Prologue: The meeting

The Virus War Author's note By Anna of Star Wildfire

Ok. There are few things I want to tell you before you read this story. If you nodding the monsters aren't belong to MR, that's mean those monsters are belong to me. DO NOT steal my monsters!! Ask me before you borrow my monsters!! I don't own Vesta, Keda, and Akira. They're belonging to Sailor Eos (Keda). If you want borrow Keda's monster, ask her and her e-mail is I don't own MR, Holly, or Genki.

I know this story is little confused but I'll try to write clear. I want to let you know something. Keda and Akira are not Ronins in that story. They're different in the story but they can help to stop the evils. Oops! Almost give the hints! Sorry but I'm not telling what's happen in the story! Read on! And enjoy! If you don't understand this story, e-mail me and I'll explain this.


In 150 years before Monster Rancher, the mortals and monsters are living in peace. The queen of Monster Kingdom has long green hair. Her skin is little dark. The queen has bat-like wings on her head and has bat-like wings on her back. (she's look like Morrigan from Night Warriors)

"Mom? When we going have the meeting?" said a human girl.

The Queen's name is Morrigan. She looked at her foster daughter, the princess.

"After the lunch. Don't worry. I'm sure we'll figure that out." Said Morrigan.

Her foster daughter has dark skin. She is 15 year old. Her long hair is black. Her eyes are blue. Her outfit is same as Morrigan's outfit but she is not a monster, she is a human.

"I'm sure the war will over soon, Ana." Said Morrigan.

"I hope so. I'm tired of that war." Said Ana.

She is right. The war that is never end. When Ana is grew up, the war is still fighting, almost all her life. When Ana was three year old, her father turn into evil; was taken over by the virus. He almost tried to give Ana the virus but Morrigan saved her. That's when she want adopted Ana. But the problem is the virus is still inside Ana but her body is fighting against that virus, which mean Ana is little weak and have hard time to try to breathing. Morrgian fear that the virus is killing her or turn her into evil, just like her father.

When her father was take over by the virus, he becomes evil immortal monster. He is going to cause the virus around the air like illness. The monsters and mortals are not living peace anymore. That's why they fighting in the war. The only way to tell when human or monster has virus is their eyes are red or black, like evil and darkness. Ana and Morrigan are tired and sick of that war, the virus, and the fighting. They want the war stopping today.

"It's time for the lunch." Said Morrigan.

"Ok.." said Ana.

Morrigan want Ana stay away from her father. She knew in a day he'll turn her into evil but Morrigan won't let it happen.

Chapter 1: The past

After the lunch, Morrigan and Ana are walking down the hall to go to the meeting. Ana saw something out of the window. She knew who is that.

"Mom?" said Ana.

"Yes?" said Morrigan.

"Can I do something before the meeting? It won't take too long."

"Ok. Don't be too late. I need you to tell why you want the war to be stop."

"Ok, mom." Said Ana.

When Morrigan left, Ana ran to the window and looking down. Nothing. She looked at the tall tree that close to the window.

"Come on! I won't bite!" said Ana, pretend to bite.

A head poped out of the tree. He has green-blue hair. His eyes are yellow.

"Very funny." Said the human boy.

But he is not human. He's look like one but he have point ears. (he's look like Gallon from Night Warriors and yes, I'm fan of Night Warriors)

"Ana? Tonight will be full moon. I know you like to see me to change."

"I know but I'm still love you. Yes, I'll go when everybody are sleeping, Gallon." Said Ana.

Gallon is smiled. Two years ago, he tries to kill himself. He doesn't want his nightmare keep bothers him and don't want to become somebody during the full moon. But when Princess Ana stopped him and told him that he must not to threw his life away. When Gallon met her at first time, she is beautiful. He loves her dark skin so much. Later when the full moon is shining, Ana saw Gallon change into werewolf. Gallon has hard time to try control himself and try not to bite Ana. But thanks to Ana, Gallon know how to control his form. He hears somebody is breathing hard.

"Ana?!" said Gallon.

But Ana isn't standing. Gallon fear that she may faint. He jumped on the window and saw Ana is lying. He is shirtless. His pant is dark blue with red silk around his hips.

"Ana?!" said Gallon, holding Ana.

"It's hurt so much. Please make it stop." said Ana, breathing hard.

Gallon gasped when he saw a black spot on Anna's chest. The virus is getting close to her heart. If it goes, it'll turn her into evil immortal monster, just like her father.

"Ana! Hang on!" said Gallon.

"Ana? What's take you long?" said Morrigan, then gasp.

"Queen Morrigan! The virus is too close her heart!" said Gallon.

"What?!" said Morrigan, running to her.

"All we do is talking and she's collapse!" said Gallon.

"Damn! We need cut that virus out!" said Morrigan.

"Here? Now?" said Gallon.

"Yes! I need the knife or something that is sharp!" said Morrgian, looking around.

Gallon bit his lip. He looked at his hand. The claw came out of his finger. Morrigan knew he is werewolf.

"Tell me what's I do!" said Gallon.

"Cut where that black spot is!" said Morrigan.

