genki.

"GENKI! MOCCHI!" Puck exclaimed, sweating a large sweat drop. "I----"

"WWWWWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" Genki and Mocchi's voices echoed.

"Genki-chan!" Mara exclaimed.

"Moochi!!" Holly screamed as they all rushed to the doorway.

"Woooaah!" Hare yelped, looking down to see a huge cliff.

Puck leaned over the edge to see Genki and Mocchi hanging on for their lives.

"DON'T YOU TWO EVER LEARN??!!!" Suezo screamed with a vein on his head.

Golem reached down and grabbed the two, lifting them back up next to him.

"Chiiii....," Mocchi breathed.

Puck laughed, amused. "Like I suggested! That's why we ALL have to stay together!"

Holly looked up over the steep cliff to see an open hole on top, the sun beaming brightly.

Puck frowned, "Oh my. Looks like this is a dead end."

As Genki argued with Puck how they could slide down the cliff, Holly concentrated on her Magic Stone. The Phoenix's image swirled into an arrow, pointing north.

"Golem," Holly said to Golem.

"Yes..Holly?" Golem asked, blinking.

"Can you give Suezo a toss up over the hole to see what's over there?" Holly asked.

"Huh?" Suezo blinked, but before he could say anything, Golem grabbed his head and threw him up in the air. "THAAAAANNKKSSSS FOOOORRR THHHEEEEE WWWAAAAARRRNIIIIIIIINNNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!" Once in the air, he snapped his eye to see a rock tunnel. "IT'S A TUNNEL! LOOKS LIKE THERE'S SOME PATH LEADING FROM THE BOTTOM OF THIS CLIFF!" he called down to the others. Suddenly, his body jolted downwards. "GGGGOOOOLLLLEEEEEMMMMMMM!!!!!!"

Golem and the others were too busy looking down the cliff.

*CRASH!!!!!* Golem sweated as Suezo crashed down the cliff, leaving a large hole at the bottom.

"'re...a," Suezo's voice murmured.

"SUEZO?! ARE YOU OKAY?!" Holly called down.

"Soort...ooofff...," Suezo's voice replied.

"Hey Suezo! What's down there?!" Tiger called.

"A path! And..darkness......," he paused. "AAAAHH! HURRY! HURRY! HHUURRYY! I'M SCCAAARREEEED!!!!"

Everyone else sweated.


Once down the cliff, Puck casted another light ball over their heads to light up the dark tunnel.

"Ah-ha! A tunnel!" Puck laughed.

Holly agreed with a nod. "Yes, and the Magic Stone did point straight ahead."

Pixie peered down the tunnel, "This all seems too easy.."

"Huh?" everyone asked.

Pixie nodded her head, closing her eyes, "I mean, if there is a Mystery Disk here, don't you think the Darkness Troops would be looking for it too? I mean, rumor doe have it that Black Magic can sense Mystery Disks, just like Moo could."

Colt gulped. "Ooohhh...what if Miss Pixie is right? What if this place is full of traps?!"

Gray Wolf grinned, "Then that's a chance we have to take, let's go!"

They walked into the tunnel with a scared-to-death Colt on Achika's back. Achika had almost no problem carrying Colt since she was the smallest human of the group.

Suezo stepped forward and snapped his eye, looking ahead. "I....see.....more darkness."

Everyone face faulted.

"Well, keep checking the Magic Stone Holly. It may not be at the very end of the tunnel, you know," Yosho said to his daughter.

"Right. That's what I'm doing, but the arrow just points straight ahead," Holly sighed.

Meanwhile, in the shadows ahead, the Black Dragon soldiers waited for them to come.

"Hmmmm....," Puck said, opening his green eyes. "I think..we'll have a little run in up ahead, Holly-sama.."

Tiger stopped with Gray Wolf. "They're here!!"

"AAATTTAACCCKKK!!!" the Black Dragons screamed, jumping out at them.

