Psycho House
By: Cybernator1


Genki: "*in front of a computer visiting* Okay, I know this is! LET ME IN THE DAMN SITE!!!"

Holly: "*sweats* Genki, maybe you should visit something else."

Suezo: "Yeah, like one of those porno site you like so much. ^_^"

Genki: "...Hehehe? ^^;;;;;"

Holly: "-_-X *throws Genki out the window*"

Genki: "*splat* X___x"

Trigger: "*walks in* What's a porno site?"

Holly: "Nothing you should be concerned with right now.*gives him a cookie
and shoves him out of the room*"

Trigger: "=-_._-= *swallows his cookie* Nobody ever tells me anything.
*walks away*"

Pixie: "*in her room having a pillow fight with Big Blue in a huge vat of
wipped cream* Oh, Big Blue! This is so much fun! *swings pillow*"

Big Blue: "*with little pink bows glued to his head* It sure is! *swings


Big Blue: "Oh god I want you."

Pixie: "Take me!" *they dive under the wipped cream*"

Hare: "*skipping down the street swinging a grocery bag in his hand*
*singing* Lotsa fun when you go shopping! Lotsa fun in the store! Lotsa fun
when you go shopping, to go by lots of stuff! *repeats about a million
times* *accidently wonders into a dark alley*"

Punk: "Gimme your money!"

Hare: "No! It's mine! I made my pretty pink wallet myself with my new
embroidery kit!"

Punk: "REALLY!? Oh I just love it!"

Hare: "You do? See, I thought that the bright colors would say "Here I am
boys, come and get me!"

Punk: "Oh no, the way you put it together makes a really subtle statment. I
just LOVE it! *they chat about girlie stuff for several hours*'

Genki: "*get's up* Boy, I'm hungry! I think I'll make a sandwich! *stretches
his arms ala Dexter's Laboratory* *reaches the fridge where he pulls out a
beer and bag of kitty litter* Mmmm. Peanut butter and jelly.*makes the beer
and litter into a sandwich and hapilly starts to eat it* ^_^ *blowing kitty
litter as he talks* Yummy! *munch munch*"

Golem: "at the hospital getting a sex change* Oh boy! OW!!! I always wanted
to be a gir-OWWW!!! This'll be so moch fu-OWWW!!!! I can wear pretty pink
dresses and have all those nice shoe-OOWWW!!!!!"

Moo: "walks up to house*"

Genki: "*munch munch* ^_^"

Moo: "*walks in* Hi honey, I'm home! *Naga walks up and kisses him* ^_^ I
love you too!"

Tiger: "=O_._o="

Holly: "Daddy? O_O"

*Moo and Naga hop off to elope*

Mocchi: "*chases after them*"

Trigger: "Daddy?"

Tiger: "When your older."

Trigger: "=-_._-="

*loud thumping sounds are heard from the above floor and a wave of wipped
cream comes down the stairs*

Holly: "Mmm. Wipped cream. Ooohhh Genki?"

Genki: "*spitting kitty litter* What?"

Holly: "Into my room!!! NOW!!"

Genki: "....*shrugs* *drops sandwich onto the ground, cat pees on it, Genki
follows Holly into her room*

Lisa from Simpsons: "Hey nani nani wakka wakka hey nani nani hey! *jumps out
the window*"

Lucy from I love Lucy: "*slapping sound* Waaaaahhh!!"

Fred: "You hit her pretty hard there Rick."

*another slapping sound is heard*

Lucy: "Waaaaaahhhh!!"

Golem: "*walks in, now a girl* Look at me world, I'm a girl!"

Trigger: "*looks up at Tiger*"

Tiger: "No."

Trigger: "*skulks to his room*"

Golem: "Where's Mocchi? O_o;;"

Mocchi: "*jumping off a clifif* Good-bye cruel world chi!!"

Tiger: "I don't know. *turns on tv*"

Golem: "*skips into Pixie's room* HIIIII!!!"

Big Blue and Pixie: "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! GET OUT GET OUT!!!!"

Golem: "Okaaay! ^_^ *skips into Holly's room* HIIIII!!!"

Genki and Holly: "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! GET OUT GET OUT!!!!"

Golem "Okaaaay! *doesn't leave, Genki and Holly don't notice* O_O"

Mocchi: "CHIIIIIIII!! *still falling down cliff* When is this cliff gonna
end chi!? *SPLAT* X____x"

*Universe explodes* *Genki and Holly and Pixie and Big Blue are still at it
in space*

The end...... Or is it?