The future depends on...

The future depends on you...

The future depends on you Tiger!


Hear our...

Hear our cries...

Hear our cries Tiger!


Free this...

Free this world...

Free this world Tiger...

Free this world Tiger and...

Free this world Tiger and your...

Free this world Tiger and your friends...

Free this world Tiger and your friends and...

Free this world Tiger and your friends and family...

Free this world Tiger and your friends and family Tiger!


From the...

From the darkness...

From the darkness of...

From the darkness of death's...

From the darkness of death's shadow!


MR II~Galonis Saga



The Prophecy! The Lord of Death

A prophecy...

The evil dragonlord Moo falls,

By the "hands" of seven brave and strong monsters.

One year after the death of Moo, black clouds will darken the sky.

When that happens, the lord of death will arise and plunge the world into darkness.

Then the lord of death will bring back four warriors,

who sacrificed themselves, to save their loved ones.

Those warriors will become slaves of this "lord of death" for all eternity...

Unless one frees them all and the planet.


"The eight monsters," A shadowy figure looks out from a balcony. "is it true that they killed Moo?"

"Yes sir!"

"A tiger, a basilisk, a moochi, a tyrant, a phoenix, a hopper, a gali and a gray wolf destroyed Moo? "

"Seven actually. Something happened to the gali."

"Yes sir, but out of the original monster team that destroyed Moo...six are left."

"Six, eight, ten, IT DOESN'T MATTER! They might be a problem."

When darkness engulfs the sky,

abnormal things will happen.

Starting with the rainforests and swamps.

It will flood and become haunted. Then, the deserts will become more dead than before, and will merge with the oceans. The mountains will become unstable; they will move for all eternity and will never stop. Last but not least, the ice of the arctic lands will spread across the north part of the world that is not ice; it will be an ice graveyard in the north and nothing will survive.

Episode 1

Earth's Morph! The Lord of Death's curse

It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining and the sky is clear. Birds sing and the cherry blossoms fly all over the world. It's the springtime! The springtime is when everything starts all over again. The seasons are like the circle. It starts with the spring season, there is life all over. The creatures are happy that there is no more emptiness. Then comes the summer...Self-explanatory that it's incredibly hot! Guess the summer represents more freetime; freetime up until the end. Fall or autumn is like being in the middle of a bridge between life and death. It seems beautiful and first but slowly the light starts to go away. And now, the dreadful winter season comes. The season of death everyone calls it; the demise of all life. Tiger thinks that winter makes everything suffer but then, spring will come back and make everyone happy again. It lasts for days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries and so on; but on this day...things became very strange.


In a small village made of straw, a tribe of hoppers fights each other at a tournament. Hopper, a friend of Tiger, competes with another hopper.

"Try a jab!" Skipper (Hopper/Tiger), Hopper's father, commanded from the sidelines. Hopper rears his furry fist back and punches the hopper straight in the jaw. POW! The hopper falls on his back.

"K.O!" A sneak hopper (Hopper/Joker) grabs Hopper's fist and raises into the air. "The winner of today's tournament is HOPPER!" The hopper crowd cheers at Hopper's victory. Skipper, frowning, looks down at the unconscious hopper's cheek that was red and inside out. "Ouch!" Suddenly everybody looks up and sees a huge black cloud covering up the sun and the sky.

"This doesn't look good!" Skipper said in a whispering voice. Everybody looked up in awe.


Thunder clap, lightning strikes! The hopper group scurry away. At their home, Hopper looks at his father who is at the window. "Dad, what's going on?" From underground, Scurro, who is Hopper's big brother, stares at his dad. "Huh?" Skipper turns to Scurro and Hopper. "I'd never thought it could happen but..." The blue hopper shakes his head. "it is the end of all life, the lord of death is now here."

"The lord of death? Who's he?" Hopper curiously asked. Skipper walks away from the window so his sons could see what's going on. Scurro and Hopper gasped at what they see from out the window. The rainforest near their village was shifting in different directions. Scurro was shocked at what he was seeing. "We're all gonna die!!"

Inside the rainforest, the animals saw what was happening too. Under their feet the ground was moving. Heavy rain fell from out of the dark sky and the yucky swamps began to partially flood the forest. The trees suddenly became alive and grab the birds. "MOCK!" The living trees walk around in the flooded rainforest stepping on dead fish and water animals. Rainforests from all over the world were changing into a forest of terror and death.

"WHAT IN THE HELL?!" Basilisk wakes up, finding half of his body and his friend Tyrant's in a pool of swamp water. Basilisk snarls, getting really disturbed as the raindrops falls on him. He gets up and looks up into the sky, which was dark. "What in the name of nine...." Tyrant looked up as well and gasped. The dragon golem turns to Basilisk. "Let's get out of here!"

"Hell yeah! Oof! Ouch!" Basilisk runs off, tripping and falling in the spreading swamp. Tyrant slowly follows behind being cautious about the forest. What was happening? Flooding swamps and all those types of strange things.


In a far off desert, Sand Golem (Golem/???) and Gobi (Golem/Henger) go at it again. Here we go again, it's always the same! These two are always rivaling each other, wondering who is the strongest golem in the entire desert.

"You are so dense!" Sand Golem said. "You already know that I am the strongest of them all."

"We'll see about that!" Gobi, the large robot golem, rears his fist back; so does Sand Golem.

"PUNCH ATTACK!" They both cry out. Before either one touched each other, a dark cloud covers the sky; just like in the rainforest. The two golems look up into the sky and gasp. Suddenly, the sand begins to sink under the two golems feet like a void. "WHOA!" Gobi and Sand Golem hold on to dear life trying not to get sucked into the sand void. It doesn't matter what they grab, it gets sucked in. Sand Golem and Gobi were partially sucked in. A gigantic sandstorm suddenly appears in the desert. The storm passes the void plus the two golems. Rattlesnakes and camels were suffocating in the storm and they slowly perish. Geckos and woodpeckers are also blown away. It seems like nothing will survive in the storm, not even cactus. After seconds, the storm finally stops, revealing the dead. Cactus were torn apart, animals were lying on the ground and the two golems were no where to be found. The desert's sandy hills began to move. An ocean combine along with the hot desert making it looks like a beach. All of Earth's deserts were combining with large bodies of water. There is an echo, "MOOOOCCCHHHIIII!!!"


