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"The Final Battle" (Sequel to Wings of Fire)

Moo laughed.

"THIS IS THE END OF THE LINE FOR YOU, REBELS!" He chuckled. Holly growled.

"MOO! What have you done with my father?" she screamed. Genki and the monsters blinked.

"Father?" Genki asked.

"Moo's Your father, isn't he?" Pixie asked Holly, who nodded sadly.

"WHAT?!" The monsters and Genki were more than a little surprised.

"My father stumbled over Moo's mind a few years ago, and Moo possessed him," Holly explained sadly.

"Moo, that jerk!" Genki growled. Holly glared back at Moo.

"I'll ask again Moo; where is my father?" she questioned angrily. Moo chuckled.

"AH, YOU MEAN THIS OLD GEEZER?" he asked Holly as she gasped as he held up her struggling father in his hand.

"Father…" Holly said softly, eyes wavering. Her father groaned and looked up weakly.

"Holly…I'm…so…sorry…." He grunted. Moo laughed.

"YOU WANT YOUR FATHER SO BAD, HOLLY, HERE HE IS." He tossed Yosho (Holly's father) into the air.

"DADDY!!!!!" Holly screamed. Pixie flew forward and managed to catch Yosho by his underarms.

"Sheesh…he sure is….heavy…." Pixie wheezed as she struggled to bring him back. Pixie genitally lay Yosho on the ground as Holly and Genki ran over.

"Let's get 'em!" Pixie yelled, charging at Moo along with the other monsters.

"Daddy?" Holly asked. Yosho looked at her weakly.

"H-Holly, I'm so sorry…this is all my fault…if only I hadn't…" Holly shushed him.

"Shhh. don't blame yourself, father." She whispered gently.

"Yeah," Genki agreed softly. "Whatever happened is Moo's fault." Yosho closed his eyes in pain.

"I can't help…but blame…myself…." He muttered before he passed out.

"Father?" Holly asked, shaking him. Genki put a hand on her shoulder.

"Holly, he'll be okay," he said. Holly, still looking down, put her hand on top of Genki's as he continued. "Once we defeat Moo, everything will be fine."

"You're right…." Holly agreed softy as they both watched their monster friends battle Moo.

"FOOLS! YOU SHALL NEVER DEFEAT ME!" Moo bellowed. The monsters charged up their attacks and hit Moo.









Moo howled in pain as the attacks slammed into him.

"WING SLASH!" Moo howled, knocking Pixie and the Tiger brothers away.

"MOCCHI CANNON!" Mocchi blasted Moo's fur away on the side of his face.

"BAKA REBEL!" Moo growled, smacking Mocchi away. The pink monster crashed down on the ground---hard.

"MOCCHI!" Genki cried.

"Genki…chi…" Mocchi said weakly through his pain. Genki glanced back at Holly.

"Holly, watch Mocchi for me," he said quietly.

"What?" Genki slowly skated towards Moo, fists clenched.

"You jerk," he growled at Moo in an almost inaudible voice. Holly suddenly realized what Genki was going to do.

"Genki, don't!" She begged. "You can’t beat him yourself! Let the Phoenix and the other monsters take care of Moo!"

"YOU JERK!" Genki shouted, ignoring Holly and rollerblading forward.


Moo glanced over towards Genki with the corner of his eye.

"FOOL!" he growled, lashing out at Genki and knocking the boy away. Genki screamed in pain as he flew through the air. Holly felt her heart stop as the boy hit the ground, bones snapping like mere twigs.

"GENKI!" She cried, running over to her limp friend.


P.O.V. Time! ^_~


Oh God no… I thought as Genki slammed harshly into the ground. Please let him be okay…please let him be okay…please let him be okay…I kept repeating it in my head as I ran full speed over to my fallen friend. But as I skidded to a halt and looked at Genki, my gut told me he would not be okay. First of all, he sounded like his lungs were about to collapse. Second, Hare thought Genki bled a lot when boulders almost crushed him, well, that was nothing compared to this. Third…let's just say there is no possible way bones can twist like that.

"GENKI!" I cried, kneeling down by his side, "Genki! Please answer me!" I had never had a harder time holding back tears. Genki groaned and his eyes twitched before opening slowly.

"Holly, I'm a fool," he said hoarsely.

