The Crazy Day In the Woods


Everyone in the monster team is sleeping. Suddenly thereís a big bang.




Seraphira: What was that?


Carlene: I donít know.


Moochi: It came from that cave, chi.


Genki: Letís explore.


Everyone goes in the cave.


Mistian: Look at the size of this cave!


Gray Wolf: Be careful little sis.


Mistian: Oh come off it! Iím only one year younger than you.


Genki: Lets follow that tunnel.


They follow the tunnel which soon ends in a cave made of crystal ice.


Holly: Itís so beautiful in here.


They hear the bang again and follow it. Soon they enter a pitch black cave. The bang sounds again, right in front of them.




Voice: Whoís there?


Holly: Iím Holly and these are my friends somewhere behind me or somewhere else. Who are you?


Voice: My name is Zuum and I canít see a thing and I keep on bumping into this huge gong and the sounds echo off the walls and it hurts my ears!


Holly: Would you like to come with us?


Zuum: Absolutely!


Holly: Then lets go.

Everyone exits the cave.