Prologue-Chapter 2

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The air smelled of roses blooming and the sky seemed to stretch on forever with stars. Though the evening was beautiful, the night in the moon kingdom promised not to be a joyous one. A figure clad in white walked toward the palace. Queen Serenity awaited her in the door frame along with the princess and Prince Darien. As she neared, the queen spoke.

"Any news?" she asked.

"No." said the girl. "The negaverse has not been spotted, yet."

"It might be a good idea to accompany the princess through the garden, Messenger." Indicated Queen Serenity. "She is not herself. You are one of her favorite people, I suspect you can make her happy."

"Yes my queen." Said the girl bowing before she and the princess and her prince walked toward the garden. In the garden, the princess led them to her favorite spot, a small clearing surrounded by peach, apple, and pear trees.

She sat down under a medium size apple tree. Her prince followed.

"What is wrong my princess?" asked the girl.

"I am sad that you must leave me to go to earth for awhile. I hate it when you leave me for so long." Cried the princess.

"There, there." Tried to sooth the girl. "Every thing will be alright."

"Can you play my favorite song, one. last. time?" asked Princess Serenity.

"Of course my friend." Smiled the girl, though a tear ran down her cheek. She started to play a relaxing tune called Serenity's Song on a shining silver flute. A song the girl had up just for the princess. It seemed that each note was a clear and sparkled like a diamond. The princess soon fell asleep. The prince moved away and went to talk to the girl in white.

"She will miss you when your gone." He said.

"I know. I shall miss her to Prince." She replied. She turned to face him.

"I have a favor to ask of you." She said silent tears running down her cheeks.

"Ask me anything." Prince Darien said.

"Give her this. When I'm away." she stammered as more tears fell. She pulled out a beautiful locket with an earth symbol on it. It was white, blue, green and pink. She opened it to reveal a picture of Princess Serenity and her on both sides, each together. The locket played Serenity's Song. The prince smiled at it.

"Of course." He said. Queen Serenity walked up behind them with a orange cat over her shoulder.

"It is time." Was all she said. The girl kissed the queen and the prince on the cheek.

"One kiss on the cheek means friends." She said. The queen and the prince returned the favor. The girl in white walked over to the princess and knelt down.

"Good bye Serena." She whispered in her ear as she kissed her on the cheek. "I will always love you as a friend and be with you." More tears ran down her cheeks.

A blue portal opened and the orange cat called out, "It is time to go Messenger." It said.

"I'm coming Mond." The Messenger said as she took a last look at Princess Serenity.

She then stepped in the portal with the cat on her shoulder.

"Before you go," said Queen Serenity, "You might need this." She finished handing the Messenger a crystal. "I'll put it in your flute."

The Queen inserted the crystal into the flute.

"Thank you for the power crystal." The Messenger said.

"I fear the Negaverse is also after that crystal, but they won't get it if it is on Earth." Sighed Queen Serenity.

"I will guard it with my life." Bowed the Messenger.

"We REALLY must go!" scolded the orange guardian cat Mond.

"You should go." Said Queen Serenity as The Messenger stepped through the blue portal.

They heard goodbye from down the tunnel.

"I won't forget my promise Messenger!" called back Prince Darien. That was the last time Prince Darien and Princess Serena saw of her.

Chapter 1

For no reason at all, Darien woke up in the middle of the night because of the same dream. There was Princess plus Queen Serenity, a white girl, an orange cat and him. She held out something to him, but the picture wasn't clear He also heard a melody. He saw little white flashes on her cheeks which were obviously tears. He heard him say "I promise." and take the thing. She then, went through a blue portal. Darien looked at the clock. It showed in red numbers that it was precisely 3:46. Deciding that he need some fresh air, he walked out onto his balcony.

I've had the dream 5 times in a row! Today was number six. Is it trying to tell me something? I wonder.

Feeling sleepy again, Darien went back inside and went sleep. "I'm late for study buddies again!" yelled out Serena as she grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs two at the time.

"Not again." Muttered a sleepy Luna who ran after her.

"Where IS Serena?!" sighed Raye for what must have been the millionth time.

"Probably didn't get up in time." Calmly stated Mina.

"That's just like her." Agreed Lita.

"Where ever she is, we must continue." Said Amy sternly. Five minutes later, Serena barged in.

