Part 1

Sailor Luna: Me again! Just want to say that I do have a serious side (When I'm not on a sugar rush) and here is proof. I'm not sure how this will do really, so bare with me. I'm not even sure the names are right! Just enjoy! =^)


"Such a beautiful day!" Genki said and ran a head of the group.

"Beautiful, chi!" Mocchi agreed and ran after his friend.

Tiger sniffed the air and the wind blew back his fur. It rippled slightly in the wind. Holly smiled at Genki and Mocchi running up a huge hill. Tiger sniffed the air. Something didn't feel right.

"Something's in the wind. It's not right." Tiger said in his calm and low voice.

"Oh Tiger! You say that everyday!" Hare said with a laugh.

Tiger growled at Hare's comment.

"You should learn to listen once in awhile instead of using your big mouth to insult people!" Tiger snarled at Hare as they pressed heads against each other.

"Say's who Tiger!" Hare growled.

"Me!" Tiger yelled.

"Stop fighting!" Golem said and picked the two up in either hand.

"Fight more than two Hare's in a boxing match! HAHAHAHAHA!!" Suezo laughed.

Everyone sweat dropped at his bad remark. Suddenly, Genki and Mocchi stopped at the top of the hill. The were staring at the other side with wide eyes. Every ran to him and gasped at what they saw. A whole village had been burnt down. Not only that but mystery disk and dead people lay every where.

"What.....happened?" gasped Holly and put her hands over her mouth.

"Moo's men no doubt." Tiger growled and made his way down.

"Let's see if anyone is still....alive." Genki said as they walked around the dead village.

Tiger sniffed a paw print left in the ground. He raised his head with a snarl.

"Gray Wolf...." he growled in a low whisper and trailed off.

"No one alive for what I can see." Holly sighed as they all came up with Tiger.

"Wonder who did this?" Hare said while looking around.

"It must be Gray Wolf. He do bad things here." Golem said.

Suddenly, a black flash of a shadow caught Tiger's eye.

"Look out!" he cried and knocked Genki on the ground.

Lightning was shot right over him. Tiger looked up and saw a shadow of a wolf monster on the top of a roof. Flames suddenly engulfed the sky behind the monster. Tiger snarled.

"Gray Wolf." was all he said.

Everyone looked closely to see it was indeed Gray Wolf. He stood with an evil grin and his blue eye's glared with evil. His badge of evil shined brightly in the fire and sun. He leaped and landed in front of them all.

"Tiger, you have made it far. I'm surprised." he said in his strange voice.

Tiger growled and stepped forward in front of the group.

"Let me at him!" cried Genki and was up.

"We can take him!" Suezo agreed.

"No! This is my fight!" Tiger snarled at them and the group was taken a back.

"But, Tiger..." Genki began.

"No! Back off!" he growled louder and they did just that.

Gray Wolf smiled an evil one.

"Brave, are we not?" he snarled and shot Torpedo.

Tiger did the same and the explosion was huge. Tiger leaped and they were at each others throat's. Gray Wolf was quicker than Tiger and he struck with his claws. That hit him right on his red scar. He howled in pain and scraped it with his paw. Gray Wolf saw his chance and rammed his horns hard into Tiger's side. Tiger rolled away and began to get up. Gray Wolf hit him twice more before he was at the end of a cliff. The group would have helped, if they hadn't be attacked by Terror Dog's. They were in there own battle and no one saw Tiger. Gray Wolf stood over his fallen brother. His evil grin looked eerie in the firelight but the burning building.

"So my brother, it ends here. You should have joined Master Moo. It would have been easier on both of us." he growled with no sadness what-so-ever.

Tiger stared at his brother with his red eye's. He had no growl or snarl on his face. He just stared at his brother. Memories flashed back fast. Gary Wolf had almost drowned in a river trying to catch a fish and impress Tiger. Tiger saved him and they were okay. How they had both been taken in and thrown back out in a box that carried them down the river. They both stole and killed for food and both battled against Moo. Until Gray Wolf was part of him. Tiger stared at Gray Wolf. He lifted his claw to take the finally blow at Tiger. Suddenly,

"Lightning Attack!!"

Gray Wolf leaped away as the lightning missed. Big Blue was visible as he helped fight with the others. Pixie landed next to the wounded and bleeding Tiger. Genki roller bladed over.

"Tiger! Are you okay?" Genki asked the wolf monster.

