Part 1

The day started pretty normal. Same freinds, same internet, same school at home. Only one thing was different.

Michael: "Oh god I have to hurry oh please let me make it PLEASE!!"

Michael is rapidley trying to finsh his homschooling homework to get to the video store in time to rent the latest Monster Rancher game wich arrived at the store today. The game was called Monster Rancher 300X.

Michael: "Come on! I have to finish before three! The video store closes

then!!" He then looks at his watch.

Michael: "AH! It's 2:54! .........Finished!!"

Michael then zooms out of the house aying a very quick bye-bye to his mother who is to deeply emersed in a romance novel to notice. After jumping on his bike, he pedals with all his might to get to the store in time. Unfortanatley, when he get's there,


After mumbling a few choice words he get's in line. Four hours later, Michael finnally reaches the front of the line. Michael: "Their not gonna have it. I s'pose I could rent a different one. I haven't played Marvel vs. Capcom in a while."

He gloomily walks into the store. Then, he goes to the playastation aisle. But, something'sther that shouldn't be.

Michael: "I must be dreaming. *pinches himself*Ow."

Thers's one more copy of Monster Rancher 300X lying on the floor under the rack of other inferior games. Michael picks it up and goes to the counter.

Michael: "I think someone forgot this. I found it in the aisle."

Clerk: "No. We have one more copy. Do you want it?"

Michael: "......."

Clerk: "I'll take that as a yes."

The clerk takes out the game from under the desk revealing the golden, shiny circular god of a game. Michael grabs it and zoom's off, leaving a trail of money equaling $13.50 fluttering in the air. Carissa however didn't have that kind of luck. She had tried at the game store by her house. But, they didn't have it. So, she's just sitting in her room morning. Michael then knocks.

Carissa: "Come in."

Michael opens the door.

Michael: "Hey Carissa."

Carissa: "Hey. You ave any luck?"

Michael: "You tell me."

He pulls out the game from under his coat.


Michael doesn't waste any time. He speedily puts the game in amd turms on the Playstation.

Michael: "89 million polygon's per monster and charecter, real time video 65 billion polygons per scene, 32 main charecters to choose from, 500,000 possible monsters."

Michael and Carissa both start drooling. The screen then says "Please enter Other CD-Rom". Carissa hands Michael Brave Fencer Musashi. He put's it in. Meanwhile in the monser world, the gang found a mystery disc and Geki put's it on the mystery disc spot in the shrine.

Genki: "You ready Holly?"

Holly: "Yeah."

Holly then spins the disc at exactley the same time that Brave Fencer Musashi spins in Carissa's Playstation. Then Holly and Michael both push the button at the very same time. Carissa'a tv then glows a bright blue.

Michael and Carissa: "Oh crud."

Michael and Carissa then sucked into the tv along with a few random objects. Back in the monster world, everything is pretty much the same when the gang unlocks a disc. Except after Michael and Carissa land infront of everyone.

Micahel and Carissa: "..........."

MR Gang: "............."


Two Minds, Wrong Place

MR Crew: "What are you doing here!!!???"

Michael and Carissa: "WE DON'T KNOW!!!!"

Tiger and Holly: "DIE!!!!!!!"

Michael and Carissa: "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

Tiger and Holly then start chasing Michael and Carissa around the shrine, trying to kill them.


Carissa: "Torture them."

Michael: "Oh yeah."

Golem: "Mmmmm."

Golem picks up Michael and Carissa in one hand and Tiger and Holly in the other.

Tiger and Holly: "Let us go!!"

Golem: "Not until you calm down."

Genki: "Um.... maybe we can work something out."

Carissa: "Like what?"

Genki: "Uuuuummmm.... how about..... if you promise never to torture us again, we promise not to hurt you. Is that okay with you, Tiger and Holly?"

Tiger and Holly: "I guess."

Michael and Holly: "We promise to never torture you guys again."

Genki: "Deal. Now, let's get going. We have to find another mystery disk."

Michael: "You guys go ahead. We're gonna gather our stuff and catch up with you."

Genki: "Okay."

Golem puts everyone down as they walk out of the shrine. Michael and Carissa gpo to the center of the shrine to get their stuff.

Carissa: "So, are we gonna keep that promise?"

Michael: "Nope."

Carissa: "Hehe."