"Hi guys! I'm here." started Serena but stopped as Raye looked up at her.

"Why are you late!!!" exploded Raye.

"Well, you're the one that said study buddy meeting at 8:00! You know I can't get up that early." Yelled Serena.

A rhasberry fight broke out between Serena and Raye.

"Not AGAIN!" sighed the others.

Two minutes later, the fight had ceased.

"Can we PLEASE go to the park to study? Its such a nice day out." Begged Serena.

Everyone turned to Amy.

"Well, alright." Said Amy smiling.

"Yeah!" screamed Serena.

Ten minutes later, they were at the park.

"Look!" yelled Serena. "There's Darien!"

Before anyone could stop her, she ran to him.

"Hi Darien!' squealed Serena with delight.

"Oh. Hi there." Replied Darien looking up from his book. The two started talking. Serena's other friends joined her.

In the bushes, a purple eye stared at them.

Energy is strong here. I will drain them of it.

Out of the bushes the monster jumped with a roar.

"I claim all your energy!" it cried and started to drain all the energy from the people nearby.

"We'll need scout power!" cried Luna and Artemis who had finally caught up.

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Moon Cosmic Power!"

After everyone had transformed, they attacked.

"Hold it right there! Don't you ever interrupt people having a good time at the park! In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" "Yeah right!" laughed the monster.

"Venus Crescent Beam Smash!"

The monster dodged just in time.

"Paralizam Beam!" yelled the monster as a purple beam caught Jupiter and Venus right in the stomachs.

"We.can't.move..!" they cried.

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

The fire hit the monster pushing it back.

"Tight Grip!" it yelled. A purple hand reached out and pushed Mars and Mercury to a tree.

"It's up to you Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!' cried Sailor Mercury.

"Right." Agreed Sailor Moon. "Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

"Energy Taker!" the monster cried.

The purple beam and pink heart pushed together, but the pink heart was sucked up.

"We're in trouble!" frowned Tuxedo Mask.

Out of no where, a white globe hit the monster.

"Noooo!" it cried as it reeled back.

"Moon Crisis Power!" yelled Sailor Moon turning into Super Sailor Moon.

"Rainbow Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

"Ahhhh!" yelled the monster as it turned to ash.

All the energy went back to there people and the binds and pralizam disappeared.

"Ohhh." Moaned Sailor Moon.

Everyone de-transformed and Darien carried sailor Moon to his car and put her in the backseat. The others followed.

"Lets take her back to my place so she can rest." Suggested Darien.

"Okay, but hurray!" pleaded Lita.

As he was driving, an image came in his head. A girl in white.

Chapter 2

The scouts were looking around the area they fought.

"Anything in your computer Mercury?" asked Lita.

"Actually, yes. There was a big amount of energy flow right here." Pointed out Mercury to a dark, shadowy are.

"I have to go." Said Lita. "I need to go practice my martial arts." She de-transformed. "Bye!"

Lita ran off.

"I need to go too." Said Raye as she de-transformed. "I need to do chores at the temple."

Mina and Amy went to for they had to do something.

"Hi mom, I 'm home!" said Serena regretting that she had said that as her mom, red faced and steaming mad came around the corner.

"Where have you been!!! I was worried SICK about you!!!" Serena's mom screamed on.

"I was studying at Raye's!" Serena yelled back as she ran up the stairs.

"Really?!" though her mom out loud.

"Hi Luna." Said Serena out of breath.

"Where have you been?" Luna asked.

Serena explained the battle.

"A white globe?!" asked Luna.

"Yeah why?" said Serena as she brushed her hair.

"Nothing. It just rings a bell." Muttered Luna mostly to herself.

That night, Luna snuck out of the house and met Artemis.

"Did Mina tell you what happened today?' asked Luna.

"Yes." Said Artemis. "It rings a bell, but I don't remember anything."

"Look what we have here boys." Said a gruff voice. A huge gray cat jumped out of the shadows, followed by nine other cats.

"Your on OUR territory." The cat said. "Get them boys!"

"Duck Luna!" said Artemis. "I'll protect you!"

Both of them got knocked against the wall.

"We won't come on your territory again!" pleaded Artemis.

"To late for that pretty boy!" said the cat sticking out his claws which shone in the light of the full moon.

"Prepare to die!" he said grinning evilly.

