"The Watchmonsters" By: Zytrax D'Amour

Chapter One : The Watchmonsters

Zytrax D'Amour sat alone in the room he and his friends had rented at the inn. Actually, he levitated alone in his room. He did this often. It helped him to think. Right now he thought of the day's events, and saying them to himself in a low soft voice.

''Lost disc of a Woody ( Suezo/Hare, a.k.a. Furred Suezo ) in alley this morning, killed after it bit off the head of a child. He was afraid of me. All Baddies should be afraid of me. I have seen the true face of the world, and not backed down from it.''

As he said that, various scenes from the past flashed through his mind. The day his mother, a Jilt, had been taken from him and his father by Baddies ( Zytrax was 5 at the time ); the number of times he'd seen Moo's butchers slaughter the innocent. All that was what had driven him to be a rebel. And so far, he'd not met a villian he couldn't beat. He was one of the most powerful creatures on the planet.

His first powers were his Pixie attacks, which came naturally, him being half human, half Pixie. His other powers were his magickal abilities. He'd spent years perfecting them, and became one of the strongest magicians in history.

His thoughts were interupted by a knock at the door. He turned to face the entrance,still in midair, his long black dreadlocks swinging.

''Come in,'' he told the knocker.

It was Joker, Zytrax's best friend. He was the first monster he unlocked at the age of 6. They'd grown up together like brothers for 8 years.

Joker floated in. ''It's late. We should probably get to bed. Got a long walk tomorrow.''

''You're right. Pity we don't know where we're going. Where are the others?''

''They're on their way up.''

''Actually, we're already here.''

They both turned to see a Black Dino ( Dino/Monol ) entering the room through an extra large doorway, made especially for extra large monsters.

''Good evening, Zy.''

''Evening, Erebos.''

Erebos was the second monster Zy unlocked. He was a tough guy who trusted no one but his allies.

He was followed into the room by Taurus the Angolmer ( Golem/Joker ), who'd met Zy and the others as a baby. An evil Joker's soul had controll over him at the time, but the hold was broken by the good Joker. He was stubborn, but an all around Goodie none the less. Then came Cerberus, the Velvet or Terror Dog (Tiger/Monol). He was as wild as they came.

Next to enter was Hecate the Lilim. She was like a daughter to Zy when she was young, but now she acted more like a sister. She was an expert at witchcraft. After her was Worm, the shy one of the group.

Last of all was Rorschach. He was an extremely rare Jell type, the only one of his kind. His outer jell substance was the purest white. On the inside, he was filled with the darkest black jell spots, which were always moving and changing, visible through his outsides. It gave him the appearence of a mobile ink blot test. Rorschach gave everyone a look at what it really took to be a hero against evil...and it looked scary. They were all rebels fighting against Moo. Together they called themselves the Watchmonsters.

Those who could fit in a bed did so. Those that couldn't went to the floor.

''G'night,'' said Zy.

The others all said the same in sync, except for Rorschach. His only response was ''Hurrm...'' before settling into a puddle on the floor.

At the same time, another group of rebels was preparing to sleep. Soon, very soon, they would all meet.

Chapter Two : Allies

Genki Sakura slipped the straps of his backpack over his shoulders. In spite of the almost knee-deep snow, he had his usual smile plastered onto his face. He turned around to face his 8 companions. They had all finished their breakfasts and appeared to be ready to go. Holly already had the magic stone out and was finding out wich direction the Pheonix's body lay in.

''Well, Holly? Which way?'' asked Genki.

The stone glowed and the image of the Pheonix pointed South.

''South, I guess,'' answered Holly.

''Allright! Let's go!!!'' cried the hyper active boy as he lifted Mochii up on his shoulders. He forgot about the snow, and attempted to run, falling right into it. Everyone else just sweated.

''I still think he's a little nuts,'' whispered Big Blue to Pixie, who was once again perched upon his shoulder.

''Probably,'' she responded.


The Watchmonsters had left the village a little earlier than the other rebels left their camp. Getting through the snow was easy for all of them. Zy & Joker could levitate above it ; Hecate flew ; Taurus and Erebos just plunged their huge feet through it, with Taurus carrying Cerberus & Rorschach ; Worm was able to plow through it unseen.

