MSTing of My Fic "The Quest Worth While"
    By: Sailor Lunar


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you don't know what MSTing a fic is, then let me fill
you in. When you MST a fic, you basically make fun of it. You either use
yourself or just random characters, or both, like I've done. While the point
is to make fun of the fic, and at times it may be harsh, just remember that
it's not bashing the fic. Bashing is something else. Plus, with MSTing, you
MST a fic without the author's permission! Right now, I'm MSTing my own fic
because I'm new at it, and I wanna see how it works out. If you want me to
MST your fic, send me an e-mail with your fic in the e-mail. If you don't
want me to do certain things, please tell me! Another note is that if I ever
e-mail you and ask to MST a fic, you don't have to agree. Be nice when you
reject it, but don't be afraid too. So, where did MSTing fics come from?
There's a show on the Sci-Fi channel called 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'
and it's about a guy and two robots trapped on a satellite called 'The
Satellite of Love'. Their trapped their back a mad woman named Pearl and two
of her henchmen. She sends them really bad, really old movies and forces them
to watch it. While they watch it, the three cut the movie to pieces with
their hilarious comments and jokes! The show is on at 9:00 on Saturday
morning. *points to title of show* Hence the term MSTinf a fic. Anyway, I'll
shut up now! Enjoy!

    ~~ =means singing
    '' =means thoughts
    "" =speaking
    **Beginning Music from Theme to "Mystery Science Theater 3000"**
    ~In a not to distant future~
    ~Somewhere between time and space~
    ~Sailor Luna and her anime friends are caught in an endless chase~
    ~They're being chased by a girl named Yugi~
    ~An evil gal who wants to rule the world~
    ~So she threw a few things in her purse~
    ~And in her rocket ship she hunts them all across the universe...~
    Yugi (from Tenchi Muyo): "I'LL GET YOU!!"
    Everyone: "Waahhh.." T_T
    Yugi: ~I send them cheesy fanfics. The worst I can find!~
    Tokimi (Tenchi Muyo), Kuja (FFIX) & Moo (MR) (Yugi's Assistants) :
    Yugi: ~They have to sit and read them all as I monitor their mind!~
    SL: ~LALALA!!!~
    Everyone: X_x;;;
    ~Now keep in mind Sailor Luna can't control~
    ~When the fic begins or ends~
    ~She'll have to keep her sanity~
    Zidane: "She never had it..." ¬_¬;;
    SL: T__T;;;
    ~With the help of her anime friends~
    Genki: "I'm mister energy! YEE-HAW!!!" *jumps up and smashed into the
ceiling* XD;;;
    Holly: "BROWNIES!!!!" *attacks the walls of the ship in search of
    Tiger: *sobbing* "Why me...? What did I do to deserve this!?"
    Hare: "Ain't I so cute?"
    Tiger: "TORPEDO!!"
    Hare: XD;;;
    Pixie: *holding special Juciy-Jucie* "YO!! Whatz uzzzzzp!?" *passes out*
    Zidane: "I'm not an anime character..."
    Dagger: *waves* "Hello!"
    Freya: *throws herself at the window, only to be thrown back onto the
floor* "Aww...dammit, we're on a space ship...." -_-X
    Ryoko: "What the hell am I doing here!?"
    Washu: "This...won't be pretty..." -_-;;
    Kiyone: "YEAH!!! I'm finally free from Mihoshi!!" ^_^ *stops and realizes
where she is* "OH HELL!! PUT ME BACK WITH MIHOSHI!!"
    Nagi: ".....There is a hell on, in space...."
    HC: "God help us all...."
    CP: 0_0;;;;;
    ~If you're wondering how they eat and breath~
    ~And other science facts~
    ~Just repeat to yourself~
    ~It's just a stupid fanfic~
    ~You really should just relax~
    ~And enjoy 'The MSTing of "The Quest Worth While"!~