Gallon cut where the black spot is. The green stuff came out of her wound. Ana is in pain. When she slowly open her eye, she saw Gallon.

"Gallon." said Ana, then pass out.

"Cut more!" said Morrigan.

At the dawn. The virus is finally stopped. Ana lost too much blood. She needs the rest. The meeting was cancelled. Gallon is worry about Ana. The virus is getting close. What if it was too late? He doesn't want that virus take over Ana. Gallon is watching the sun is going down. It won't be long for the full moon. He is listened Ana's breathing. Her breathing is normal. Ana is resting peaceful on her bed.

"Don't worry, Ana. I'll find the curse and then you'll be free. I want you to be my mate." said Gallon.

He is same Ana's age but he is 16 years old. His birthday was two weeks ago. Ana will be 16 years old soon. Gallon is gasped when he felt the sharp pain through his body. It's about time..

"Gallon?" said Ana.

"Yes?" said Gallon, ran to her and hold her hand.

"The meeting." said Ana.

"It's cancelled."

"No! I want the war is stop!"

"Ana! You're very sick! I don't want that virus take over you like the others!"

"Am I going to have another scar?" said Ana.

Gallon is sighed. She has too many scars. Her scars are all over her arms and her legs. That's why she wearing same outfit that Morrigan wore, to hide the scars. Gallon is yelled in pain. He accident squeeze Anna's hand too hard. But it didn't brother Ana. She knew it's painful to change. Ana saw the full moon.

"Gallon! It's time!" said Ana.

Gallon's hands are turn into white and paw. He is walked away from Ana, in just case he may hurt her. His arms are turn into white and his hair turn into blue. His point ears are getting long. His body is cover of the fur. Gallon's eyes are red. His tail came out of his pant. (cover your eyes if you don't want see this part! ^.^- author) When he is finish transform, his fur is blue and white. (Gallon is Werewolf/Tiger)

"Gallon?" said Ana.

Before he says a word, he is howling at the moon.

Morrigan jerked and jump up. She spilled her drink all over her book.

"Oh. I hate when the werewolves are howling at the moon." said Morrigan, sweatdrops.

Ana is sat up. She is lightheaded. Gallon is breathing hard. When Ana is standing, she is fallen. Before she fell, Gallon caught her.

"Ana! You're too weak to stand!" said the werewolf.

"I know but I want to close to you.." said Ana.

Gallon fear that Ana may know it'll end for her..

"I wish I'm not ill. I want go with you while you're werewolf." Said Ana.

"But Ana, I'm not going anywhere. I'm stay here with you." Said Gallon.

"I wish." said Ana.

"Wish what?"

"To be a monster.."


"So, we can be in love.." said Ana, touching his check.

Gallon saw a tear came out of her eye. He's wish too. Gallon and Ana are in madly love. But the big question is can a human and a monster is in love and has his or her own kids?

"Bite me.." said Ana.

"No! You don't know how to control that!" said Gallon.

"I.. wish there's a way to turn me into a monster.. So.."

"So, what?"

"So I can be free from the virus.." said Ana.

Gallon holds Ana tight. He wants Ana to be free from the virus too.

"I'll find a cruise. I will, my love." Said Gallon.

"My werewolf.." said Ana, listen his heart is beating.

When they're looking each other, their face is getting close, so close. They are kissed. Morrigan stood behind the door. She knew they're in love but can they'll be mate and have kids? Or what if Ana died from childbirth? Or have cancer? What if it's not good for Gallon? Many questions are unanswered. Morrigan wish she had answers. Could there's a way to find the cruise?

At midnight. Gallon woke up. Ana is still in his arms, sleeping. He smells something. Could somebody sneak in the castle? Thought Gallon. He is slowing get up and carries Ana to her bed. When she is lying on the bed, Gallon pulls the blanket on her so she won't be cold. Gallon is walking out of the room. Slowly, he is walking down the hall, try to smell the scent. He thinks that scent may be outside but the scent is inside. The question is where?

When Gallon is walking on third floor, the scent is closing, very close. Everything is happen too fast. He felt the pain. Somebody hit him, hard. When Gallon fell down, he was pass out.

"Sleep well, when Ana is part of me.." said evil monster.

Morrigan woke up and hear a noise. She gets up quick. She want to make sure Ana and Gallon are ok. She is running downstairs. Ana woke up when somebody cover her mouth. Ana can't see his face well but..

"Hello, daughter. It's time for become immortal monster.."

"Daddy?!" said Ana, try to get away but trapping.

"Sorry, Gallon is busy to help you.."

"What's you have done?!" said Ana.

Morrigan came in the room and saw a monster that she knew long time ago.

"You!" said Morrigan.

The unknown monster is very tall. It's hard to see what he is look like in the dark.

"You'll pay for steal my child!" said the monster.

"Wrong! You have no right to plant the virus in Ana! I won't let you take her!" said Morrigan.

"Night scream!!!" said Morrigan.

Her attack straight to the monster but it's didn't work! He hit Morrigan. She flew through the door and hit by the wall.

"MOM!!!!" said Ana, running to her.

