ANFA (Annoying Note From Author) This fic takes place after "No Need For Genocide" It is the alternate sequel to it. (Some of you may have liked "I Won't Say It" a lot, but I just felt like writing another sequel to "No Need For Genocide" Personally, I like this sequel more) Please, please, please, read it, I only have like, 2 review for it whereas "I Won't Say It" has about 20. Besides, I'll have less to explain if you just read "No Need For Genocide." Oh, and all you rabid Tiger fans who must hate me now for what I did to him in "A Brother's Blood," don't worry! Genki gets tortured the most in this fic. ^.^; (I love to torture that poor guy. In fact, I tend to torture most of the human male characters in my fics. Why? Dunno. And I'm NOT being sexist by torturing the boys more. Sometimes I might hurt the girls, but, being a teenage girl myself I tend to like to torture boys. ^.^; Gomen! Evil, not really. Character torture author, YES) Oh, and I don't own anything except the story itself. I am not getting paid for this, (Too bad) and the only this I am getting out of it is the pleasure of writing. (Really, I mean it! Stop laughing!) So boo-ya to anyone who wants to sue me. 'Cause you won't get anything. HA! Uh…sorry…. Um….um….anything else….no…I think that's all….uh…anywayz, on to the fic! Oh, and anyone who actually read all this crap deserves an award. But guess what? I don't have one! ;_; Oh well….

"Silver Scorpion" By: Holly-chan

Naga glared angrily at the Purple Jell [Jell/Naga].


"I-I-I'm p-pretty sure I heard correctly." He stuttered. "G-Genocider was able to b-bring one down h-hard, but I b-believe he lived."

"GET OUT!!!" Naga roared, throwing a goblet at the Purple Jell. The Purple Jell sweated again as the chalice shattered and ran…er, however Jells move…out. Naga growled and started to pace around.

Darnit….Genocider was one of my best… Naga thought. If he was only able to bring down one of the rebels, and yet that one still lived, then who else do I have that can do better? Naga thought hard for a few moments, trying to recall a minion he had that was stronger. Suddenly, Naga stopped in his tracks.

Of course! Naga hit his fist into his palm. How could I forget him! I should have sent him all along…. Naga smiled, showing his sharp, crooked teeth. He narrowed his red eyes and glanced out the window. Rebels….say your final prayers…. He hissed a laugh.


"We STILL haven't run into any badies, you know," Genki stated as the group walked down a dirt road. "I bet you anything that Naga is just waiting for the right moment to hit us with another powerful badie." Hare thought for a moment.

"If you're right Genki," he said, "then I'm guessing we'll have to keep our guards way up. If the next badie's anything like Genocider…." Holly shivered as Hare let the sentence hang in the air.

"…If the next badie is anything like Genocider," she said, "or worse yet, stronger, than we'd all better give the fight our best. Or we might end up losing someone…" Holly trailed off as she glanced at Genki's bandaged side worriedly. She shook the horrible thought out of her head as best she could. Just the thought of Genki getting killed made her come close to tears. Tiger glanced up at the orange sky.

"Sunset." He said. "And I sense danger in the air…"

"Me too, brother," Grey Wolf agreed.

"Maybe we should all take shifts taking watch," Hare suggested. The others nodded in agreement.

"So," Suezo spoke up, "who volunteers to go first?" No one said a word. Finally, Genki raised his hand.

"I'll go first," he said.

"But Genki," Holly protested, "don't you think you should get some rest? You're still healing from that wound Genocider gave you…." Genki winced slightly in pain from the cut in his side as Holly reminded him. But then he quickly covered it up with a smile.

"Nah, I'll be fine Holly," he said happily. "You worry too much." Holly only whimpered slightly in reply.

"Well then, I guess I'll go after Genki," Grey Wolf said.

"Golem go after Grey Wolf." Golem replied.