He was just about to stike when an orange body leapt in the way.

"Don't you hurt them!' the orange cat said.

"Oh yeah?" asked the leader with a grin. "Make me!"

The orange cat scratched and bit the leader till he retreated. "Whoa! Your strong!" he said. Get him boys!"

The orange cat fought till all the cats had run off with their tails in between their legs.

"I'm getting out of here!" cried the leader scampering out into the darkness.

For the first time, the orange cat turned around to face Luna and Artemis.

"Are you alright?" it asked even though it was covered in deep scratches.

"Yes! Thanks to you." Said Artemis thankfully.

"So. tired." The orange cat trailed off as it went unconscious from its wounds.

"Quick! Go get Serena!' yelled Luna to Artemis. Artemis ran off as fast as he could.

We do owe him big time. Thought Luna. The least we could do is save his life.

Five minutes later.

"Over here!' cried Artemis running over to Luna with a sleepy eyed Serena.

"The poor cat!" whispered Serena as she bent over the cat and picked it up.

"Lets get it over to Darien's. He might know how to treat it." They ran the five minutes to Darien's place and knocked on the door. Darien walked over to open it. He had woken up from the same dream for the seventh time.

"Hi, Serena?" he asked puzzled.

"Please help me save this cat!' she pleaded.

Luna explained the story as he washed and bandaged the cat.

"What a brave cat." Darien said out loud as he set the cat on a fluffy clean pillow.

"I better get home." Said Serena as she left. "can you .."

"Sure I'll keep the cat here. Bye Serena!" waved Darien as she ran for home.

Darien looked at the cat. It had a look of pain on its face.

"Poor thing." He said to himself.

Chapters 3-6

Chapter 3

It was early morning. As the sun rose over the buildings, the orange cat stirred. Then it sat up.

Were am I? Oh yeah, last night. I've got to get home. The cat thought to itself. He turned to look at a man sleeping in a chair next to him.

I sense a certain power around him. I'll act dumb and. No I can't. I MUST get home at all cost! Man I hurt! The cat got up, though it hurt all over. Darien woke up as it jumped to the floor.

"Why, hello little kitty!' said Darien sounding please.


"Are you alright?"


After having breakfast, Darien decide to take the cat over to Serena, so she can see he was alright. Two minutes later, Darien was at Serena's house.

"No, she's not here right now. She went over to Raye's." informed her mom. At Raye's.

"Ohhh! I hate studying!' wailed Serena.

"That is pretty obvious." Muttered Amy as she studied a math book.

"I wish Darien were here." Sighed Serena.

"There's some one at the door, I need to go get it." Announced Raye as she went off.

She came back in foll owed by.

"Darien!!!" squealed Serena as loud as possible.

"What brings you her Darien?" asked Lita.

"Just dropping off something."

He awnsered. "Here Serena." He said as he put the orange cat into her hands. "Got to go." Said Darien walking out the door. His car sped past the window.

"Where did you get him?" asked Lita as she leaned over to rub the cat. Serena explained last night.

"What a brave little kitty!" said Mina.

Little KITTY! If I could only. Thought the cat to itself.

The cat jumped out of Serena's arms and walked over to a corner. "We really need to get back to studying." Announced Amy.

"Oh , alright." Sighed everyone.

There is also lots of power around them to. Just like.Darien.I think it was. I wonder if there is a connec. His thoughts were interrupted my the two younger cats that he saved last night.

"Hello. My names Luna."

"And my names Artemis." Introduced the cats.

"Hi." Said the orange cat. "I'm Mond."

"Mond?! What kind of name.." started Artemis.

"Be quiet Artemis! Thanks for last night." Thanked Luna.

"No problemo. Fought plenty of times against other cats." Said Mond sounding a little bit bored.

Luna and Artemis, those seem to ring a certain bell.

"So. Were do you come from?" asked Artemis.

"Oh just here and there." Replied Mond coolly. "All I really want though is to go back to my owner."

"We can help." started Luna.

"No!" cut off Mond. "My owner doesn't really like other cats."

"Oh. I see." Said Artemis suspiciously.

The two cats left him alone and walked over to a girl who looked like she had meatballs in her hair. They're finally gone. I so need to get out! Mond started to explore the room.

"What's your cat doing?" asked Raye as Mond found a crack and started to push at it.