"No, you’re not," I disagreed.

"Yes, I am," he objected, "I'm a fool for not thinking. I should've listened to you. Now I'm paying the price." Genki groaned and closed his eyes as he breathing sounded more excruciating. In the background, Moo cursed as Pixie laughed about something that had to do with leaving a deep gash in someone's eye.

Hot tears stinging, I closed my eyes and began to pray silently. I prayed to God above that he stop Moo and make him pay for all the evil he's done. I prayed that I would not lose any of my monster friends to that demon. But most of all, I prayed and pleaded that Genki live.

Please, Lord, PLEASE let Genki live. If you do nothing else, give Genki the gift of life. Please don't ignore me, God, please….



Pain. That was the word to describe what I felt. That and, well, pain. God, you don't know what pain is until you have to struggle to breathe. My breaths came out painfully, making it harder on me to get air into my lungs. I admit I've been naïve in the past, but I defiantly should have held back from attacking Moo. I mean, I may be fast on my blades, but what chance did I have against him? Now because of my impulsive actions, I had been forced to pay…and I was afraid it was with my life.

Sheesh, what a jerk I am. I thought to myself as I barely opened my eyes to look at Holly. Her eyes were closed as hot, salty tears streamed down her cheeks. I had made her cry. It was easy to tell Holly was trying to hold the tears back. I've forced back tears before, and I know what it looks like. Although Holly wasn't a pro at holding back tears like I was. Maybe that's good thing. I mean, she needs to let it out sometimes, right?

End of P.O.Vs……for now……..~_^


"BIG BANG!" Pixie shot a blue ball of energy that smacked Moo's chest. Moo roared in pain and lashed out at Pixie, but missed.

The Phoenix "yelled." A huge orange beam shot out of his mouth.

"WHAT?!" Moo bellowed. The beam slammed into and through his stomach as he spat out gallons of blood.

"BLASTED REBELS!" he roared. "YOU'VE RUINED EVERYTHING!!!" And with that, Moo slammed to the ground, dead. Moo shrived into a Lost Disk as Suezo cheered.

"YES, YES, YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" he shouted, hopping up and down. "WE'VE DEFEATED MOO!!!!!!!!!!" The other monsters cheered.

"And just to be safe…" Big Blue trailed off. He raised his huge arm over the Lost Disk and slammed his fist into it, shattering it.

"Well, Moo won't be coming back anytime soon," Pixie said happily.

"You did pretty good, Tiger," Hare said, smiling.

"You didn't do too bad yourself," Tiger replied, returning the grin. From where he lay in agony, Genki smiled.

"We've won Holly," he said weakly, "it's over…and I don't just mean the fight with Moo…" Holly tried her best to force a smile on her face, but didn't do too well.

"Genki, I--" Genki suddenly started coughing violently. "Genki?!" she asked worriedly.

"Holly, I'm dying…right now…" Genki barely managed to choke out.

"NO!" Holly sobbed, holding Genki close to her. "You can't die!" Genki smiled weakly.

"I have no choice," he said softly. Genki feebly lifted his hand up and touched Holly's cheek gently. "Goodbye, Holly…." Genki took one last gasp of air, then fell completely limp. At first Holly was still from shock, but then she regained her senses.

"NO! GENKI!" She cried. "You can't die! You can't die! We all need you!" She rested her head on Genki's chest, gripping his torn shirt, and began sobbing. "I need you…."

How will I start

Tomorrow without you here?

The monsters slowly walked over, Golem carrying Yosho.

"GENKI, CHI!" Mocchi cried as the group got closer to the dead Genki and sobbing Holly.

"Crap!" Pixie exclaimed, flapping over to the humans as Golem and Big Blue exchanged worried looks.

Whose heart will guide me

When lonely answers disappear?

"Genki…." Holly's tears soaked her cheeks and Genki's shirt, but she didn't care.

"Holly, are you okay?" Pixie asked softly after a moment of silent sadness. Her only reply was the double in Holly's sods.

Is it too late?

Are you too far gone to stay?

Is this one forever?

Should never have to go away

"Genki, chi…" Mocchi sniffled, wiping away his tears as Hare put a gentle hand on his shoulder.

What will I do?

You know I’m only half without you

How will I make it through?