In the west, mountain goats chase a plant monster. The plant ran as fast as he could, "Little goats hungry eh?" The goats started to catch up until suddenly there was earthquake. The plant and the mountain goats began to struggle. Suddenly the plant rolled down the mountainside. ""WWHHHEEAAATTT"S HHAAAAPPPPIIINNNGG?!??" The mountain goats quickly ran off. The plant rolls of a rocky ramp and flies into the air. "WHHAOOOAAOO!!" In the air, the plant stops spinning and watches what's happening. "The mountains! There's moving!" The mountains were moving! All around the world, the mountain ranges were spreading all over the place. First the rainforests, then the deserts and now the mountains. What's next?


In the north, a pack of tigers crowd around a seal. The pack leader, a white tiger comes closer to the helpless seal's short neck, grinning toothily. "Well well well, I guess we'll have dinner after all." Just before the white tiger could sink it's teeth into the poor seal, the icy ground began to shake. The tiger pack began to scurry away. Suddenly the icy ground began to fall, rise and break. The seal was risen up into the air from a rising icy mountain. The tiger pack sunk into the depths with the falling ground. White Tiger looked around, shocked. "What the hell?!" Suddenly there was a howl, "AARRRRROOOOOO!!" With that howl, the ground under White Tiger's feet began to crack. The ground quickly split in half and White Tiger falls into the icy ravine.

Brothers?! Sisters?! Where are you? WHERE ARE YOU?! The last thing White Hound saw was a dark sky. Blank! Kuso.....

Episode 2

Defeat Galonis Tiger! You are the Tiger of Freedom.

Sunshine! A good ol' spring day this be. Tiger shakes off the spring cherry blossoms on his blue lion like mane and growls, annoyed. "Aw, please!" Tiger, along with his "brother" Moochi smiles, watching a gazelle chomp on the grass. "Excellent, it doesn't know we're here."

"Yeah chi, now you can attack." Moochi said, smiling.

"I remember saying to my brother that I couldn't hunt and kill animals," Tiger sighs, remembering Gray Wolf but he quickly shakes it off and gets ready to attack. "but now I understand." Tiger remember his now late brother...Gray Wolf. Gray Wolf trained Tiger well and Tiger never forgot what his brother taught or told him. Aye, he was no other brother. Like the time when Moo was around; Tiger sighs, reminiscing those wonderful days:

No brother, I can't do this!

You must and you will!

You must be fierce and you must have great concentration.

Brother, is it bad to eat animals?

Something that you must understand Tiger my brother, in a life some must die, and that also includes in hunting.



That wasn't all that bad.

"Go get him Tiger!" Moochi whispered in Tiger's "ear", although it cannot be seen.

"Huh!" Tiger snaps out of it, blinking his eyes. "Huh, oh yah!" Tiger runs down the hill and dashes at the gazelle. The gazelle sees Tiger and runs off but it wasn't as fast as the dog monster. Tiger leaps onto the gazelle's back and bites it's neck. The gazelle shakes his head around to takedown Tiger, feeling the predator's nails and fangs pinch into it's skin; but Tiger still hangs on. Moochi watches his "brother", smiling. He looks up into the sky, having memories as well. "Gray Wolf, you taught Tiger well. He's a great "boy"." While looking up, Moochi's eyes grow wide in shock. "WAHHHHH!!" Tiger still hanging on to the romping gazelle's neck, looks up and releases his' prey neck. "GAH!" Suddenly, Tiger falls off his prey and lands on his side with a hard thud. "OOF! GRRR!" Moochi runs down the hill, towards Tiger. "Are you okay?" Tiger slowly gets up and looks at the sky again. "Moochi look!" Moochi looks up into the sky with Tiger. The sky was black.

"What's happening?!" Moochi asked.

"I have no idea but it doesn't look good." Tiger growls.

"TIGER!!!!" A voice called out. Tiger and Moochi turned around, hearing the voice calling out from the rainforest. A black zuum with white stripes and a giant man made of red rock and a head of a horned lizard, plus small bat wings on his back runs out of the forest.

"Basilisk!" Tiger yelled out.

"And Tyrant CHI!" Moochi added. With great speed, Basilisk and surprisingly, Tyrant passed their two friends, heading for the hill. "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" They both yelled.

"Why?!" Moochi and Tiger asked. Suddenly from out of the rainforest, a huge wave of swamp water was coming at the four monsters. Tiger and Moochi gasped. "RUN!" All four of the monsters ran up hastily the hill. The swamp water passed the hill and then sank into the grass, leaving the grass wet and sparkling like the dew in the morning. Tiger looked around the wet grass and looked up into the dark sky. "Basilisk, what's going on?" Basilisk turns to Tiger; "I don't know but ever since the sky turned black, weird things has been happening."

"Weird things, what kind of weird things chi?" Moochi asked. Tyrant turned his dragon like head towards Moochi. "They say that deserts are now sided with the oceans." Tyrant began to explain. "In the icelands there are earthquakes, the mountains are moving and the rainforests are ruled by trees and are flooded by swamps."

"CHI! I believe about what 'they' say about the moving mountains," Moochi pointed out. "LOOK!" Tiger, Basilisk and Tyrant gasped as they look to where Moochi is pointing. The mountains WERE moving.

"Now THAT'S weird!" Tiger said, sweating. Basilisk snorts, "Why is this happening?" Tiger looks down at his feet, "I don't know!" Suddenly, Tiger disappears in a flash of blue light. "HHHEYY!"



"Wake up boy and answer my question."

"Huh, what?" Tiger opens his eyes. As he does, he looks like he is in the sky. The sky was purple and there were black clouds everyone. "Who...?"

"Answer me, who are you?"

"My name is Tiger, and you?" Tiger keeps looking around for that voice.

"I am the Lord of Death, my name is Galonis."

"Galonis?" Tiger growls. "Are you by any chance, responsible for the weird things that is happening to our world?"

"Indeed I am!"

"Then you must stop!"

"No I cannot Tiger my boy;" The voice chuckles. "YOU have to make me stop. The deserts, the mountains, the swamps, the rainforest and the icelands are controlled by my slaves...including the inhabitants that are in them."

"Is this a challenge?!" Tiger yells out. The dark voice laughs, "Sort of, but the only way for you to save this world is to defeat me and the monster lords that claim the lands that I am that too hard?"

"Why ME!?"

"You and some friends killed Moo didn't you? Well, the best of luck with me." the voice laughs and Tiger disappears.


