"Tears" by: Holly-chan

ANFA: Okay, believe it or not, the idea for this came to me while I was being made fun of at school for liking Pokémon…..again. *Sigh* -_-X Anyway, kinda morbid, but I hope you enjoy anyway. :p And I know "Tears" is the name of an episode, but I couldn't think of anything else. :p

Genki growled as the Draco Kato [Kato/Dragon] Captain leashed out his claws and got into an attack position.

"DRACO KATOS ATTACK!!!!!!" He suddenly shouted, he and his men charging forward. As usual, Genki was the head of the rebels' charge, and Holly stayed behind, out of the battle that was about to come. Just like 'most every other time, she watched as her friends exchanged attacks and blows.

As usual, she watched the fur, hair, and blood fly as flesh met claws, stone, and fists. She watched as Golem sent five Draco Katos sprawling to the ground into Lost Disks. Holly saw when Suezo tried to Teloport himself and Hare to another spot, only to fail and get a good kick in their heads.

Holly witnessed Tiger fry ten Kato hybrids into more Lost Disks. She saw Mocchi and Genki take on the Captain as he retaliated with his sharp claws. Flesh met claw. Fur met fist.

Holly watched in horror as the battle became even gorier. Bloodier than their usual battle. Golem smacked enemies away with more force, Tiger ripped at the Kato's throats with his teeth. Hare broke another's jaw with his Dragon Punch, and Suezo actually managed to kill a badie with his Tongue Slap.

Rock. Flesh. Fur. Hair. Blood. Rock. Flesh. Fur. Hair. Blood……..the violence….the blood and tears shed….it was beginning to nauseate her.

Mocchi and Genki had just fallen to the ground with a thud, the Kato leader's clawed foot pinning Genki down. He began to strike at Genki again and again, his claws ripping into the human's skin.

Holly winced as she heard him cry out in agony, his blood spilling out onto the dirt ground. Rock. Flesh. Fur. Hair. Blood….it ran through her mind again. Unexpectedly, a Draco Kato leapt right in front of her. Holly screamed, and before she knew it, the Draco Kato was sprawled out on the ground, its throat slit open, blood gushing out before it shriveled into a Lost Disk. In her grip was her now crimson-stained dagger. Soon, all the other nearby Katos found the same fate as their comrade, withering into Lost Disk right after they throats, stomachs, and heads met cold steel of the weapon the young woman held in her hand.

The area fell silent as her screams were heard, badies being sliced up left and right. Finally snapping back into reality, Holly slowly looked at the Lost monsters in front of her, then her blood-soaked clothes, and last her dagger.

The combat had stopped. All her friends, even Genki, looked at her in shock and horror, as did the Katos. Genki managed to punch the shocked captain and knock him out momentarily before slowly standing up. His eyes full of concern, he looked at his female friend, who was now shaking all over.

"Holly?" he asked, worried. Holly stared at her dagger another moment before daring to look at him. His bruised, bleeding, yet still clear brown eyes gleamed with tears, tears for her. She just couldn't take it. Holly returned his look, slowly backing away, shaking her head in disbelief. She then turned away and dashed off, the sound of her sobs trailing behind her. Genki blinked, then rollerbladed after her as much as his well-torn body could. The rest of the monsters remained silent. Soon the captain re-awoke and ordered his troop to draw back, no arguments or jeers coming from anyone.

"What just happened?" Suezo finally asked, breaking the eerie silence that had fallen over them.


Holly wanted to get away from everything. The violence that had just happened….the horror….what had come over her?

What's wrong with me?! She screamed in her head, thinking she may go mad if she didn't stop running.

"HOLLY!!! WAIT!!!! COME BACK!!" Genki voice shouted over to her wearily. She wanted to get away from him. She wanted him to just leave her alone, afraid of what she might do to him.

Would I go postal on Genki too, like I did the Draco Katos? She wondered to herself. What have I become?! I'm no better than Moo……

After an eternity, Holly lost her breath, coming to a stop near the edge of some forestry. A minute later, Genki sluggishly skated over to her, hands pressed against his larger chest wounds.