    SL: "Welcome, everyone, to the Satellite of Pain and Suffering!"
    Everyone: 0_0;;
    SL: ^_^
    Ryoko: *begins choking SL* "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DRAG ME INTO THIS,
    SL: XD;;;
    HC: ^^;;; "Um...put 'er down, Ryoko...."
    Ryoko: *grumbles and drops SL on the ground*
    SL: *shoots back up* "I'll tell you why, my favorite space pirate! The
reason you all are here is because you're my favorite anime/game characters!"
    Tiger: "Joy..."
    Genki: "Ummm...question."
    SL: "Yes?"
    Genki: "Why do we have to make fun of Monster Rancher stories when we're
usually in them...?"
    SL: "I refuse to answer that question, as it goes against my religion!"
    CP: "Really?" 0_0?
    SL: ¬_¬;;; "No, of course not!"
    CP: *sulks*
    SL: "Sssoooo...HEY!! Freya, Zidane and Dagger! Stop trying to escape from
    Freya, Dagger & Zidane: *trying to burn a hole through the ship with
fire* -_-X 'Damn!' *slinks away*
    Washu: "Well...what about the others from our show?"
    Kiyone: "YEAH!! You don't like them?"
    SL: "Actually, the reason their not here, is because Sasami's to young
and innocent, Mihoshi's too stupid, Tenchi's too naive and Ayeka is...well,
    Ryoko: "HELLZ YEAH!! An Ayeka hater!" *high-fives SL* (AN: Who dosen't
really hate Ayeka, but dosen't wanna get on Ryoko's bad side...^_^;;;
Seriously, though...I don't hate Ayeka!)
    HC: "But...Ayeka is one of my favorite characters..." ;__;
    Ryoko: *glares daggers* ¬_¬
    HC: *panics and sweatdrops* " and Tenchi make a better
    Ryoko: "Thanks!" ^_^
    SL: "CP!! Stop trying to escape!"
    CP: *pulling at the sealed windows without much luck*
"!! ARM CRAMP! ARM CRAMP!!" *falls over* X__x;;
    HC: ^^;;;;; *pokes CP with a stick*
    Nagi: "I'm not even in the OVA and you're torturing ME too...?"
    SL: "Yup!" ^_^
    Nagi: "Aww....darn..." -_-X "Where's Ken-Ohki when you need him..."
    Ryoko: "Where's Ryo-Ohki when you need HER?"
    SL: "I locked them in a dark closest!" ^_^
    Nagi & Ryoko: o_0;;;;;;;;
    HC: ^^;;;
    Hare: *pokes Pixie with a stick*
    Pixie: XD;;;
    Hare: *get's perverted idea and comes closer*
    Pixie: 0_0!!! "LIGHTNING!!"
    Hare: XD;;
    Pixie: "ECCHI!!!" *begins kicking his remains*
    Dagger: o_0;; *hides behind Zidane*
    Holly: "Where are...the brownies...?" T_T
    Genki: "Where is....the bathroom....?" #.___.#
    Washu: "Drat! I knew I forgot something when I built this ship!"
    Everyone: o_0;;;;;;;;;
    Genki: T__T
    *Red light blinks*
    SL: "That must be Yugi!"
    *A screen reveling Yugi, Tokimi, Kuja and Moo pops up*
    Yugi: "Greetings Earthling scum's!"
    Everyone BUT CP, SL, HC & the MR crew: "We don't come from Earth!"
    Yugi: ¬_¬ "Shut up! I didn't ask you! Now, today's fic will be....Moo?"
    Moo: "...and then I said, 'But I was talking to the duck!'"
    Kuja: "BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
    Tokimi: -_-XX
    Yugi: "........."
    Everyone: ^^;;;;
    Kuja: *like an excited little kid at Christmas time, jumping up and down*
"Tell another one, tell another one!!"
    Yugi: "HELLO!?!? I JUST GAVE YOU AN ORDER!!!!" *blows up the scean with
her psychic powers*
    *Screen goes black with smoke*
    Everyone: o_0?
    *Smoke clears to revel Yugi choking Moo as Kuja runs around in circles
trying to put the fire out on his tail*
    Kuja: "OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!! IT BURNS!!!!"
    Yugi: *shaking Moo* "HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY ME!!"
    Moo: XP;;;
    Tokimi: *sighs and comes up to screen, clears throet* "Today's fic will
be "The Quest Worth While" By Sailor Luna".
    SL: "AH-HAHAHA! Sounds like a really bad, awful, stupid----Hey, wait!
That's MY story!"
    Others: ¬_¬;;
    Freya: *sarcasticlly* "No, really?"
    SL: "You can't do that! That's my own fic!!"
    Tokimi: "Of course I can, and the reason is because we don't have any ot
her fics to MST....oh, and this goody-two shoes will be joining you, too."
    *Screen leaves and a light flashes on bridge. Revels Tsunami.*
    Tsunami: *blinks* "Huh....?" o_0?
    Ryoko: "WAIT!! How's she here without Sasami?"
    *Scean suddenly changes as everyone sits in desks, facing a podium and
    Everyone: o_0??
    Washu: *dressed as a science porfesser; walks up to the podium* "An
excellent question, my Little Ryoko! One which I'll answer!"
    Ryoko: "Don't call me that..."
    *A flowerpot smashes on her head*
    Ryoko: X__x;;;;
    Everyone: 0_0;;
    Washu: "No talking during class!"
    SL: "ARGH! We don't have time for this! The fic's gonna start any
    *A chandler crashes on SL's head*
    SL: X__<;;
    Washu: "I said no talking!"
    Tsunami: "I'm so confused...." T_T
    *Ship starts to shake and an alarm blares*
    SL: *leaps up* "FIC TIME!!!*
    *Everything goes dark as various crashes, bangs and cruses are heard.
After a moment, the MSTing begins*
Part 1  
Sailor Luna: Me again! Just want to say that I do have a serious side (When
I'm not on a sugar rush)--

    ZIDANE: "Which is all the time, actually..."
    SAILOR LUNA: "You know it!" ^_^
    --and here is proof. I'm not sure how this will do really, so bare with
me. I'm not even sure the names are right! Just enjoy! =^)
"Such a beautiful day!" Genki said and ran a head of the group.