At Hopper's village, Hopper and his father Skipper were explaining to Moochi, Basilisk and Tyrant about what happened. Hopper stuttered while talking, "The forest were were were were coming alive and there there there was thunder and lllll--lightning and..."

Moochi cuts off Hopper. "Calm down Hopper chi! We know."

"But the weirdest thing that happened today is that Tiger disappeared." Basilisk said. Suddenly, in a flash of blue light, Tiger reappears. "What was that you said?"


Up in the cloudy sky, the shiny white moon partially shows itself. The Lord of Death's black clouds were covering it's beauty and light. Skipper invited Hopper's friends into a large hut to spend the night in. "There's no way, I'm going to let you guys sleep out there." He said. Moochi turns to Tiger. "So where were you?"

"Someplace..." Tiger shakes his head. "I was talking to this person. He called himself Galonis."

"Go on chi!" Moochi rapidly nods, getting hooked on Tiger's story.

"This "Galonis" person called himself the Lord of Death." Tiger continued. "He also said that I must defeat him and his five monster lords to free this world from his dark curse."

"Did you say that "he" called himself the lord of death?" Skipper asked.

"Yep, that's right!" Tiger nods his head.

Skipper's eyes grew big. "So it's true, the prophecy is ALL true."

"Prophecy chi?" Moochi tilts his head.

"Explain old man." Basilisk turns to Skipper.

"Well it's in a scroll of mine. It went something like this." As

Skipper closes his eyes; he remembered when he rolled open that white scroll on one full moon night. The writing was in ancient cursive handwriting:

A prophecy...

The evil dragonlord Moo falls,

By the "hands" of seven brave and strong monsters.

One year after the death of Moo, black clouds will darken the sky.

When that happens, the lord of death will arise and plunge the world into darkness.

Then the lord of death will bring back four warriors,

who sacrificed themselves, to save their loved ones.

Those warriors will become slaves of this "lord of death" for all eternity...

Unless one saves them all and the planet.

"And I'm guessing that "one" is me." Tiger said. Skipper opens his eyes and nods. "Yes indeed, you and your friends must stop this lord of death to free the world from his curse. Galonis, or whomever you call him, has brought back four monster and turned them into his slaves. Those four slaves, or monster lords, whichever you like to call them and Galonis himself are the ones who you must beat to save the planet."

"Wait a minute chi!" Moochi interferes. "FOUR monster lords, Tiger said FIVE monster lords."

"Yes you're right, I don't understand who the fifth one is. " Skipper scratches the back of his head, thinking. Who could it be? Tyrant decides to take a guess. "The Lord of Death himself?" Skipper cups his chin and shakes his head. "No, he leads the monster lords."

"Father, maybe not his slave, but his best warrior." Hopper said. Skipper nods, agreeing with his son. "Mmm-Hmm...maybe you're right."

"Okay let me get this straight here." Tiger's eyes grow big. "Are you saying that I must battle this lord of death and his "five" monster lords to free the world from this curse of darkness?"

"Not you, us!" Basilisk grins.

"Oh yeah!" Tiger grins back. "I knew that!"

"Well if you all are going to fight this evil, I suggest you get some rest." Skipper said.

"Father are you coming?" Hopper asked. Skipper shakes his head. "No son. I must stay here and protect the family just in case the lord of death's curse gets any worse."

"Alright!" Hopper nods and hops to his bed in another hut.

Episode 3

The Forest of the Unbelievable. The Lord of the Mountains's Mock troops

"Wake up Chi!"

"Huh, what?" Tiger slowly opened his eyes and gasps, seeing Moochi

"We have fish for breakfast, chi!" Moochi smiles. Tiger lazily rolls his eyes. "Fish....." Suddenly, Moochi smacks Tiger's white cheeks, nearly causing Tiger's eyes to pop out of his face. "Wake up while it's fresh."

"ACK! Okay...rbhrbrbrb." Tiger shook his head to shake off his laziness.

"Let's go chi!" Moochi walks out of the hut. Tiger follows slowly; his fagitue starts to come back quickly. He must reach the fish. "I know breakfast might be wonderful but how could you be happy at time like this Moochi when we have this Galonis guy to deal with?"


Dawn! The sun arose into the clear, blue sky. As it does, it's golden light shines on the moving mountains and the forests nearby it, showing everything. The flooded, alkaline lakes in the rainforest shone as the sun rises and strangely, the tall trees scatter about. On top of a non-moving mountain, there was this stone, squared, castle. On top of the castle was a gray flag with the letter "D" on it, bolded in blue. At the castle's bridge, a blue-white armored knight monster with a head of a red-eyed dog knocks on the bridge. "HOOOOOOO THERE M'LORD!" It shakes, preparing to lower. The knight moves to the side as the wooden bridge goes down. He walks into the castle with no flaw or fear of anything. Inside, there is a king's throne and statues of gargoyles and dragons standing around the hall. The blue and white armored "dog knight" looked around with it's red eyes. "Lord Durahan, message from Lord Galonis."

"What is the message Sir Knight Hound?" A voice asked. Knight Hound (Durahan/Tiger) stands up straight like a natural soldier and began to speak. "He said that we have some brave monsters that are fighting against us. It's your job to destroy them sir." He bows. Suddenly, another knight monster but in silver armor appears in the king throne, plus he holds a long sword by the hilt in both of his hands. With red eyes glowing inside his horned helmet, the monster glares at his sword. "Ahh, Deathbringer. Ye will be the sword who will slay those fools who defy us, nay?"

"Lord Durahan?" Knight Hound unsheathes his sword and glares at his reflection within the blade. Durahan has Deathbringer, while Knight Hound has FlareWrath, the sword of light. After a half of minute looking at his reflection, Knight Hound turns his head to his master. "I beg permission to slay those vermins for you."

"Master Knight Hound, instead, let {the} mocks do it." Durahan said, shoving his sword into the ground.

"The Mocks sir? Is that the right choice?" Knight Hound asked. Durahan picks up his sword and points it to his servant. "Obey my orders and do not question me, or thou shalt suffer the same death as my victims and failed soldiers."

"AH, yes sir!" Knight Hound bows and runs out of the door. Durahan disappears.


"Ay Tiger?" Basilisk called out with his mouth filled with fish. "Uou think we gan beat tis Galonis?"

"*Munch Munch* Raybe!" Tiger said with his mouth full. Skipper suddenly whacks Tiger on the snout. "Oi, don't talk with your mouth full boy."