"And I'll go after Golem," Hare said. He clapped his hands together. "Well, I guess that takes care of that! Let's all get some shut-eye!"

Genki grumbled and wondered if the Hare had said this to mock him, but let it go. As she rolled out her sleeping bag, Holly glanced up at Genki. The boy was sitting crossed-legged and had his back towards her. Even so, Holly could see Genki gripping his side slightly and faintly hear the sound of him growling in pain. Holly's eyes wavered.

"You really shouldn't be the one to stand guard, Genki," she whispered to no one but herself. Holly got into her sleeping bag and slowly fell to sleep.


Genki felt his eyelids start to droop.

"Man, wha time izzit?" He mumbled to himself. Genki grabbed his backpack and blindly rummaged through it until he found his watch. Pressing a button to light up the watch, Genki saw it was 2:04 am. He yawned and put the watch away.

"I think…I'll...wake..up…Grey…Wolf…inna…mo…ment…." Genki grumbled, resting his head on his hand. Within a few minute's time, Genki had fallen asleep, snoring softly.


A figure scuttled quickly from tree to tree in the shadows. Only its scorpion-like outline could be seen in the moonlight. The creature ducked behind a bush. Eerie glowing white eyes shown through the shrub. A hiss was heard as the moonlight reflected light off the creature's shiny head for a second.


Hare had been sleeping soundly until an uneasy feeling woke him up. The rabbit-like monster opened one eye cautiously, taking a look around. A shadow suddenly zipped by. Hare blinked, and the figure was gone.

Starting to sweat, Hare now had both eyes wide open. Hare lifted his head up and surveyed everything. The shadow creature suddenly appeared again, this time a few yards away from Genki. Now Hare had a better look at the thing, even though it was still half-covered in shadow. Moo's crest gleamed brightly in the moonlight. Hare's eyes went big and his pupils small, his fur messy in fear. He tapped Tiger.

"Wha izzit?" the monster answered grumpily. Hare shakily pointed forward.

"S-s-s-s-si-sil-silv-v-v-ver-r-r F-f-f-f-a-a-a-ac-ce-ce" Hare stuttered.

"Huh?" Tiger blinked, looking to where the frightened Hare was pointing. His eyes widened as the Silver Face [Arrow Head/???] raised its huge claw over one of Tiger's sleeping friends.

"GENKI!!!!! HEADS UP!!!!!" Tiger yelled. Genki and the others snapped awake.

"Huh?" Genki looked up to see a huge pincer zipping towards him. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Genki quickly and painfully rolled away as the claw slammed into the ground, making a fairly large hole.

"Darn. Missed." The Silver Face hissed. The rebels backed away from it as Golem grabbed Genki. The badie hissed again and scampered after them.

"Come back here rebels!" He growled.


"I guess I fell asleep." He replied in a small voice. Suezo snorted.

"Baka!" He grumbled.

"Suezo, this isn't the time to start an argument!" Holly exclaimed while running.

"Where are gonna go?" Suezo asked.

"Dunno. But we'd better try to get as far away from that Arrow Head while we can," Grey Wolf replied, "'cause he's Naga top badie. You guys thought Genocider was bad, some say Silver Face is as strong as Naga himself." Tiger cursed.

"Man! Strong as Naga?!" He growled. "We'd better move it then!" Golem nodded in agreement. Genki pointed forward.

"Uh-oh guys," he said, "it looks like we're headed for a dead end." The other rebels looked forward to see that they were head straight for a rock wall at the end of the canyon. They skidded to a halt and looked around.

"Great. Now what do we do?" Suezo groaned.

"Long Punch!" A voice growled from behind them. Golem turned around just in time to see a huge pincer slam into his stomach. The rock monster grunted in pain and flew back, Genki flying out of his hand.

"GENKI! GOLEM!" Holly cried. Golem slammed into the rock wall as Genki hit the ground with a thud. Tiger growled.

"BLIZZARD!!!" He howled.