    RYOKO: "Unfortunately he didn't see the cliff right ahead of him."

    "Beautiful, chi!" Mocchi agreed and ran after his friend.
    Tiger sniffed the air and the wind blew back his fur. It rippled slightly
in the wind.

    TIGER: "I'm SO cool!" ^_^
    SAILOR LUNA: "Please don't turn into another Hare..."
    TIGER: o_0;;;; "Bad...images...."
    HARE: ;__;

    Holly smiled at Genki and Mocchi running up a huge hill. Tiger sniffed
the air. Something didn't feel right.
    "Something's in the wind. It's not right." Tiger said in his calm and low

    FREYA (as Tiger): "Oh wait, it was just Genki, never mind!"
    GENKI: "HEY!"

    "Oh Tiger! You say that everyday!" Hare said with a laugh.
    Tiger growled at Hare's comment.
    "You should learn to listen once in a while instead of using your big
mouth to insult people!" Tiger snarled at Hare as they pressed heads against
each other.

    CP: "And they got closer...and closer...and closer..."
    RYOKO (as Tiger): "Oooohhh, Hare! Is that a hint of wintery freshness I
    WASHU (as Hare): "Why, yes!"
    TIGER: *gags*
    HARE: #^_^#

    "Say's who Tiger!" Hare growled.
    "Me!" Tiger yelled.
    "Stop fighting!" Golem said and picked the two up in either hand.

    NAGI (as Golem): "Aww...dammit, I squeezed them too hard again..."
    KIYONE: "Wow, they pop easily!"
    TIGER: "Stop making fun of me..." *sob*

    "They fight more than two Hare's in a boxing match! HAHAHAHAHA!!" Suezo

    ZIDANE (as Suezo): "...Or two women over Zidane!"
    DAGGER: *hits him over the head with her rod* -_-XX
    ZIDANE: XD;;;;

    Everyone sweat dropped at his bad remark. Suddenly, Genki and Mocchi
stopped at the top of the hill. The were staring at the other side with wide
eyes. Every ran to him--

    HOLLY-CHAN: "...and accidentally knocked him over the edge."

    --and gasped at what they saw. A whole village had been burnt down. Not
only that but mystery disks and dead people lay every where.
    "What.....happened?" gasped Holly and put her hands over her mouth.
    "Moo's men no doubt." Tiger growled and made his way down.
    "Let's see if anyone is still....alive." Genki said as they walked around
the dead village.
    Tiger sniffed a paw print left in the ground. He raised his head with a
    "Gray Wolf...." he growled in a low whisper and trailed off.

    FREYA (as Tiger): "He still has my pink, fuzzy bunny slippers."
    TIGER: "Hey, who told you!?"
    EVERYONE: o_0!!!
    TIGER: #0_0#

    "No ones alive from  what I can see." Holly sighed as they all came up
with Tiger.

    TIGER (as a person lying on ground): "I'm still...alive...." *cough*
"You're supposed to check for a pulse...not look at their faces, dammit!"

    "Wonder who did this?" Hare said while looking around.
    TIGER: "Al Gore, of course!"

    "It must be Gray Wolf. He do bad things here." Golem said.
    Suddenly, a black flash of a shadow caught Tiger's eye.
    "Look out!" he cried and knocked Genki on the ground.
    Lightning was shot right over him. Tiger looked up and saw a shadow of a
wolf monster on the top of a roof. Flames suddenly engulfed the sky behind
the monster. Tiger snarled.
    "Gray Wolf." Was all he said.

    FREYA (as Tiger): "Where are my damn bunny slippers!?"
    SL: "Hey...where'd Holly and Genki go?"
    HARE: *egerly* "I'll find 'em!" *runs off*
    Everyone looked closely to see it was indeed Gray Wolf. He stood with an
evil grin and his blue eye's glared with evil. His badge of evil shined
brightly in the fire and sun. He leaped--

    DAGGER: "....and smashed face frist into the ground with amazing grace
that stunned everyone. It stunned him more than them, however."
    RYOKO (as Gray Wolf): "OW! DAMMIT IT!"

    --and landed in front of them all.
    "Tiger, you have made it far. I'm surprised." he said in his strange

    WASHU (as Gray Wolf): "...but not as surprised as I was when you thought
I was a girl."
    TIGER: 0_<
    Tiger growled and stepped forward in front of the group.
    "Let me at him!" cried Genki and was up.

    TSUNAMI (as Genki): "I can take 'em!"
    TIGER (as Gray Wolf): "TORPEDO!!"
    TSUNAMI (as Genki): "...or not..." *cough*

    "We can take him!" Suezo agreed.
    "No! This is my fight!" Tiger snarled at them and the group was taken a
    "But, Tiger..." Genki began.

    RYOKO (as Genki): "What about your blood pressure?"