"Wouch!" With a shake of his head, Tiger gulps down the fish. Moochi giggles.

"Okay breakfast is over, let's go." Tiger walks out of the hut. Tyrant gulps down his fish and slowly gets up. Basilisk turns to the golem. "Come on Tyrant!"

"I'm coming!" Tyrant follows Basilisk outside. Outside, Tiger looks up into the sky. The sky was still dark and the sun was covered completely. "Well...I guess we better get going. Where do we investigate first?" Moochi points to the high mountains that are moving. "Let's head for there."


"No wait!" Tiger interrupted. Moochi turns to his "brother". "What's wrong chi?" Tiger's drops his head, thinking. "My brothers!"

"HOLY CRAP CHI!" Moochi's eyes widen in shock. "Cabalos, Mono, Rocky and Petal! Oh man chi, we can't leave them."

"Yes we can!" Tiger yells out.


"I said we can. If we do not go now and defeat Galonis, they will never be safe." With a loud roar, Tiger dashes off into the forest.

"Whoa, hold on!" The rest of the monster team follows. In the dark forest, everything was calm. Shivering, Moochi stayed close to his "brother". He rubs Tiger's side and glances around the creepy forest. The trees seems like they were monsters; their pointy branches are their arms and the holes on their faces were their eyes and mouths. "Tiger chi, the forest wasn't this calm yesterday."

"Yes I know," Tiger said to Moochi. "I wonder why?"


"ACK!" The monster crowd halts.

"Don't move..." Tiger looks around and sniffs the air. "What is that?"

"What chi?"

"SHHH, quiet Moochi!" Basilisk speaks in a low voice. Moochi nods.


"Gkk..." Hopper looks left and right. Moochi pats Tiger's side. "Tiger......?"

"Don't be scared Moochi." Tiger licks Moochi's cheek. Moochi smiles, blushing. "Aww chi!"

"MMOOOOCKK!" Suddenly from out of the bushes, an arm made of wood grabs Hopper by the shoulder. "HAAAAAAAAAA, HELP ME!"

"HOPPER!" Tiger yells out.

"TIGER!" The wooden arm draws Hopper deep into the forest, dragging his back onto the rough ground.

"NO!" Tiger runs after the grabbed Hopper. Moochi, Basilisk and Tyrant follows.

"Hopper, hang on!" Tiger said, running after him.

"Do I have a choice?!" Hopper yells. Suddenly, he's thrown into the air. Tiger gasped and leaps into the air with his jaws open. "HAWW!"


"I GOTCHA!" Tiger grabs Hopper with his mouth and roughly lands.

"Tiger chi!" Behind Tiger, Moochi takes a break from running. "Is Hopper alright?" Tiger releases Hopper. "What happened?" Hopper was breathing heavily. "This wooden hand grabbed me and dragged me here and then..."

"Calm down rodent!" Basilisk said behind Moochi.

"Slowly....what happened Hopper?" Tyrant said, who walked beside Basilisk.

"I told you, a wooden hand grabbed me." Hopper said, looking at everyone.


"WHA!?" The group looked around the forest. There was nothing moving. Moochi hugs Tiger's legs and shivers. "CHI!"

"MMOOOCK!" Suddenly, multiple wooden arms come out of no where and heads for the group.

"HOLY!!" "CRACKERS!" Moochi screams and ran. "I'm outta this chick!'

"Moochi!" Tiger yells and runs after him. "Come back!" Suddenly Tiger trips as a wooden arm grabs his legs. "LET ME GO YOU ANIMAL!"

"Tiger!" Moochi stops running and heads over to Tiger. From behind him, two arms grab Moochi from behind. "CHHHHIIIIIII!!" Another arm heads for Basilisk with quick speeds.


"AUGH!" Basilisk falls to the ground unconscious. Hopper screams and hops away as fast as we can. A single arm grabs him. "LET ME GO!" Tyrant looks left and right, hoping that he doesn't get caught. "Come out, come out now!"

"Okay!" A voice said from above. Tyrant looks up and there was glowing eyes everywhere. "MOOOOOCKKK!!" Tyrant was frozen stiff. In the forest, there was screaming and laughing everywhere, echoing through the entire forest.



At the castle on top of the non-moving mountain, Durahan chuckles at a view in his crystal ball. These are the fools who defeated Moo, he thought. In the crystal ball, there is a view of Tiger and his team being held by tree monsters. Durahan turns to Knight Hound. "Good show Knight Hound."

"Yes indeed sir!" Knight Hound nods. "Now what sir?" Durahan points to the crystal ball. "Watch them meet thy doom."

"Yes sir!"


Near a cliff edge, the tree monsters were holding the group in their wooden arms. "What are you going to do with us you walking twigs?" Basilisk growls as one of the tree monsters squeezes him tight with it's wooden arms.

"You'll find out!" One tree chuckled at the black zuum.

"What are you?" Tiger asked the one who just spoke.

"We are mocks!" It said. "Monster minions of Lord Durahan."

"Durahan, who's he chi?" Moochi asked.

"He is monster lord of the mountains." The mock leader began to explain. "He rules and controls the moving mountains you see."

"What about the others?" Hopper tilts his head.

"It's none of you're business about who the other monster lords are." The Leader yelled. "Besides you won't get that far to know. We're going to throw you off the cliff."

"No you don't! MOOCHI RAY." Inside of Moochi's opened mouth is a pink light. He was preparing for an attack. Basilisk smirks. "You all are gonna get it now!" Suddenly, after a few seconds of charging, Moochi blasts a ray of pink energy from his mouth, aiming at the mocks. Captain Mock gasps as he sees the ray come at him and with all of his agility, which isn't much, he luckily dodges to the side. Basilisk mutters under his breath, "Damn it!"

"That's it!" Captain Mock bellows out and points to Moochi. "No one has ever attacked me like that, damned rebel. Mocks, destroy them all." Hearing the captain's order, Tiger grins. "Grrr, heeheehee."

"What the hell are you grinning about mutt?" Captain Mock raises a brow.

"You underestimate your enemy fool, never do that." Laughing, Tiger's white horns begin to glow blue and he turns to the mock that was holding him. "LIGHTNING ATTACK!"

"BRWAH!" The mock was burnt to black and collapses, releasing Tiger.