"STING!" Silver Face hissed. His long sharp stinger sliced through Tiger's attack. Tiger sweated as Grey Wolf took a try.

"STAB!" He growled, lunging at the badie.

"DEATH SCYTHE!" Silver Face slashed out at the gray Tiger, sending him crashing to the ground.

"BROTHER!" Tiger cried as Silver Face chuckled. Genki slowly got up and rollerbladed over to the badie. (He had left his blades on while he was on "guard duty," k?)

"Genki! Wait! Don't!" Holly shouted. Genki ignored her (Of coarse) and head butted Silver Face in the side. Silver Face tilted over a bit, but didn't quite fall over.

"Baka human!" He growled. He smacked Genki away with his huge claw, sending the boy tumbling back.

"GENKI!" Holly cried, running over to him. Silver Face laughed. The opportunity was too good to pass.

"HOLLY! LOOK OUT!!!!!" Hare shouted.

"Ei?" Holy turned around just as Silver Face's Claw Assault smacked into her.

"HOLLY!" Genki cried hoarsely as she fell to the ground. Genki, growling in pain, slowly pulled himself up and crawled over to her. "Holly! Are you okay?" Holly slowly got up.

"Yeah, I just got the wind knocked out of me," She replied. Genki nodded.

"Good. As long as you're not seriously hurt." He looked over at Golem. "You okay over there?" Golem nodded.

"Yes. Are you. Okay. Genki?" Golem replied.

"I guess," Genki answered. "Golem, protect Holly."

"Hai." Golem picked up Holly and kept her safe in his large hands as Hare and Suezo attacked Silver Face. Tiger and Gray Wolf charged forward as Silver Face knocked Hare and Suezo back.

"Cold Bullet!" Tiger and Gray Wolf shouted together. Their attacks hit Silver Face, splattering against his head. Silver Face wiped the remaining snow off his cheek.

"Hmm. A bit cold." He mumbled. "But is that all you can do?" Tiger and Gray Wolf growled as he laughed. "JUMPING CLAW!" Silver Face slammed his huge pincers into the Tiger brothers, sending them flying into the air. Golem used his free hand to catch them.

"Thanks Golem." Tiger said.


"Man!" This Silver Face never seems to get tired!" Suezo exclaimed as his Eye Beam was instantly dodged by the badie. Golem placed Holly next to the other monsters.

"Holly stay here," He said. Golem curled himself into a giant ball and spun towards Silver Face. (Like he did in "Battle in the Meadow") Golem slammed into Silver Face and sent him crashing hard into the wall. Hard enough for the whole canyon to rumble. A few good-sized rocks came crashing to the ground as the rebels evaded them. Genki growled and charged forward again. Holly noticed that Genki was somehow limping while he skated.

He must have sprained his leg when he hit the ground. She thought to herself. "GENKI! PLEASE don't attack!" Holly pleaded.

"I'm not gonna let him win!" Genki growled. Gathering all his strength, Genki kicked Silver Face between his eyes. Silver Face growled and rubbed the red spot on his forehead.

"You'll regret that!" He hissed. "TAIL SWING!" Silver Face swung his scorpion-like tail into Genki. Genki went flying back high into the air, slamming into the rock wall. The canyon wall had obviously had enough, because large chunks of rock started to tumble down to the boy at the foot of it.

"GENKI!" Holly cried.

"CHI!" Mocchi exclaimed. Genki managed to slowly open his eyes and look up as the rocks came flying down. He didn't even have time to scream as he was instantaneously buried in large rubble.

"NNNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" Holly screamed as the monsters stared in shock. She ran over to the rock pile with Mocchi as Silver Face acted as if this was all a very funny joke.

"One down, seven to go," Silver Face sneered. The other monsters turned their attention to him, eyes glittering with tears.

