MR 200X Side Story:



Two Lost Disks sat on top of a hill in a green valley, one entwined with the other. Janne stared at them intently, red hair blowing slightly underneath her helmet. She fingered her sword sheath thoughtfully, a rusty-colored stain on the left side of it.


“I thought I would find you here.”


Janne turned to see Ami. Ami stood, staring at her with concern but also a hint of sternness, blue hair waving slightly in the breeze along with her bushy, tiger-like tail. The sun overhead made her skin glow along with the bright blueness of her hair. Janne thought she looked pretty because of these dramatics, but pushed the thought aside.


“What do you want of my services?” Janne asked, straightening abruptly.


Ami ignored the question for a moment, looking at the Lost Disks sadly, eyes hinting she was deep in thought. “…I don’t know…”


Janne cocked her head. “Excuse me?”


Ami’s eyes squinted slightly, eyes wavering hard. “...I don’t know what I should do anymore…”


Janne frowned, not fully understanding the Mint. Then again, it was probably a family trait to mumble… Pixie was always mumbling something that would make Big Blue to scold her or Angel to tease her. Achika even had her own moments where she would grumble to herself and refused to repeat herself if someone asked what she said.


“Janne? Lilim wasn’t your sister, was she?” Ami asked finally.


Janne grinned weakly, “No…but we were like sisters…”


Ami nodded, “I understand that feeling. How did you two meet anyway?”


Janne scratched her chin, “Let’s see…after I first met Durahan…”




A tired and hungry Janne wondered into a desert town, mouth dry to the point where she could feel her skin tearing off her lips. She looked to her right to see a large tent set up with some humans helping wounded monsters from the battle nearby. At first, she was tempted to waltz in and put on a ‘poor me’ act, but her pride swelled in her chest and she dragged herself on with a shaky sigh. A nurse looked up at her and called, “You! Do you need help?”


Janne stopped, “…I’m fine…”


Of course, it didn’t help she still had her broken left arm and bandaged head.


“No you’re not, please come over here,” the nurse begged.


Janne sighed to herself. “Okay…”


Soon, she was lying on a very uncomfortable stretcher-like bed with more wounded monsters crowded around her. “…This sucks…”


“Heh, I’m glad someone finally realizes it.”


Janne turned her head to see a Lilim lying in front of her in her own bed thing. Her hands were behind her head; a long bandage wrapped around one and her head wrapped too.


“We might as well be thrown into a pit,” the Lilim continued with a laugh. Then, she laughed, rolling one hand over her face as her body shook with each laugh.


The Lilim’s ridiculous fit of laughter made Janne start to laugh just as well, even though she had no reason to.




Ami cocked her head, “…Did you ever figure out why she was laughing?”


Janne turned back to the Lost Disks. “Now I do. Irony is all part of life, Ami, and irony makes us laugh. Lilim somehow realized that because she was in there, it would begin her on the wrong road of her fate. Durahan attacked the town a few days later, claimed Lilim as his own and froze the rest of us as his ‘Frozen Warriors’.”


“I see,” Ami said quietly.


“…Now, what did you mean when you said you didn’t know what to do anymore?” Janne asked.


Ami looked down, “…Look at this, Janne. Can you feel anything? I can. I have felt so much death, that I lay awake at nights, wondering how I can be sane…” She smiled, tears falling off her face. “…I’m so weak that I probably prevent all of you from using your full powers… It’s just that…that…”


Janne smiled and put a hand on her shoulder. “Ami… You are who you are because you are strong. Don’t you see?”


Ami lowered her head, blushing and avoiding the sincere gaze of the other Pixie breed. “…Thank you…”


Janne smiled and nodded.


“MISS AMI! MISS JANNE! WE’RE LEAVING!!” Coltia’s happy voice exclaimed down the hill.


Ami pulled away from Janne and ran down the hill to the awaiting Coltia, Achika and Pixie. “Hai!”


Janne watched after Ami with a small smile and then looked at the lost disks again. “Someday, sister, I’ll come for you again.”


“MISS JANNE!” Coltia wailed impatiently, waving to her with both hands.


“Hai!” Janne called down and then ran down to greet her friends.


Someday, I know you’ll come.