Konnichi wa, minna! This is a sad attempt at humor that I created around 3:00 in the morning on a sugar rush. If Pokemon and Digimon get one then a show like MR more than deserves one. So here it is. Please tell me what you think! Mandakaye@twave.net Enjoy! Oh and if you see ( )then the character is doing something. If you see > < then that's me. Ryan)

Genki: Badies Rule! Goddies suck!

Genki: Monsters Suck!

Genki: I'm so freaking tired of all of you and this stupid journey and the stupid Phoenix!

Genki: I quit! I'm going to go work for Master Moo! Badies Rule!

Genki: Srew all this, I'm going home.

Genki: Do we have to get up and fight the badies and walk and find the Phoenix, can't we just sleep?

Genki: I hate Mocchi! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! (kills Mocchi)

Genki: I don't wanna fight, you monsters go fight.

Genki: Mocchi! Thundershock!

Mocchi: Mocchi *not* hungry!

Mocchi: I'm a little tea cup, short and stout....

Mocchi: I hate Genki!

Mocchi: I'm a telitubbie!(ugh *shivers*)

Holly: You stupid stone! Die! (smashes magic stone)

Holly: God, I hate you all!

Holly: Yes, Moo you are my father!

Holly: Since Moo's my Father I'm gonna join him! Genki wait for me! Badies Rule! (joins up with Genki and both join Moo)

Holly: Guess what?! The Magic Stone has been wrong the whole time! I just led you guys on a wild goose chase!

Holly: Leave me alone Suezo! I hate you!

Suezo: I hate you Holly! DIE! (kills Holly)

Suezo: You guys are right, my teleport sucks!

Suezo: Go ahead Golem. Don't catch me. I want to hit the ground!

Suezo: I love you, Horn!

Golem: I hate these stupid flowers!

Golem: Lets go for a swim!

Golem: Lets fight!

Tiger: Forget it! We'll lose, lets give up now.

Tiger: No I don't want to fight!

Tiger: Hare, your a genius!

Tiger: I love you Hare! Your sooo cute!

Tiger: Screw my brother, I'm going to do charity work!

Hare: I don't know.

Hare: Thinking? A Plan? What's that?

Hare: I would never trick anyone or steal!

Hare: Tiger, your right! I'm stupid!

Hare: Fight? I would never fight!

Hare: I hate myself! I'm stupid, theiving, a trickster and ugly! (commits suicide)

Moo: Captain Planet! He's our hero! Gonna bring Polution down to zero!....>yuck *shivers*<

Moo: Black is ,like, so drab!

Moo: Man, what a retarded name? Moo? What were those scientists thinking?

Moo: I don't want to destroy the world, I want to skip through feilds and pick pretty little pink flowers!

Moo: Gray Wolf! Thundershock!

Moo: Wuzzup, ya'll! It's all good!

Moo: You goddies are right. I'll save you the trouble! (joins Hare and both commit suicide)

Gray Wolf: Pikachu!

Pixie: Like, this fighting and stuff,like, so totally sucks!

Pixie: I broke a nail!

Big Blue: I hate Master Pixie! (kills Pixie)

All the Badies: We suck! (join Hare and Moo and all of them commit sucicide)

All Monsters: We're Pokemon!

All Monsters: We're Digimon!

All Monsters: We're the Power Rangers!>dies laughing<

Magic Stone: (words written across it) Stop lookin' at me! The Phoenix is dead! Quit lookin' for my guidence!

Whole Cast: We love Pokemon and Digimon!