"BLIZZARD!" Tiger and Gray Wolf cried, charging forward along with Golem, Hare and Suezo. The five monster engaged in a fierce battle with Silver Face as Holly dug through the rubble.

"Ggeeennnkkiiiii!" Holly cried as she struggled to lift an exceptionally heavy bolder out of the way.

"Genki chi!" Mocchi called down as he too tried to remove the debris. Hare crashed into the wall next to then along with Suezo. The two of the slowly got up and charged forward again.

"Mocchi," Holly said, struggling to keep her voice from breaking, "go help Suezo and the others."

"But Holly--"

"Go!" Holly exclaimed, now almost sobbing as she pushed more rocks out of the way. "They need you help to defeat Silver Face. Go, I can do this myself." Mocchi looked at Holly and then at the other monsters. Slowly and reluctantly, he stepped down from the wreckage and ran over to help his friends. Holly continued to pull the rocks out of the way.

C'mon Genki…how deep can you be buried? Tears now streaming down her cheeks, Holly began to work faster. One foot down…two feet….three feet…Holly had to start to climb in to continue digging.

This far down, there wouldn't be much air…. Holly dug even faster. Her hands started to blister and bleed, but she didn't care. All that mattered was getting Genki out from under the God-forsaken granite pile.

"CHERRY BLOSSOM BLIZZARD, CHI!!!" Mocchi shouted, pink blossom pedals forming around him and slamming into Silver Face. The badie growled as the blossom pedals scratched his skin. He lashed out with a counter attack as the other rebels attacked him.

Holly pulled another rock away and gasped when she saw she had unveiled a hand. A pale hand.

"GENKI!" Holly shoved more pebbles out of the way.

Golem smacked Silver Face away with his mighty rock hand. Silver Face struggled to get up as the other monsters grinned in victory. The badie look up to see the Tiger brothers charge up their horns for a final attack.

"Teloport." Silver Face whispered hoarsely. He disappeared in a flash of light. The rebels sweated.


"Well, supposedly this one could." Hare replied. "Oh well, at least his gone." Tiger relaxed his muscles a bit.

"You're right," he grumbled.

"Oh God, no!" Holly cried from behind them. The monsters looked at each other, eyes wide.

"Crap!" Suezo exclaimed. "Genki!


Silver Face weakly stumbled up to Naga.

"M-master Naga," he choked, "the rebels….." Naga shot up out of his throne.

"Don't you dare tell me they defeated you too," he growled, slithering menacingly over to the Arrow Head hybrid.

"N-no my lord!" Silver Face stuttered. "I-I Teloported away before they--"

"That's still losing!" Naga snarled. "And I don't like failure." Silver Face's pupils grew small as Naga raised his arms above him.

"THWACK!" Naga growled, slamming his arm into the weak Arrow Head. Silver Face slammed into the wall before turning into a Lost Disk. Naga cursed.

Silver Face was my very finest…if the rebels beat him…they can defeat me… Naga shook his head, trying to lose that thought.

But Silver Face must have weakened them a great deal…..I must go after them before they gather up their strength again….that means I'm going NOW!


Holly, unable to resist sobbing, dragged a limp Genki out from the rubble and laid him on the ground. The monsters stared in shock.

Man! I didn't know a human could bleed that much and still live! Hare thought to himself. Wait a minute…. "Is he breathing Holly?" He asked, alarmed. Holly gently placed her hand on Genki's chest.

"If he is, it's very slow," she replied after a moment. Hare came over to Genki and checked the boy's pulse.

"Uh guys," he said, face blanching more, "I'm…having trouble….finding a heartbeat….."


