"She wasn't my friend........"


Before Megaman Legends, after the Misadventures of Tron Bonne, the Bonnes once again face a grave situation..

A group called the "Evil Destiny" are after space pirates and diggers to help them achieve their ultimate desire--the Death Bringer! An ultimate being/robot who, legend has it, can destroy the whole world! Tron and five of her servbots (#'s 1, 40, 7, 13 and 5) are blown away by the Evil Destiny after they take the others! Luna, a mysterious "talented" ;) woman with a horrible laugh takes the survivors in. Turns out, she's trailing the Evil Destiny for reasons she doesn't know..

Who is Luna?

What is that little floating cat doing following her?

Can Denise and Tron get along without Denise trying to arrest her?!

Find out in 26 episodes of non-stop, action, laughs and drama! Including specials and a movie!

Ultimate Desire Extras

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