"HEY!" Freed, Tiger leaps onto the other mock troops, freeing his friends. Basilisk takes a deep breath, and glowing with pink aura, Moochi sides with his hot- headed zuum friend.





"What tis this?!" Seeing his mock troops get attacked in his crystal ball, Durahan scowls. "FOOLS! HOW DARE THEY?! BLOODY NUISANCE!" Knight Hound, who's standing beside Durahan, tightens his grip on his long sword's blue hilt. "M'lord my I..."

"Shhh, silence!" Durahan said in a whisper like tone, cutting his thane off. "Perhaps I should let them live a little bit longer; worthy adversaries they be." The evil knight monster nods. "Yes!"

"So, now what m'lord?" Knight Hound kneeled beside his leader.



"HA! These guys aren't so tough now aren't they?" Basilisk stands straight up, puffing out his chest. "Just like the old days, when me and big bad Gray Wolf defeated Moo."

"Yeah right chi!" Moochi laughs. Hearing his brother's name, Tiger lowers his head. Basilisk gasps, seeing Tiger in a sad mood. "Oh, I'm sorry...I just forgot." Moochi walks over to Tiger's side and pats it with his round "hand". "Tiger chi, it's okay." Tiger sniffs, raising his head, smiling. "I'm okay where are we headed to next?"

"Well, I do know these mountains pretty good and I say, if we follow this path through the forest, we will reach Tenguyama. When we do reach it, we must go over it and once we do, we will reach Yugiyama." Hopper explained.

"Tenguyama!?" Basilisk scowls. "Rodent, that's the demon mountain, why the HELL do we want to go there?"

"Because Tenguyama is close to the mountain Yugiyama, which is not moving." Hopper said.

"Go on, chi."

"Are you ever curious why Yugiyama is not moving?"

"Perhaps it is the home of one of those death warriors;" Tiger said. "or slaves?"

"Or perhaps it doesn't want to?" Basilisk claps his claws together in front of Hopper's face. "Hopper, I heard that the damned Tenguyama Mountain was cursed. It there another way to Yugi?" He asked.

"No!" Hopper said, turning to Tiger. "Tiger, let's check out Yugiyama, maybe we'll figure out what's the deal with the moving mountains."


Episode 4

"Quack" Says Ducken

Hot as hell today! A day has passed and the now Galonis rebels were close to Tenguyama, in myth, the grass-filled mountain of demons. The mountain was in front of them, still like a statue. Why is it called the mountain of demons anyway? It was told in the entire world that evil and angry ghost and demons were flying and running around the land, producing fear into everyone nearby. But when the great firebird, Skyfire the mighty phoenix arose, the ghosts were silent and were banished, sealed in Tenguyama forever; but that was just a story, a scary one. Shame that Basilisk ever believed such a "story"....but what if it isn't a story? What if the story was real?

"It sure is HOT!" Basilisk complains, snarling. Tiger ignores Basilisk and continues walking in front of the group, more focused on his first task to go across Tenguyama, for he, as well, believed the story inside of himself. The blue mane "wolf" sweats at the heat and the fear of going up the mountain. His stomach aches and growls. Tiger didn't have any food, let's say, for couple of hours; and this hideous heat causes him to get thirsty, making him more hungry. The group slept more to get rid of their hunger but it never worked. You get more energy while sleeping but lose it when your stomach growls. Tiger stops walking and stoops, turning his head to Hopper. "Hey, you know what we will find up there?"


"On Tenguyama?"

"Nothing much 'Tyg', just lush green trees, rocky caves, lakes and shade. People love to go there for a vacation because of 'her' nature and beauty."

"Then let's go!" Tiger dashes off to the mountain in front of him. Basilisk sighs in relief and follows. "Whew, well at least he didn't say demons and ghosts!" Eager to find out what's on top of Tenguyama, the group races towards it.


Meanwhile, inside the castle on top of the non-moving Yugiyama Mountain, Durahan and his companion Knight Hound glances in their crystal ball, watching Tiger and his friends go up the mountain. Durahan taps his ironclad boot with his blade creating a tonal noise, still watching. "Six they be? Didn't Lord Galonis say they're were six of them bloody rebels? Me eyes only see five." Knight Hound turns his dog head to face his master. "Lord Galonis said they were SIX of them. So if there are five there, where is the other one?"

"A good question my brother." Durahan chuckles and stops tapping his boot with his long sword's steel blade. "A list please. Who wert the eight rebels who went against Moo?"

"A gray wolf, a tiger, a hopper, a gali, a basilisk, a tyrant, a moochi and a phoenix sir."

"Who are the ones who killed Moo?"

"All of them except the gali sir."

"Who are left?"

"The tiger, the hopper, the gray wolf, the moochi, the basilisk and the tyrant. That's six."

"Hmm, me eyes only see the tiger, the hopper, the tyrant, the moochi and the basilisk. That's five now. Where is the gray wolf that thou speaks about?"

"Gray Wolf? You don't think that....."

"Nevermind, did thee send a message to Ducken like I ask thee to Knight Hound?"

"Yes indeed sir."



Finally! Everyone was on top of Tenguyama. The rebels panted heavily; that was one heck of a challenge, going up that mountain. Their bodies were sweating because of the heat and yet, on top of the mountain, they chill out in the forest's shade. It was cool around here: no enemies, no problems....just quietness, life, chirping birds and five tired monsters.

"I'm pooped!" Basilisk stoops nearby a tree, looking around the life filled mountain. "This ain't no Tenguyama, this place is beautiful." Hopper giggles, waving his furry fist around. "Oh this is Tenguyama, but there isn't no ghost OR demons OR goblins." Basilisk snarls at the rodent. "Silence!"

"That's enough! Save your energy you guys." Tiger said, sighing. "You are going to need it because we have to across the mountain's top and go down when we reach it's end." Moochi giggles, rubbing his tummy. "Let's get something to eat."

"What can we eat?" Tyrant asked. Everybody turned to Hopper. Hopper grins. "On Tenguyama's menu is fish at the lake, mangos in the trees, berries in the bushes, bugs in dirt and other things." Hearing all those wonderful foods that are around, the group, except Hopper, leaps up and scatters around. "LET'S GO!" Hopper chuckles...but suddenly there was a noise. "QUACK!" Tensed, Hopper gets up and turns his head in all directions, wondering what that was.

"QUACK!" There it was again. The noise echoed through the entire forest on top of the mountain. The small critters began to scatter. "QUACK!"

