"REUNION" By:Crabbymatt

Moo stood in his throne room,his massive form towering over the shivering Naga in front of him.

“Naga,how goes the search for new members for the Big Bad Four?’’

“Very well masssssssssssster.I have already ssssssselected sssssssseveral choice candidatessssssss.’’

“ Good.You may go now.’’

“Yesssssss masssssster.’’

“And by the way,those pesky searchers who have been annoying me were last sighted near your control area.Take care of them.’’

“Yesssssssss my lord.’’

“This time,failure is NOT an option!’’

Meanwhile as the seven walked along,Hare’s sensitive ears heard a sound.

“T T Tiger,did you hear something?’’

“I thought I heard twigs snap,’’Tiger replied,looking around quickly.

Holly said, “I heard something to.Suezo,take a look around please.’’

Suezo rebuked, “Oh sure. How do you expect me to do that?FLY?"

“Exactly,’’Genki replied. “Okay Golem, do your stuff.”

“Do your stuff,chi!”Mocchi repeated,clapping his little hands together.Golem grabbed Suezo in his hand and prepared to throw.Suezo knew what was coming and began to protest.

“NO!Don’t you remember what happened last time?!Holly make them stop!I don’t like doing this!I want to go hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome!"

No one listened as usual and before he knew it,Suezo was soaring among the clouds.He began to strain his eye in every direction looking for the source of the sound.

After coming in for a landing in Golem’s large hand,Suezo reported he haden’t seen anything except trees.As he finished saying this,a large tree behind them blew apart to reveal a pair of monsters.Genki and the others immediately got into battle position and relaxed when they saw it was their old friends Pixie,and Big Blue.

Pixie walked over to Genki and said that she and Big Bue had found some old friends of his.She then nodded to Big Blue who began to lay down the limp,unconcious monsters in his hands.The monsters were a Spot Dino,Worm,Monol,Dragon,Horn,Henger Ducken,Centaur,Celius,And Dragoon.These monsters were all friends of Genki and the others.Mocchi happened to be good friends with Ducken and was already helping his buddy up.

After Pixie and Big Blue left all the friends sat down to one of Holly’s best stews.After dinner,Ducken complimented Holly on her cooking.

“Awwww.It wasn’t that good.”

“Are you kidding?It was the best thing I’ve ever tasted!”

Of course,sothing went wrong.No sooner had Ducken finished saying this then a groop of Moo’s Black Dino troops charged out of the forest.

“In the name of Master Moo,”the captain yelled at the top of his voice, “Detroy the rebels!”

With that,the Dino troops attacked!

Genki shouted, “Okay guys:these guys want a fight.We’ll give them a battle they’ll never forget!”

A great battle ensued,the forest rang with the monsters’s cries of pain and sudden death.

“You haven’t seen the last of me!’’Cap’n Black Dino yelled as he retreated into the forest.

“YEAH!”Genki cried, “Goodies RULE!”

As the now large group walked through the forest,Horn tripped over something that stuck out of the ground.

“Arrrrrrr.I swear I’ll keel-haul who ever put that rock there!”

“Wait a moment.”said Celius, sniffing the object with his canine nose. “That’s no rock,that’s a mystery disk!’’

Genki pushed in front of his two friends excitedly. “Wow cool!Let’s take it to the shrine and unlock it.”

“Are you sure we should do that Genki?”Holly asked. “We have to continue our search for the Phoenix.”

Tiger looked at Holly, his eyes almost closed, “Holly, we should at least take the time to release this monster from the stone that doth bind him.”

“What’s that mean Tiger?”Hare asked,dumbfounded.

“I don’t know.It’s something I heard Monol say.”

“I’ll teleport us to the nearest shrine,”Suezo said.He closed his large eye and began to concentrate.Suezo’s body began to glow in an unearthly pink aura.There was a blast of light and suddenly the group was standing in the center of a busy town,right in front of a large shrine.

In the shrine,Henger set the computers to unlock the disk,while Worm set the disk in the proper position.Slowly,the disk began to spin.Faster and faster,until it was only a blur.With a cry of “Unlock!”Genki pressed the consul button.In a flash of light a baby Plant appeared and began to cry

After giving the young monster something to eat,Genki and crew headed toward the forest.No sooner were they out of sight of town,then they were attacked by an army of Moo’s Denton soldiers.The monsters quickly charged into battle(except for Plant,who took cover behind a tree). While behind that tree,Plant relized his friends were risking their lives to save him!

“I will help my friends,”he said to himself,and jumped out to join the battle.

I don’t need to tell you,Plant said some nasty things to the Denton captain.This got the Cap’n very mad and made him charge Plant.

Plant stood his ground and used the only attack he could think of “SEED SHOOTER!”The flowers on top of his head folded up and began firing seeds like bullets at Cap’t Denton.When Plant was done all that remained was a lost disk.

“Who else wants some?!?!”Plant cried.To his surprise,all the Dentons had run away and Genki and the others were allstaring at him.

“WHAT?” Plant asked,throwing his stems in the air.