Although everyone was in fairly low spirits, some of them ( like Joker and Hecate ) managed to get a few jokes in. It seemed strange that Zy wasn't joining in. He just floated onward, a distant look in his black eyes and an expression that suggested that he was in deep thought on his face. Of course, he would sometimes go into a mood of dead seriousness, but it didn't normally last this long. He just kept hovering, grim-faced and silent. The others could tell that something was wrong.

''So what's with the depression thing you got goin' on here?'' asked Joker.

Zy quickly snapped out of his trance-like state and gave his friend an answer.

''I don't know... something just doesn't feel right. Like there's some sort of new threat out there that I can't name yet.''


''It's Moo, isn't it?'' Tiger asked Holly. He noticed that she was looking quite troubled and sad.

The girl looked down at the wolf-like monster. He was right. The fact that Moo had his old body back, and that her father was inside that same vessel, disturbed her a great deal. ''Yes'', she admitted.

The others couldn't help but overhear the conversation.

Mochii was the first to try and encourage her. ''Don't worry, Holly! We'll get him, chi!''

Then Suezo piped up. ''Yeah! After all, we did defeated the Big Bad 4! How hard can Moo be?''

His voice faltered a bit, indicating that he wasn't so sure of what he said.

''Really hard,'' said Tiger. ''He was already tough in Yosho's body; now he's even tougher in his own. But at least we know of 2 things that can beat him.''

''The Pheonix,'' said Suezo, stating the obvious.

''And the sun,'' continued Tiger.


Moo was in his castle under the snow-covered mountain which the rebels ( all of them ) could see in the distance. He was nursing the burns he'd sustained from the sun.

His thoughts were interupted by a Jura Wall ( Monol/Dino ).

''Master Moo,'' said the floating green slab, ''what are we to do about the rebels while the sun is up?''

''What do you think?''


''Send out some troops, you idiot!''

''Yes, sir!''

The Jura Wall retreated. A few minutes later, a small force of monsters were sent to attack Moo's enemies.


The Watchmonsters, meanwhile, were taking a rest under some pine trees on a hill. Hecate spotted 3 figures walking towards them.

''Can you tell what they are?'' asked Taurus.

''They look like a Scales ( Jell/Dino ), a little Orion ( Suezo/Gali ), and a Purple Hare ( Hare/Naga ).''

''Hurmm...'' mumbled Rorschach.

''Best wait till they get up here. Then we can question them,'' said Taurus.

They did just that. As soon as the 3 monsters reached the top, Rorschach had them all wrapped up.

''Who are you?'' he asked.

''We... came to...join the Watchmonsters...'' choked out the Scales.

''Why? How do you know about us?''

''We heard stories...''

''Let 'em go, Rorschach.''

Rorschach did so reluctantly.

Zy stepped out from behind a pine tree. ''So you wanna join us, huh?''

''That's right,'' said the baby Orion.


''We hate evil just as much as you guys do,'' the Purple Hare answered.

At that moment , everyone heard a shout not too far away.

''Best check it out,'' Erebos declared.

They all sped off towards the sound, ready for a fight. When they got to their destination, they saw several monsters and 2 humans fighting 10 Hell Pierots ( Mochii/Joker ).

Worm was the first to attack, barreling over 3 at once. Next up, Erebos chewed 3 more into lost disks. Rorschach strangled 1 to death. The Scales, Orion, and Purple Hare proved their worth by taking out the last 3.

When it was over, the Watchmonsters went over to the others.

''Who are you?'' Genki asked Zy.


Chapter 3:Moo's Mountain

Each group eyed the other with suspicion.Genki and his friends were rather nervous about the Watchmonsters.They seemed to be goodies,but none of them really fit the part.Most of the monsters had Joker or Monol blood, and they'd had trouble with those types before. And the boy, who seemed to be the leader, looked like he was evil. He was dressed entirely in black. He wore a black brim hat on his head. His hair was long and beaded into dredlocks, making it seem as though he had tentacles on his head. When the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, he put on a pair of dark sunglasses. Before he did, they could see his narrow black eyes, which seemed to contain kindness, anger, happiness, sadness, and insanity all at once. He wore a long black trenchcoat and a black t-shirt under it. His jeans and boots were black as well. He carried one thing that wasn't black. That was a golden staff with a large emerald jewel on top. It was quite beautiful, but despite it's beauty, Pixie didn't once lay eyes upon it. She was too busy looking at the boy. She found him rather attractive, though she didn't realize it at first. Then she shook her head and thought to herself 'Goddess help me, I've got the hots for a human.'