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Naga's Wrath

ANFA (Annoying Note From Author) All right. You all asked for it. Here's the sequel to "Silver Scorpion" And once again, I warn you: I AM A GENKI TORTURER. Don't say you hate me because Genki-san gets hurt. I just have to bother him. (I love to hurt the kwaii 'lil anime boys….. ^.^;;;) Anywho, if you think what I did to Genki in "Silver Scorpion," was bad, wait 'till the sequel to this (if there is one--most likely) and "Last Battle Saga" comes out. You Genki fans will hate me forever……*Ponders this for a moment, then dashes away to a secret place to hide from the rabid Genki fans---excluding myself ^.^;;* Once again, I don't own, nor do I claim I own, MR or anything else but the story. I wish I owned it, but don't. If I do end up owning it though, I'll find a way to make MR fanfic authors make money off of their stories legally! YAY! *Sweats* Um, okay, back to reality…*sigh*


"Uh guys," Hare said, face blanching, "I'm…having trouble….finding a heartbeat….."

"WHAT?!" Everyone else cried.

"Genki can't die chi!" Mocchi cried desperately. Suddenly, Genki coughed and everyone else sweated, faces blue.

"AAAAAHHHHH! ZOMBIE!! CHI!!!!" Mocchi hide behind Golem as Holly backed away and Hare sweated more. Genki coughed again and began to wheeze like he was trying to breathe normally.

"Um, Hare," Suezo said, "could you kindly explain how Genki is breathing when you're…. 'HAVING TROUBLE FINDING A HEARTBEAT?!' " Hare sweated and checked Genki's pulse again.

"Oh…wait a minute! He does have a pulse! He's just unconscious!" Hare exclaimed nervously. "Silly me! I checked the wrong spot! No wonder I couldn't find a pulse!" The others groaned and fell over. A very pissed Holly with a large vein on her head glared at Hare.

"HARE!!! NOT FUNNY!!! YOU ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK!!!" She yelled as Hare cowered in fear.

"Yeah Hare, real brilliant!" Tiger growled.

"Well excuse me for making a mistake…." Hare mumbled. Gray Wolf walked over to Genki.

"Hmm… he's alive all right….but for how long?" he asked. Holly stood up.

"We need to find the nearest town…and fast!" She exclaimed. "Or Genki….." The monsters nodded in understanding as Golem gently picked Genki up. Thick red blood ran through the rock monster's fingers.

"All. This. Bloodshed. For what?" Golem mumbled sadly.

Holly winced as a drop of blood splattered on her hand. She looked up at Golem, then to her side at Suezo.

"Suezo, do we have anything to use as temporary bandages for Genki?" she asked softly. Suezo tilted his head towards his back and rummaged through his sack with his tongue. Finally, he pulled out a medium-sized white blanket.

"This is all I've got." He grumbled.

"That'll do," Holly replied, taking the blanket from Suezo. She looked up at Golem. "Golem?"

Golem lowered his hand so Holly could reach Genki. Holly ripped pieces of the blanket off and used them to bandage Genki's wounds for the time being. She was soon finished with Genki and stood up. Holly stared at the blood on her fingers for a moment as her eyes wavered.

All this fighting is wrong. She thought to herself. She looked over at the unconscious Genki. What will happen to us when we face Naga and Moo? Holly shook away the thought. I'll worry about it when the time comes….. Holly looked up at the sky as the group moved on.

Father…..why must you do this all to us? The group quickly ran out of the canyon and looked for a route to a nearby city.


Naga growled as he looked through the black, cold night, trying to find the rebels.

You can't avoid me forever rebels…..He thought. I'll find you…..just wait and see…………….


Hare speculated the situation.

"Well, we've been going on for a couple of hours now, and still no sign of a town," he said. "My guess is that we'll run into either one of these things soon: A: A town, or B: Another badie or even Naga himself."

"I don't like choice B," Tiger growled, "let's hope we find a town soon."

"Hai." Gray Wolf agreed.


"*Pant, pant* Baka….rebels….." Naga wheezed. He had been looking nonstop for almost three hours now, and he was starting to get really pissed.

"When I…*pant*…..find them….*pant, pant*…I'll make their *pant* deaths….*pant* slow and *pant* painful……"


"Man, when Genki's out of it, he's really out of it, isn't he?" Suezo asked a few hours later. Tiger yawned.