From behind Hopper, there was a voice. "Hopper, what was that?" Hopper turns around and sees the guys coming back.

"You heard it too?" Hopper asked, raising an eyebrow.


"BOOMERANG!!!" A voice in the forest yelled out. The rebels' eyes widen in fear. "That's something new!" Suddenly, flying out of the forest, is a small red-white flying saucer.

"ACK, DUCK!" Hopper warns. Everyone ducks but Tyrant was way too slow. The flying saw passes by with great speed, slithering Tyrant's stone neck. "GOOH!"


"Grrr!" Tiger growls, watching the saw return to where it came from.

"TYRANT!" Basilisk cries out. Tyrant falls on his back with a large BOOM, shaking the place like an earthquake. Basilisk gets up to check on his friend's neck. No blood or anything, just a deep "wound". "Tyrant, are you okay? Some-something just attacked you." Tyrant nods his head slowly. Growling, Basilisk turns to the forest where the flying saw came from. "Whoever you are, I'm gonna kick your ass!"

"Tsk tsk tsk, such language." Walking out of the forest is a red, white and yellow striped duck. On his middle stripe (the red one) is a circular seal of a knight holding a sword. The duck points to Tiger and his friends and counts. "Let's see, one, two, three, four, five...five?"


Hey...aren't there six of you maggots?" The duck monster said, scratching his feathery head. Tiger growls at the duck monster. "No there is ONLY five of us, who are you?"

"My name is Ducken, Ducken of Lord Durahan." The duck monster replied.

"You're Ducken of the Dead that's what you are." With a roar of rage, Basilisk charges towards Ducken.

"WAIT CHI!" Moochi called out.

"EXPLOSION!" Suddenly, Ducken brings his head and wings inside his round body, looking like a ball. There is a ticking noise. "Tck, tck..."

"RRRRAAA!!...Uh?" Hearing the ticking noise, Basilisk runs the other way. "WATCH OUT!"

"ACK!" Tiger, Hopper and Moochi runs as far as they can away from Ducken leaving Tyrant.

"NO!" Basilisk cries out, running in the other direction and towards the fallen Tyrant.

"NO Basilisk!" Tiger yells out. "His defense will protect him!"




Around the Tenguyama, a group of apes feast upon the mountain's tree berries. Suddenly there hear a large noise on top of a mountain. The apes look up and sniff the air. They smell something very fowl...something that is burning. The sky was covered with fowl smoke and fire was burning the green-filled mountain. Seeing the fire from on top of the mountain, the apes scatter.






"WHERE TIS DUCKEN DAMNIT!?" Durahan scowls, glaring in his crystal ball. "How could explode the mountain like that?"

"I do not know sir but what about the rebels?" Knight Hound asked.

"Hmm, I do not recall anyone escaping from Ducken's explosion."

"Indeed!" Knight Hound raises a brow and continues watching with his lord.


"Ha...ha...ha...ha!" Ducken laughs, coughing out smoke from his mouth. "Ha..hack!" The duck monster looks around the burnt land. Tenguyama, the once beautiful mountain of nature and mythical demons was ruined. The animals scattered; having no where to go but Ducken didn't care. All he cared was to carry out Lord Durahan's orders so he could be praised. His body was bruised and black and his life was nearly depleted. After looking around the dead place for awhile, Ducken decides that it's a wrap and turns away, walking off. The duck peeps, as his orange webbed feet burn walking on the charred ground. Suddenly, he stops walking as he hears something.


"It...can'" Ducken slowly turns his head around. His eyes widen as he sees someone moving under a fallen tree.

"Tiger are you alright?"

"Yes, how's Tyrant?"

"He's okay!"



"Hey, I'm little here. Help me up!"

My god! Hearing the voices of the rebels, Ducken flaps his white wings and takes into the air. Lord Durahan is not going to be happy about this, the duck thought.


"What?! They survived yer explosion attack?!" Durahan yells. "FOOL! How can that be?" Ducken sweats. "Unless it was a bunch of apes. Yes, m'lord they were apes." Pointing his sword at the duck's head, Knight Hound speaks. "I doubt it duck, look!" The dog knight guides his sword's edge towards the crystal ball. Ducken turns his head slowly to the crystal ball and screams. "GAHHHHH!!"

"So Tiger, where did you think that Ducken fellow go huh? I wanted to crunch his skinny neck."

"I don't know. He probably got destroyed in the explosion."

"Whatever, I'm just glad that we are okay."

"Yes, but look at Tenguyama. It's so ruined and burnt."

"Perhaps, one day, Gali will make it green again."


"Now let's head off to Yugiyama. Are you guys with me?"


"Tyrant, how's your neck?"

"It's fine Basilisk. I'm made out of rock after all."


Ducken's beak drops, sweating, watching the rebels still alive on Durahan's crystal ball. "Hehe...heheh...hehe...heh!"

"Hmmm!" Durahan walks behind Ducken and lifts his sword above his minion's head. "It seems that those bloody rebels are tougher than I thought." Head down to feet, hearing Durahan's cold voice behind him, Ducken shivers. He was so scared that he stuttered in his voice. "Wha wha, what are you...gggg...going to ddd dd, do to me...lll llr...Lord du...dudu, Durahan?" Suddenly Durahan brings down his sword on Ducken.

"AHHH!!" Ducken screams, feeling the long blade lice quickly through his rounded body. Silence!

Grrrraaaaaa! Ducken's beak was gaping open. His vision was starting to die out. Knight Hound chuckles watching the still duck monster whose body was falling into two pieces. Durahan, holding his sword's grip tightly, watches his "failed victim's" body fall apart. At Ducken's body pieces hit the ground, they glow in red...turning into a single lost disk. Another one has met their fate by Durahan's hands. Whoever failed, Deathbringer, monsters who called Durahan's sword, always finishes it last. Lord Durahan looks down at the lost disk, which was near his feet, for a few seconds the turns to Knight Hound. "Let this be a warning to ye, Knight Hound."

"Yes sir!" Knight Hound bows to his leader, lifts up and head out of the castle.

Episode 5

Fire and Armor! Fiery Breath of Armor Dragon

After the rebels escaped from Ducken's deadly explosion, they rested. It's been a rough day. The air was very cold and the air was filled with dense smoke from the charred Tenguyama, the mountain the rebels looked upon.

