"While You Were Sleeping" By:CP

Genki's Point of View:

The memory flashed millions of times in my head as I sat next to the bandaged Tiger who held his head in his paws, staring off into space. A troop of Rocky Dinos of Gray Wolf's burst out of the brush, surprising us all. There were too many..too fast.. I shivered and brought my knees to my chest as Tiger's reddish eyes looked at me. No, I'm not cold...just afraid..for her..


As I was fighting one off, one must've snuck behind me, ready to slap me with his tail. The next thing I knew, I heard an awful crack and Holly skidding besides me. The battle paused (especially since Golem whapped them all into a tree in rage) as I stared down at Holly. She had put herself in danger..for me! We watched in horror as her body flinched, then she tried to push herself up, but she fell into a heap on the dirt floor, dust rising like a cloud around her. Tiger and Suezo went into a rage..especially with Suezo.. I felt my blood boil, but I leaned by Holly, shaking her limp shoulder frantically. My heart must've been beating 100x faster as I chocked out her name over and over. She was alive..just out..very out.. Golem scooped her up and looked down at me, then breathing a sigh through his nose, he rushed back into the forest. I remembered how hot tears fell to my feet..my tears. I screamed so loud, my throat hurts me now, and I went into battle.

"Genki," Hare's interuppted me.

I looked at Hare with Tiger. Hare was rubbing his paws together nervously as my heart seemed to stop. Suddenly, Hare smiled weakly.

"She's unconscious with a few broken ribs, but otherwise,...I think she'll make it," Hare said in an oddly soft voice which made me nervous.

"Go to her," Tiger's voice said softly.

I turned to Tiger who smiled gently. "Well, someone has to keep watch over her.."

I nodded and got up, running a little to the spot they layed her by a pond.


Suezo was sitting by her, tired looking and sad. I felt bad for him..

"Suezo, let me keep watch," I said. "You're tired."

He took a longing glance at Holly who breathed softly in pain, then he nodded, leaving me alone with Holly. I sat by her, not sure if I should disturb her by talking to her.. I looked out into the pond, the large moon reflecting off the surface.

"Holly," I whispered. I knew she wouldn't reply. "I hate to think how much pain you took for me.." I looked at her face, twisted in pain with a bandage wrapped over her forehead all around. "We'll stay in this spot as long as you want, until you get better.."

I gulped and looked at her again. Her face was so...angelic...even when she was in pain. Slowly, I touched her hair, loose now from Suezo and Hare taking her ribbon out. It was so soft and smooth.... My hand began to stroke her hair as her brow flinched lightly, murmuring in pain. I took my hand back instantly, wondering if I was brining her more pain then she already was in..

"Holly, isn't the moon beautiful?" I asked her. I could imagine her kind voice replying 'Yes, it is.' Tears started to from under my eyes and I didn't even bother to wipe them back. "You've got to get better! You have to!!"

She remained silent and I burst out into tears for one of the first times in a long time. They came out so fast, I wonder.. I looked at Holly who genlty stirred, only resulting in making her body quiver in pain. Holly said she would never cry again..was that possible? Well, all I knew is when she did cry, she would probably cry hard..very hard. I wanted to be there to comfort her and tell her it would be okay. I could imagine myself cradle her head and shush her sobbing gently, telling her to let it all out. I imagined her deep brown eyes looked up at me slowly.

"Gen..ki..," a weak voice got my attention.

I turned to see Holly half awake, her brown eyes sparkling in pain and from the moon's soft glow. She must've seen the tears because her face twisted in sympathy.


I shook my head, "Don't say anything, it'll only bring you more pain."

Holly looked unsure if she should continue to talk or if she should go to sleep. Finally, as I sniffed and turned away, embarrassed, I heard her say..

"Genki.. You don't have to be embarrassed about crying..," her voice was very hoarse.

I turned to her as a smile spread across my lips. We were silent as I stroked her hair, Holly's dim and weak eyes looking up at me.

"Am I hurting you?" I asked in consern.

She shook her head weakly, "No.."

More silence. God how I hated silence.. I stopped stroking her hair and began to cry again, in shame that she saved me..and I did nothing in return.

"Why are you crying?" she sked softly.

I didn't want to reply.

"I'm sorry.. I haven't cried in a long time..it feels like I lost a feeling..," she said.

I noticed a constant slight frown in pain that stayed on her lips from the moment she woke up.

"Nevermind lost feelings," I replied softly. "Just make new ones..happier ones..."

Holly forwned and turned her head away sadly. She couldn't fool me. Holly was hiding something from all of us..something so deep..ever since she met with Moo.. I smiled through my tears, she was a confused and sad girl..

"Why don't you just try smiling?" I asked.

Her eyes snapped as she looked at me with large, curious eyes. I smiled as she blinked once or twice. And she did. To tell you the truth..

I never seen a warmer smile than that one..