"Fine." he snorted stubbornly.

"Thanks to me! You could have been killed!" Pixie said with her hands on her hips.

Tiger got up and began to walk past.

"Not this time brother! Torpedo!!"

Gray Wolf shot his attack. That would have knocked Tiger off the cliff but Genki jumped in the way. He cried in pain as the lightning threw him off the cliff. Pixie was going to go after him but Gray Wolf knocked her out with Lightning that sent her into a rock.

"GENKI!!" Tiger cried and his voice echoed into the cliff.

Tiger turned to Gray Wolf with the worst snarl and tears in his eyes.

"You've crossed the line, my brother." he growled and leaped.

They went into a horrible fight of claws and teeth.

Genki fell. He fell down and down, barely awake, Suddenly, he fell on something warm and soft. Then, he blacked out. When he slowly opened his eye's, he was staring at blue sky. He jumped up and was surprised to find himself in a huge nest of golden straw. In the nest was what he gasped at. In the nest was golden cups, plates and different kinds of jewel's. Ruby's and emerald's shined in the bright sun that was slowly disappearing from dark clouds. Every kind of valuable thing was in that nest. More golds than he could got and a golden goblet with jewels all around it. Pearls and more were in that nest. He blinked at it all.

"What happened?" he asked.

"You fell from a very high cliff. Your very lucky I caught you." came a pretty, female voice.

Genki turned and almost fell out of the nest. Perched on the edge of the golden nest was a fire bird the size of Falcon. She blinked at him with black eye's.


"Phoenix, yes. I welcome you to my nest." she said for him.


Sailor Luna: Short, yes, but it'll get better. I promise. I was running out of time on this so that's why it's short. Hope you liked it! Oh yeah, thanks CP! =^)

Part 2

"The Phoenix?" Genki stammered in surprise.

The fire bird let out what Genki thought was a laugh.

"When that fight was on, everyone, people, monster's and tree's, saw my mind get sperated from my body. However in reality, I was flying away. What they saw was a copy of me that I made. I'm more powerful than anyone knows." Phoenix explained with a flap of her wings.

"So.....why are you here? We need! We've been searching non stop for you!" Genki yelled, suddenly anger at the giant fire bird.

Phoenix looked up at the cliff that Genki had fell from. He heard battle cries and horrible howls. The wing blew suddenly strong and Phoenix shifted her feet to keep from falling.

"Well?" Genki asked in annoyance to the Phoenix's silence.

"A storm is coming. A bad one." Phoenix answered softly.

Genki fell with a sweat drop.

"That's not what I asked!" Genki cried after getting up.

Phoenix turned to him.

"You fight against Moo and think I can beat him? You are mistaken! He is more powerful than me once he finds his body." Phoenix snapped.

"You have to try! You're powerful too!" Genki shouted over a huge boom of thunder.

"Get on, quickly!" Phoenix said, ending the conversation.

Genki didn't argue as rain began to pour heavily. He jumped onto the fire bird's back and Phoenix took off. She flew high and over the edge of the cliff where the battle was on. Tiger and Gray Wolf were in a fight for there life. Both bleeding and cut all over. Golem was doing his best to protect Holly but the Terror Dog's were all over and one managed to scartch Holly on the leg. Hare was tiring out and his punching was weak. One of the black wolf monster's rammed there head striate into Hare's back and he flew forward and landed against a building. Suezo was just running and hoping he wouldn't get caught. It failed an many of the Terror Dog's hit him with there Torpedo. Mocchi was already on the ground and breathing fast as he was surrounded by Terror Dog's. They closed in and one leaped. No one noticed Genki until he cried out.


Phoenix flew past everyone fast and the whole battle seance froze at the sight of Phoenix. She aimed a powerful blast of flames and hit her target. The Terror Dog that had jumped at the weak Mocchi now fell to the ground, burnt and crisp. As if a bomb had gone off, all the Terror Dog's ran and scattered. They whimpered as they disappeared. Rain was coming down ever so hard now and the fire in the village was gone. Phoenix landed with a thump in the mud and Genki jumped off. Tiger knocked Gray Wolf hard and he landed in the mud. Tiger walked past as Gray Wolf slowly got up. He didn't attack, he just stared at Phoenix. Everyone soon was crowded around the fire bird as she glowed in the rain.

"The.....the.....Phoenix?" Holly asked, unsure of the truth.

