Tiger of Freedom: Chapters


            Well, here it is. The list of the entire "Tiger of Freedom" chapters (or episodes). These do contain spoilers so be careful. If you don't want to be spoiled then you must leave. I will also explain about what was boggling through my mind while working on these chapters...I think. Yes, I know: "Master Gray Wolf you don't have all the chapters done yet so what are you talking about?" I believe that the entire story is already "written" in my own mind. Have fun.


(The Beginning)

            The story of "Tiger of Freedom" begins **during** the year when Gray Wolf passed away; Moo died a year ago (see "Howl of [the] Gray Wolf"). I never said "how many days" after Gray Wolf's death, weeks or months. Hopefully, this cleared you up. Before we enter the "Death Warrior 5 arcs", we enter these "boring" chapters when we get a basic understanding about what is happening around the planet. The same goes for the rebels.


Prologue-The Prophecy! The Lord of Death

            Main Point: An unknown Galonis and his "Death Warrior 5" infects the world with evil based on an ancient prophecy.

            MGW: I'm not sure how I got this idea.


Chapter 1-Earth's Morph! The Lord of Death's curse

            Main Point: The effects of Galonis magic...on world regions!

            MGW: I'm not sure how I got this idea. This is more like a continuation of the prologue except it's more descriptive.


Chapter 2-Defeat Galonis Tiger! You are the Tiger of Freedom.

            Main Point: With Skipper's help, Tiger and his friends learn about the prophecy and the Lord of Death, Galonis (Tiger is transported to some "plane" and talks to Galonis there).

            MGW: Another boring chapter to me but our heroes had to know about what the heck was going on after they got swallowed up in the disasters. "This doesn't look good!"~Hopper.


(Durahan Arc)

            Well, here it is! The beginning of the "Death Warrior 5" arcs. We start off with the armored knight Durahan.  Durahan only lived for four chapters; so does his greatest fighter, Knight Hound. A bit boring but Durahan's lines are a bit fun to read because of that archaic speech he has. The same goes for Knight Hound.


Chapter 3-The Forest of the Unbelievable. The Lord of the Mountains' Mock troops

            Main Point: The rebels go off on their quest to defeat Galonis and Durahan sends out his first troops---The Mocks.

            MGW: Just something basic. Rebels go off to battle Galonis and runs into these mocks. It's kind of boring too. Was too simple to create but it's just the beginning.


Chapter 4-"Quack" Says Ducken

            Main Point: Tenguyama is a mountain that the rebels must cross to reach Yugiyama (where Durahan and Knight Hound reside) but before they do, they meet Ducken and get an explosive surprise.

            MGW: Another basic chapter. I thought that duckens were the craziest monsters I've ever seen in PSX's "Monster Rancher 2". They are quick as hell, they can extend their necks and peck you, shoot a "beak missile" (?), weak defense. They dance all weird and ****. Now, the explosion attack. "Tick tok, tick tok, tick tok, BOOM!" An easy way to beat/kill them if you can survive their attack (and that's what the rebels did. Yeah, kind of cheap). Don't ask me about those apes :p


Chapter 5-Fire and Armor! Fiery Breath of Armor Dragon

            Main Point: The rebels reach Yugiyama and were ready to fight Durahan but runs into Armor Dragon.

            MGW: Not only that a "short", typical fight was going on, Tiger gets "transported" into this dream about Gray Wolf messing with his mind. For some reason, I don't have much to say about all of this. Another basic chapter I guess.


Chapter 6-The clash of two warriors! Durahan and Celious!

            Main Point: On top of Yugiyama, The rebels battle Knight Hound. There is a new soldier added to the rebel group and he wishes to battle Durahan alone.

            MGW: A new recruit to the good guys team: Celious, a centaur/tiger. To live up to the prophecy I created, I made Celious the student of Durahan. Durahan was chosen to be a "death warrior" because he sacrificed to save Celious (who he considered his most loving student and friend). UNLIKE the other rebels (which I will explain later), Celious was bold and fought his sensei without any tears or any kind of negativism. I guess I got the "slice n' half" death from Freeza and Trunks.