"WWWAAAAAHHHHHHH!!" Colt screamed.

Achika placed her by Golem. "Watch her Golem."

"Yes," Golem said with a nod.

"All right! ALL FOR ONE!!" Genki exclaimed. "YYAAAA!"

Genki slammed his fist into a Black Dragon who reared back in pain.

"BLIZZARD!!! RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAOOOORRR!!!" Tiger exclaimed, freezing the Black Dragon who Genki punched.

"Torpedo attack!" Gray Wolf exclaimed, zapping another one.

Pixie slashed the new leader of the Black Dragons across the face, leaving a large, bleeding cut. The Dragon's eyes glowed blood red, releasing an angry snarl. Big Blue chopped a Black Dragon with his huge fist, turning it to a Lost Disk.

"LIGHTNING!!" Achika exclaimed, zapping another Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon fell to the floor, shocked. Achika turned away from it, leaving it alive, until...

"FIRE BALL!" Pixie's fire ball blew it up into a Lost Disk which was burnt, the roots unfire.

"Hey! Don't you have any mercy?!" Achika exclaimed, glaring at the grinning Pixie.

Pixie frowned, "He wouldn't show YOU any, so why show HIM any?!"

Achika blinked, "You...think...?"

Pixie laughed, "Heh! YOU are too soft-hearted from living with a HUMAN. Humans treat you like their personal pet. They expect YOU to fight, but since they did not show you how to fight, I guess that's why you are sooo soft."

Achika looked away, her green hair tossing with her sudden movement. "Without humans...look what you can become." With that, she joined he others to fight.

Pixie looked hurt, but then growled, frowning deeply. She leaped into the air with a dark shadow over her eyes, spotting a fallen Black Dragon. She pointed at it, then it blew up with a roar.

"No mercy..," she said.

Holly watched the battle, ducking a loose bolt of electricity from Tiger's attack. Puck looked at her.

"You know, Holly-sama. You do have an attack!" Puck laughed.

"But, it's too powerful," Holly said. "What if it blows up everything around us...including the Mystery Disk!"

Puck laughed, "Look at the Magic Stone."

Holly blinked as the stone glowed red. "A Mystery Disk!"

"Hai!" Puck agreed. "It must be around here somewhere."


Holly ducked with Puck as some cherry blossoms flew over them, cracking a large rock behind them. Puck and Holly turned to see a Mystery Disk tumble out of the crack.

"Yes!" Holly exclaimed, rushing towards it.

"HOLLY-SAMA!" Puck suddenly yelled. "LOOK OUT!!"

Holly turned to see a large black tail swipe at her. She yelped as the tail smacked her across the stomach, sending her flying back into the wall. Her eyes closed as the force knocked her out cold.

"Ooohh...that was a VERY bad idea," Puck said, his green eyes turning red. "ENERGY....BLLASSSST!"

The Black Dragon screamed as a red energy flew out from under his feet, tumbling he floor and walls down.

"RRRRAAARRRR!!" The other Black Dragons screamed as the same happend to them.


Just as the tunnel started to explode with the red energy, Puck snatched the Mystery Disk and formed a forcefeild around his friends. He laughed as his eyes turned upright. Mara glared at him angrily as he laughed harder.


Puck laughed as the whole caved exploded around them. He placed his index finger to his lips. "Sore wa himitsu desu!"



"Is she okay?"

"Oooh...Miss Holly!"

Holly slowly opened her eyes, greeted by a splitting headache and the moon shining overhead.

Genki placed a cold cloth on her head. "Hey."

Holly tried to speak, but the headache was so bad, all she could say was. "Wha.....?"

Puck's face leaned over and gave her a kiss. Holly couldn't even feel it she was so numb. "It's okay, Holly-sama! You had a pretty bad crash into the wall. You're so weak because of it, plus the fact that we had to climb out since my attack sort-of blew up the whole into a giant crater."

"The...Mystery...Disk...," Holly murmured.

