"Take My Hand"

**Heero's POV**

I pushed the self detonation button calmly. "Mission Accepted." The explosion hurled my forward.. I never expected this much pain.. As I tumbled onto the ground, all I felt was pain. I deserved the pain. All of it. Blood leaks out under me, warm and sticky as the world turns white.

Good-bye Relena..

Good-bye war..

Good-bye world..

As I drift into a state of near death, a light shines over me, vanishing my pain instantly.


Relena?! I look up in the state of uncertainty, blinded by an endless white light all around me. That's when I saw her, she appeared like an angel. She gave me a warm smile and reached out her hand. I dumbly stepped forward, but paused. What was I doing? What is this feeling?

"Don't be afraid of me. Come and take my hand, Heero," she cooes.

I looked into her soft, blue eyes. "What are you?"

She blinked, looking taken back, "I am Relena."

"Are you dead too?" I asked coldly.

She laughed softly and reached out again, "No. Neither are you." Huh? I'm not dead? Suddenly, a sharp pain filled my body, causing me to groan and fall to my knees. Relena stepped forward, her high heels clicking sharply, although we were not on any ground. Her long hair blew slightly behind her, dressed in her school uniform. I watched as she sat behind me, her slender arms wrapping around my body. I expected more pain, but it was all gone from her touch. She got up again, reaching out to me.

"Take my hand," she whispered.

I blinked and finally, I let my hand reach out. This was a dream, wasn't it? Or was this heaven? Do I deserve to be in heaven? After all I did, does God have that much mercy?

"Yes," Relena whispered. "Mercy is for the kind."

With that, the world shattered around us and Relena pulled me close. She kissed me.. A strange sensation came over my body as I joined in the kiss.

She pulled us apart, starting to fade away, "Do not give up, Heero."

"Wait--!" I found myself gasp.

Why was I acting this way?!

"It's not your time," she whispered, then disappeared.

I fell. It seemed endless. My life flashed before my eyes all the way up to me pressing that damned button. Pain filled my body and I opened my eyes, seeing Relena glance at me from an unfamiliar couch.


It wasn't her. I wasn't in the dream world that I wanted to stay in.

The woman got up, smiling.

"Looks like you finally woke up."

It was a dream. But..I was saved from dying.. I had a feeling, the strange world.....

Was one I wanted so badly in my mind..