Phoenix nodded her small, bird head and opened her fire wings. She flew over Gray Wolf, low as possible without hurting him. She then flapped her wings and gold dust from her wings spread over Gray Wolf and went over the cliff. A lake was hit and Undine suddenly burst from the lake, her badge gone. Some of the Terror Dog's in there area were turned from Lost Disk to there normal self. They ran off, there Moo badge gone. Many other's were hit that had been turned into Lost Disk. Gali was up and looked confused as he floated in the desert. Pixie and Big Blue suddenly felt like they had to fight Moo as their badges disappeared in black light. Tiger's pack was turned back into there living selves. They looked around for there leader and then ran off. Gray Wolf tried to get away from the gold dust but it was everywhere. His badge disappeared as his heart and mind were turned back into his good self. He stood up and all his wounds were healed as well as Tiger's and the others.

"Brother?" asked Tiger.

"What?" he asked back with a smile.

Tiger gave a very big and happily smile and they hugged. Or sort of a hug.

"Glad your back little bro." Tiger told him.

"Glad to be back." Gray Wolf answered with a nod.

"The legend was true! She did turn all the baddies into good monster's!" Suezo cheered.

They all laughed and cheered as Phoenix landed. She turned to the cliff.

"Good luck to you." she said.

"What? Where are you going?" Hare asked in surprise at her words.

"I must go. Good luck to you all." she said calmly.

"You're leaving!? You have to help us fight Moo!" Holly cried.

Her Magic Stone glowed a bright red which caught Phoenix's eye. She turned to them.

"I can't fight Moo when he is in his powerful ancient body. You must fight with the monster's that have been turned good and have been turned back from Lost Disk." Phoenix told them.

She kept her eye on the Magic Stone as it glowed. Holly took it off and threw it at her. It landed at Phoenix's gold talon's with a thump.

"Then I won't need this! Take it!" Holly cried, tears in her eyes.

"Holly....." Genki said softly.

Phoenix stared at the stone and then at the group.

"Phoenix make Holly cry. Bad Phoenix." Golem told the bird.

"Why won't you help, chi?"

"Better yet, didn't your mind get sperated from your body?" Tiger asked. Phoenix explained to the group why. She said the same thing she had told Genki. Rain was still pouring but no one seemed to care at the moment.

"So, will you help us or not?" Gray Wolf growled.

He was angry at the bird for her selfishness.

"Sorry, my friends." she said and turned to the cliff.

She open her fiery wings and took off. Genki ran to the edge of the cliff.

"NO! Come back here you coward!" Genki yelled.

An evil laugh broke Genki's yells. They turned and saw a strange monsters. He was part dragon with pink and white fur. He had huge wings and a mean snarl.

"The mighty Phoenix fails you. What are you going to do now?" he sneered in a deep voice.

"Moo!" everyone cried.

"I'm ready for the last battle. Are you?" he growled.

To be continued.......

Part 3

Moo stood, glaring at the rebels with blood red eyes. Genki was shaking with anger as well as fear. The Phoenix, the one creature they had been looking for, had left them to fight Moo in his powerfully ancient body. Moo let out a deep laugh. Pixie clutched her fist and landed in the mud next to a growling Tiger. Big Blue and Golem tensed for a punch and Mocchi stood proudly next to Genki. Holly was in the back of the group, lost in her own thoughts. Suezo and Hare were ready with there attacks and Gray Wolf stood next to Tiger with his own snarl.

"You still challenge me? Even when I am in my ancient body? You are fools." Moo laughed and Genki got even angrier.

"What have you done with my father?" Holly suddenly cried out.

"Yeah!: Genki agreed, recalling a night recently where she had told the group.

Moo chucked at them once away. Lightning struck the sky behind them and thunder cracked loudly.

"He's alive. Barely." Moo said with a sneer.

"Where is he?" Holly yelled more desperately.

The rain came down every so hard and soaked the skin and fur of the brave group. Moo held out a giant claw with long orange nails. In it, lay a big, lifeless man. Holly ran to him without thinking.

"Father!" she cried and tried to get him to wake up.

Genki saw the trap.

"Holly! MOVE!!" he shouted suddenly.

It was too late. Moo dropped the lifeless man and grabbed Holly hard in his claws. He raised her struggling form up to his face and chuckled again.

"I thought you wouldn't fall for that. Foolish girl! You really think your father lives?" Moo growled.

Holly suddenly realized the horrible truth.

