"The    Power    of    an    Author"    By:    Cybernator1

*Hhhhhhmmmmmm. What should I write about today? I got it! First we'll need Genki.*

Genki appears out of nowhere.

Genki: "What am I doing here?"

*I need you for a new story.*

Genki: "Another one!? But you've wrote eightteen(I really have)!"

*Don't question my authority! And we'll need Trigger. (whispering)I'll need Tiger too(stops whispering).*

Genki: "Ooohhhhhh. But that little brat is so annoyingly cute and he has an upstuck, self-centered father!"

*Uuuuuuhhhhhh, Genki? Look behind you.*

Genki looks behind him and sees a VERY angry Tiger.


Tiger: "Little brat huh. Upstuck am I!!"

Genki: "Heh heh. Um, I was only kidding."

*He said that truthfully! I heard him!*

Tiger starts beating up Genki.

*Oh yeah. And I'll need Holly, Hare, Golem, Mocchi and Suezo.*

Everyone else appears along with Trigger.

Holly: "Not another fanfic!"

Mocchi: "Chi!"

Hare: "Why is Tiger beating up Genki?"

*Don't ask. You can stop beating on Genki now(Tiger doesn't stop). Please stop(Tiger still doesn't stop. (in a large booming voice)STOP!!!!!!*

Tiger and Genki stop.

*Now can we please get on with this before I forget my ideas!?*

Everyone: "Okay."

*Now. All of you have to wonder aimlessely through a forest.*

Suezo: "We've done that before."

*Oh yeah. I know!"

Everyone but Tiger dissappears.

Tiger: "Why am I the only one left? And whats with that evil glint in your eye?"

*I desided that before I start the story I'll have a little fun.*

Five minutes later.....

Tiger: "(spits out passifier)GET ME OUTTA THS THING!!!!"

Tiger is in a baby cairrage in a daiper and baby bonnet!

*Nah. Hhhhhhheeeeeyyyy. Oh Grey Wolf?*

Tiger: "No! Don't bring him! Anything but that! Please! Anything but that!"

Grey Wolf appears and once he sees Tiger he rolls on the floor laughing.

Tiger: "Either get rid of him or GET ME OUT OF THIS!"


Grey Wolf dissappears along with the cairrage, hood and daiper.

Tiger: "Why do you do these things to me?"

*Cause your my favorite charecter.*

Tiger: "Am I supposed to take that as a complament?"

*No. Now, on with the story!*

Another five minutes later Tiger is changing a daiper on Trigger in front of everybody!

Everyone else exept Trigger: "AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!"

Tiger: "I hate you."

*Without me Trigger would'nt even exist. Okay, thats enough.*

Everything returns to normal. Tiger gets a evil little smile on his face.


Tiger whispers something into Genki's ear, who whispers something into Holly's ear and so-on until it reaches Suezo.

Suezo: "Hay, Moo!"

Moo appears.

*What are you doing?*

Suezo whispers something into Moo's ear.

Moo: "Okay."

Moo makes a large blue portal appear wich Genki and Holly go through and appear through another portal in Mike's(me) room!

*Hey! What are you doing in here!?*

Holly drags Mike through the portal and they both appear on the other side.

Tiger: "I'm really going to enjoy this."

Mike: "Uh oh."

*So Holly, What should we do to him?*

Holly: "How about,(whispers something to Genki.)"

*Oh your so bad.*

Holly: "I know."

Mike: "What are you going to do to me?"

Mike dissappears and reappears in a strange land.

Mike: "Where am I?"

The land is very hilly with little talking flower patches scattered around. The ground has little bunnies popping out of holes everywhere. But, the most distinctive thing about this world was that the sun had a baby's face right in the middle making sickiningly cute noises!


The four Teletubbies pop out of a strange house one by one.

Tinkie Winkie: "Tinkie Winkie!"

Dipsie: "Dipsie!"

La La: "La La!"

Po: "Po!"

All: "Teletubbies!"

Tinkie Winkie: "Look! A new friend!"

La La: "Lets hug him!"

Mike: "GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!"

Holly: "I think he's starting to crack."


Mike: "THEY'RE HUGGING ME!!!!!!!"

Golem: "Should we bring him back?"


Everyone from monster Rancher: "Nnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaahhhhhh."


The End