"Sibling Rivalry" By: Crabbymatt

The seven are walking along [as usual]. Genki is in the lead, Mocchi riding on his head. They are followed closely by Golem, Holly, Suezo, and Hare. Tiger is lagging behind slightly, thinking to himself.

"According to Pixie's report, we're nearing Greywolf's stronghold. That means that it is almost time. I must destroy my brother!"

Genki pops up. "Tiger, what's the matter with you?"

"Nothing, Genki, nothing. Just thinking about old times."

"Look, Tiger, I know that you feel bad about your brother, but I'm sure that we'll find some way to free him."

"It's not that I'm worried about. It is what I must do to him." "Huh? What do you mean, Tiger?"

Mocchi repeats, "What you mean, 'Chi?"

Tiger sighs, "I guess I must tell you. I am bound by Tiger law, that if my, brother becomes my enemy, it is my duty to destroy him."

"WHAT?!?!" Everyone cries.

Golem steps up and says, "Fighting is wrong, Tiger, you must not do this!"

"I have no choice, Golem, I must, or I am not a true monster." replied Tiger.

At this point, a group of Hoppers appears out of the forest. They are each wearing a necklace with a symbol of Moo on them. Everyone cries, "BADDIES!!"

One Hopper, who is obviously the captain, steps forward and says, "Master Greywolf has ordered that we destroy the rebels who oppose Master Moo! ATTACK!!"

With that, the Hopper troops begin to attack with their teeth and claws, but they are quickly overpowered by the Seven.

Soon, all that remains of the Hopper army is a group of lost disks. The captain of the Hoppers says with his last breath, "You will never defeat Master Moo, NEVER!"

Suddenly, Tiger begins to run off. Holly yells, "Tiger, where are you going?"

"The Hoppers came from this way, that must be where my brother's stronghold is!"

Sure enough, in no time, Tiger and the rest are standing in front of a large, ruined castle. Tiger steps forward and immediately takes command. "The rest of you search for prisoners and free them." And he growled, "I will deal with Greywolf."

"Tiger, how will you know where he is?" Hare called.

"The same way I can tell where you are, Hare, I can SMELL him."

With that, Tiger begins charging down a long corridor. He sees a door at the other end, he knows his brother must be there. Suddenly, in front of the door stands his brother, a large gray tiger with deep blue eyes and a voice to match.

"So, Tiger, it's been a long time." Greywolf says with a smirk in his voice.

"Not long enough for me, brother. I have dreaded this day for years. Save yourself now and help us stop Moo's crazy plans!"

"They wouldn't seem so crazy, Tiger, if you would join us, as I am asking you to do now."

"Join you? Betray my friends? NEVER, Greywolf, T-O-R-P-E-D-O!!" With that two blue lightning bolts shoot out of Tiger's horns headed straight for Greywolf's face.

"Not so fast, Tiger, " Greywolf says. And immediately counters the move with his own torpedo attack. Tiger doesn't give up that easily, though, and shoots out a fully charged torpedo. Greywolf does the exact same and as the two attacks hit,there is a huge explosion! Tiger is able to leap away, but Greywolf isn't so lucky! When the smoke clears, Tiger sees his brother's form lying on the ground. His family instincts quickly kick in and he rushes to his brother's side. "Greywolf, are you all right?!"

Greywolf's two blue eyes slowly open, the symbol of MOO is gone from his neck. "No, brother, I am done. Brother, do this one last favor for me." he choked.

"Anything, Greywolf, anything!"

"Help me to the window. I wish to see the sun rise one last time."

Slowly, with Tiger supporting Greywolf, the two brothers head toward a window which faces the east and as the sun rises, the two tigers throw back their heads and howl a deep melancholy song. As the sun grows stronger, Greywolf's howl grows weaker, until finally his body collapses and shrivels into a lost disk.

Tiger looks at the disk and tears begin to flow from his eyes. He remembers all the good times he had with his brother, the way the used to play when they were pups, the time Greywolf fell in the river and almost drowned, the time Tiger fell head-over-heels down a hill and Greywolf stood at the top laughing because he had pushed him.

Genki and the others joined Tiger. Suezo hops forward and said, "Tiger,why are you crying at the death of an enemy?"

Tiger looks at Suezo with red swollen eyes and said, "He was no enemy, he was FAMILY. Let's go."

Meanwhile, far up in the frozen north, Moo was inspecting the excavation that he had set up. His slaves and soldiers working and plowing through the ice. He speaks to himself, his deep voice echoing through the castle. "So what if they defeated three of my big bad four, once I have found my ancient body, NOTHING will stop me. " And he laughs maniacally, "HA, HA, HA, HA"



Age: 14