"The Symbol of Shame" By:CP

This story is from Pixie's point of view. Enjoy! ^.^

My name is Pixie, former Big Bad Four member and now, sort of against Moo. I guess you can say..me and Blue had a little eye opening experience. I'm so confused now.. How could a little kid have so much impact on me?

"Master Pixie," Big Blue told me, interrupting my thoughts. I looked into his ice cold eyes as I sat on his large shoulder. "Look ahead."

Huh? I strained my vision to where Big Blue motioned to with his head. Faintly, I saw a group of Pixies flying towards us at full speed.

"What do they want?" I murmured, bored how Moo never gave up.

Big Blue replied, ignoring my question, "Should we be ready to attack?"

I looked at the group as they came towards us. "Just in case.."

"Hai," Big Blue replied quickly as I felt him lower, ready to attack.

The group came closer as I merely looked at them with pity. Fools don't know who they're dealing with.

Suddenly, they landed infront of Big Blue as I looked down at them. The leader was a Vanity who only looked up at me once, then looked back into her floating mirror. Another was a Mint who looked scared or shy. I once bore that face, and I'll never wear it again. The others were either Prisms (Pixie/Monol), Serenities (Pixie/Plant) or Kittens (Pixie/Hare). They don't look so tuff to me, especially that stupid Vanity who just looked at herself in that mirror.

"What?" Big Blue demanded.

The Vanity looked up at him, her green eyes looking annoyed. "Excuse me, like, Ice Guy."

I sweated with Big Blue.

"Master Moo gave us, like, a mission to bring you two back," she said in an annoying accent with a screechy voice.

Should you even use "like" when you aren't comparing something?? I sighed and leaped down to face the Vanity.

"Tell Moo to forget it. He's only going to kill us anyway," I said. "Why do you even stay with him? Moo is just using you for his own reasons."

The Vanity gave me a cold stare and before I can flinch, she slapped me across the face. Big Blue growled and picked her up tightly in his hand.


Ah. It just stung a little. But it seemed so different when Genki punched me across the face. Maybe I'm use to pain now... I looked just in time to see Big Blue gripping a Lost Disk. He killed her...for..me?

"Big Blue....," I gasped.

He looked into his hand and blinked, like he didn't know what he was doing. The others took off cowardly, but the Mint stayed, looking at the Lost Disk. What is she doing here?

"Lady Pixie," she said to me in a quiet voice. "I think you two better get far away from here before Moo sends more troops."

I blinked with Big Blue who dropped the Lost Disk. The Mint smiled at me and tore off her Moo emblem. I looked down at mine. Why do I still wear it? For protection?

"It's a symbol of shame," the Mint said. "I will not wear it anymore."

She walked to the edge and took off into the sky. That was quick..too easy...

"Let's go, Big Blue, " I said quietly, hopping onto his shoulder.

Big Blue looked at me, "Didn't that seem too easy?"

"They were weak," I said. "The only strong one, was that Mint." I looked down at my Moo symbol. "This is a symbol of shame..yet I still bear it.." I touched it, then grabbed it. "Damnit! I'm such a coward!!!" With a quick tear, I ripped it off, listening to it clank down the cliff.

Suddenly, Big Blue grunted and threw something across the sky. I looked to see a shimmer of a distant glow of gold, then looked at Big Blue's chest. The Moo emblem was gone.

He looked at me again, "I was one too."

I smiled and looked ahead on the horizon to see seven faint figures walking in the dessert. Genki...

"Shall we follow them?" Big Blue asked, a little coldly.

I nodded, "Yeah."

Big Blue was silent as he started to walk towards the dessert on the cliff's steep path. "Master Pixie? Why do you want to follow a ten year old boy and his scrubby friends?"

I already knew the answer. "Genki is like no other human I've met before. Humans, before I met him, were so dirty and cowardly. I guess he's like a mystery I want to solve."

Big Blue nodded, "I understand."

I looked down. No you don't..not even I understand. I glanced to the right to see my Moo emblem mock me. It lied face up, shimmering quickly in the sun. It is a symbol of shame..and even without it......

I still bear the shame.

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