"So I Cry" By: TTdragon2

In one second every thing can change,

At first I didn't went to believe but then I see a lost disc in front of me,

Everything goes quiet,

All that I can hear is his evil laughing,

I cry in pain,

I have lost my best friend,

He gave his life for mine,

So I cry,

The disc that had the Phoenix,

Moo brook in pieces,

They lie around me,

My hope is gone,

So I cry to the earth,

Hare and Suezo follow Mocchi,

And Tiger is about to go next,

So I cry to the sky,

After Tiger goes Golem follows,

Now only Holly and I are left,

So I cry,

So I cry,

Holly screams in rage and sorrow at her father,

Who only laughs,

Hate makes him stronger,

The earth trembles in sorrow,

The sky weeps in pain,

So I rise,

And close my eyes,

It's time,

He will not get away with what his done,

So I scream to the heavens to set me free,

The pieces of the Phoenix disc rise and turn in to a sword so I may fight,

I grab the sword,

Fire surrounds me and becomes armor to protect me,

I'm whole at last,

The battle is over,

I have won my match,

I revive the lost discs to who they where,

All my friends are back,

As they all cheer for the battle was won,

I cry in joy that they're safe at last,

I've never been happier in my life,

So I cry to the earth,

So I cry to the sky,

So I cry.

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Tell me if you like it please!