"No..... didn't...." Holly sobbed and tears flowed. Moo laughed. His laugh was cold, heartless and made Holly's sadness replace with anger.

"MURDER!! YOU KILLED HIM!!" Holly cried through tears.

"That's it! I can't stand it!" Tiger cried.

"Let's get 'em!" Pixie agreed and flew up.

Tiger leaped forward with Gray Wolf and Genki at his side. Golem and Big Blue aimed punches while Mocchin released his Cheery Blossom Blizzard. Tiger and Gray Wolf shot there Torpedo with every strength they had. Pixie shot her Lightning attack and Hare and Suezo used there own attacks. Genki flew towards the dragon creature with his roller blades forward. Moo calmly held out his hand and blasted them all back into the mud. Muddy and bloody, the group got up. Pixie's wings where damaged beyond repair, at that point, and Genki already looked beaten.

"Leave them alone! Stop that!" Holly cried while in Moo's grasp.

Genki jumped up and ran forward toward Moo again. Moo roared a ear splitting roar. Genki fell forward and landed hard on his knees, his hands covering his ears. Tiger and Gray Wolf were forced back, head down and eyes tightly shut. The others covered there ears with there hands and Suezo was just knocked near the cliff with an X in his eye. Moo stopped his horrible roar and shot a black of hot fire at the group. Everyone was still stunned from the roar.

"NNNNNOOOOOO!!!" Holly cried way too late.

The flame hit it's targets and the group disappeared in the fire. It cleared suddenly and everyone lay on there side in the mud. Burnt and hurt badly. Genki slowly looked up but couldn't force himself to move a muscle. The others were knocked out cold. Holly closed her eyes tightly while listening to the evil laughs of Moo. Her mind swam with the thoughts that had just happened. Moo had killed her father and now her friends, she was about to be killed, Moo would win and the whole journey was pointless. You stupid Phoenix. How could you let us down! You were our only hope! Why!? You killed us, Phoenix! You killed us all!! Holly screamed out in her mind.

Suddenly, the Magic Stone, from where it lay buried in mud, began to glow. It glowed a bright red and washed the mud from it. Genki eyed the stone long enough to see it glowing. All he could think of is why. Suddenly, the red light shot up and at Moo. The light slapped him hard in the face and he cried in pain, dropping Holly. The girl flew to the muddy ground with a sickening thump. She lay still, afraid to move her body. She herd Moo's screams and found courage to stand up. Shakily, but able too, she stood in front of the twisting monster. She couldn't believe what she saw. Moo was being attacked by the red light. The beam was flashing around Moo and giving hard blows to his face and stomach. Moo swiped in the air blindly at the red streak but made no progress. Suddenly, the light flashed. It flew away and shimmered in front of Moo who was able to look at the light for the fist time threw bloody eyes. The light grew suddenly. It grew a long tail and wings. A beak, a head appeared and Holly dared to believe it was true. The light disappeared and in it's spot flapped the Phoenix. The one and only.

"How can" came Genki's weak voice.

Holly then realized that everyone was up and staring at the fire bird.

"It's impossible for that to happen. We saw Phoenix fly off." Hare said and scratched his head.

"Miracles do happen." Pixie said and gave a side ways smile.

The Phoenix turned her head and looked down at them with beady black eyes.

"I never left when I flew off that cliff. I told you all, remember. I can create things that you see a fake image. An illusion to be exact. That's how my mind was supposedly separated from my body." she explained.

"I never would have guess." Suezo said with a nod.

"All of the strengths each one of you had gave me life again though Holly's Magic Stone." Phoenix explained and then turned her eyes on Moo.

The great dragon stepped back.

"This.....this can't be! It's impossible!" he cried.

"Not when you have friends, Moo. Nothing is impossible." Phoenix answered coldly and then let out a great screech.

She flew straight at him. With a roar, Moo flapped his wings and took to the air, level with Phoenix. The two giants clashed and switched spots. They turned and did the same. Phoenix flapped in the rain, unafraid of Moo. Moo's claws, teeth and tail were in position for battle. The rain bounced off his scales and was absorbed in his pink and white fur. Down below, the group watched. Somehow, someway, Genki felt that Phoenix needed more than to just be there to win. Then, it happened without warning. The two beasts clashed and and a crack of thunder boomed at the same time. Lightning struck the dark sky behind them followed by more thunder. The whole ground shook and cracks began to form in the ground, separating the group. Each crack blasted up with gold light that surrounded the battling creatures. Genki, Tiger, Holly and Pixie were trapped together on one and the others were together. Genki had no idea what was going on until it hit him. It hit him just like a punch ot the face.