"I think he wants to go out." Informed Mina as the cat put all its energy into pushing the door open. It moved an inch.

"His name is Mond." Said Luna. "He is probably trying to get home."

"I'll let him out then." Said Serena as she walked over and opened the door.

I'm finally out! Thought Mond as he ran out. He turned around and meowed a thanks. What he didn't notice was that Luna and Artemis following him in the bushes.

Now I go right? No left. Now right then up two flights. Mond ran though downtown at top speed. Stopping at an apartment building, he clambered up the fire escape ladder. Then he went into an open window. Luna and Artemis finally got to the top of the ladder and peeked into the window.

"Where have you BEEN?" asked a firm and strong voice. "Don't awnser that. Your just a cat."

The window suddenly got covered by a shade. Nothing else could be heard.

"Oh well." Said Artemis as they headed home. A roar in the distance caught their attention.

"It sounds like." started Luna.

"A monster!" finished Artemis.

When they got there, the scouts were already starting.

"And in name of the moon, I shall punish you!" stated Sailor Moon.

"Words don't impress me Sailor Brat!" smiled the monster. "Only actions!" it yelled as it lashed out a vine. "Vine Energy!"

"Watch out Sailor Moon!" cried out Sailor Venus as she jumped toward her. She managed to push Sailor Moon out of the way, but she didn't move fast enough. The vine overtook her and she plummeted to the ground unable to move.

"Sailor Venus!" cried out Sailor Moon.

"Vine Wrap!" cried the monster pinning Jupiter and Mars to the ground.

"Mercury Bubbles Blast!"

A fog covered the ground.

"Were did those kids go?" screamed the monster. A blue boot hit the monster.

"Gotcha!" yelled the monster in triumph as it grabbed the boot.

"Ahhhh!" yelled the Sailor Mercury as she went unconscious.

The fog lifted just a little.

"Your next Sailor Moon!" sneered the monster. "Vine Energy!"

A red rose pierced the vine.

"Vines are meant for enjoyment, not for murder." Speeched Tuxedo Mask.

"Sailor Moon, finish it off!" yelled Tuxedo Mask.

"I can't!" screamed sailor Moon. It's not weak enough!"

A dark figure jumped down in front of Sailor Moon and fired a white globe. The thing turned around and a pair of glasses shone brightly. It jumped away before anyone could do or say anything.

"Now finish it!" cried Tuxedo Mask as the monster reeled over.

"Moon Spiral Heart Attack!"

The monster's purple eyes flashed once and it turned into a pile of ash. All the energy returned to everyone, Mercury stood up and Venus, Jupiter, and Mars came over to Sailor Moon.

"Did you see that?!" half screamed sailor Mars. "Who was that?!"

"I just heard something!" exclaimed Luna. Everyone turned to see a dark figure dash down a dark alley.

"Follow it!" exclaimed Sailor Jupiter. Everyone ran after the figure.

But when they turned the corner, nothing was in site.

"That's weird." Muttered Sailor Jupiter. "I could have sworn there was something here."

"I definitely heard something." Encouraged Luna.

The scouts walked away. Up on the roof sat a figure.

"That was a close one." Said a dark figure.

Chapter 4

Serena was walking to the Raye's for study buddies. As she walked past a bakery, the smells reached out to her.

"Ohhhh. I wish I could stop for something to eat." Moaned Serena.

"Maybe I'll just grab one thing to eat before study buddies." Serena ran into a girl with medium blond hair while going into the bakery.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" apologized the girl as she helped Serena up.

"No it's o.k. I'm just so clumsy." started Serena.

"No it's my fault. Here, lets sit down." Cutted off the girl as she led Serena over to a bench.

"Here, have a cinnamon roll." She said handing Serena a hot, sticky roll.

"Thanks!" said Serena chomping down.

"What's your name?" asked Serena through a mouthful of bun.

"My name's Rose. What's yours?" asked rose.

"Serena." Said Serena licking her fingers.

"Well, I'm glad to see your better." Said Rose smiling.

"Why don't you come and meet my friends?" asked Serena.

"Oh, I'm not sure.we just met and all." stammered Rose.

"Oh, come on." Pleaded Serena.

"Alright." Laughed Rose.

Where IS Serena?!' shouted Raye another time.

The door opened and Serena came in followed by a girl with shining blonde hair.

