Author's Notes:

This story is rated PG for some violence and a couple of name callings. Basically, all the stuff the dubbed version of MR cut out.

Genki: "Da! Kuto!" -Eternal Worm; jap version

In the jap. version, violence is used to make a point. For example, Alan whipped Genki in the face yet later on, Genki helped him. That's why Holly, Golem and Suezo looked so surprised when he screamed, "I'm in the zone!!!" or in jap. "I won't allow you to get away with this!!!" I'm using that kind of method here.

This story takes place a day before Holly and Suezo unlocked Genki.

"The Disk" By: CP

Holly and Suezo walked along a dirt path towards a small village. Suezo sweated and looked up at Holly.

"Holly, do we really have to stop" he asked.

Holly nodded, sweating a little, "To say good-bye just in case..."

Suezo nodded, understanding. "I don't like to think about that, but I guess we have to plan the worst if we're facing Moo..."

The two were silent for a moment. Suddenly, Holly gasped, reaching under her shirt to get the Magic Stone. Suezo sweated, such a place to reach down. He smirked at the thought as Holly looked at her glowing Magic Stone.

"A Mystery Disk is nearby!!" Holly exclaimed happily.

Suezo grinned and threw out his bag, shovels and everything flying all over creation. Soon, him and Holly dug excitedly and soon, Holly's shovel clanked onto a Mystery Disk. She clawed it out with her hands and held it up infront of her face.

"All right!" Suezo exclaimed.


Holly turned in time to get a frying pan thrown at her face, knocking her to the ground with spirals replacing her eyes and a large, red mark on her face. Suezo sweated as an old woman beat him on the head with a broom.

"How dare you two dig on my property?!" the hag exclaimed.

Holly got up, face still red as she held her nose painfully, "We're sorry, but I didn't know this land was owned by anyone."

The hag's lips twisted in a snarl, "Well, ask someone first!"

Suddenly, Suezo broke out in laughter, "You're Coltia's GRANDMOTHER!!!"

Holly blinked as Suezo laughed, "Oh yeah.."


"Oooohhhh grandma!!!! Why did you hurt Miss Holly?" Coltia, a girl similar in many ways to Holly, but alot smaller. She placed a wet cloth on Holly's face as a Vixen sweated behind her. "Poor Miss Holly..."

The Vixen sighed, "Coltia.. Holly is okay."

"But Achika......," Coltia wailed, eyes huge and wavering as she looked at her Vixen. "Such a thing to do to Miss Hollyyyyy...."

Suezo sweated with holly, "She isn't dead, Colt."

Coltia's grandmother snorted, "Yet."

Coltia's mother, a tall brown haired woman with green eyes looked at her grumpy mother, "Mother!"

Coltia leaped onto a table and exclaimed passionately, "I...a DEFENDER OF JUSTICE!! Will help Miss Holly get to the Shrine.."

Holly sweated with Suezo again, "We really don't need much help.."


Coltia marched ahead boldly as the three others walked behind her.

"Does she hear a word I say?" Holly asked as they sweated.

"Probably not," Achika said with a laugh. "Coltia-chan only hears what she wants to hear."

Holly nodded, "Hai, hai."

Coltia stopped dead suddenly as she went pale, "WWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

Holly, Achika and Suezo gasped as Coltia was hit by a black tail on the head. She fell backwards into Achika's arms.

"Owies," Coltia murmured as a bump throbbed on her head, tears steaming out of her eyes.

"Damnit!" Achika hissed, looking up to see a group of Black Dinos.

The Captain laughed, "Hahahaha! Give us that Mystery Disk, you trouble makers! Didn't you know Master Moo gave us this land?!"

Holly stepped forward, "Moo doesn't own anything!! Neither do you!!"

Suezo agreed, "That's right!!"

Achika stepped forward, "Let me handle this!"

The Black Dinos laughed in amusement as Achika powered up a Lightning attack.

"LIGHTNING!!" she exclaimed, zapping the Black Dinos who roared in pain.

The Captain rushed forward and head butted Achika into the air, then smashed her down with his tail onto Suezo. She clenched her teeth in pain as Suezo's eye turned into a whirling spiral.