(Wildsaurian Arc)

            After the Durahan Arc, we enter the Arc of Wildsaurian. This arc has the most chapters out of all of the arcs. In this arc, Basilisk is like a whole different "person". During "Howl of the Gray Wolf", he was just merciless and a bit evil but not in this arc ;p. 


Chapter 7-Nightmare of the "Zuum of Darkness"

            Main Point: Rebels battle grape dinos and Basilisk is shocked by the news that his father is one of the DW 5.

            MGW: Wildsaurian! The father of Basilisk who was killed by Syler, Moo's death dragon. I wanted to get him involved somehow in this sequel since Basilisk was so angry with Syler in "Howl of the Gray Wolf". I wanted to see how Basilisk would react to all of this. Weaken him somehow and yet he's the most courageous and brash of the group.


Chapter 8-"I will never return!" The Runaway!

            Main Point: Tiger is poisoned by scaled worms and Basilisk runs away from the fate of fighting his father.

            MGW: A dramatic chapter when there is an important decision to make. It's the choice on who gets to fight Wildsaurian. Tiger or Basilisk? Tiger recommended Basilisk but Basilisk had no exception to all of this. Being one the greatest warriors (and most dependable) of the entire rebel group, Basilisk was really having a tough time and ran away during the fight with the scaled worms (and crying); I bet none of you thought that would happen. In this chapter, we are introduced to a new character. Her name is Halsha, an old fairysaurian (Zuum/Pixie. Prolly around 3 years old or older) who really helped Basilisk out and gives him a fruit to heal Tiger. A jester and I guess Basilisk needed some humor to cheer him up. I don't remember how I came up with Halsha's attitude but believe me, you'll see her again. Basilisk needs her bad. ^__~


Chapter 9-Return of the Inferno

            Main Point: Teuluar is revived by Galonis and is brainwashed, thinking that the rebels want to invade his resting place.

            MGW: I guess this chapter shows how unfair Galonis is...but not yet. Not just yet. We're just getting started. Cinder Bird is also introduced in this chapter as one of the "Death Warrior 5" and Galonis's greatest monster. You guys remember "The Teuluar of Inferno/Stone Dragon, Torrent" story in chapter 7? Well, I didn't want to leave it untouched. I wanted to bring Teuluar into this story as a brainwashed warrior. In that brief story, he seemed like a noble soldier but now in this chapter, he's like the other way around because of Galonis's magic. Tiger and Basilisk found this really unfair. Oh yeah, "The Basly song" :p I had that "Slinky song" stuck in my head for so long that I had to make a parody song for it.


Chapter 10-The Legend of Galonis and Cinder Bird

            Main Point: With the help of Halsha, the rebels break Teuluar free from Galonis's spell. Teuluar shows them the ruins which tells the story of Cinder Bird and Galonis.

            MGW: I just want to mention that I really messed up the end of "Chapter 6". You prolly wonder what the heck is "Mezar Mountain"? O__o Heh, I was suppose to say "Torrentyama/Torrent Mountain" but since it was too late, I decided to let Teuluar say to the rebels that Mezar was a mountain that looked just like Torrent and that Wildsaurian, Amethyst and Noblesaurian moved from there. Hehehehheeh O__O;; My mistake! Hopefully, it won't happen again. This was going to be another very boring chapter until I decided to make it a Basilisk POV. I wanted to show the readers his anger and pain. Enter his soul, "hear" his heartbeat when Halsha...nevermind. ^__^  


Chapter 11-Selon Embraces the Light

            Main Point: Halsha and Basilisk battles Wildsaurian while the rest of team battles Amethyst and Noblesaurian.

