"Aw get over it, ya bunch of wimps! Don't you have anything BETTER to do with your time?! Come on, Phebes, let's go spit in the river."

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Helga G. Pataki was used in the 1st season as an evil b****. But as her character became more popular, she was used in the later seasons as a foil to Arnold. Her obsession (which goes to the extremes...) with Arnold was used to make funny/romantic stories. She's mostly abused with the show's slapstick comedy. (Getting hit, falling, crashing into things, getting hit by balls)Well, this may be because Helga G. Pataki doesn't cry or complain about pain.

She runs the whole school with two iron fists- Old Betsy and The Five Avengers (don't tell Helga she's only got 4 fingers like the others). SHe teases Arnold and bullies him around so no other kid (or Arnold) can figure out she's madly in love with the boy.

One of the most popular characters, and most complex, Helga stands out of all the other characters.

Helga's Pink Book

Helga Quotes
Helga: "AAAARRNNNNNOOLLLLLDDD!!!" Arnold: "Did you hear something just now?" Gerald: "No."
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