"Holly…" he panted, wincing in pain as he halted, "…..what's…wrong….?" Holly fell to her knees and began to cry. Genki, now immensely disturbed, sat down next to Holly, taking her sobbing figure into his arms.

"Genki….what came over me? I just slaughtered half a troop of Katos--and I didn't even realize it until they were all dead!" Genki's eyes narrowed in thought as he held her closer, doing his best to block out the massive pain throughout his body. It mostly failed however, and he found it was too distracting to talk, so in the meantime he let Holly cry it out onto his already soaked shirt.

Finally, he told her, "After a while, it can get to the toughest of people. They snap, mentally. Their minds just can't contain the horror of battle. There was this war I learned about in school in my world. It was the called the Vietnam War. My country wasn't involved, but these two other countries were. They said the war was really terrible and graphic….many soldiers went home….different. Kinda 'spaced out.' The war had infected their minds. What I'm trying to say is, Holly," taking a deep breath, " War is hell, Holly. We're fighting Moo, and there's going to a lot of violence." Holly sniffled and stop her crying momentarily.

"What I did back there," she said darkly, "makes me no better than Moo." The words hit Genki like a brick wall.

"That's not true at all, Holly!" he disagreed.

"What makes you believe that?" she replied gloomily, staring off into space as she absentmindedly clutched the shards of what was left of his shirt.

"Tell me, honestly, how do you feel right now?" he asked.

"Like some shot an arrow through my heart. I'm horrified at what I've done; I never want to do it again," she answered after a moment.

"You see, Holly? That's what makes you different from Moo: You feel bad about what you've done. You're upset because you care. I think that's why we all like you so much Holly: you care about others so much."

"Really?" she asked, wiping away a tear. Genki nodded.

"Like, for example, I know that if you weren't still stunned from what just happened, you'd be freaked out because I have more wounds than years I've lived." Holly blinked and for the first time realized the seriousness of her male companion's injuries. It took her mind slightly off her dark thoughts. For the moment, anyway.

"Oh my God Genki..!" she exclaimed, scrambling to pull out an extra blanket to press against the lesions in his chest, "How many times did he hit you?"

"A lot," he replied bluntly.

"Then, why did you follow me all this way? You've got to be in a lot a pain right now.."

"I am," he said. "But I'd be in more pain if I just let you run off by yourself. Who knows what you might've done? You may have killed yourself. I could never let that happen to you, Holly. I care about you, just like all the monsters do. None of us would want to lose you Holly, no matter what you've done. We'd all still be your friends and care about what happens to you."

"Genki…" she felt her eyes begin to tear up again. Soon she had her head buried in his shoulder, sobbing again. Genki hugged her close, trying not to hurt himself anymore.

"It's okay, Holly, it's okay," he assured her over and over, gently stroking her hair. " I know it'll take a long time for you to recover from what happened today, but I swear that as long as I'm living, I'll make sure you get trough it."

"Promise?" Holly asked, wiping her tears with her sleeve. Genki smiled weakly, for once almost drained of all energy.

"Promise," he assured her, taking her hand and wrapping his pinky around hers as she blinked.

"Hey!!! Genki! Holly!!" The two humans turned their heads to see the monsters in the distance, running over. Genki smiled and waved weakly, every bit of his body exhausted. Holly stood, helping him do the same, holding him upright as they slowly walked over to meet his friends.

"Looks like we're all gonna have some healing to do…" Genki trailed off as Holly half-smiled. Though still depressed somewhat, Holly felt her mind clear up a bit as she felt the warmth of Genki's body next to hers as they walked, and the sight of her concerned monster friends rushing over to them.

Yes, there would be a lot of healing….but they would do it all together, as a team. As friends. Watching and caring for one another. And no matter what would happen to any one of them, they'd stay that way.


Okay, so maybe the ending and title kinda sucked, but it's all I could come up with. :p This is the first time I've written a fanfic that's this violent, but it's not too bad….. *Sigh* Anyway…. Let me know what you think. Reviews or e-mails [ holly_chan_sakura@hotmail.com ]