            MGW: The end of the Wildsaurian Arc. It was going to be like "Basilisk enters Torrent mountain, Wildsaurian attacks first, Wildsaurian gets killed, Basilisk cries" kind of thing but I thought that would've been boring. Instead, I added a twist to it. Galonis gets involved. During the fight at Torrent Mountain (seems like a draw), I let Galonis release Wildsaurian from his spell and that excites Basilisk. To tease Basilisk, Galonis painfully reverts Wildsaurian back into his slave and casts the same spell on Halsha (obeying Wildsaurian as well). How do you think Basilisk feels about this? In the end, when Wildsaurian is killed (the spell on Halsha is dispelled), I let Celious show his "emotionless" side. This is what "Galonis's war" was all about and Basilisk had to except it. With Wildsaurian dead, Amethyst and Noblesaurian are automatically slain (so are the other troops). Halsha stays in the purified Selon to protect it.


(Sir Mocchi's Arc)

            Now, to me, this arc is the best one. It only has four chapters but it went through a lot. This was going to be so boring! This was just going to be a stroll through the desert and battle until I thought of something really nifty during those months I've been lazy. ^_^


Chapter 12-The Chosen One's Vie

            Main Point: After the defeat of Wildsaurian, the team crosses the border to the arid desert. Prince Hares gives Mocchi an invitation to the next Death Warrior's castle and two golems are jealous of him.

            MGW: Mocchi's father, Sir Mocchi the KnightMocchi (Mocchi/Durahan) is the rebels' next opponent. We see Gobi and Sand Golem (from Ch 1) again but are extremely jealous of Mocchi because he's more interesting to their master. I made these golems quite childlike. I had two ideas on my mind. One was just the golems as basic baddies and the other one was they escaping the fate of turning into baddies of Sir Mocchi. I don't have much to say about this chapter. In this chapter, we are also introduced to Draco Mocchi (Mocchi/Dragon) and Wahur, a whitemocchi (Mocchi/???). They are Sir Mocchi's "high captains".


Chapter 13-Shaman of the Desert

            Main Point: Hell Pierrot uses his magic to dominate the minds of the rebels.

            MGW: This chapter is like so funny and cute plus challenging to me. We got Hell Pierrot's "melodies of enchantment", insulting jokes and Mocchi under his spell (he's using a doll). This is where I test my ability of songwritting. While listening to that beautiful ending theme from the movie "Highlander-Endgame" (Give me lyrics please?), I wanted to put some songs into this chapter. I missed my songs from "Howl of the Gray Wolf". ^_^ I also made a parody for the song "Whip it" O__O;;; Man, I love that song. I add the parody in this chapter and let Hell Pierrot mess around with Basilisk and Tiger. :p


Chapter 14-Mocuquin

            Main Point: The rebels join a group of mocchi warriors against Wahur and Sir Mocchi's monol troops.

            MGW: If you ever wondered about Mocchi's healing powers then here is the answer. MOCUQUIN!? What the heck is that you ask? It's an underground city of mocchi freedom fighters led by D'Lyte that is hidden from Sir Mocchi. Boy, chapter 14 has been through a lot. At first it wasn't about a city, it was about Mocchi getting blown away by a sandstorm. He wakes up, dehydrated and meets Slash Hare (a new rebel) who gives him water. Those prince hare troops from earlier attack them but get beaten. No, I didn't want that. Instead, I make this. Sir Mocchi wanted to find the city of Mocuquin for a very long time and learn of his warrior ancestors; the same goes for his son Mocchi, who inherited his healing powers from the first mocchi magic users (could only heal ones with a good heart). History of the city, the people, it's all here. The mocchi freedom fighters are quite determined to beat Sir Mocchi. In this chapter, we also understand the term of "mo-ki", the inner energy of the mocchi monsters :Wahur and the monol troops from earlier found the city p Unfortunately, Wahur and the monol troops found the city. There was a battle and many mocchis were injured (Some were killed. Plus the city gets damaged). Not a happy ending. Mocchi was frustrated by his father and went off to battle him. Tiger joined him while the others succor the wounded.


Chapter 15-Challenge of the Desert Lord

            Main Point: Sir Mocchi battles Mocchi while Wahur battles Tiger.