"Monol's story! It's happening again!" Genki cried.

"What?" asked Pixie.

"What do you mean?" Tiger asked while he tried to stay up as the ground shook and another crack appeared bursting with gold light.

"When Moo and Phoenix fought back then, the land they fought on was destroyed. It's happening now. This place is gone get destroyed! Along with us!" Genki cried and looked up at the battle between Phoenix and Moo.

To be continued......

Part 4

AN: The song used in this story, or part, is from Sailor Moon CD called, "Sailor Moon and the Scouts LunaRock". The song is called "The Power of Love" and it is not my idea or anything. Just to tell you that now, so you can't sue me. MWHAHAHAHA...... ha.....ha....uh...heh, heh. *Walks away slowly and then breaks out into a run*


Another crack exploded right next to Tiger. He stumbled to the left and into Holly.

"This is insane! How are we suppose to stop this!?" Tiger cried.

Red light flew from a new crack and finally broke the ground they stood on. Tiger slammed into Holly and Genki, which knocked them on his back. With a leap of faith, Tiger landed on another piece of safe ground. Pixie, wings still damaged, glided the best she could and barely made it with them. A flash of fire stabbed the sky and slammed head first into Moo. Moo responded by slapping the Phoenix across the face. The screech from the Phoenix set off three cracks in the ground right next the the others. Red light exploded and the ground began to crumble. Gray Wolf and Hare leaped while Golem grabbed Suezo and did the same. Big Blue barely made it. Moo and Phoenix shot a stream of fire and the two collided. The explosion set off more cracks and red light. Tiger growled and leaped, dodging the way they appeared. Soon, it seemed that each crack was chasing the separated group.

"If this world blows, everyone and everything is gonna to go with it!" cried Holly from Tiger's back.

Genki thought hard. What could they do? Suddenly, the whole battle clicked into his mind. They needed more power.

"I have an idea!" Genki cried and leaped from Tiger's back.

He landed hard on the solid ground and quickly pulled his roller blades on. He raced forwarded as more cracks appeared and blew red light. Tiger followed quickly while Pixie did her best to keep up. Genki skated towards the battle in the air. Rain was beginning to lighten but not enough to stop the mud flow. Genki's blades got caught up in the mud and he tripped. At the same time, Moo threw Phoenix crashing towards the ground. The same spot where Genki lay.

"GENKI!!" Holly screamed as Tiger slide to a halt.

There was a loud thump and mud flew in all directions as the mighty Phoenix lay right where Genki had been. Moo circled the spot from the air. He waited for the Phoenix to rise and fight, but it never happened.

"No..." Holly sobbed and she felt tears erupt from her eye's.

Hare and the others came up behind Holly, Tiger and Pixie. They were silent. Suddenly, Moo's triumphant roar broke the horrible silences.

"I have won!!" he cried and laughed that horrible evil laugh. A laugh that made a little raging flame inside of Holly grow. It grew and grew until finally, it engulfed her.

"NNNOOOO!!! MOO, WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT!!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her words triggered something from far in the ground under them. A red eye flashed open and icy blue light exploded from the cracks, replacing the red light. The light suddenly came together and formed another bird. Ice sparkled around the bird's wings and long, single feathered tail. It had what looked like a wedding veil resting upon it's head and flowing behind it. The blue veil reached the end of it's long tail. It had dull, dull pink talons and black claws. Under the veil on it's head were three, very long feathers that flowed almost like hair. They came down the bird's neck and stopped at it's back.

The monster flashed red eye's at Moo as the ice sparkling from her cleared most of the rain. The dark sky above, however, did not leave. Moo glared at it with such hatred that it seemed he was about to attack. Instead, he continued to glare at it. The two monsters floated there, beating there wings and glaring at each other.

"What is that?" gasped Suezo.

"It's the Ice Phoenix." Tiger answered.

Everyone looked at him. Tiger stared up at the beautiful monster as if examining it before he spoke.

"It has, if you want to call it this, a special friendship with me. When I was a young pup, I found her egg and hatched her. It took care of her until she left. However, Moo captured her and tried to make her a baddie. When it failed, he sealed her under the Earth. It looks like Holly's words of confidence brought her awake."