"Hi guys!" yelled Serena as she entered. "I want you to meet Rose. Rose, this is Lita, Mina, Amy, and Raye." Said Serena saying Raye's name flatter then the others.

"Hi!' calmly said Amy. "What school do you go to?" asked Amy.

"I'm signing up for a college as soon as I find one." Replied Rose.

"College? Really?" asked Amy.

"Yeah." Said Rose. "I got to go now."

"O.K." said Serena.

"Nice meeting you." Came a chorus of voices.

The next day.

Lita, Amy, Raye, Mina, and Serena were at the mall.

"Ohhh! Look at the cookies and cakes!" squealed Serena. "Can we get something to eat?"

"Well, o.k." sighed Lita as they walked up to the counter.

"How can I help you?" said an purple eyed lady. "can I have your.ENERGY?!" crackled a hideous monster.

"Monster!" screamed everyone in the cookie parlor.

The girls ducked behind a corner.

"Venus Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Moon Cosmic Power!"

All transformed, the scouts attacked.

"Hey you monster!" cried out Sailor Moon. "Interrupting people's snack time is not right at all. I am the champion of justice known as Sailor Moon! And in name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

"No chance at stopping me!" screeched the monster.

"Jupiter Thundercloud Zap!"

The electricity hit the monster. It reeled back, but not really harmed. More shocked.

"You can't get rid of me that easily!" the monster smiled. "Sticky Chocolate!"

The chocolate pinned down all the scouts. Tuxedo Mask came running up.

"It's about time!" yelled sailor Moon.

"Your going down to!" cried the monster pinning down Tuxedo Mask to. "Now to take away your energy!" the monster cackled as it started to get a beam ready.

"Help Us!" cried the scouts.

"Energy Beam!" yelled the monster.

The beam was about to hit Sailor Moon, but a white globe came and pushed it back.

"Taking away energy and lives is wrong." Sounded out a voice. "I am the sailor that stands for love, justice," a shape began to appear. "and friends! I am the forgotten sailor Sailor Earth!" a girl in white with white glasses appeared out of a dark corner.

"Those scouts couldn't defeat me, you won't either!" screamed the monster.

"Sticky Chocolate!"

Sailor Earth dodged.

"Earth Sword!" murmured out Sailor Earth. "Hiya!"

She jumped up and sliced the monster in the eye.

"Nnnooooo!" cried the monster as it turned into ash. The bindings disappeared. Everyone tumbled to the floor. As they looked up, Sailor Earth was looking at them.

"Thank you." started Sailor Moon.

"No need to thank me." She said as the sword disappeared. "I must go. Other places call me."

"Don't leave!" called out Sailor Moon.

"I can't stay.' She said as she seemed to melt into the darkness. "We'll probably meet again."

Chapter 5

"I just don't understand." Sighed Raye at the temple. They were holding a Sailor Scout meeting. "The great fire didn't say anything about the new enemy."

"Go over the details again." Said Amara who was leaning against the wall. "A white globe and white glasses? Right?"

"Correct." Replied Darien.

"I just don't get it." Sighed Mina.

"If we could only get a scrap of cloth, I could annualize it."started to blab Amy.

"Maybe." murmured Darien to himself.

"What?!" asked everyone at the same time.

"Well, no. It's impossible." Muttered Darien.

"Just TELL us already!" screamed Serena.

"Well, I've been having these dreams about the moon kingdom, and." "And, And?!" urged Luna.

"There" Finished Darien.

Darien was suddenly bombarded with questions.


Everyone shut up quickly.

"Thanks." Said Amara sitting back down.

"Well, there is no more." Said Darien..

"We must try to find out who this mysterious stranger is." Shouted Raye in determination.

The next day. Serena was walking to the mall, to meet everyone. She ran into a familiar face.

"Hi Rose!" said Serena in surprise.

"Oh. Hi Serena." She awnsered in surprise.

"What to go to the mall with me?" asked Serena.

"Weelll." started Rose.

"I won't take no for an awnser!" laughed Serena pulling Rose to the mall.

"Hi guys!" shouted Serena as she saw her friends waiting for her.

"Where have you been!" shouted Raye.

"Don't start it!" whispered Lita angrily. "Serena has a guest."

"Hi.Rose was is?" asked Mina.

"Yeah." Said Rose.