"Wish I could be out cold like him," he muttered. "What a dull night. It's almost dawn, and all we've been doing is searching and searching for some stupid town." Tiger narrowed his tired eyes. "And with no thanks to the bunny here, we'll probably never find one…….stupid 'Hare's intuition'….. "

"Hey! I am hurt by that remark!" Hare exclaimed. Tiger snorted.

"Like I could care less?" He growled.

"Why I otta…" Hare snarled.

"OTTA WHAT, BUNNY?" Tiger snapped, shoving his face against Hare's.


"WHOA! WHOA!" Holly stepped in between the two monsters. "Now that's enough of that!" She exclaimed, exasperated. "C'mon, this fighting will only slow us down. We've got to keep moving."

"You're right," Tiger agreed reluctantly.

"Yeah," Hare gave in as well.


Naga collapsed on the ground.

"Thatzzit," he mumbled, "I'll get 'em…tomorrow…." Suddenly, he heard talking not to far away. Naga perked hi head up and looked around. to his astonishment, he saw the rebels walking not too far away from him. Naga couldn't believe his luck.

"Must….gather…strength…." he growled, concentrating. "Restore!" suddenly, Naga was back at full health and energy. He laughed.

"I'm glad I taught myself that….it comes in handy…" he mumbled to himself. "Now, to take care of the rebels………..


Tiger and Gray Wolf stooped.

"What's wrong?" Holly asked.

"I sense something," Tiger growled as Gray Wolf nodded in agreement. Naga's evil laughter echoed through the early morning.

"At last I found you, you annoying rebels!" His voice exclaimed.

"ggggrrrrrr…..SHOW YOURSELF!!!" Gray Wolf roared. Naga's laugh was heard again.

"Prepare to meet your maker, rebels," he hissed from ahead of them. The rebels turned to see Naga, arms crossed and smiling smugly.

"DON'T PUSH ME!" tiger snarled. Naga laughed. "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?! HOW ABOUT I WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE?!" Tiger charged forward along with Gray Wolf and Hare. Holly looked up at Golem as Suezo and Mocchi joined the fight.

"Golem, make sure nothing happens to Genki. His life depends on your protection," Holly told the rock monster.

"Hai," Golem replied, nodding. Holly turned his attention back to the fight. Naga had just smacked the Tiger brothers away while Suezo and Hare advanced on him.

"Foolish rebels," Naga hissed as Mocchi painfully hit the ground with Suezo and Hare, "you don't stand a chance against me or Moo-sama! You should have quite while you were ahead!" He slammed his Belly Punch attack into Tiger.

"LIGHTNING!" Gray Wolf howled, shooting blue bolts of electricity at Naga. The attack hit the badie and he cried out in pain. Naga keeled over in pain for a moment before glaring at Gray Wolf with his eerie yellow eyes.

"Traitor," he hissed, "you shall pay!" Naga slammed his arm into Gray Wolf, sending him into the other monsters and they all smacked into a rock wall. Golem growled and leaned down to protect her as she clenched her teeth. Naga turned his head towards them.

"What is that you're protecting?" He hissed. Golem growled and covered up Genki and Holly more. Naga laughed.

"So…the Golem nobly tries to protect his human friends," he chuckled. "It's such a pity. Your actions will be futile. I will prevail, it is inevasible." Naga advance on Golem and the two humans.

"Holly take Genki and. Run." Golem told the girl.

"But Golem, I can't just leave you…"

"Go!" Golem said. "Holy need to get Genki to. Doctor and find. Phoenix."

"What about you and the other monsters?" Holly asked worriedly.

"We'll be. Okay." Golem assured her. "Now go!" He put Genki into Holly's arms. She felt her arms sink from the weight. Naga was now a few yards within Golem.