"No, she is not. She is not your mother! I'm your father! Join me and my darkness!" said the monster.

"Never!!" yelled Ana.

"Then I have to force you." Said the monster.

At the dawn.. Gallon's body turns into back human form. His tail is disappeared. His long ears are return backs to point ears. When he is finish change, Gallon woke up.

"Ow.. My head.." said Gallon, rubbing his head.

When he look at his hand, it's cover blood.

"Ana!!" said Gallon, get up and running.

On the second floor, Gallon was shocked to saw the lost disc. It's not brown disc, it's gold disc. He smells the blood.

"Ana.." said Gallon.

He saw Ana is laying next by the gold lost disc. He ran to her and picks her up. She is bleeding to death!

"Ana! Please say something!" said Gallon. Ana slowly opened her eyes.

"Gallon.. He was here. He killed Mom.." said Ana.

Gallon was shocked to see the gold lost disc is Morrigan! He can't believe that they lost the queen.

"Who? Who killed her? And what's happen to you?" said Gallon.

"Daddy.." said Ana.

Gallon was shocked. He was here! And hurt his daughter! What's kind of father he is?

"Gallon.." said Ana.

"Yes?" said Gallon.

Ana hold her hand up. Gallon holds her hand, tight.

"I.. want you to stop the war and the virus. Find the cruise." said Ana.

"I'm going to find somebody to help you!" said Gallon.

"No.. It was too late.. Gallon, I love you so much. Don't give up with hope.." said Ana.

Her face is close to Gallon's face. She is kissed Gallon for long time. A tear came out of her eye. Her hand is slowly slid down on Gallon's check. Gallon's eyes jerk opened.

"Ana?" said Gallon, look at her.

She isn't move, non-breathing. Gallon is very shock. Queen Morrigan is dead and now Princess Ana is dead too. The tears came out of his eyes.

"ANA!!! NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Gallon.

150 years later. On the snowy mountain, the place where the Jills lives. One of the Jills, he carries his big ax. He is going to chop the woods. It's been five years since Moo's defect. Everything is peaceful. No fighting, no wars, no baddies, no darkness, and no evils. He's glad that it's all over. He wonders how Granity, Holly and Genki are doing. Genki is returned his world. Granity and Holly are looking for the Mystery disks.

Jill gasped when the huge ice fell down. (where the Phoenix's body was buried) He saw something in the ice. Could a monster was buried in ice? Jill took close look and shock. Inside the ice, there's a human. He doesn't have a shirt on. And he has point ears.

"A human!" said Jill, moving his ax to break the ice.

In awhile, Jill got the human out of the ice. He's not sure if he's alive. He checks his pulse. He's still alive. Jill took him to his hut.

A brown haired girl is sighed. Another big day.. Thought the girl.

"Holly?" said Granity.

"Yes?" said Holly.

She is older and is little tall. Her brown hair is long. She is 16 years old. Granity is still looks same but she is getting tall. She is 24 year old.

"What's you thinking?" said Grantiy.

"Oh, nothing.." said Holly.

"If it's ok with you, we can go to visit Jill."

"You mean the monster who show us Phoenix's body? I remember. You're right. Little visit isn't hurt." Said Holly.

A tall teenage boy is walking down the street. He is in 11th grade. One more year left in high school. He is missing his friends. He wants to return Monster world to visit his friends. He is older than his looks. He is 17 years old.

"Man, the school is getting hard." said Genki.

When he stopped walking, he saw the junkyard. That's where Holly and the monsters told Genki about see each other again. Genki is smiling. He didn't wearing his cap. And his cap is too old and torn. He is wearing tan pant and his T-shirt is white.


Genki looked up and saw a teenage girl. She has brown hair and her hair is in ponytail.

"Oh, hi. What's up, Keda?" said Genki.

"Genki, are you forgot something? It's time!" said Keda.

Genki can't recall that. In a minute, he remembers something.

"Oh no! I forgot!" said Genki.

"C'mon!" said Keda, running.

Genki is smiled. Keda remind him of Holly. Genki is miss Holly lots. He is start laughing and running to chase Keda. And Keda won the game.. Genki is panting hard.

"Man! You're faster!" said Genki.

"Hee hee.. C'mon!" said Keda.

When they came inside, they saw the bright light.

"Akira?!" said Keda.

They both were running to Keda's bedroom. Keda's friend's name is Akira. Her hair is light brown and her hair is down.

"What's happen?! All I say unlock and that light appeared!" said Akira.

"Light?!" said Genki.

Without the warning, they're suck inside the TV. They're falling.

"Light! Falling! Is that mean I'll return?!" said Genki.

Holly saw the light. A teenage boy and two girls are fallen and hit on the ground.

"Ow!!!" said everybody.

"Genki?!" said Holly, happy.

"Hey, Holly! Ow! Girls, get off! You're crushing me!" said Genki.

The unknown human is lying on the bed. Jill nodded that he is waking up.

"Hey, are you ok?" said Jill.

"Where am I?" said the boy.

"You're in my hut. Why you don't have a shirt on? You'll freeze to death!" said Jill.

"I don't have one."

"What's your name, son?" said Jill.