"Genki, if only…." Holly's sobs kept her from finishing her sentence. As Holly continued to sob, memories flooded into her mind like a raging river. (The parts in * * are flashback scenes, and the <><> are when it goes to another flashback from a different episode, k?)

*Holly blinked as books, papers, and a boy landed on the Shrine ground. Her Suezo sweated as the boy ran around, holding his sore butt, going "Owowowowowow!"

"Where did you come from?" She asked the strange boy. Before he could really answer, Black Dinos ran into the room and attacked them.


Holly, Suezo, a Mocchi monster, and the boy barely made it out of the Shrine alive. It had collapsed, with the Black Dinos inside. The two humans gasped for air after running and fighting so much. The boy smiled and offered Holly his hand.

"Here. You did pretty good back there." The boy said.

"You didn't do too bad yourself." Holly replied, taking the boy's hand as he helped her up. As Holly dusted herself off, the boy introduced himself as Genki.

"Genki, I'm Holly." Holly said, shaking his hand. The two of them laughed as they continued to shake hands until Suezo broke it up. *

If only tears could bring you back to me

If only love could find a way


*Pixie chuckled as she blasted her Lighting attack at Genki and Mocchi.

"GENKI!" Holly cried as the boy and his monster flew into the canyon. Holly tried to run over to them, but Pixie's Clays held her back. Pixie slowly walked over to the edge of the canyon ditch.

"Oh my, it seems they've left---and didn't even say goodbye," she mocked. "How rude!"

Holly lay her sad eyes on the canyon as she and the monsters were carted off by the badies.


What I would do,

What I would

Give if you


*A vein appeared on Suezo's head as he hauled another boulder onto a cart.

"What is it with these guys?" He grumbled. "Pick up the rocks, put down the rocks. Pick up the rocks, put down the rocks. Does it ever stop?"

"It stops when they take us to Moo, Suezo, so enjoy it while you can 'cause this is as good as it gets!" Hare replied, irritated. Golem spoke up and said they should escape as Tiger agreed, saying he was ready to break free anytime Holly disagreed with them and gave a short lecture to Tiger that if they left, Pixie would just take her hate out on the other slaves.

"And we don't have Genki or Mocchi to help, either," Suezo added, closing his eye. Holly's eyes saddened as she looked down. "No more Cherry Blossom Blizzard, no more Kiss the Sky…." Holly looked up into the noon sky.

"M…m-maybe they're okay," She said hopefully as Hare agreed. Holly said nothing else as her light brown hair flowed in the breeze.*

Return to me someday,

Somehow, someway,


*Genki ran into the slaves' cells.

"Genki! Over here!" Holly's voice called. Genki turned his head to see his friend behind bars. He ran over to them as Holly clutched the iron barricade.

"Hey Guys!" Genki said happily.

"It's about time, kid!" Suezo said, smiling.

"We thought it would take forever and a day for you to climb out of there!" Holly exclaimed.

"Naw, it was a piece of cake for me and Mocchi," Genki bragged, smiling along with Holly.*

If my tears could bring you back

To me


*"HOLLY!" Genki cried, rushing into the room along with the monsters. Moo chuckled evilly as the monsters and Genki growled, Genki putting his arm out to protect Holly.


I’d cry you an ocean

If you’d sail on home again

Holly gasped as Moo used his powers to slam her friends against the hard, thick glass window. Moo laughed as her friends lay crumbled in a heap. Genki groaned and slowly tried to get up.

"YOU!" Moo growled. Genki looked up weakly as Moo grabbed him with one hand, lifting him up.

"You're just an…over-grown…bully…." Genki growled as he grunted in pain from the tight grasp on his body. Moo laughed.

"OH REALLY?" He mocked.

"Stop it…STOP IT!" Holly cried, stepping forward.


"I give up," Holly said, close to tears. Moo chuckled evilly.*


Waves of emotions

Will carry you back home again

Just let love guide you

And your heart will chart the course


(~ Note: I made this flashback up---I added it to the episode with Gooji…forgot the name….)

*Holly sighed as she leaned against the side of the ship.

Father, where are you? She thought sadly.

"Holly?" A gentle voice asked from behind her. Holly blinked and turned around to see Genki walk up next to her, leaning on the railing.

"What's up?" Holly looked away sadly.