"Go Holly!" Golem exclaimed. Holly nodded and took off as fast as she possibly could.

"Man…for a…wiry person Genki sure is….heavy…." Holly wheezed as she ran. She could hear Naga laughing in the distance along with grunts of pain from Golem.

Hang in there minna-san, Holly thought. Please defeat Naga so we can continue the search for the Phoenix…together….. Genki groaned from Holly's arms and coughed. "Genki….?" The boy slowly and painfully opened his eyes.

"H-holly?" He asked hoarsely. He took a look around with his eyes. "Where are the others? What's going on? Where's Sliver Face?"

"You've been out all night Genki," Holly replied, "Silver Face almost killed you…." She choked back a sob before she continued. "The monsters defeated him and we went on looking for a doctor. Naga just attacked us and we still haven't reached a town."

"But what about the monsters?" Genki pried. He glanced down. "And why are you carrying me? Isn't it usually the other way around?" Holly smiled lightly.

"Normally, yes," she said, " but right now I'm trying to get you away from Naga… Golem and the others are fighting him….they weren't doing too well when I left…."

"Holly, we have to go back and help them!" Genki exclaimed.

"Genki, you can't fight, and you know I don't. " Holly replied.

"We have to do something!"

"Golem told me to find you a doctor, and that's what I'm doing." Holly said.

"Holly, quit worrying about me," Genki said, "one human isn't more important than six monsters."

Holly was silent.


"Genki, you're part of the group. Every single member of our group is important, you've even said it yourself." Holly finally said.


"I've got you now, you lousy humans!" a voice hissed from behind them. Holly and Genki glanced back.

"Oh crap! Naga's coming in fast!" Genki exclaimed. "Holly, hurry up!"

"I can't…you're too heavy…"

"Then leave me here!"



Holly screamed as Naga's arm missed her by mere inches.

"Holly, get out of here. You need to escape. It doesn't matter what happens to me."

"No, I'd rather be attacked by Naga then leave you behind, Genki."


Once again, Holly seemed to at a loss for words.


Naga's tail smacked into Holly's ankles, tripping her and sending Genki tumbling away. Holly weakly looked up to see Naga leering at her.

"What have you done with our friends?" She demanded as Genki grumbled a few muffled curses from his face ward-down position on the ground. Naga laughed.

"Your monster pals are all lying in pain a ways back," he replied. "Once I'm done with you, I'll go back and finish them. it shouldn't take long, you humans are weaklings."

"Are not!" Genki growled from a few feet away.

"You're in no position to talk," Naga growled. "Now…let's see….who shall I kill first? Hmm…" He looked down at Holly. "Well, since you're closer, I'll take care of you."

"NO!" Genki exclaimed as Naga whipped Holly with his tail. Holly cried out in pain as Naga whipped her again and again. Genki growled and struggled to his feet.

"Hmph. What can you do, human?" Naga sneered at Genki as he fell back down. Genki growled again and started to crawl slowly towards the badie.

"Genki…don't!" Holly cried out weakly as Naga slammed his tail into her again.

"Leave her alone!" Genki exclaimed, suddenly leaping forward at Naga.


Genki jumped onto Naga's back, wrapping his arms around Naga's neck, pulling and choking him back.

"Stupid human!" Naga wheezed as he tried to claw and shake Genki off to no avail. Holly slowly got up, gripping her hurting stomach as Genki clawed at Naga's face.

"Genki, what are you doing?" Holly exclaimed.

"I'll distract him, you run!" Genki replied as Naga's claws missed his face by inches.

"No! Genki….."

"I've got you now!" Naga exclaimed as he tore at Genki's sleeve. Naga got a hold of Genki's neck and pulled the boy off his back and brought him to the front. Genki tugged at Naga's hands, trying to loosen the grip on his gullet.

"Foolish rebel boy," Naga snarled, tightening his grip on Genki's neck, nearly choking him. "I will kill you. In fact, I think I shall strangle you right now." Naga put a full-force grip on Genki, making the boy cry out in pain.

