"Secrets and Tears" By:CP

**Holly/Genki Scene!!**

CP Here. This is a real sad fic.. sorry...

Holly walked away from the group which were eating like pigs over her stew. She decided to stay away, even though she was starving because if she tried to even taste the soup, it would probably cause more chaos amongst them. Holly clutched her father's dagger to her heart, closing her eyes gently as a gentle breeze swept over her face.

"HARE!!! STOP EATING THE MEAT!!" Tiger exclaimed behind her.


Before Holly knew it, there were fighting noises over her stew. She sighed, not wanting to look back as she layed down on the grassy hill. Holly closed her eyes as she remembered what her fath---Moo had said.

"I feed on your hate. The more you hate me..the more powerful I will grow!"

Holly refused to let herself cry...she swore...she... She sobbed in spite of herself, but kept back the tears she feared so much much.

"Holly?" Genki's voice asked.

Holly bent her neck back, looking up at Genki who stood over her.

"What's the matter?" he asked, obviously concerned.

"N_nothing..," Holly lied.

They were silent as Genki layed down behind her, looking into the sky.

"I know you're lying about something," Genki said, surprising Holly. "What is it?"

Holly heaved a sigh, trying to get up, but Genki grabbed her leg, sending her crashing to the floor with a sharp cry of pain. Genki gasped and got up, helping her sit up.

"Gosh Holly! I'm sorry..," Genki gasped.

Holly refused to get up, she didn't even look up at him, only looking straight ahead.

"I..I give up," Holly said suddenly.

Genki looked down at her, "Huh?"

Holly pounded her fists into the ground, "Damn it Genki!" Genki flinched in surprise at her sudden outburst. "Moo is my father!! He destroyed my village! My father! My..." She sobbed and started to cry hard.

Genki patted her back dumbfounded. "Moo..is your..father?"

Before Genki knew it, everyone rushed over as Holly cried on. Suezo nuzzeled her side, trying to comfort her.. Seeing Holly cry was scaring him.

"Everyone--!" Genki started.

"We heard, Genki," Hare said softly. "We heard."

"Holly...," Golem sighed, patting her back very gently so he wouldn't break it.

Suezo was on he erge of tears too, "Holly, please. We're right here for ya.." He turned to the others. "I guess..since she's been holding it back for so long..she's going to cry for awhile.."

Genki layed next to her and layed his head on her side. Mocchi layed on her back as Tiger nuzzled Holly's other side with Suezo. Hare sat by her and tried to talk real quietly to her. Holly started to breath hard, her tears slowly disappearing. Soon, Genki listened quietly as she sniffed and cried herself to sleep.


Later that night, Genki sat by Holly who was in a deep sleep on the ground. Tiger layed next to him, thinking.

"My brother..," Tiger finally said. "Is a badie.. Moo is Holly's dad.." He looked at Holly, her face stained with tears, filled with exhaustion and deep grief. "Genki. Please understand how we both feel.. I've cried before..but..seeing our strong and cheerful Holly scares me.." He shivered.

Genki nodded and stroked her face as she released a breath. "Yeah.. I know." He paused. "That dagger.." He picked up the dagger she held so dear. "Moo must've given it to her."

Tiger nodded, "Yeah. Let's go to sleep and talk to Holly tomorrow."

Tiger fell asleep as Genki layed back next to Holly. He looked over at her and touched her hand before going to sleep.


Genki woke early. The sun was just rising and the sky was bright pink. He looked at Holly who had rolled away from him. Genki walked up to her and put his blanket on her too so she wouldn't be cold. As he walked away, he heard something, barely because it was so soft.


It was Holly. Her voice was raspy with sleep and thick because of her hard crying.

Genki leaned over to the very tired looking Holly. Suezo, as they were putting her by their campfire yesterday, had taken off her brown vest, bow and shoes to make her more comfortable. Her hair was a little messy, but Genki had noticed how long her hair had gotten over the months.

"Sssh, Holly. Go back to sleep, it's still early," Genki shushed her.

Her brown eyes were dark with exhaustion from crying after so many years. She obviously was still sad.

"I'm..sorry that I scared..everyone..," she breathed.

Genki blinked, "You heard us?"

Holly nodded, "I could only make out bits and pieces.." Her eyes planted in that same, distant, thinking look she always had on. "I..cursed..didn't I?"

Genki shrugged, "It's okay, you were sad."

Holly smiled weakly, "I'm..glad I finally got that out.." Her eyes closed. "Ill..just rest for..."

She fell asleep before she could finish her sentence. Genki smiled and stroked her soft cheek and got up again. Unknown to him, Tiger opened one eye and smiled to himself.

"Good boy Genki...," he said, then drifted back to sleep.

The End