"I-it's nothing." She replied. Genki frowned.

"Holly, it's okay. You can tell me. You can trust me." He said softly. Holly looked back at him.

Soon you’ll be drifting

Into the arms of your true north

Those clear brown eyes…how she loved to look into them…but now wasn't the time to get caught up in her emotions.

"Really, it's nothing, Genki….." she said, looking back out at the ocean. Genki frowned again.

"If you say so…"*

Look in my eyes

You’ll see a million tears have gone by

And still they’re not dry…


*Genocider raised his spear to impale Genki.

"Goodbye, human…" he hissed.


Genocider's eyes snapped as his spear broke in two. "WHAT?" Genki and the monsters looked over to see who had broken the badie's weapon.

"HOLLY?" They gasped. Holly stood up straight and put her dagger back in its sheath.

"Don't touch Genki," she growled at Genocider.

"Holly…" Genki whispered as his eyes wavered.*

If only tears could bring you back to me

If only love could find a way


*"Holly, we have to go back and help them!" Genki exclaimed.

"Genki, you can't fight, and you know I don't. " Holly replied.

"We have to do something!"

"Golem told me to find you a doctor, and that's what I'm doing." Holly said.

"Holly, quit worrying about me," Genki said, "one human isn't more important than six monsters."

Holly was silent.


"Genki, you're part of the group. Every single member of our group is important, you've even said it yourself." Holly finally said.


"I've got you now, you lousy humans!" a voice hissed from behind them. Holly and Genki glanced back.

"Oh crap! Naga's coming in fast!" Genki exclaimed. "Holly, hurry up!"

"I can't…you're too heavy…"

"Then leave me here!"



Holly screamed as Naga's arm missed her by mere inches.

"Holly, get out of here. You need to escape. It doesn't matter what happens to me."

"No, I'd rather be attacked by Naga then leave you behind, Genki."


Once again, Holly seemed to at a loss for words.*


What I would do, what I would

Give if you

Return to me someday,


*"I just hope we don't find Moo real soon," Holly said as the sun rose in the horizon. "We're not quite ready for another battle yet."

"We will fight when the time comes," Genki replied weakly from beside her. He held out his hand as Holly blinked. "Together." He smiled. Holly found herself smiling back.

"Together," she agreed, clapping her hand against Genki's.

"HAI!" The monsters concluded, Hare and Mocchi jumping into the air with glee as the others laughed. Even Genki.*

Somehow, someway,

If my tears could bring you back

To me


I hold you close

Holly sobbed more, holding Genki's bloody and cold body closer to her.

And shout the words

I only whispered before

"Genki…" she sobbed. "If only you knew….that I love you…." The monsters looked at each other sadly.

"Poor Holly….she didn't deserve this…nor did Genki…" Tiger whispered as Gray Wolf nodded..

For one more chance

For one last dance

In spite of pain that

I would laugh and know

"No…." More tears streamed down Holly's cheeks as she remembered all the times Genki had made her laugh when she was sad. Like the time she had told her friends the story about when her father had been banished…and her village had been attacked…

Yosho groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

"Wha happened?" he asked groggily. He looked over to see his daughter weeping over a dead boy. Yosho blinked and looked up at Golem. "What happened? Where's Moo?"

"Moo is. Dead. " Golem replied softly. "But not before. Getting. Genki…" Yosho looked back over at Holly and Genki.

"You mean that boy over there?" Golem nodded. Yosho's eyes softened as he heard Holly's sobs. "She loved him, didn't she?"

"Hai.." Golem answered sadly. Yosho's eyes teared.


If only tears could bring you back to me

If only love could find a way

What I would do, what I would

Give if you

Return to me someday,

Somehow, someway,

If my tears could bring you back

To me……….

"…why you…why not me?" Holly cried, burying her face into Genki's chest. Mocchi looked down sadly.

"Genki, chi….."

"Poor kid……." Suezo cried. Golem was silent, eyes frozen ahead like he was in a trance.

"Well, a-at least it'll cost us less money to eat now," Hare said, trying to crack a joke. Tiger growled at Hare, tear in his eyes.

"HARE! This is no time for your pathetic jokes!" he growled, voice quaky. Hare's ears drooped.

"You're right," he said softy.