"GENKI!" Holly cried. She ran up to Naga and tugged on his arm, but the monster just knocked her away.

"And now you die boy," Naga hissed.

"GENKI! NO!" Holly cried. Genki gagged, tears streaming down his face from unbearable agony, still trying to pry Naga's hand off of him.

"KICK!" A voice rumbled from behind Naga.

"What the--?" a huge rock-hark foot slammed into Naga's back, making him release his grip on Genki. Genki hit the ground, gagging and spitting out blood.

"Golem?" Holly exclaimed.

"Hai," Golem replied as he advanced on Naga.

"Hey! Don't forget us!" a voice cried from the distance. Holly blinked and looked over. Hare, Tiger, Gray Wolf, Suezo, and Mocchi ran over.

"Minna?" Holly stuttered. "But how--?"

"Fight now, talk later," Hare replied. "Holly, you get Genki out of the way; we'll get Naga!" He winked.

"OMG! I forgot! Genki!" Holly exclaimed.

"Air…." Genki wheezed. "I need…air…." Holly rushed over to him.

"Genki!" she exclaimed. Can you breathe?" Genki spat out more blood.

"Sorta," he croaked, "Holly…my neck…" Holly shushed him.

"Shhh. Don't say anything. You'll only stress out your throat," she said gently, taking a cloth out and wiping off what little blood he had on his neck.

"How did you all get here?!" Naga exclaimed angrily as the monsters attacked him.

"Ever heard of saving your real energy, Naga?" Hare asked as he used his Dragon Kick. "You should try it sometime!" Naga cursed.

"I underestimated you," he growled. "A mistake I will not make again."

"You're right," Tiger snarled, " 'cause we're about to finish you off!" With a roar, Tiger and Gray Wolf slammed their claws into Naga's stomach. Naga gagged as blood seeped out of his mouth.

"Darn you," he hissed.

"Mocchi Cannon!" Mocchi exclaimed, his attack slamming into Naga's arm, singeing it.

"Eye Beam!" Suezo yelled, knocking Naga back.

1-2 Punch!" Hare exclaimed, slamming his fist into Naga's back, sending him flying towards Golem.

"GOL!" Golem exclaimed, socking Naga in the jaw, making him slam into the rock wall.

"You…will…never…win….rebels….." Naga hissed before he turned into a Lost Disk. The monsters cheered.

"Well, my friends," Hare said, "there you have it. we've just defeated the Big Bad Four!" The monster cheered more. Holly smiled.

"We beat 'em, Genki," she said happily. Genki only grinned and nodded weakly in reply.

"You okay kid?" Suezo asked as the monsters came over.

"My throat hurts…." Genki replied hoarsely.

"Hey guys, look!" Hare said, pointing forward. "A town!"

"ALL RIGHT!" The other except Genki exclaimed.

"Now we can get Genki to a doctor!" Holly said happily, looking at Genki, who nodded.

"And we can sleep in a nice Inn!" Suezo added. "C'mon, let's go!"

Holly handed Genki back to Golem as the group headed forward.

"Want ride Holly?" Golem asked.

"I guess." Holly replied, climbing into Golem's other hand.

"All right! We're on our way to find the Phoenix!" Suezo said.

"I just hope we don't find Moo real soon," Holly said as the sun rose in the horizon. "We're not quite ready for another battle yet."

"We will fight when the time comes," Genki replied weakly from beside her. He held out his hand as Holly blinked. "Together." He smiled. Holly found herself smiling back.

"Together," she agreed, clapping her hand against Genki's.

"HAI!" The monsters concluded, Hare and Mocchi jumping into the air with glee as the others laughed. Even Genki.

Together. That's what we'll always be. Genki thought. We'll defeat Moo…together.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, what do you think? Should I write more? Please tell me!