"Two of Us" By:CP

Yes, this is a sappy Genki/Holly fic, but some people like those kind of fics, hai? ^_^

"Two of Us": Ending theme for 'Thousand Arms', the kick @$$ RPG!! ^__^

"Two of Us" performed by: Ayumi Hamasaki

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$_______$ But seriously, I LOVED it! ^_^

10 years after defeating Moo, Holly was sitting on a grassy hill, looking down at the river below. A cool breeze swept over her hair as she closed her eyes, smiling to herself.


Holly turned to see Pixie behind her, smiling a little.

"Pixie," Holly greeted, voice a little sad dispite her smile.

Pixie sat next to her, "What's the problem?"

Holly looked down, blushing slightly. "Well, with Genki back from his world and everything..."

((I was dreaming about resting in your arms

I woke up and noticed that I was alone.))

Pixie laughed, "You humans and love! Why is it so hard?"

Holly gave Pixie a weak smile, "What about you monsters?"

Pixie blushed slightly, then shook it away before Holly could see it, "That's different! You've been avoiding poor Genki since he got back."

Holly sighed, looking down again, "Hai.."

Pixie smiled genlty, an act which was still rarely seen around anyone else except for Holly and Big Blue..maybe Genki too, if she felt like it. "He's in the mansion. Why don't you talk to him?"

((I started crying, from loneliness.

The color-faded sofa, the pair of cups that we used,

The bed that's too large for me alone...))

Genki arranged some stuff in his new room. This time he was prepared to go back to the Monster World. Suddenly, there was a soft knock on his door. He reconized it as Holly, because the others just either burst in, yelled from behind the door or knocked loud and hard.

"Door's open, Holly," he called over his shoulder.

Holly peeked in, then stepped in. "Hello Genki. Do you need any help?"

Genki shook his head, then thought, "Actually, can you pick up my radio over there."

"R..radio?" Holly repeated in awe, looking around.

Genki laughed and pointed to his black radio. "The black box over there."

((I'll get over them, someday.

I didn't love you so that you could keep on loving me.

I thought I knew that, but now I can't go to sleep))