"ACHIKA!" Coltia exclaimed.

A Black Dino pushed Holly into a tree and grabbed the Disk, walking away, leaving Holly to slid to the ground, coughing for air. The group laughed as they watched her weakly try to get up.

"It's just a disk, little girl, don't be foolish to go against Moo-sama," Captain laughed.

Holly ignored him and stumbled forward, still breathing hard for the wind that was knocked out of her.

"Miss...Holly...," Coltia gasped, eyes wavering.

"FLAME TACKLE!!" Captain exclaimed, hitting Holly back into the tree with his body.

"STOP IT!!" Coltia wailed, eyes tearing at the torture. (*in jap. version, the monsters LOVE to torture the humans like this..)

Holly merely got up again as the Dinos laughed at her stupidity. She stumbled forward, some blood staining her shoulder.

"Holly, forget about the disk," Achika coughed. "Please..Miss Holly.."

"I can't," Holly replied tiredly, stepping towards the Captain who mocked her with the Mystery Disk in his hands. " telling get it matter how bad..the pain.."

The Dinos lined up and whipped her as she passed by. Holly only moved forward, slowing a little, until she reached the Captain, knees trembling in pain. He chuckled as she looked into his beady black eyes.

"D_damn you..," she murmured before falling right infront of his feet.

He frowned and kicked her infront of Suezo as she yelped. Suezo gasped as Achika glowed. He looked at the unconscious Holly.

"Holly? Holly?!" he gasped.

She didn't even flinch, she was out.

"SONIC....BBBBBBEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Achika suddenly screamed.

The Black Dinos gasped as a huge Sonic Beam blew them away. The Captain dropped the Disk as they were sent flying into the air, far away.


Holly woke up in a warm bed about two hours later. Her head throbbed in complaint from the bright sun. Suezo put a wet cloth on her head as she looked up at him.

"Everyone okay?" she asked.

Suezo nodded, "Are you?" He suddenly frowned, his eye looking hurt, scared and angry. "How could you do such a stupid thing?! With our luck, it'll be a worthless Hare or something!"

Holly smiled, "We'll find out tomorrow."

A vein burst on Suezo's head, "Just a minute---!"

Holly smiled, "Good night. "

And to Suezo's displeasment, she fell asleep in mockery. He frowned and sighed.

"Holly... I wonder if I'm really fit to be your guardian...," he sighed.


"Oooh! Don't forget to write!!" Coltia wailed, wiping her tears away with a cloth.

Her grandmother nodded, "If you know how to."

"Mother!" Coltia's mom exclaimed with a sweat. "Be careful you too!"

Coltia's dad agreed, "Suezo, if she gets dizzy, come right back to us! Even if you have to drag her back!"

Holly and Suezo grinned and nodded. They stood about two feet away from the house, waving good-bye. Achika grinned and gave them a peace sign with her fingers. Holly laughed with Suezo, then walked away to the Shrine.


Holly and Suezo tripped flat on their faces with Coltia's family.


About 40 minutes later, the two walked down a dusty area with long cliffs surrounding them.

"I wonder what happen to the Black Dinos," Suezo questioned.

Suddenly, a group of roars called from behind them. Suezo sweated with Holly, looking back to see the group running towards them at full speed.

"Oh! Darn!!" Holly exclaimed as the two took off.

"I JUST HAD TO SAY IIITTT!!!!" Suezo agreed.

The Black Dinos roared as the Captain exclaimed, "RETURN THE MYSTERY DISK!!"

Suezo exclaimed, "NOT TO YOU GUYS!! NO WAY!!" He turned in midrun and spat all over them.


A young boy fell backwards onto his back, a blob of spit on his face. "I might be dreaming, but I think I just got spat on!"



Holly exclaimed, "Hurry! They're gaining on us!"

"Wah-ha-hhhoooyyyy!" Suezo exclaimed as they rushed into the Shrine.

Holly set up the Disk and rushed back to the button to concentrate on it. Suezo kept a look out.


He leaned forward, after switching Disks..waiting...waiting... The girl concentrated hard, light reflecting off her face. He grinned and just as she opened her mouth...


The beginning........