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The Gym

He looked out the gym window. No, not Ash, but the leader. His gym looked like a haunted house. His name was Poisen Pin. He could remember the day that a Koffing was hurt so much (due to his trainer) P.P. was able to catch it. He later learned that The Koffing had Psychic powers too. Then at reality, he gave the Elite 4 his Nidoqueen. Then he saw a trainer up ahead running toward his door.

"Ash! Come back here!" Misty yelled. It was the usual with them. Only this time it was dangerous. Ash was running and bumped into the gym. He didn't see Misty or Brock come up to him. "I can win this!" Ash yelled as he ran in. "Pika!"

"Looks like another trainer, Wheezing." P.P. told his pokemon. "Wheez." it said back. As they walked down the steps, they could hear Ash whining. "Where's the gym leader?" "Right here." P.P. said calmly. "OK, Pikachu! Thunder!" Ash called to his pokemon. If Wheezing was hurt, it didn't show any pain!