    "No! Back off!" he growled louder and they did just that.
    Gray Wolf smiled an evil one.
    "Brave, are we not?" he snarled and shot Torpedo.

    HC: "Actually, no..."

    Tiger did the same and the explosion was huge.

    SL: "So huge that it hit Moo's fortress and killed him."
    PIXIE: "And after this battle, they found the Phoenix a year later only
to discover Moo already dead."
    WASHU (as Holly): "Damn it all!"

    Tiger leaped and they were at each others throat's. Gray Wolf was quicker
than Tiger and he struck with his claws. That hit him right on his red scar.
He howled in pain and scraped it with his paw.

    KIYONE: "Only to realize he was making it worse..."

    Gray Wolf saw his chance and rammed his horns hard into Tiger's side.
Tiger rolled away and began to get up. Gray Wolf hit him twice more before he
was at the end of a cliff. The group would have helped,--

    CP: "...but they were too busy playing strip poker."
    TIGER (as Genki): "YEE-HAW!! Yes! Pay up, Holly!"

    --if they hadn't been attacked by Terror Dogs. They were in there own
battle and no one saw Tiger. Gray Wolf stood over his fallen brother. His
evil grin looked eerie in the firelight but the burning building.

    FREYA: "But the burning building...?"
    SL: >_<

    "So my brother, it ends here. You should have joined Master Moo. It would
have been easier on both of us." He growled with no sadness whatsoever.

    PIXIE (as Gray Wolf): "You're loss, my gain. A pity, but I warned you to
vote for
 Al Gore instead of G. W. Bush, and now you're gonna pay for not doing so!"

    Tiger stared at his brother with his red eye's. He had no growl or snarl
on his face.

    DAGGER: "Instead, he had a grin."
    ZIDANE (as Tiger): "YAY!! I'm gonna die! WHOO-HOO!"
    TIGER: ¬_¬

    He just stared at his brother. Memories flashed back fast. Gary Wolf had
almost drowned in a river trying to catch a fish and impress Tiger. Tiger
saved him and they were okay.

    TSUNAMI: "Until Tiger tried to catch a fish himself and realized he
couldn't swim either..."

    How they had both been taken in and thrown back out in a box that carried
them down the river. They both stole and killed for food and both battled
against Moo. Until Gray Wolf was part of him. Tiger stared at Gray Wolf. He
lifted his claw to take the finally blow at Tiger. Suddenly,--

    RYOKO: "....Gray Wolf realized Holly was no longer warring clothes."
    SL: ^^;;; 'This'll never get on CP's site...'
    --"Lightning Attack!!"
    Gray Wolf leaped away as the lightning missed. Big Blue was visible as he
helped fight with the others. Pixie landed next to the wounded and bleeding

    EVERYONE: ¬_¬;;
    PIXIE: ^_^;;

    Genki roller bladed over.
    "Tiger! Are you okay?" Genki asked the wolf monster.

    WASHU (as Genki): "You're not bleeding or anything, are you?"

    "Fine." he snorted stubbornly.
    "Thanks to me! You could have been killed!" Pixie said with her hands on
her hips.
    Tiger got up and began to walk past them.
    "Not this time brother!--

    KIYONE (as Gray Wolf): "..This time, I keep the bunny slippers!"

    Gray Wolf shot his attack. That would have knocked Tiger off the cliff
but Genki jumped in the way. He cried in pain as the lightning threw him off
the cliff. Pixie was going to go after him--

    CP: "...but she was loosing to Hare in the game of strip poker and no
longer had wings..."
    HC & SL: ^^;;;;;

    --but Gray Wolf knocked her out with Lightning that sent her into a rock.
    "GENKI!!" Tiger cried and his voice echoed into the cliff.

    ZIDANE (as Tiger): "You can't die now! You still owe me 20 bucks!"
    NAGI (as Genki): "Screw yyyyoooouuuuuu....."

    Tiger turned to Gray Wolf with the worst snarl and tears in his eyes.
    "You've crossed the line, my brother," he growled and leaped.

    WASHU (as Tiger): "Like last time when you made me explain the birds and
the bees to you...."

    They went into a horrible fight of claws and teeth.
    Genki fell. He fell down and down, barely awake. Suddenly, he fell on
something warm and soft.

    RYOKO: "And we can only hope it was an animal of some sort..."
    Then, he blacked out. When he slowly opened his eyes, he was staring at
blue sky. He jumped up and was surprised to find himself in a huge nest of
golden straw.

    DAGGER: "Upon realizing it was golden straw, he felt pain in his back."

    In the nest was what he gasped at. In the nest were golden cups, plates
and different kinds of jewels.

    KIYONE: (as Genki): "Hey, my necklace! My erring! My bellybutton ring!
That damn Phoenix is a thief!"

    Ruby's and emerald's shined in the bright sun that was slowly
disappearing from dark clouds. Every kind of valuable thing was in that nest.

    SL: "Except, of course, a PS2 and a copy of FFX..."
    HC: (as Genki): "Damn..."