"Rose, meet Michelle, Amara, and Darien. Guys, this is Rose." Introduced Serena.

"Hey." Was all Amara said. Something weird about her. Amara thought to herself.

"Nice to meet you." Said Michelle smiling brightly.

"Hi." Said Darien also smiling and shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you all." Smiled Rose.

"Lets GO!" wailed Serena dragging everyone into the mall.

An hour and a half later, they were sitting on a bench right in front of the merry-go-round. Serena was eating a slice of pizza enthusiastically.

"Do you wanna ride?" asked Rose out loud.

"What?" replied Darien.

"Do you want to ride the carousel?" questioned Rose.

"Sure." Agreed Serena with a mouthful of pizza.

"Alright." Agreed everyone else.

"No thanks." Said Amara.

"Ohhh, come on." Urged Michelle.

"O.K." sighed Amara getting in line behind Michelle.

They waited in line until they were up next for the ride. As people boarded, the carousal turned purple and a horse turned into a monster.

"All the fun and games will cost you your energy!" it laughed as it sprayed purple beams every were. The crowd was running every where.

"Get out of here Rose!" shouted Michelle shoving Rose into the moving crowd.

When everyone had cleared out, they transformed.

"Venus Star Power!"

"Mercury Star Power!"

"Mars Star Power!"

"Jupiter Star Power!"

"Moon Cosmic Power!"

"Uranus Planet Power!"

"Neptune Planet Power!"

Everyone had transformed.

"Stop right there evil thing!" shouted Sailor Moon. "Carousels are meant to be fun! Not destructive! In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!"

"Have fun?" asked the monster. "Have fun with this!" It shouted as it shot out a purple see through beam with a horse leading.

"Jupiter Thundercloud Crash!"

The beam was veered off course and hit Sailor Mars.

"Ahhh!" I can't move!" she cried as a huge purple prism materialized around her. "I can't get out!"

"Now I'm going to triple the fun!" smiled the monster. Three beams spread out and hit Sailor Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury.

"Noooo!" cried Sailor Moon.

"Now you only have three people to back you up!" laughed the monster.

"World Shaking!"

"Deep Submerge!"

Both attacks hit the monster and it reeled back.

"I should get you out of the way!" it cried as it started it's attack. A red rose hit its hand.

"Carousals are supposed to be fun and exciting. Not a energy toll." Speeched Tuxedo Mask.

"Have fun masked boy!" the monster sent a beam at Tuxedo Mask. He jumped and it hit Sailor Moon.

"Ohhh no!" cried out everyone.

"The games almost over." Screeched the monster.

"To you the games almost over." Said a voice from the right. A figure appeared. "I stand for love, justice, and friends. I am the forgotten sailor, Sailor Earth!" finished sailor Earth jumping down from the table.

"I'll get rid of you to!' cried the monster aiming a beam at Sailor Earth.

"Earth Continental Collision!" A white globe came out of her hands and hit the monster.

"Oofff! You'll pay!" it cried.

"Space Sword Blaster!' cried Uranus as the beam hit the monster.

"Submarine Reflection!" yelled Neptune as the beam hit the monster.

"Noooo!' it cried as it turned into a pile of ash. Uranus turned around to find all the scouts free and up.

"Don't leave!" pleaded Sailor Moon as Sailor Earth started to walk off.

"Come back here!" cried Uranus as she ran after her. She pulled out her sword and stopped in front of Sailor Earth.

"Awnser our questions or I will get rough." Scowled Uranus.

"You wouldn't understand!' shouted Sailor Earth.

"I don't care awnser them!' shouted Uranus.

"Earth Sword!" cried Sailor Earth as her sword appeared. "I don't have TIME to explain!"

Chapter 6

"You will make time!" yelled Uranus as her sword clashed with Sailor Earth's.

"I DON'T have TIME for this!" shouted Sailor Earth as she dodged a blow form Uranus.

Uranus landed a good blow on her arm, pinning her to the ground.

"Now talk!' shouted Uranus.

Sailor Earth grabbed her foot pulling her off balance.

"Foolish sailor." Said Sailor Earth as she toppled over.

"I'll explain when the time comes." She finished running into the shadows of the emergency exit door.

"Why does she run away?" sighed Tuxedo Mask. "Why don't we ever work as a team?"