"I was wrong about Tenguyama." Basilisk said, sadly staring at the mountain. "I thought it was a demon mountain, but I was wrong. It was a mountain of merry." Moochi rubs his rounded, peach hand on Basilisk's leg. "Don't worry Basilisk. Tiger said that Lord Gali would replenish Tenguyama."

"Ah yes, Lord Gali." Basilisk looks up into the sky. Gali.....

"Yeah!" Tiger looked with his zuum friend.

Gali had to be one of the greatest friend Tiger and his big brother Gray Wolf has ever had. A year ago, when Gray Wolf and his "Moo rebel team" fought Master Techno Dragon in the city Banjia, Gali sacrificed himself. He tried his best and was killed by Techno's inescapable breath of fire. Remembering this dreadful day caused Tiger's eyes to be filled with tears. Seeing his "brother's" tears fall to the ground, Moochi runs over to him and pats his side of blue fur. "Tiger chi?"

"I-I..I'm alright Moochi." Tiger says and looks down at Moochi. "Let's head up on Yugiyama." Moochi nods with a smile. "Right!"


"Knight Hound, report!" Durahan ordered, tapping Gkk, the rerreebels..are on..yuyugi....yamaamamam sir."

"Bah! It seems my time is almost up. The bloody fools have one more test."

"You mean...our best warrior?" Knight Hound asked.

"Yes!" Durahan nods, chuckling.

"Uh, yes sir!"


Yugiyama was no other! It happened to be one of the largest mountains around. It's rocky "skin" was white as steam and the top was sharp as a tack. Tiger grumbles on each step he takes on up Yugiyama. "Her body" was very tough and it hurts, barefooted, when you walk on it. It was starting to get a little chilly. Basilisk snarls. "This stinks! Not only that the pretty Tenguyama is messed up, Yugiyama has to be cold. Can these bad guys ever live in a warmer place?"

"We don't have a choice pal." Tiger said as he continued walking up the mountain. "If we don't go through the sacrifices, then we are done for."

"I understand!" The zuum nods his head. From the sky, there is a gigantic roar. The rebels look up into the cloud filled sky, wondering what that was. Hopper's eye grew big as he sees a gigantic shadow flying in the milk-colored sky. "What the hell is that?"

"I have no idea but it looks very bad!" Tiger blinks, watching the shadow.

"Hey, I think that's "thing" is going to land on top on Yugiyama, don't you think guys?" Basilisk asks. Moochi turns his head to Tiger. "What do you think Tiger?"

"We must go up there!" Tiger suggested and begins to dash up the mountain.


Up the mountain Tiger goes! His paws were starting to feel feeble from the mountain's cold rock. Tiger, with all of his air that his lungs could give him, runs with full speed, hoping he would find a warm spot for his paws to rest. Suddenly, he feels something hot behind him. Tiger's blue mane began to sweat out. "Whew! Yugiyama you surprise me." Then, the "wolf" monster turns around and screams, seeing a cone of fire going after him. "GAHHHHH!"

"TIGER!" Hearing his "brother" scream, Moochi was running straight up the mountain. His black eyes widen, seeing the cone of fire "chase" after Tiger. "CHI!" "Still running, Tiger turns his head around at the fire cone and takes the last of his breath into his lungs. "BLIZZARD!" He opens his mouth wide and unleashes out a blast of ice mixtures at the fire cone. The fire easily burns through the blast of ice and fly towards Tiger. Tiger's pupils shrink with fear. "Hmm, that's wasn't too smart! Indeed!" He nods. Swift as the wind, the cone of fire runs through Tiger. "AAAIIIIIIEE!!"

"TIGER!" Moochi leaps into the air and spins around. "PETAL SWIRL!" From Moochi's flying and twirling pink body is a breeze of cherry blossoms. The blossom swirl around the cone of fire but just burn into dust. "Chii...."

Finally, Basilisk, Hopper and Tyrant reach up to where they see the fallen Moochi and Tiger. Basilisk quickly runs over to Tiger. "Hey, what happened?" Tiger, semiconscious, just coughs at Basilisk's question. Basilisk growls and looks up into the air, wondering where that fire cone came from.

"Well now, did I get you? Are you still standing?" A voice from the sky asked.

"What?!" Basilisk yells out. "You've caused this?! WHO ARE YOU?!" Hopper and Tyrant look up into the air as well.

"Who I am you ask?" A laugh echoes through the sky. "I am the mighty Armor Dragon (Dragon/Durahan) of Lord Durahan."

"Huh?" Hopper and Tyrant raised a brow, looking the dragon's armored breastplate just in case. "ACK!" Another "henchmonster"! The dragon wore a seal of a knight on him.

"Grr!" Basilisk hisses and mutters under his breath. "I knew it!" Tiger continues to cough, trying to get his conscious back. Gliding through the sky is a large dragon monster. Head to tail, the dragon is covered with the finest of black armor and it's black eyes spots the group in front of him.

"Great! Another henchman of Durahan!" Hopper clenches a fist and turns his head towards Basilisk. "So tough guy, what do we do?"

"We fight of course!" Roaring, Basilisk leaps into the air and spins his body around. "Flaming roll!"

"Fool!" Armor Dragon folds back his wings and divers towards the attacking Basilisk. The dragon passes by, creating a huge windstorm, ruining Basilisk's attack aim. Still in midair, Basilisk unrolls dizzy and turns around, seeing the rear of the armor dragon. "Damn you!" Suddenly, Basilisk feels a large stinging pain in his head. The black zuum sees the long tail of his dragon enemy and then blacks out from the attack. Hopper and Tyrant watch his shock as Basilisk falls towards the ground. What could they do? At last, Tiger gets up slowly from unconscious. Moochi's black eyes suddenly open and look around. He spots Tiger and quickly got up, like his strength returned to him and runs over to Tiger, panicking.

"CHII TIGER!" Moochi hugs his brother. Tiger's body was still charred from the dragon's cone of fire but he didn't have much of a choice. The brave "wolf" monster grumbles and moans, hoping that he has enough strength to fight.

Moochi begs, "Tiger, stay down. I'll help Basilisk."

Tiger spoke in a whisper like tone. "No I can't! I must fight!"

"NO CHI!" Moochi runs off to check on Basilisk. "STAY THERE!"

"MOOCHI!" Tiger yells out. "MOOCHI!



"Ha!" Twirling towards Armor Dragon is a barrel of red stones. Armor Dragon banks left, dodging. "It would be a lot easier for you if you could fly." The Durahan henchman laughs. Tyrants snarls lizard like at the dragon, knowing that he was too heavy to fly.

