Mission Tips


1st One: In this one, you have to collect a certain amount of money before the time runs out! Real simple-rob the vet place first then grab some trees, poles, cars etc to blow the Vet building up to get a statue inside. Then, move to the closest house and send in your Servbots to see a funny and cute little cut! (notice the TV has Megaman on it! ^_^) Then, rob all the other houses. If you don't have enough-blow up the houses and grab the zenny!

Denise will show up and you will witness a funny conversation between her and the smart-@$$ Tron! ^_~ Finally, Denise is ready to fight! Brab her police car and throw it at her to end the battle in a snap!

2nd One: This one is more fun-but also harder. You'll find yourself back infront of the vet. This time, have fun destroying the town and causing chaos! ^__^ A fun thing to do is block a car's way and send your Servbots inside it. Watch as the little guy crashes into something! :D Also, check the little mail boxes and trash cans to get some items. After your fun--the hard part begins! Rush down the steet to face policemen. Send your Servbots to steal the police men's shields and that will lower the cost of developement. Also, send them at the police cars to also get items (siren, wheels) to lower development costs too! After you fal through the bridge, send your Servbots up to the Trunk and they'll..well..you'll see how they help.. ^.^;;; Also, the moving police vans that block your path, just send the little Servbots after it and they'll hold it for you while you sneak by.

You'll face Denise again, but this time, she has "Special Traning". Watch out! She suddenly gained Superman strength to flip you over and cause big damage! Just run around the Bank until she starts to shoot at you, then turn, shoot and RUN!


Servbot Skill Items

"1,2,3. 1,2,3.."

The Design Magazine you get from the Bank (?) mission goes to the little Servbot in Tron's room doing face excercises by the door.


"Some call me a loner.."

The comic, also from the Bank mission or/and from Scouting, goes to the pacing Servbot (in the way back) of the Gym.


"*flip* *flip*.."

Talk to #1 (in HQ) and get notes. Go to the Meeting Room and give it to the Servbot in the funny glasses.