Actually, the Watchmonsters didn't really suspect that the others were evil; they knew they were the group of rebels that had been a pain in Moo's backside. They'd heard the tales. Even Erebos and Cerberus found them trustworthy. Only Rorschach didn't trust them completely. But then, of course he didn't; he was Rorschach.

At last, someone spoke up.

''So...who are you?'' Genki asked.

''We're the Watchmonsters,'' said the boy in black.

''What's a ''watchmonster'',chi?'' asked Mocchi.

''A monster that watches; what else?'' said Joker.

''Watches what?'' asked Holly.

Purple Hare started to answer.''From what we've heard-''

''And that isn't much,'' interrupted the Scales.

Purple Hare glared at him and continued. ''A watchmonster watches all that's around him or her, and makes sure they do no evil.''

''Where'd you hear that?'' asked Erebos.

''From the few people that actually know about you guys; why?'' responded Purple Hare.

''Cause it's true.''

''So...you're goodies,'' said Suezo.

''Duh,'' said Taurus.

''What are your names?'' asked Golem.

One by one,they introduced themselves. The Scales name was Boone. The other new guys were simply dubbed Orion & Purple Hare (P.H. for short).Then the others introduced themselves. When Pixie finally spoke up, Zy saw her for the first time. He felt like he had immediately fallen in love. He hid it well.

''So, you're all after the Phoenix, huh?'' said the usually silent Cerberus.

''Yes. And we need it now more than ever,'' said Pixie.

''Why's that?'' asked Hecate.

The Courageous Nine looked surprised. ''You don't know?'' said Tiger.

''Don't know what?'' asked Worm, who'd been hiding behind Taurus's leg the whole time.

''Moo's back in his old body,'' Hare answered to the shock of the Watchmonsters.


Moo was still in his mountain, cursing at the Jura Wall for sending out such weak troops. He then ordered the Monol subreed to go out and find the rebels himself. Jura Wall did so nervously.

''Master Moo,'' said a rough voice behind him. ''You summoned me?''

Moo turned and looked down at the general of his army, the evil General Durahan (Durahan/Durahan). ''Yes. I did.''

''What do you wish of me, my lord?''

''I need you to take charge here. I have to go to my labs to see what, if anything, is wrong with my body.''

Now another monster, Durahan's right-hand woman & lover, Lilim, entered the conversation.

''But what could possibly be flawed about you, Master Moo?'' she cooed.

''Cut the flattery, Lilim. I need you both to guard this mountain. Those damn rebels are on the way.''

''We will do our duty to the fullest, Master,'' said Durahan.

''Remember what happens if you don't.''

''Of course, sir.''

And with that, Moo went into his floating castle, which had been built much larger to accomodate him, and went on his way.


The rebels decided to travel together. For good. They knew that seperately they'd not stand a chance against Moo. So they went on. Eventually, they found the mystery disc they'd been seeking. They were also lucky enough to find a shrine. It was run by three people. Valance Aardwolf, his Titan (Golem/Suezo) named Norris, and Perrivelli Aardwolf (mother to Valance). Genki unlocked the disc and found it to be a baby Anki (Dino/Golem). Perrivelli kept it. The Watchmonsters (which was what they all called themselves) went on there way. They didn't know it, but they would soon be going over Moo's mountain.


Durahan was waiting when they arrived. He set an army of Icys (Jell/Tiger), Fly Eyes (Suezo/Worm), Edgys (Naga/Hare), and Futurities (Pixie/Metalner) upon them, all led by an Allure from Durahan's great collection of warriors. After a long, hard battle, the rebels escaped.

Durahan called back Jura Wall and left him in charge. The armor monster set off in his ship after the Watchmonsters.


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