The New Author

                                By Ice-2


Hello my faithful audience, I'm a new fanfic writer person!

Anyways, I will make the MR crew wish they didn't know me! MWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will make them suffer for what they did to me! Unless that was my brother…  probably was, but who cares! Any way on with the fanfic! (Nothing happens) I said on with it! (nothing still happens) George! (nothing) Fine, I'll do it myself! I'm cutting your pay check! (Screen turns black)



Ice 2: Okay, let's see, we need the MR and the Tenchi crew

(They all appear)

Tenchi: Where are we?

Genki: That's a good question.

Holly: Yup.

Ice 2: Welcome my friends! Welcome to my wonderful world of…stuff.

All: What????????

Ice 2: I'm your new author! *_* (Stary eyed) Finally, my turn to torture you!

All: -_-;;;; Great, another one…

Ice 2: Come on, it's not that bad! I'm just evil!

Genki: Did you come from the nut house?

Ice 2: Yes ^_^

All: 0.0;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Genki: Thought so…

Ice 2: Come on Genki poo! Give me a chance!

Genki: Genki poo?! Who told you that?

Everyone else: (bursts into laughter)

Genki: Stop it!

Ice 2: Guess what Genki?! I'm going to torture you the most! Because you're my fav character! But of coarse I'm not just going to torture you, I'll also torture Holly!

Holly: What?! Why?

Ice 2: Because you’re his girlfriend! I know what you've been doing. Naughty, naughty Holly!

Holly: #O.O#;;

Suezo: Holly, how could you?!

Ice 2: I also know what Suezo, Hare and Tiger does too!

The three of them: 0.0

Ice 2: Suezo orders perverted magazines! Hare dreams he's kissing Tiger! And Tiger sucks his thumbs and cries daddy when he's sleeping!

(All three faint)

Ice 2: And Tenchi also orders magazines of Ryoko and Ayeka!

Ryoko and Ayeka: (Glares at Tenchi)

Tenchi: O.O (runs away)

Ayeka and Ryoko: (chases after him)

Rest of the Tenchi crew chases after them

Ice 2: I still don't have anything on Mochi or golem yet, but I will soon!!!

Told you I was evil!

Genki: Your not that evil…

Ice 2: Really? You'll pay for that! (Pushes a big red button)

Genki: (Falls in a hole) Where am I?

Barney: Look who's here guys!


Back in Ice 2's world-

Holly: Genki? Where are you? Ice 2, where did you drop him?

Ice 2: One of the evilest places on earth.

Golem: Why is your world black?

Ice 2: Because I didn't turn the lights on, duh! (Pushes a pink button)   

My world's has a pink sky, purple grass, red water, and fluffy pink bunnies in a top hat with little canes dancing the can-can, and a pink flying donkeyflying around

MR crew: O.O; (runs away)

Ice 2: Run as much as you can you can't escape my world! MMMMMMMMWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! (ding) Oooooh! My cookies are done! (walks away)

That is how I started torturing the MR crew! Hm. I think I forgot about something. Oh, well, it'll came back to me. Eventually. C-ya guys!

Barney's world-