The R.S.P.C.E.H

(the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Evil Hares)

Disclaimer: I don't legally own Monster Rancher from the characters I create

Author's Note: Hey, what can I say, Evil Hares are one of my fav monster types and I hate it when they get abuse even from Genki and his friends so I came up with this

Scene 1

"Tiger, wait" Genki cried

But the blue wolf was already gone, running up towards the dam, the two Evil Hares turned their heads as Tiger ran up, he leapt into the air and fired his lightning attack at them

"This looks a lot like Moo's work to me" the blue wolf said

The Evil Hares hugged each other, absolutely terrified, their teeth chattering

"Worthless bunglers"

Tiger looked up, then leapt away as Captain Evil Hare tried to squash him, then the others run up and stopped behind the blue wolf

"Aah, what a disappointment, we were going to use all this water to wash you guys down the drain, but I guess we'll have to think of something else" Captain Evil Hare said as the rest of his troops leapt down to join him

"What did you say" Genki cried angrily

"I said we're going to destroy you pesky Searchers, alright, men, get them" he pointed at them

As the Evil Hares sprung forward, the monsters launched themselves into battle and as they defeated his soldiers, Captain Evil Hare backed away

"This looks like a job for Captain Evil Hare" he cried He back-flipped all the way to the dam and started pounding away at it, then turned round as the Searchers ran towards him, leaping away just in time to avoid Tiger's Lightning. Bounding up to the top of the cliff, his troops following him, he turned back for one last parting shot

"I won't forget this"

Then they were gone

Genki pulled down his eyelid and poked his tongue out after them

"Excuse me"

Everyone turned as this official-looking woman holding a clip board came up

"I represent the Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Evil Hares"

"WHAT!!!" Genki couldn't believe his ears

"Yes, I'm afraid that the author was so sick of you beating up all those Evil Hares, she created the R.S.P.C.E.H and I have been instructed to give you two more warnings, after that, you get fined. Let me see, two cases of electrocution, tongue slapping and throwing, I have to report all that" she writes it down

"Could you do this later, we're about to have a situation here" Genki says

"Ahh, the dam" the official-looking lady pulls a jet-pack out from behind a rock, puts it on and blasts off

"Where did that come from?" Holly asks

* * * * *

Scene 2

"Aliens" the two weeds cried

As the Searchers run through the passage, a group of monsters loyal to Moo including some Evil Hares spring out of nowhere and then Genki and his friends attack, clearing the way

"Right" the official-looking lady is suddenly standing in front of them

"Not her again" Suezo moans

"This was your second warning, using a Blizzard attack, tongue slapping and ramming" she scribbles these down

"Made a note of those, now you can carry on rescuing Holly" she says as she walks off

"Come on" Genki cries

The others race after him

* * * * *

Scene 3

"Attack" Joker ordered

"Goodies rule!" Genki cried

The Searchers launched themselves into battle, suddenly the army of Evil Hares rush Genki and his friends

"STOP!" the official-looking lady suddenly walks into the cave as everyone freezes

"Do you mind, we're in the middle of a battle here" Genki sweat drops

"Hmm, let me see, electrocution again, two cases of headbutting, punching and throwing, that's all going down on my report" As soon she has written it down, she turns and walks off, the Searchers just stare after her, as soon as she has gone

"Uuhh, can we get on with this please?" Joker asks

"Oh, right, sorry" Genki says

* * * * *

Scene 4

"That was close" Genki said, looking back at the cave

"Genki, we're got company" Holly cried

The official-looking lady marches up

"Right, you were warned"

"But they're baddies" Holly protested

"Does that matter, did you even spare a single thought for helping those poor creatures while you were running for your lives" the official-looking lady starts sniffling, then pulls out a hankie and blows her nose.

Quickly regaining herself, she hands a piece of paper to Holly "Here's your fine, remember to pay it"

Holly stares at it and her mouth drops open, Hare glances at it, his eyes nearly pop out of his head at the price and then he faints

"Let's not go through that again" Genki said

"Well, I guess beating up any more Evil Hares is off then" Suezo replies

"Yes" they all sigh and sweatdrop, before walking off into the sunset, Golem carrying Hare