Return to Chaos Part 1 The Terror Returns

By: Brere Marer


Chapter 1

Holly walked  down the road to her village. The sun was setting in the
crimson sky and Holly could hear Suezo jogging behind her. Ever since the
reincarnation of the rebels all except Genki had came back and helped with
the work of her village. Another magic stone had been created and life as
Holly had known it to be before Moo had resumed its regular course ³No! No!
No! Tiger, the log goes there! Not there!² Hare screamed. ³Youıre doing it
all wrong!!!² The two were attempting to make a cabin. ³Thatıs it furball!²
Tiger yelled. ³You do it!² ³I canıt! Holly told me to make calculations
while you and Gollem do the work! Itıs all very sensible!!² the monster
argued. Gollem placed  a log on the half-finished cabin. Mocchi and Blue
came out of the forest holding armfuls of food. ³Food chi!² Mocchi
exclaimed. Holly laughed. Then there was a rustle in some bushes nearby.
Mocchi went to check on what was there and came back reporting that heıd
seen nothing. Holly, Suezo and Blue shrugged it off and continued on their
way. When the 4 were gone, an evil laugh pierced the air as a joker and a
striker appered out of thin air. The striker turned to the joker. ³Do you
think your illusion fooled the mocchi?² he asked. ³Nightstrike,² the joker
said he eyes glowing with malice. ³Have they ever failed us before?² The
Naga-Tiger growled but shook his head. ³Now come on.² the joker said. ³You
know our mission.² and with a sweep of his scythe, they had disappeared.

Chapter 2

Holly was walking with the others down the streets of her village. The sky
was now dark and a cresent moon stood still in the early night air. The girl
had had a strong sence of forboding ever since Mocchi had checkd something
in the brush. She decided to ask the small monster again. ³Mocchi, what
exacly did you see in the bushes?² ³Well chi,² Mocchi said. ³There were
branches, leaves, and something else.² ³What was it.² Suezo said sencing a
sort of evil in the air. He edged closer to Holly. ³Well chi,² Mocchi said.
³It looked something like this.² Holly gasped as the small monster turned
into a towering joker, laughing evilly. Nightstrike appeared next to him.
The striker began to glow red. When he opened his eyes the turned an enveous
noen green. ³Holly......² Suezo began but the nagaıs shriek drowned out his
words. ³SOUL REAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!² as he screamed, a translucent red axe
lept from his hands and went into Holly. A blue mist came out of the girl
and she dropped to the ground, her eyes closed. The mist went into
Nightstrike. The Joker laghed again and with a final swipe of his schythe,
they were gone. Mocchi walked out of the bushes holding his head. The 2
monsters stared at him. ³What chi?²

Chapter 3

Hare was still arguing with Tiger. The cabin had been finished hours ago but
donıt think that that stopped them. ³Well, Tiger, I think your jealous and
being stubborn.² Hare shot at Tiger sticking his tongue out. ³STUBBORN!?!
Why you-² Tiger was cut off when Gollem picked him and Hare up. The rock
monster began to carry them to the road. ³Whatıs going on?² Hare asked,
seeing Holly in the middle of the road on the ground. Suezo explained. ³What
attack did the striker use?² Hare asked again. ³ıSoul Reaperı.² the eyeball
monster replied. ² But Iıve never heard of that, have you?² Hare looked like
he was thinking. ³I might. Follow me.

Chapter 4

³Class dismissed! To your lockers!² the teacher said. ³Oh, and Genki, when I
call your name in class, please donıt reply OGoodies Ruleı.² Genki Sakura
walked out of his classroom. It hadnıt even been a year since he had last
visited the not-so-peacful world of Pangea. Some time, heıd just like to
take a vacation there. But not today. Genki thought as he shoulved his Math
book into his locker. Iıll just visit the guys today, The 12-year-old had
visited the junkyard almost daily now. It was Friday afternoon. Genkiıs
favorite time to visit because he had no homework. Genki entered the
junkyard he saw only 5 faces staring back at him. ³Whereıs Holly?² he asked.
Tiger sighed. ³Genki, Pangea needs your help. Again.² He added as an
afterthought. ³No sweat. Iıd just love to help you with your little social
problems but just one question: How do I get there?² Genki asked. The
monsters exchanged glances. ³We thought you knew.² Hare said. ³Maybe the
same way you got in chi?² Mocchi suggested. The other stared at each other.
³You know, OSweetcakeı could be on to something there.² Suezo said. ³Iıll
try it. You guys wait at the nearest shrine in your village. Iıll be there
as soon as 1....2....² Genki ran. ³What happened to three?² Gollem called
after him. ³Iıll be there by then.² Genki replied as he rushed through the
crowded streets of Tokyo. When he got to the building he lived in, he ran up
4 flights of stairs and down two hallways to get to his apartment. He jammed
his key into the lock and sprinted into the kitchen. ³Genki, sweetie, I made
you a platter of sweetcakes.² Genkiıs mother said setting it down on the
table. ³Thanksmom!² Genki exclaimed as he rushed by. Several of  the
sweetcakes had vanished. ³Too much sugar.² Genkiıs mom commented shaking her
head. Genki burst into his room. He lunged for his Playstation game labeled
OMonster Rancherı and thrust it into the designated area. At the end of the
begginning seaquence, Geki felt himself being pulled into another world. He
was going to Pangea.

To be Continued