"The God of Death Just Rose from HELL!!"

16 years after Monster Rancher 200X, the monsters have passed away from old age (for monsters at least) but Holly and Genki still remain together with there 15 year old son Tasuki. Soon, he learns of a Phoenix Pendant with the some of the energy from all 3 Phoenixes released from his father's journey a long time ago. So off Tasuki goes, as a master swordsman and the inherited power of the Phoenix against Zanifur, the new badie in town..but not a monster..a sorcerer! On his journey with his faithful monster Kokushi Muso [Durahan/???] (Tasuki calls it Kokushi. Meeting with new faces and new challenges!

What awaits for him?

Find out, in the sequel to MR 200X!

(Rated PG for language and violence)