Chapter 1: "Tiger's Good-Bye"

“What do you mean leave!”Genki yelled when Tiger said he’d be leaving for a while.

“For a little while kid,”Tiger said, “ Just until I find someone who I can really care for.”

“So Tiger, you don't care for us .”said Suezo.

“It’s not that it’s just I’m missing something...” Tiger’s voice trailed off.

Genki looked at the monster. He saw Tiger’s body rippled with muscles underneath his dark blue and white fur.He was an excellent tracker. But what made him so graceful looking was his lithe, lupine, form, and his dark, golden eyes. Genki looked at Tiger’s face and saw that his golden eyes were clouded.

Holly said “ Tiger if you need to leave, then go ahead. But,” she added hastily, “Hurry back."

Hare said “ Tiger, Tiger, I know we’ve had some fights, but still I hope you find what your looking for.”

“WAHHHHHHHHHH!” Mocchi wailed.

“Tiger don’t be lonely, just think of us, your friends.” Golem said solemnly.

“I’ll miss you Tiger. ”Genki said looking away, so to make sure none of them saw him cry.

“You too kid,” Tiger said softly as he turned away.

Tiger strode slowly away. As hedid a sharp cry of a Tiger like himself rung out over the meadow. Tiger knew he monster was in trouble from the sound and rushed to it’s aid. As he approached were he had heard the sound he saw a Worm , a Zuum ,a Stoner(Golem/????) , and a hybrid Allure(Pixie/Naga) . They were attacking a small, golden furred Tigerthat,other then his fur and eye color, looked just like Tiger.

The Worm turned and hissed “ Well looks like we have another guest.”

Tiger growled “ Back off bug or you might get squashed!”

“Is that a threat ?” Stoner said.

“ You bet !” Tiger said as he sprung.

As he sprung the young Tiger cringed and yelped “Stop it, please!” “Don’t get hurt because of me ! ” “I won’t kid!” Tiger yelled as he blasted the Zuum with a Lightning attack. Stoner struck out with a hefty punch that missed Tiger intirely. “Super Torpedo!” Tiger yelled. It struck Allure, who flew back from the force of the blow, right into a Lost Disk next to the Zumm’s Lost Disk.Stoner and Worm ran, but Tiger zapped them to death with Lightning. Tiger turned to look at the other, but it was gone!

Chapter 2: "Vanished!"

Tiger sniffed the air and quickly picked up the scent. He found the poor creature howling by a nearby stream. Tiger comforted him and soon he was asleep. Tiger soon joined him in sleeping .The other Tiger’s dreams were interrupted by nightmares of his father dying at the hands of his own brother. He woke with a start. He ran fast away to think by himself. Tiger woke and went, cursing his stupidity, once more after the young one. He found it asleep under a large rock outcropping. He woke the pup, then held it easily under one paw.

“What’s your name, pup?” Tiger asked.

“Martin, son of Tiger of the Wind.” the squirming pup said, “and don’t call me a pup.Who are you anyway?” “

Tiger of the Wind .” Tiger whispered.

Chapter 3: "My Son Martin"

“Dad!” Martin cried, “Is it really you?”

“No, I’m Moo,” Tiger said sarcastically “Of course it’s me!”

Martin nuzzled Tiger gently.

“Where ya been?” Tiger asked.

“Here and there and everywhere,” ,Martin said, “ but always fighting against Moo” He spat out the last word venomously.

Tiger looked at him for the first time without worring whether he’d run off. He had shimmering golden fur,brilliant silver eyes, and was a decent size.

“Let’s get some rest.” Tiger said.

As they lay down Tiger thought I found my son. But then why do I still feel empty inside? Then without another thought he slept, while the stars in the sky shone brightly, as if predicting the wolves future.