Colt held it up happily, "Here it is Miss Holly! Safe and sound."

Holly smiled, "That's..nice..."

She fell asleep again as Golem covered her with a blanket.

Puck's eyebrows turned upward in concern. "I guess she's in some sort of shock."

Big Blue frowned, "I told you we should've waited until she got better before we climbed out!"

Hare grinned, "And why do YOU care all of a sudden?"

Big Blue blushed, but shook it away. ""

Pixie got up to a very scared Hare's face. "Hey! We have to each other if we ever want to find that damned Blue Phoenix!"

Achika nodded, "That goes to everyone."

They all glared at Mara who sat far away from them. She looked at them, then frowned. "Okay! I'll be nicer!"

Genki sat up, his roller blades on his feet. "Well! How about this! Tiger! You, me, Gray Wolf, Achika, Pixie and Big Blue will go to the shrine over the hill to unlock the disk! Everyone else, stay here!"

"Hold on, Genki!" Mara said, shooting up. "I'll go with you!"

Ghost agreed, "Me and Puck will too."

Genki nodded, "All right. Let's go."

Mara laughed and cuddled into his arm. "Ooh! Thank you Genki-chan!"

Genki nodded and placed her on his back. They rushed off to the hill where a dark and gloomy shrine stood..somewhere.

"GOOD LUCK ACHIKA-CHAN!!" Colt called after them. "Be careful..."


Black Magic sat on his throne, his eyes glowing red.

"Where are the Darkness Five?" he growled.

Suddenly, his gold doors opened, revealing an Angel (Pixie/Gali), a Warrior (Gali/Golem), a Durahan, an Amenhotep (Golem/Gali) and a Hell Heart (Joker/Pixie). All five wore Dark Symbols in the front of their bodies.

"What is your status, Warrior?" Black magic asked.

"It appears the rebels are heading to my castle," Warrior's deep voice replied as his rock mask seemed to frown. "But I have sent my best to guard the Shrine near by."

Black Magic nodded, "Good. But, just in case, return to your castle and stay on guard."

"Of course, master Black Magic," Warrior replied, before disappearing.

Durahan stepped forward, his large armor clanking with his movements, "I am sure they are heading towards me next from what I can tell."

Black Magic laughed, "Well, unlike the X-Big Bad Four, we will kill them..once and for all.."


Puck and the others stopped in front of the broken-down Shrine in awe.

"I hope it won't fall on us..," ghost said, opening one eye to reveal a black-dot eye.

"What?!" Gray Wolf gagged. He growled, looking over the Shrine. "We have to go in anyway."

"Right," Tiger agreed.

"I guess...," Achika agreed.

They walked in, unknown to them that ten Nagas watched them.

"Okay," said Captain Naga. "Let'ssssss follow theemmm!"

The ten Nagas slithered away into the Shrine.

Meanwhile, Achika set up the Mystery Disk in the middle of the Shrine, dusting away some weeds and fungus growing there.

"Okay Genki," she said, leaping off. "Hit it!"

Genki concentrated just as Pixie looked down the hall with Puck and Ghost.

"Boooo-hoooo," Puck said, rubbing his chin, eyebrows up in concern. "Looks like a group of Darkness Monsters are here to ruin our little fun.."

"WHAT?!" Genki exclaimed, looking back.

Tiger stepped in front of Puck, "Nevermind that, Genki, just concentrate!" He smiled slyly. "Leave these scums to us!"

"Hai!" Gray Wolf agreed.

Puck laughed, "Come out, we know you're there, Nagas!" He added in a sing-song voice. "Come out, come out wherever you aaarreee!"

"AAATTTAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!" Captain Naga hissed as he and his soldiers rushed forward.

"Just Nagas?" Ghost laughed, pulling out his small mallet from under his hat. "This will be too easy."

The Nagas leaped towards the bunch. Big Blue did a Brow Hit on one, sending him crashing into the wall, turning it into a Lost Disk. Pixie kicked another one into the farthest wall, knocking it out.