"If you can't fly then can you do this mixbreed?" Armor Dragon takes a large deep breath. Tyrant gasps and guards his face with his heavy arms. After a while holding his breath, Armor Dragon unleashes a huge cone of flame at Tyrant.

"MOOCHI CANNON!" Suddenly, a gigantic pink beam connects with the cone of fire. Basilisk came out of no where and sided with Tyrant. Tyrant looks down at his friend. "You are alright!"

"I'm always alright pal!" Basilisk nods and turns his head to Armor Dragon, glaring up at him angrily. "FLAME BREATH!




"Hmmm?" Tiger opened one of his eyes slowly, looking around. There was nothing but darkness. A deep, yet familiar voice was calling out to him. Tiger?

Tiger opens his other eye and gets up quickly, feeling tensed. "Who's there?!"

Hey Tiger? What's up? It's me!

"Gg...GRAY WOLF?! That's your voice! Is that you I'm hearing? Where are you? Where am I?"

Calm down brother, you don't need to yell. Yes I am Gray Wolf and you are, right now, in your mind.

"My mind?"

That's right! But dreams are over my boy and you must wake up.

"What's going on Gray Wolf? Tell me what's happening?"

"It is your friends boy!"

"My friends? What about them?"

They are going to perish.

Tiger gasps. Suddenly, in front of his eyes is a holographic picture of his friends fighting Armor Dragon. In the action picture, Armor Dragon, who still in midair, begins to flap his wings very hard. "FLUTTER!" Tiger, with his mouth open, watches the Armor Dragon's wind blows his friends away. Suddenly, flying with the powerful wind, is a huge swirl of fire. The picture suddenly disappears.

"NOOO!" Tiger cries out. "PUT THE PICTURE BACK ON!" With a flash of light, the picture comes back up with another scene. In the picture, it shows Tiger's friend lying in the icy ground, motionless. Clear tears started to pour down Tiger's cheeks. "Basilisk, Moochi, Tyrant......and...Moochi."

Yes it's painful boy. See what happens? While you are drifting away in your own mind, your friends die. You should be with them, no?




Foolish boy! Don't speak to me like that!

"Why? You're not my brother! I'm outta here!"

Tiger come back!


Suddenly, Tiger opens his eyes. He feels no pain after getting charred by Armor Dragon's fire cone. "Weird!" Tiger turns around and sees his friends still countering with Armor Dragon's fire breath. "You can't beat me you insects!"

"Hang on guys!" Feeling great energy surging through his body, Tiger springs onto his feet and runs over to his friends to help.

"I can't keep this up!" Basilisk said, the inside of mouth burning with firepower.

Moochi kept on firing his cannon. "DON'T GIVE...UPPP..CHI!" Suddenly Tiger runs in front of his friends and points his blue glowing horns at the attacking dragon.

Basilisk moves his pupil over to Tiger's direction. "Tiger, dis you!"

"Basilisk, keep firing! LIGHTNING ATTACK!" From his glowing horns, Tiger shoots out two blazing blue lightning bolts at Armor Dragon's seal. Basilisk narrows his eyes, thinking; Is that a joke?

"GKK!" Stone Dragon suddenly felt his chest burning as he feels some shatter into pieces. The dragon begins to slowly glide towards the ground. Basilisk stops breathing his fire attack and coughs. Hopper jumps. "We won!" Moochi stops firing and watches the dragon. "But how chi?" Basilisk coughs and turns to Moochi. "Good question!" With a huge boom, Armor Dragon lands

"Follow me!" Tiger runs over to the fallen dragon. The others follow. Armor Dragon, lying on the cold ground, grumbles. "It...can't be.....Lord Durahan." Tiger stops in front of the dragon's face, close to his snout. "Are you okay?"

Armor Dragon's eyes widen. "You defeated me! HOW?!"

Basilisk shrugs his shoulders, careless about the dragon. "It seems that the power of Galonis over the lizard gets eliminated when you destroyed his seal Tiger."

"Indeed!" Tiger nods, still staring into Armor Dragon's black eyes. "Mr. Armor Dragon, please tell us how this Lord Durahan is like."

"I...can't!" Armor Dragon

"Please! Please tell us!" Tiger pleaded. Basilisk walks over to Armor Dragon's head and kicks him. "TELL HIM YOU DURAHAN FREAK! ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!"

"BASILISK CHILL CHI!" Moochi yelled out. Tiger turns to his hot headed lizard friend. "We won't know anything if you kick him to death!" Basilisk growls and stops kicking, still glaring at the dragon. "Humph!"

"I'm can't....." With one last sigh, Armor Dragon closes his eyes and glows red.

"NO, WAIT CHI!" Moochi cried out. It was too late. There was nothing left but pieces of huge armor and a huge lost disk. Tiger growls. "Shit!"

"Persuading him to tell us wasn't a VERY good idea." Basilisk said, waving his long tail around. Tiger turns his head to Basilisk, then towards Moochi, Hopper and Tyrant. "Let's go!"


"Wait you guys!" Basilisk called out. Hopper turns to the black, striped zuum. "What is it?"

"Hold on!" Near Basilisk's feet are tiny pieces of copper. It used to be the seal until Tiger destroyed it. Basilisk thought; perhaps this is their weakpoint.

"Basilisk, let's get!"

"Alright!" Basilisk looks at the broken seal one last time and then heads off to follow his friends up to the top, the top of Yugiyama.


"WHHAAT?!" Durahan grabs his crystal ball with his iron hands and glares at the giant disk stone. "ARMOR DRAGON, IT CAN'T BE! NO!" Knight Hound's head drops, shoving his sword into the rocky ground with his hands on it's flat, rounded, pommel. "Forgive me m'lord!"

"No need my dear Knight Hound." Throwing his crystal ball away, the angered Durahan gets up and sheathes his sword from his back. "Knight Hound, prepare thyself!" he commanded.

"Sir, what is going on?" Knight Hound asked. "Someone must stop those rebels before they get here."

"Er?" Durahan laughs. "They wilt come Knight Hound! Let them!"

Knight Hound's red eyes widen. "But...but SIR!"

"Calm thyself my brother, they can come." Durahan, chuckling, looks at his reflection on Deathbringer's blade. "And when they do......someone will MOST DEFIANLTY stop them."