            MGW: Well, this is the end of the Sir Mocchi Arc but not for Sir Mocchi. You probably would ask why would Mocchi and Tiger go by themselves? Mocchi knew that his father was an honorable monster and would battle fairly. During their travel to the castle, Tiger and Mocchi meet Draco Mocchi, who tells them that Sir Mocchi challenges them to a 2 Vs 2 battle. Tiger and Mocchi accepts. At the castle, Sir Mocchi battles Mocchi and Tiger battles Wahur (Still, they are pretty angry at the terrible battle at Mocuquin). Everything seems fine so far until Tiger whoops on Wahur--this is when Sir Mocchi, the "honorable one", CHEATS. He brings in the draco mocchi troops and say that "fighting fair is overrated". Now, Mocchi came to the understanding that Sir Mocchi wasn't his father. Sir Mocchi was a poor soul, being used within evil hands, begging to be free.


(Gray Wolf Arc)

            Now you know that Tiger was going to get his. Just like the Sir Mocchi Arc, this arc has four chapters. This is a bit boring too but in the end, there is a surprise. Gray Wolf is quite sneaky and just as disgusting as the other death warriors are.


Chapter 16-Love Always

            Main Point: During battle with Cabalos and his troops, Sir Mocchi is killed and Tiger is hypnotized by Daton's charm.

            MGW: *Reads the "main point"* About time eh? ^_^ Sir Mocchi was hanging on with the last of his strength (because of Mocchi's cannon). He was unable to be healed by his son because a little of Galonis' curse still existed in him. A cabalos (tiger/naga) appears and says that Sir Mocchi is a weak warrior and sentimental. Steamed at the comment (he does not behave like that normally), Sir Mocchi attacks, swearing at the "Gray Wolf minion". After beating the mocchi, Cabalos retreats and Tiger follows him to ask questions (Cabalos's troops battle the other rebels). While searching for him, Tiger meets Daton and mistakes her for Cabalos. This is when the cute looooovvvveee scene starts ^__^. In the end, Sir Mocchi dies of his injuries.


Chapter 17-Returning to Banjia. The unstoppable Henger 5!

            Main Point: The rebels return to Banjia--only to get chased around the city by Balon and five mighty henger warriors.

            MGW: In this chapter, we see the hengers of Banjia again but the encounter is a bit worse then last time (when Techno Dragon took over it in "Howl of the Gray Wolf"). Now Gray Wolf has this group called the "Henger 5". It's more like the "Henger 4" since the purebred henger joined the rebels. There was a minor change (See "Chapter 18 spoiler"). Daton does help out to prove her trust towards Tiger. Another captain of Gray Wolf, Balon, says that Daton is a traitor and runs off.


Chapter 18-The Speed Test

            Main Point: Is Tiger ready to fight Gray Wolf? Tainted Cat and Gordish wants to know.

            MGW: A boring chapter I guess. Two katos test the agility of Tiger and battle him. I guess I liked the "Battle in the Meadow" episode because those Tainted Cats were quicker than a @%&#$()!(#(*. Tainted Cat was a sore loser and killed Gordish for being weak. He then attacks Tiger and Daton helps out again. Then the loooooovvvvve scene. ^__^ "The Speed Test" never existed a long time ago. Gordish and Tainted Cat were once in the "Banjia" chapter. They wounded the rebels, (while they were leaving) after the defeat of the "Henger 4" and Henger defeated them both.


Chapter 19-Trecherous Ice

            Main Point: Tiger battles his older brother in an unstable ice terrain.

            MGW: At first, I was going to make the Tiger and Gray Wolf battle straight and typical (good guy kills bad guy) but instead, I added some shocking twists. Daton doesn't "love" Tiger, she loves Gray Wolf and is one of her greatest captains along side with Balon and Cabalos. She did feel sorry for Tiger but never showed it; Tiger hated her for betraying him and using him. He found her cold-hearted but Daton shrugged it off and attacked the other rebels with Cabalos and Balon. Tiger showed a side of hate and blinding anger in this chapter and Galonis loved it (who appeared on the battlefield), asking him to join his side (Tiger obviously refused). Celious didn't like Tiger's alter in attitude and pushed him aside, fighting Gray Wolf instead. The battle was getting boring to Galonis and he thought that Gray Wolf was a weak warrior, killing him and Celious. Tiger blames himself. Very dramatic chapter in my opinion.