It was the next day, dusk was falling and the sun was half into the sea.

"You play so beautiful Michelle." Complimented Amara as Michelle played her violin.

"Thank you." replied Michelle packing up her violin.

In the distance, a clear high pitched note was heard. Amara and Michelle looked toward the docks and saw a glitter of silver. They walked over to the glitter to find Rose playing a flute. "Hey." Called out Amara.

"Ohhh. Hi!" said Rose surprised to see them.

"You play good." Smiled Michelle.

"Thanks." Said Rose blushing. "Do you play the violin?"

"Yeah." Awnsered Michelle.

"It's such a beautiful night." Sighed Rose. "The sea sparkles, the wind blows. Everything is perfect. Being outside calms me down after a rough day."

"The sea calms me." Said Michelle leaning against the rail Amara turned to look at Rose and saw her arm was bandaged up.

"What's happened?" asked Amara suspiciously.

"Just fell down. Nothing to worry about." Replied Rose. "I got to go."

Rose walked away.

"Something is weird about her." Muttered Amara.

"There was something weird about her. The sea roared, but not angrily. Pleasantly, like it was trying to tell me something." Said Michelle.

"We must keep an eye on her." Said Amara.

Later at Raye's house, the group was waiting to go to the mall with Rose.

"When will Rose get here?" wondered Mina out loud.

"Hi Rose!" half screamed Serena as she walked through the door at Raye's shrine.

"Hi. I want you to meet.." introduced Rose. "This is Dameon." She said as she pulled a shy looking boy through the door. "He traveled all the way from my home country, America, just to be with me."

"Hi!" smiled Dameon.

A distant roar sounded from a way off.

"We got to go." Said Rose. "I came to tell you that we couldn't stay."

"Alright see ya!" Yelled Lita.

At the scene of the crime.

"World Shaking!" Shouted Uranus.

"You won't defeat me that easily!" Screeched the monster.

"Neptune and Pluto were trapped by thick purple vines. 2 seconds later, Uranus was trapped to.

"You shall be defeated!" Shouted Sailor Moon with dismay.

"Fat chance!" Shouted the monster trapping them all.

As the vine descended toward Sailor Moon, a red rose blocked the way. Tuxedo Mask jumped beside Sailor Moon. They were pinned in a corner.

"Your mine!" laughed the monster spreading vines around them.

"Though the occasion may look dim." said a female voice. "There is usually a way out."

"Is it?" yelled Serena.

"I am the forgotten sailor, Sailor Earth! In name of the earth! I shall destroy you!"

"Sailor Earth!" cried everyone.

"Take this!" shouted the monster .

A purple beam almost hit Sailor Earth. She dodged the attack.

"Earth Continental Collision!"

The white globe hit the monster.

"Purple Beam!"

The beam hit Sailor Earth.

"Ahhhhhh!" she cried as the beam's energy threw her roughly into a wall.

"Noooo!" cried Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

"I'll finish you off once and for all!" cackled the monster preparing another beam.

Sailor Earth looked up her glasses crooked.

"Purple Bea."

The monster never finished firing the beam because a brilliant silver flash hit it's arms.

"What the?!" screamed the monster in pain.

"I am protector of Sailor Earth!' cried a voice from above Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. "Your evil ways won't defeat me, for I won't let you kill Sailor Earth! I am, Twilight Knight!" shouted a man in a peach-orangish cape and tuxedo.

He cut the vines off Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask with one swipe of his silver sword.

"Sailor Moon! Go!" he cried as he ran over to Sailor Earth.

"Moon Spiral Heart, Attack!"

The monster instantly turned to ashes and the vines disappeared. The scouts ran over to Twilight Knight's side.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Pleaded Twilight Knight shaking Sailor Earth gently.

"Hmmm? What?" muttered Sailor Earth.

"Don't talk. Just breath." Shushed Twilight Knight picking her up.

"Is she going to be alright?" asked Sailor Moon.

"Yes. Unless I don't take her to shelter." He said gravely.

"Let me help.." Started Sailor Moon.

"No." said Twilight Mask firmly. 'This war is not for you."

"War?" asked Tuxedo Mask confused.

"Meet on the docks at mid-night. But only Tuxedo Mask. If you must know, most will be explained." Sighed Twilight Knight impatiently. "I must go." He said as he walked off.