"What the--?" Pixie's voice grumbled from behind them. Holly blinked as she felt Genki's body get warmer. "Huh?" Holly wiped away some of her tears to see Genki glowing gold. "Genki?" The wounds across Genki's chest disappeared as everyone heard the sound of bones fixing and rearranging themselves. Genki's eyes twitched as he groaned.

"Ow, what happened?" he mumbled.

"I don't believe it…" Holly gasped. "GENKI!"

"Huh?" Genki had barely opened his eyes completely when he found himself tightly embraced by Holly. "Uh…hey! What's with the warm greeting?" As Holly laughed/cried happily, the monsters and Yosho looked at each other, confused.

"I don't get it…what happened?" Hare asked.

"Who cares?" Suezo replied. "Genki's back!" As the other monsters agreed and went over to Genki, Tiger looked up at the rising sun to see the Phoenix fly off into the distance.

his voice echoed in Tiger's mind as the monster smiled.

"Thanks, pal…" He walked over to the others. Genki laughed as Mocchi hopped onto his lap. "Hey Mocchi!"

"Genki, chi chi!" Mocchi said happily. The two of them laughed.

"Say guys," Genki asked after a moment, "Why am I here? The last thing I remember is blacking out."

"Well kid," Tiger replied, "you died, but Phoenix friend revived ya." Genki blinked.

"He did?" he asked as Holly touched Genki's forehead.

"But you're still bleeding, Genki," she said as she looked at the blood on her fingertips. Genki blinked and touched his forehead.

"You're right!" he said, looking at his hand. "But, it doesn't hurt that much."

"We still need to get you some medical attention," Hare said, "so let's go!"


"I found someone," Pixie said as she flapped over to the rebels.

"Really?" Hare asked. "You found someone to bring us back to Toriyama?" (Holly's village--CP made up the name) Pixie nodded.

"Yep. Hey guys! Come over here!" she called up. A minute later, a Stone Dragon, Igneous, and Volcani landed.

"Igneous! Volcani!" Holly exclaimed. "You're back!"

"Yeah, well, we decided we should help you all back home safely." Volcani said.

"And wouldn't ya know," Igneous continued, "we ran into an old friend of ours. Guys, meet Rocky." (Okay, stupid name, but I couldn't think of anything better.) Golem blinked at the Stone dragon.

"Rocky?" He asked. Rocky blinked back at Golem.

"Golem?" He asked.

"You know him, Golem?" Gray Wolf asked. Golem nodded.

"He is. Old. Friend of. Mine. The. Phoenix. Must have. Revived him." Golem said. Rocky nodded.

"Hai, that's right." He said. "He is. Old. Friend of. Mine. The. Phoenix. Must have. Revived him." Golem said. Rocky nodded.

"Hai, that's right." He said.

"It's good. To have you. Back." Golem went on. Rocky smiled.

"Thank you friend Golem," he replied. Rocky leaned down. "Now, I understand all of you guys need a ride?" The rebels smiled as the all climbed onto a Dragon. Everyone except Pixie, Yosho and Hare got on Rocky while Golem and Big Blue grabbed the Magma Hearts' feet while Yosho and Hare climbed onto the Dragons' backs.

"Are you sure you can carry us?" Big Blue asked. Volcani laughed.

"Don't worry about us, Big Blue," he said, "Igneous and I have carried heavier things."

"Is that everyone?" Rocky asked. The rebels nodded. "Okay then, let's go!" The three Dragon hybrids flew up and over the trees.

"Say Miss," Rocky said softy to Holly. "You think you could possibly lead us to your home? I think Pixie said it was called Toriyama…." Holly hesitated.

"Well, I'm not sure…."

"Holly, see if the Stone works," Genki suggested.

"That's not such a bad idea," Suezo said, "go ahead, give it a try, Holly."

"Alright." Holly sighed and closed her eyes, concentrating hard. Phoenix, help me find my way to Toriyama. The Stone glew red and hovered in her hands. After a moment's pause, the Phoenix appeared and turned into an arrow, pointing northeast.

"It worked!" Suezo said happily.

"Alright then, Rocky," Genki said, "let's move on! To the northeast!"

"You got it!" Rocky replied as he and the other two Dragons changed their course.


With Holly double-checking the Magic Stone every once in a while, the group reached Toriyama by dawn the next day.

