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Authors W

Story #1: "Monster Park": Warrior told me it was a result of a major sugar-high. (Hm, that's funny...that's when I write my stories..) A South Park/Monster Rancher crossover. FUNNY!!
Story #2: "New Pangea": Warning: Adult language and scenes of violence ; Genki returns to his world to find himself far away from his home... Warrior's great series has all the adventure you desire!!

Authors X

Authors Y

Yaoi Huntress Earth
Story #1: "Top Ten things That Happened During a Pokemon/MR Crossover": Funny!!!

Authors Z

Zytrax D'Amour
Story #1: "The Watchmonsters": A cool series
Zytrax D'Amour
Story #2: "Battle of the Crossbreeds": A new series!