"Wow." Pixie gasped.

The bird let out a screech and flew at Moo. Moo took a breath and shot a blast of flame. Just when it looked like it would hit her, a fire wall blocked it. The Phoenix had gotten up and had protected Ice Phoenix. The two flew side by side in front of Moo. More cracks exploded with red and blue light. This time no one bothered to noticed. Holly looked back at the spot where Genki was and saw nothing. She dared to believe he was gone when suddenly, "I'm over here, Holly!!"

Holly looked over and saw Genki sitting on top of the Phoenix proudly. The fire bird turned her head to look at him.

"Hang on!" she called and the two streaks of red and blue went for Moo.

There comes a time

When you face the toughest of fights

A huge bang was herd as the red and blue streaks shot past either side of Moo. Holly and the others cheered as Moo roared in pain.

Searching for a sign

Lost in the darkest of nights

Genki laughed as the two monsters turned to face Moo. A stream of fire met them and Genki closed his eyes. The fire licked past them.

The wind blows so cold

Standing alone

Before the battles begun

A blast of ice and fire suddenly drove the flames back and into Moo. He roared in pain and wobbled in the air.

But deep in your soul

The future unfolds

As bright as the rays of sun

Moo flew forward and rammed his head into Ice Phoenix's stomach. Phoenix screeched loudly and dodged the same fate from Moo. Genki grasped a bunch of red feathers for dear life.

You've got believe

In the power of love

You've got to believe

In the power of love

The power of love

Moo twisted his head and shot a blast of flame that hit Phoenix and Genki right on. Down below, the others gasped in horror and shock. Holly looked up with tears in her eyes, hoping Genki was all right.

Blazing emotion

There's a light that flows from your heart

It's a chain reaction

And nothing will keep us apart

The two crashed into the mud at the same time Ice Phoenix slammed herself into Moo. Holly and the others ran to the two fallen heroes. Phoenix was up and Genki was barely standing. He stumbled but Tiger jumped in the way and caught him on his back.

Stand by my side

There's nothing to hide

Together we'll fight till the end

Take hold of my hand

And you'll understand

What it truly means to be friends

Phoenix gave a look to Holly and right away, it meant they need the Magic Stone. Holly grabbed it and ripped it from her neck. Red light burst and suddenly, the Phoenix took off with Genki back on her back.

You've got to believe (you've got to believe)

In the power of love

You've got to believe (You've got to believe)

In the power of love

The two birds threw a blast of hot flames and icy ice at Moo. Moo roared and dodged both. Holly clutched the stone to her chest and it began to glow red again. Tiger growled and suddenly ran forward. Gray Wolf followed and the two wolf monsters stopped under the battle. They pointed there horns up.

It gives meaning to each moment

It's what our hearts are all made of

You've got to believe (you've got to believe)

In the power of love (power of love)

The power of love

(Pause in song)

Lightning bolts exploded from there horns and into Moo. The others got the idea. Big Blue and Golem grabbed two heavy rocks and threw them at Moo. He got weaker. Hare and Suezo Telaported on top of Moo's back and pounded him hard before disappearing. Pixie flashed a Lightning attack to hurt Moo even more. Mocchi released his Cherry Blossom Blizzard and Moo roared in more pain. Holly clutched the stone and closed her eyes. Protect them, Magic Stone. Please, give us all strength. At her words, the stone exploded in red light. The red light surrounded Phoenix and blue light surrounded Ice Phoenix. The two birds screeched and flew towards Moo.

You've got to believe (you've got to believe)

In the power of love

You've got to believe (you've got to believe)

In the power of love

It gives meaning to each moment

It's what our hearts are all made of (just look inside)

Phoenix and Ice Phoenix began light energies suddenly. They slammed into Moo and got him even weaker. The two them flew in front of him and glowed brightly. Moo looked at them with red eyes. He knew it was over.

You've got to believe (you've got to believe)

In the Power of Love

Phoenix and Ice Phoenix shot a blast of flames and ice at Moo.

Power of Love

The beams hit at the same time the Magic Stone burst with red light. Moo screamed in horrible pain.

Power of Love

With a finally scream, Moo disappeared in a flash of black light. The friends cheered.

"Look!" Tiger gasped suddenly.

Everyone looked up and gasped. Moo was slowly disappearing, and so were the two phoenix's.

To be continued......