"Wow. Holly, look!" Suezo woke up the sleeping Holly.

"Huh? Wha izzit?" Holly asked groggily. Suezo grinned.

It's Pink Eye and the others! They're revived!"

"Really?" Holly asked, sitting up, almost knocking Genki off.

"Ow." Genki mumbled, half-awake as Mocchi and Suezo grabbed him to keep him from falling.

"Sorry Genki," Holly said, sweating. She looked over Rocky's head to see all the monsters in her village up and walking about. "Down there, Rocky."

"Got cha," Rocky replied, slowly and carefully landing himself as Volcani and Igneous copied him. Holly climbed off of Rocky and helped Genki down.

"Thank you, Rocky," she told the Stone Dragon gratefully. Rocky smiled.

"You're very welcome, Holly," he replied. "Now, if you don't mind, I think I'm gonna talk to Golem and catch up on the times."

"You go do that," Holly said, nodding. Rocky got up and walked over to Golem.

"Holly!" a voice called. Holly turned her head to See Pink Eye, Blue Hare, and Rover run over.

"Hey guys!" Holly said happily, slowly going over to them, as she had to help Genki walk. The three monsters came over and hugged, or, attempted to hug, her.

"I missed you all so much!" Holly said, happy tears streaming down her face.

"These your friends you were talking about?" Genki asked.

"Well, some of them," Holly replied. Genki nodded.

"Who are these guys?" Blue Hare asked, looking over at the rebels and Genki.

"We're also Holly's friends," Genki answered, "the ones who helped defeat Moo."

"Actually, we MONSTERS defeated Moo," Suezo corrected, "YOU almost got yourself killed!" Genki sweated and blushed as a vein appeared on Pink Eye's head.

"Please give me strength," she mumbled before looking Suezo down. "LISTEN YOU, NO REALLY CARES WHO DEFEATED MOO RIGHT NOW, AS LONG AS HE'S GONE! AND NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT FROM A LOUD-MOUTH LIKE YOU!!!" Suezo sweated and fell over as everyone else but pink eye laughed.

"Interesting friends ya got, Holly," Genki said. Holly laughed nervously and sweated.


That night the group of friends slept inside the remains of a stable. Genki tossed and turned as the others slept soundly.

The Phoenix's words ran in his dream.

What is it?

But I don't have a way back.

But what about my friends? Can't I say goodbye?

Genki woke with a start and looked around. the entrance to the stable glew brightly, yet he was the only one awake.

The Phoenix told him. Genki slowly got up and picked up his backpack, then walked out the door. The Phoenix stood outside patiently waiting for.

Genki turned his head back to the stable, taking one last look at his friends.

Goodbye everyone. He thought. I'll miss you all. Tiger, Gray Wolf… He looked at the sleeping brothers. Hare, Suezo… Genki glanced over at them. Golem, Big Blue… He glanced over to see both rock monsters leaning against the wall, snoring slightly. Pixie, Mocchi… Genki looked at the two remaining monsters. Holly…. He flinched as he looked at her beautiful face as she slept, possibly for the last time. Genki quickly wiped a tear away from his eye and turned back to the Phoenix.

"Will I ever return?" He asked.

The Phoenix told him. Genki nodded sadly and walked over to him.

"Goodbye guys," he whispered just before the Phoenix and he disappeared.


"I don't get it, where could he be?" Holly asked worriedly. The crew had spent the whole morning searching for Genki, yet there was still no sign of him. Golem finally spoke up for the first time that day.

"Maybe. Genki go. Back. Home." He suggested.

"What?" Hare asked, "is that possible?"

"Now that I think of it, that makes a lot of sense." Tiger said.

"But how?" Suezo asked.

"The Phoenix…" Pixie trailed off. Everyone fell silent and looked at the sky as it started to rain.

"Genki, we'll miss ya kid," Gray Wolf said quietly as the other monsters mumbled in agreement. They turned around and slowly walked back to the Toriyama ruins. Holly, however, remained where she was, letting the raindrops hit her cheeks and frowning.

Genki… Then her frown slowly turned into a smile. Genki, I'll see you again one day, I can feel it in my heart…. Holly looked down and tediously followed the others. Until then, goodbye, my friend…

From above her, a rain cloud formed into the shape of a baseball cap.

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