    More golds than he could got and a golden goblet with jewels all around
it. Pearls and more were in that nest.

    FREYA: "More golds than he could got...?"
    SL: 0__<

    He blinked at it all.
    "What happened?" he asked.
    "You fell from a very high cliff. Your very lucky I caught you." came a
pretty, female voice.

    FREYA (as Genki): "Marlin Manroe?!"

    Genki turned and almost fell out of the nest.

    RYOKO: "Unfortunately, he caught himself on the edge."
    ZIDANE: "By his fly zipper...ouchies...."

    Perched on the edge of the golden nest was a fire bird the size of
Falcon. She blinked at him with black eyes.
 "Phoenix, yes.--

    WASHU (as Genki): "Actually, I was going to say 'Demon from Hell', but
that's close enough."
    --I welcome you to my nest." She said for him.
Sailor Luna: Short, yes, but it'll get better. I promise.--

    KIYONE: "It had better..."
    SL: *sulks*

 --I was running out of time on this so that's why it's short. Hope you liked
it and send comments!--

    FREYA: "...Or flames.."
    RYOKO: "...Death threats..."
    WASHU: "....Homemade bombs..."

 --Oh yeah, thanks CP! =^)

    CP: "You're welcoming...I think. Wait, thanks for what?!"
    SL: ^^;;;


    *Screen is black as more cursing, crashing and banging is heard. Return
to bridge scean*
    CP: "Hey...whatever happened to Holly, Genki and Hare?"
    Tiger: *sees a note on the table and reads it*
                We escaped from this hell ship, so BOO-YA!"
    SL: "Damn..." -_-
    Freya: "They were suppose to wait for us!"
    Zidane: "Backstabbers..."
    SL: *evil grin* "Don't worry...Yugi'll get 'em back! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
    Everyone: o_0;;;

    NOTE: Good? Sucked? Stupid? Wrong? Like fried eggs? E-mail with anything
of the like, but if ya wanna flame, you'll just be ignored. Remember, you can
E-mail me your MR stories that you want MSTed to! What
are you waiting for, start sending! I'm bored as hell!

    MSTing of My Fic "The Quest Worth While"
    By: Sailor Lunar
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Still waiting for some fics.....-_-X

    ~~ =means singing
    '' =means thoughts
    "" =speaking
    **Beginning Music from Theme to "Mystery Science Theater 3000"**
    ~In a not to distant future~
    ~Somewhere between time and space~
    ~SL and her anime friends are caught in an endless chase~
    ~They're being chased by a girl named Yugi~
    ~An evil gal who wants to rule the world~
    ~So she threw a few things in her purse~
    ~And in her rocket ship she hunts them all across the universe...~
    Yugi (from Tenchi Muyo): "I'LL GET YOU!!"
    Everyone: "Waahhh.." T_T
    Yugi: ~I send them cheesy fanfics. The worst I can find!~
    Tokimi (Tenchi Muyo), Kuja (FFIX) & Moo (MR) (Yugi's Assistants) :
    Yugi: ~They have to sit and read them all as I monitor their mind!~
    SL: ~LALALA!!!~
    Everyone: X_x;;;
    ~Now keep in mind SL can't control~
    ~When the fic begins or ends~
    ~She'll have to keep her sanity~
    Zidane: "She never had it..." ¬_¬;;
    SL: ^_^;;
    ~With the help of her anime friends~
    Genki: "........"
    Holly: "........."
    Tiger: "Hare, Holly and Genki are still missing....."
    Hare: ".........."
    Pixie: *on the floor sleeping, drooling and snoring* -_-ZZZZ
    Zidane: *attempting to break a window with a chair*
    Dagger: *sweatdrops at Zidane* " do realize that if that window
breaks, we'll all die...?"
    Zidane: "Must....break....window....! Don'!"
    Dagger: 0_0;;
    Freya: *cheering "You can do it, Zidane! Death is better than here!"
    SL: -_-X *takes the chair away from Zidane*
    Zidane & Freya: *sulks*
    Ryoko: "Hey, I'm actually having fun! No Ayeka equals more fun!"
    Washu: "Yeah, but no you equals Ayeka and Tenchi alone together."
    Ryoko: 0_0!!!!!! "OH CRAP!!! I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!"
    Kiyone: ^^;;; "There's a teleportation lock on the ship..."
    Ryoko: "DAMMIT!!"
    Tsunami: ^^;;;;;;;;;;
    Nagi: ".......I'm surrounded by idiots....."
    HC: ^^;;;;;
    CP: "What is up with that!?"
    ~If you're wondering how they eat and breath~
    ~And other science facts~
    ~Just repeat to yourself~
    ~It's just a stupid fanfic~
    ~You really should just relax~
    ~And enjoy 'The MSTing of "The Quest Worth While"!~