"UNLOCK!" Genki suddenly exclaimed.

Tiger looked up with the others as a bright light poured out of the Mystery Disk. The light slowly formed into a baby Kato. It blinked and rushed towards the door, past Genki.

"Hey!" Genki exclaimed.

Tiger growled, "All the monsters we unlock..we end up loosing them! COME BACK!"

The Kato turned, "I can't! My destiny is to find my mommy!!"

Pixie sonic beamed the last of the Nagas, turning them into Lost Disks. "Your..mother?"

Her eyes snapped as she remembered an Angel cuddling her in her arms. "Sleep my baby..."

Pixie shook her head. "LET HIM GO."

Everyone looked at her in shock. "What?"

"I know how it feels to loose a mommy, get out of here, and find your mother," Pixie told the Kato who's eyes teared in happiness.

"Thank you...Someday...I'll do something for you...," the Kato sobbed, then rushed away.

Pixie rolled her eyes, hopping onto Big Blue's shoulder. "I'm sure..."

Big Blue laughed, "He'll forget about us in two seconds after he finds his mother." He frowned. "I wish I could see my mother..."

Gray Wolf and Tiger glanced at each other, wondering if they had a mother...


The next day, back at their camp site..

Holly woke up, rubbing her head painfully. She looked around to see Colt sleeping by her side, obviously, she fell asleep on the job of watching her. Holly smiled as Colt breathed softly, shivering slightly. With a quick, but gentle movement, Holly placed her blanket on Colt and got up, stumbling a bit.

"Holly!" Achika scolded, sitting by the camp fire as everyone slept on.

Holly blinked, Achika, Big Blue and Pixie were drinking tea around the fire.

"Hey. You should lay down," Pixie said, sitting on a rock by Big Blue.

Holly shook her head. "I'm okay, just a little dizzy." She took the tea pot and poured some tea in an extra cup. "Tea always makes me better."

Pixie looked surprised, "Me too!"

Achika nodded, "I like it, but if I drink too much I really have to pee."

Achika instantly blushed when the three others blinked. She lowered her head a little in embarrassment. Holly looked at Pixie, then at Big Blue.

"Hahahaha..," Pixie started to laugh, putting her hand by her mouth.

Soon, the four were laughing hard as the camp fire kept them and their spirits warm. Holly sipped her tea as she felt warm all over, trying to stop from giggling she it wouldn't spit right out of her mouth or nose. (she hated when that happend!)

"Aaaahhh...," Pixie breathed, smiling a little. "I never felt this warm."

Big Blue nodded, trying to retain his frown, but he couldn't help from smiling, "Yes. I agree. At first I had my doubts, but now I know, it's good to have friends."

Holly nodded, "Yeah."

Achika agreed, "You bet!"


Kato looked everywhere in the forest. "Mommy?! MOMMMIIEEE?!"

Suddenly, a group of Katos jumped out of a hole. One older-looking Kato stepped forward.

"My baby...," she gasped, eyes tearing.

"MOMMY!" Kato cried, running into her open arms. "Yes...Now that I have found you..I will repay the Pixie and her friends..." He looked up, tears rolling down his face. "When the time is right...we all will, right?"

"Of course," his mother replied.

"HAI!" The others exclaimed.


Pixie looked up suddenly, squinting from the early sun.

Big Blue looked at her, "Master Pixie?"

Pixie smiled, shaking her head, "I thought I heard something.. But I's just the leaves in the breeze."

Big Blue looked up, seeing a bunch of pink leaves blow across the air. "Leaves are good luck, to me." He closed his eyes. "They mean happiness and blow when someone has found happiness."

"Yeah," Holly said, thinking about that. Leaves had blown across her and Suezo when their grandparents and friends went to heaven...maybe...maybe..they had finally found happiness...

The wind blew through her hair as she smiled. "I wish I was the wind."