"This Is Strange" By: Sailor Luna

Title: This Is Strange (Sequel to, "Stop Holly!" and "Don't Ask, Just Don't Ask".)

By: Sailor Luna

Starring: CP, Sailor Luna, MR Crew and an insane Holly ^_^;

Quick Note!: From now on I won't put what it's a squeal too. You should all be able to figure it out by now. ^_^

Narrator from the Powerpuff Girls: The world of Holly Land!

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Oh, brother. What next?

(Power Ranger's run by chased by Magna Mario in a Gundum, laughing.)

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Sorry I asked.

(MR Crew, CP and Sailor Luna are still lost in Holly Land.)

Sailor Luna: This is ridiculous! We've been lost in Holly Land for days, there's no sign of Holly, and I WANT TO GO HOME!!

Tiger: What about us?

CP: You guys go us into this.

Mocchi: We did, chi?

Genki: Did not!

Sailor Luna: Did too!

(Holly suddenly appears out of no where with her dagger and frying pan.)


Holly: Ha-HA! I have found you!!

CP: How does she do that!?

Holly: Nothing is impossible in, HOLLY LAND!!! (Dramatic Music plays)

Genki: (Sweats) This is strange.

Sailor Luna: Please Holly. I'm sorry I wrote bad stories.

CP: And I'm sorry for posting them.

Hare: Are were sorry for-hey! What are we sorry for? We should be beating CP and Sailor Luna up!

Holly: THAT is my job!!! DDDIIIIIEEEEE!!!!


(Holly chase's everyone around the forest. Suddenly, the sun disappears and the moon rise's. Holly stops chasing them and gets out her sleeping bag. She falls asleep with her dagger and frying pan next to her.)

Everyone: ^.^;;

CP: Ooookkkaaay. Now, we have to think of a plan.

(Everyone huddles together.)

Sailor Luna: We need someone to steal Holly's dagger.

CP: Tiger, you do it. You're really fast.

Tiger: Do I look stupid?

Sailor Luna: How about you, Genki? Use your roller blades.

Genki: I'm fast, but I'm not fast enough for Holly. I'm with Tiger.

Mocchi: Mocchi with Genki.

Golem: Golem too slow.

Hare: I can't ruin my good looks and charm.

Tiger: Get a life, Hare.

CP: (Sweats) Sure, Hare.

Sailor Luna: CP? What about you?

CP: If you even THINK that I'm going anywhere NEAR Holly, you have your head in the clouds.

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) You could have just said no. I'm not doing it. I guess that leaves....

(Everyone looks at Suezo. Suezo looks around at them in panic.)

Suezo: Ohhhhhh,no. No, no, no, no! I'm not stealing that dagger from Holly.

(Cut to Suezo's angry face.)

Suezo: I can't believe I'm stealing that dagger from Holly.

CP: Just go!

(Suezo leaves the bushes where everyone is hiding. He hops over and reaches his tongue out. He barely touches the dagger.)


Suezo: AAAAHHHHH!!!!

(Holly wakes up and starts beating Suezo up in a cloud of dust. Alarm is still going off.)

Holly: HAHAHAHA!! I have built an alarm to protect my dagger! You can't win in, HOLLY LAND!!

(Dramatic Music plays)

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Now we can leave.

Genki: (Sweats) Right behind you.

(Holly and Suezo stops fighting. Suezo falls over to the ground.)

Suezo: x_x



(A bunch of brownies appear and Holly gobbles them down like an idiot. She jumps back up.)

Holly: I'm ready to kill! DDDDIIIIEEEE!!!


(Holly chase's everyone with her dagger and frying pan in circles around a dead Suezo. Magna Mario runs by again in his Gundum chasing Moo this time. Everyone looks super deformed as they run around. Suddenly, everyone freezes as the guy from Unsolved Mysterious appears out of no where.)

Guy: Why are people and things appearing out of no where? What's happened to Holly? Where exactly is Holly Land? Why is Magna Mario and two authors here? What am I doing here? If you have any information on these question please call 1-800-I-Know. That's 1-800-I-Know.


(Holly begins to beat up the guy. Magna Mario begins to chase MR Crew, Power Rangers and Moo around in his Gundum. The alarm is still going off in the back round. CP, Sailor Luna and the dead Suezo all stand in the middle of it all.)

Sailor Luna: (Sweats) Who IS that guy!?

CP: (Sweats) Why is Magna Mario here and chasing the Power Rangers?

Suezo: x_x

Narrator from Powerpuff Girls: And so, once again, the day is destroyed thanks to, Holly-chan!