    Ryoko: *pounding and trying to ripe out the walls* "DAMN IT ALL!!! WHERE
    SL: ^_^ *hides them behind her back*
    Zidane: *has obtained the chair and is trying to smash the window again*
    Dagger: "Zidane...I think you should stop..."
    Freya: "Why? We might get a chance to escape!"
    SL: *nods at Washu, who flips a switch"
    *Lightning explodes in the room and shocks everyone*
    SL: *brunt* "Washu..." *cough* "It wasn't supposed to shock US! Just..."
*gag* "The ones trying to escape...." *falls to the ground, twitching* X_x;;;
    Washu: *fried* "Hmm...I'll have to fix that...." *Also falls over* X_x
    Ryoko: *cripsing* "No...joke..." XP
    Everyone Else: X______x;;;;
    *A red light blinks. After a moment, a screen pops up*
    Yugi: "HEY!! Why didn't you--" *HUGE sweatdrop at the scene before her* Hey, what the hell happened?!"
    Everyone: *weakly* "Wa...Was....Wash...Wash...u..."
    Yugi: "Ahhh....WELL GET UP!!!"
    *Everyone is magical restored and they salute Yugi*
    Everyone: "SIR, YES SIR!!!"
    Yugi: ¬_¬ "Cut the crap...." *ahem* "It appears we still haven't gotten
any other fanfics, so we'll continue with the MSTing of "The Quest Worth
While" By Sailor Luna."
    SL: T__T
    *Familiar screams of bloody murder are heard in the BG*
    Everyone: o_0;;;;
    Tiger: "Was that...?"
    Tsunami: "Oh, dear...poor things..."
    Yugi: "Yes, seems I caught three people trying to escape MY, the proper punishment is going underway now."
    Holly: "PLEASE!!! DON'T!!!! MERCY!!! UNCLE!!!!"
    Others: 0_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Zidane: "..........If it's who I think it is...... then their gonna
    Kuja: "What, this?"
    Genki, Holly & Hare: "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Tokimi: 0_x;;
    Moo: 0_0; *passes out*
    Everyone: X_<;;;
    Zidane: "Yup...knew it..." -_-;;;
    Yugi: "Yes, well...they obviously won't be joining you, enjoy
the God-awful fanfic! *disapperes*
    SL: ;__;
    HC: "There, there...." *pats SL on the head*
    HC: ^^;;;;;;;; *backs away*
    *Alram blares, ship shakes*
    Ryoko: "FIC TIME!!"
    *Black screen as curses, crashes and bangs are heard*
    SL: "You need to fix this, too, Washu..." *CRASH!!* "YOWCH!!"
    Washu: "Yeah, yeah..." *SHATTER!!* "@!#$^!!!"
    SL: ^^;;;;

Part 2  

    "The Phoenix?" Genki stammered in surprise.

    WASHU (as the Phoenix): "Well, Genki, it's really quite simple. You see,
when a mommy phoenix and a daddy phoenix love each other very much..."
    SL: 0_x;;; "Spare us, Washu!"

    The fire bird let out what Genki thought was a laugh.

    RYOKO: "When it was, in fact, a gag as she began to choke."
    FREYA: "Genki, too stupid to understand, watches her die."
    ZIDANE: "Major bummer..."

    "When that fight was on, everyone, people, monster's and tree's,--

    KIYONE: "Trees can see?"
    NAGI: "I believe this phoenix has finally lost her marbles..."

    --saw my mind get separated from my body. However in reality, I was
flying away. What they saw was a copy of me that I made. I'm more powerful
than anyone knows." Phoenix explained with a flap of her wings.

    TIGER: "Which blew Genki out of the nest."
    PIXIE (as the Phoenix): "Aw, dammit..."

    "So.....why are you here? We need! We've been searching non stop for
you!" Genki yelled, suddenly anger at the giant fire bird.
    Phoenix looked up at the cliff that Genki had fell from. He heard battle

    FREYA: "I thought it was a she...?"
    SL: T_T
    HC: ^^;;;;
    FREYA: "We need...what?"
    SL: T___T;;;;;

    --and horrible howls. The wing blew suddenly strong and Phoenix shifted
her feet to keep from falling.

    RYOKO: "Which didn't work and she fell anyway."
    CP: (as the Phoenix): "CCCHHHHIIIII!!!"
    WASHU (as Genki): "You have wings, idiot!!"

    "Well?" Genki asked in annoyance to the Phoenix's silence.
    "A storm is coming. A bad one." Phoenix answered softly.
    Genki fell with a sweat drop.


    "That's not what I asked!" Genki cried after getting up.
    Phoenix turned to him.
    "You fight against Moo and think I can beat him? You are mistaken! He is
more powerful than me once he finds his body." Phoenix snapped.
    "You have to try! You're powerful too!"--

    KIYONE (as Genki): "Aren'"
    ZIDANE (as Phoenix): "Not at all! I was just lying! HA, gotcha!"
    --Genki shouted over a huge boom of thunder.
    "Get on, quickly!" Phoenix said, ending the conversation.

