Ryoko's Follower -by snoozingrat

   This is a tale that adds into the muyo series, enjoy!
Somewhere off in the galaxy steadily approaching earth a steel blue cabbit
ship meows.....
Nemuri: (serious charismatic tone) ahh Ryoko my love we shall soon reunite,
(a bit higher voice, you know, like the pimply guy who always serves you at
Mcdonalds?) Neo-oki faster!
Neo-oki: meeeoooooooww!
Ryoko: (rubs finger in circle on tenchi's chest) So, Tenchi, since Ayeka is
off in Tokyo shopping what do you want to do?
Tenchi: (nervous laugh)
Some where in the Tenchi house hold a muffled scream is uttered
Tenchi: (looking for a way out of this conversation) what was that??
Tenchi rushes over to the broom closet where the sound came from, he opens
the door to have Ayeka fall forward onto him, she has been tied up and gagged
Tenchi: Tokyo eh, Ryoko?
Tenchi unties Ayeka
Ayeka: Ryoko! Next time you do something like that, I'll, I'll, I'll get
Washu to turn you into a cabbit!
Ryoko: (says with a sneer) yeah, right, she more likely to listen to me she
my mom!
Ayeka: my point exactly!
Ryoko: Why I autta!
Tenchi: (backs into a corner knowing what is to come) Calm down girls!
Washu: (descends from nowhere on a cushion) why don't you both shut up or
I'll turn you both into cabbits!
Ayeka and Ryoko freeze, then slump there shoulders and say: yes miss Washu.
Screen turns fiery red and Washu's ticked off face looms infront of them.
Washu: how many times have I told you! Little Washu! LITTLE WASHU!
Ayeka and Ryoko: (fearing being turned into a cabbit) Yes little Washu!
Washu: (cheery) fine then! (reaches for a rice cracker) Munch, munch!
Washu: (swallows) so Tenchi, how many of us are there today?
Tenchi: (thought) Me, you washu, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami and Ryo-oki are in the
garden and I think Mihoshi and Kiyone are coming in a while.
Washu: Hey! How come my name's not capitalized?
Tenchi: Because you're little Washu!
Washu: Must control urge to get the mallet of pun-ishment!
Voice: Hi we brought some groce- a crash announces Mihoshi and Kiyone's
Kiyone: Mihoshi! we had eggs in that bag!
Mihoshi: (crying her eyes out) I'm sorry Kiyone!
Another crash, the house rumbles
Mihoshi: (stops crying) I didn't do it!
Washu: Yeah, what was that?
Tenchi looks out the backyard window to see a steel blue cabbit ship
Tenchi: waah?
Washu: (comes to the window, and raises an eyebrow) I'm with you Tenchi.
Ayeka: (also comes to the window) ditto.
Ryoko: (comes to window, sweat drop forms) Please lord! not him!
Tenchi: (turns to Ryoko) You know whose ship that is?
Ryoko: let me just say I hope not!
*Knock knock knock* Mihoshi answers the door, mummbling is heard
Mihoshi: Ryoko! someone named Nemuri is here to see you!
Ryoko: (bangs head on wall till a piece of plaster falls from the ceiling)
It's him.... I thought I lost that jerk!
A man in a black cloak and raven purple hair walks in the door
Nemuri: (charismatic tone) Ryoko my sweet, come.
Nemuri floats up the stairs to Ryoko and the others, Washu catches him and
pulls him aside.
Washu: Hmmmm... yes how odd...., who is your mother Nemuri?
Nemuri: (Mcdonnalds voice) dunno, I'm an orphan, all I know is I'm one of
just a few space pirates, (charismatic voice) like Ryoko.
Washu: Okay we'll find out! (pricks Nemuri with needle, and summons holo
computer, types) Ok..... you are the son of TSUNAMI????
all the others including Nemuri: Tsunami??????
Washu: (bangs on the holo board) thats what it says.
Nemuri: (shakes of confusion, charismatic) Anyway Ryoko I am here for your
hand in marriage!
All except Nemuri and Ryoko: What?????
Ryoko: I told you before NO!, now shu, shu.
Tenchi: ah Ryoko, I think its time you told us how you know Nemuri.
Ryoko: Fine, it all started back in high school.
Tenchi: High school?
Ryoko: yeah space pirates gatta learn stuff too, now you wanna hear the story
or not?
Tenchi: tell it, tell it.
Ryoko: It all started out in high school I was a freshman and so was Nemuri,
he was obsessed with me, he tried everything to impress me, he even bought a
cabbit! (points thumb at Neo-oki, the now bronze color cabbit) He was so set
on being with me just because I was the only space pirate besides himself
that he knew of! So after we graduated I high tailed it outta there! I
thought I lost the pest, but he has found me...
Nemuri: (charismatic) I have come to challenge the fiend who has brain washed
you into thinking you love him!
Ryoko: (confused) you mean Tenchi?
Nemuri: (Mcdonnald's) him right? (points at Tenchi)
Tenchi: We don't need to fight!
Nemuri: (Mcd's) yeah we do (drags Tenchi outside)
Nemuri: (charismatic) begin!
Tenchi draws sword Tenchi and puts up the light hawk wings, Nemuri
draws a simialar sword and puts up his light hawk wings( to the amazment of
all, except Ryoko, who yawns.
Nemuri: (rushes at Tenchi) ahhhhhhhhhh! (hits light hawk wings and is blown
away) ahhhhhhhh!(driven into the ground)
A faint "it hurts" is heard from the ditch made by Nemuri
He gets up calmly shakes Tenchi's hand and runs crying to his ship
Nemuri: (as neo-oki takes off) I will save you my sweet!
Ryoko: good ridens!
Washu: he'll be back, Ryoko.
Ryoko: how do you know?
(sasami apears)
Tsunami: well, he has to visit his mommy once in awile!
Ryoko falls over.

                                    The end, hope you liked it
                                     I might think of another one, I dunno.
    Until next time "Oh well another battle lost, that's the story of my life"