(Cinder Bird Arc)

            Well, here it is! The last "Death Warrior" Arc. it's Cinder Bird but he only has two chapters. Isn't that a beeyatch?


Chapter 20-Illusions and polka dots and hares, oh my!

            Main Point: Cinder Bird's ghost troops toy around with the rebels.

            MGW: A strange chapter title isn't it? It's a bit like the Hell Pierrot chapter but with some differences. Jinxed by magical illusions, angered by drawings on their fur/scales/whatever they have, etc. Instead of "Chapter 14", Slash is introduced in this later chapter who runs into an insane Tiger. Slash the Hare tells his tales about the ghosts and his encounters with them (plus the eye wound he got, covered by a patch). He understood their magic and helped the rebels out. Yes, the series is almost over and you're afraid that Slash won't have enough story time (same with Henger). Don't worry...I'll think of something. ^__~


Chapter 21-The aerial attack and the reunion

            Main Point: Cinder Bird beats around the rebels a bit until Skyfire appears.

            MGW: Nothing much. Skyfire suddenly appears and battles Cinder Bird. A bit corny how Skyfire got here; Tiger just called out his name :p LOL! During this battle, you realize that the two phoenix monsters know one another. It's based on Galonis's history.


(Galonis! The final battle)

Chapter 22-A lil' bit of justice and a lil' but of vengeance.

            Main Point: In this chapter, Tiger goes to battle Galonis alone in his flying "dome ship" while the other rebels are left behind.

            MGW: In this chapter, I gave Galonis this little cheap ability of transforming into monsters who's souls he's collected; plus, he uses ventriloquism. It wasn't like this before. He was just going to transform and say he's a "different kind of joker" but I thought that was too basic. I wanted to give him a better reason for his power and make him more hateful. Not only that Galonis attacked Tiger in his forms but mocked him, trying to toy with his mind like in that "chapter 5 dream". In the end, Tiger is thrown out the ship's window.

 Here are his transformations in order:

            1. Naga: One of Moo's minions (He fought Gray Wolf in "HOTGW")

            2. Mew: Orphan mother

            3. Teuluar

            4. Wildsaurian

            5. Sir Mocchi

            6. Gray Wolf

            7. Daton: Using ventriloquism, Galonis's Daton form says that she really did like Tiger.

            8. Celious: This was the worst. Tiger knew he was guilty during the Gray Wolf fight and Galonis decided to rub it in.


Chapter 23-One-thousand souls! The most frightening battle!

            Main Point: Galonis battles the rebels using full power.

            MGW: Well this is it. The final battle! Galonis uses all his power on the rebels. Kind of boring but I decided to make this chapter a bit graphic then dramatic. I guess this is my big chance. When using his full power, Galonis unleashes a ton of souls who are under his control and use them against the rebels plus he battles himself. Well, ^__^; before the battle, Galonis gets a little pissed at the rebels because they killed Cinder Bird--he found the other warriors pathetic. Obviously, the rebels were upset with him and each one share their grudges with him. How Galonis was defeated? Skyfire had to make a great sacrifice. Back in chapter 10, it was explained that Galonis used to be in a hell prison. Skyfire sends him back to the prison and stays in the prison with him, making sure he never returns to the real world. 


Epilogue-A Lonely Future

            Main Point: Galonis is defeated and the rebels go their own separate ways.

            MGW: Ah, the end of "Tiger of Freedom". Everything is back to normal. The epilogue is based on Tiger's POV, who returns to his tiger pack. Basilisk joins Halsha in protecting Selon Rainforest (hopefully he'll get a better reputation then as a wild bandit), Mocchi returns to Mocuquin, Hopper returns to his village and Slash along with Tyrant and Henger...who knows. ^___^ In the end, Tiger reminisces on what's been happening to him throughout the entire series.



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