    RYOKO (as Genki): "I'm a little young for you, don't you think?"
    DAGGER (as Phoenix): "Nah!" ^_^

    Genki didn't argue as rain began to pour heavily. He jumped--

    NAGI: "...And missed."
    SL (as Genki): "CCCCCHHHHIIII!!"

    --onto the fire bird's back and Phoenix took off. She flew high and over
the edge of the cliff where the battle was on. Tiger and Gray Wolf were in a
fight for there life. Both bleeding and cut all over. Golem was doing his
best to protect Holly but the Terror Dog's were all over and one managed to
scratch Holly on the leg.

    CP: "Considering she had lost the game of strip poker, she didn't have
much protection..."
    FREYA (as Holly): "Damn, it's cold!"
    Hare was tiring out and his punching was weak.

    TIGER: "They always are!"

    One of the black wolf monster's rammed there head striate into Hare's
back and he flew forward and landed against a building. Suezo was just
running and hoping he wouldn't get caught.

    RYOKO: "He was the first one to die."

    It failed and many of the Terror Dog's hit him with there Torpedo. Mocchi
was already on the ground and breathing fast as he was surrounded by Terror
Dog's. They closed in and one leaped. No one noticed Genki until he cried

    WASHU (as Genki): "I'm hungry! You'll make an excellent snack!"
    TIGER (as Mocchi): "Damn you, chi!"

    Phoenix flew past everyone fast and the whole battle seance froze at the
sight of Phoenix. She aimed a powerful blast of flames and hit her target.
The Terror Dog that had jumped at the weak Mocchi now fell to the ground,
burnt and crisp.

    HC: "Though it was hard to tell, since he had black fur..."

    As if a bomb had gone off, all the Terror Dog's ran and scattered.

    SL: "And then realize that a bomb was going to go off....right were they
had retreated too!"
    KIYONE (as one of the Terror Dogs): "AAHH! FRED, YOU IDIOT! Look where
you led us!"

    They whimpered as they disappeared. Rain was coming down ever so hard now
and the fire in the village was gone.

    NAGI: "Unfortunately for the Phoenix, her fire was dying too."
    RYOKO (as Phoenix): "I KNEW I should've been an ice bird!"

    Phoenix landed with a thump in the mud and Genki jumped off. Tiger
knocked Gray Wolf hard and he landed in the mud. Tiger walked past as Gray
Wolf slowly got up. He didn't attack, he just stared at Phoenix. Everyone
soon was crowded around the fire bird as she glowed in the rain.

    WASHU (as Phoenix): "HEY! No touchie!"
    CP (as Suezo): *sulks*

    "The.....the.....Phoenix?" Holly asked, unsure of the truth.

    RYOKO (as Phoenix): "Nope, it's your mother, Holly!"
    FREYA (as Holly): " father's a giant dragon of evil and
my mother is a giant bird of goodness. What dose that make me?"
    WASHU (as Genki): "An extra large?"
    TSUNAMI: ^^;;;;;;; "You're lucky Holly isn't here, Washu...."

    Phoenix nodded her small, bird head and opened her fire wings. She flew
over Gray Wolf, low as possible without hurting him. She then flapped her
wings and gold dust from her wings spread over Gray Wolf and went over the

    ZIDANE: "...With Gray Wolf."

    A lake was hit and Undine suddenly burst from the lake, her badge gone.

    KIYONE (as Undine): "I'm queen of the world!!"

    Some of the Terror Dog's in there area were turned from Lost Disk to
there normal self. They ran off, there Moo badge gone. Many other's were hit
that had been turned into Lost Disk. Gali was up and looked confused as he
floated in the desert.

    RYOKO (as Gali): "What the hell am I doing in the--Hey, a tumble weed!"

    Pixie and Big Blue suddenly felt like they had to fight Moo as their
badges disappeared in black light. Tiger's pack was turned back into there
living selves. They looked around for there leader and then ran off.

    NAGI (as a pack member): "Awww, screw Tiger! We're free! FREE!!!"
    WASHU: "Sadly, they never saw the cliff..."
    RYOKO: "Ouch..."

    Gray Wolf tried to get away from the gold dust but it was everywhere. His
badge disappeared as his heart and mind were turned back into his good self.
He stood up and all his wounds were healed as well as Tiger's and the others.
    "Brother?" asked Tiger.

    FREYA (as Tiger): "Where are my bunny slippers!?"
    TIGER: #.___.___.#
    TIGER: -_-X "TORPEDO!!"
    RYOKO: "Owies..." *twitches and falls over* XD;;;

    "What?" he asked back with a smile.

    WASHU (as Gray Wolf): "What bunny slippers? Oh, those! I gave them to
    FREYA (as Tiger): T__T

    Tiger gave a very big and happily smile and they hugged. Or sort of a
    "Glad your back little bro." Tiger told him.
    "Glad to be back." Gray Wolf answered with a nod.
    "The legend was true! She did turn all the baddies into good monster's!"
Suezo cheered.

    TSUNAMI (as Holly): "Then why are you the same?"

    They all laughed and cheered as Phoenix landed. She turned to the cliff.
    "Good luck to you." she said.
    "What? Where are you going?" Hare asked in surprise at her words.

    NAGI (as Hare): "You promised to make cookies with me!"
    "I must go. Good luck to you all." she said calmly.
    "You're leaving!?--

    SL (as Holly): "Without giving us cookies?!"
    RYOKO (as Phoenix): "HELL YEAH!! There MY cookies! Besides...I hear that
you go insane with sugar..."
    SL (as Holly): *sulks* "'d she know!?"

    --You have to help us fight Moo!" Holly cried.
    Her Magic Stone glowed a bright red which caught Phoenix's eye. She
turned to them.
    "I can't fight Moo when he is in his powerful ancient body. You must
fight with the monster's that have been turned good and have been turned back
from Lost Disk." Phoenix told them.

    WASHU (as Genki): "Uhhhh...see, the problem with that is...all those
monsters were Lost Disks because of Moon in the first place..."

    She kept her eye on the Magic Stone as it glowed.

    TIGER (as Holly): *covers herself* "EEEKK!! ECCHI!!"
    Holly took it off and threw it at her. It landed at Phoenix's gold
talon's with a thump.

    FREYA: "How the heck did they mange to hear it?!" 0_0?
    SL: "Humor me, all right?!"

    "Then I won't need this! Take it!" Holly cried, tears in her eyes.
    "Holly....." Genki said softly.

    RYOKO (as Genki): "You're not warring any clothes..."

    Phoenix stared at the stone and then at the group.
    "Phoenix make Holly cry. Bad Phoenix." Golem told the bird.

    NAGI (as Phoenix): "Don't make me take you to Speech Therapy, rock
boy..." ¬_¬XX

    "Why won't you help, chi?"
    "Better yet, didn't your mind get separated from your body?" Tiger asked.
    Phoenix explained to the group why. She said the same thing she had told
Genki.  Rain was still pouring but no one seemed to care at the moment.

    SL: "Except for the Phoenix..."

    "So, will you help us or not?" Gray Wolf growled.
    He was angry at the bird for her selfishness.
    "Sorry, my friends." she said and turned to the cliff.

    TSUNAMI: "With friends like that, who needs enemies..."

    She open her fiery wings and took off. Genki ran to the edge of the
    RYOKO "And fell. The end, story over! Can we go now?"
    SL: "Sit down, Ryoko!" -_-+
    RYOKO: "Dammit..." -_-;;

    "NO! Come back here you coward!" Genki yelled.
    An evil laugh broke Genki's yells. They turned and saw a strange
monsters. He was part dragon with pink and white fur. He had huge wings and a
mean snarl.

    ZIDANE: "The mighty and all powerful monster that's trying to destroy the
world has pink fur...?"
    TIGER: "Well, the mighty and all powerful person who tried to destroy
your world was a cross dresser..."
    KIYONE: "Not mention gay..."
    WASHU: "Say, isn't he your brother?"
    ZIDANE: "Don't remind me about that, okay!?" =_=;;
    DAGGER: "Poor Zidane!" ^^;;;

    "The mighty Phoenix fails you. What are you going to do now?" he sneered
in a deep voice.
"Moo!" everyone cried.

    SL (as Moo): "MMMOOOOO!!"
    OTHERS: o_0;;
    SL (as Moo): "Whaaa~t? You said 'Moo'!" :-D

    "I'm ready for the last battle. Are you?" he growled.

    OTHERS: "NO!!"
    To be continued.......

    OTHERS: "Baka...." ¬_¬;;
    *Crashes and curses are heard as screen gose black. Return to bridge.*
    Everyone: *with bandages and casts* -_-;;;
    Washu: "Yeah, yeah...I'm workin' on it..." -_- *gose off to fix it,
    Holly, Genki & Hare: *appere from no where* 0_0
    Everyone: o_0??
    Holly, Genki & Hare: 0_0
    Zidane: "....They've been scarred for life..."
    Everyone: o_0 "PICK US!! PICK US!!"
    SL: "Meanies..." T_T;; *snaps fingers and FFIX cast disappears, expect
for Kuja along with Holly, Genki, Hare and Nagi*
    FFIX Crew: *apperes in there own world* "WHOO-HO!!!!" v:-Dv
    Nagi: *apperes on Ken-Ohki* "Thank God...err..Ken-Ohki?" o_0
    Ken-Ohki: XP
    Holly, Genki & Hare: *appere in the desert near Gail's place* 0_0
    Gail: "YAY! FRIENDS!" ^_^
    Holly, Genki & Hare: 0_0;;;
    Others: " wasn't us..." T_T
    SL: "SILENCE!" *snaps fingers and Inu-Yasha crew apperes*
    IY Crew: *blinks* o_0???
    Ryoko: "Welcome to hell..." -_-;;
    SL: "Welp, that's all folks! Adios!" ^_^ *waves*
    Inu-Yasha: "Where the hell are we!?"