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Misty suddenly found herself lost. No Ash or Brock. Just her and Togepi.
Misty: Ash? Where are you?
*No answer*
Suddenly a white fog started to surround the bushes. Misty was cold and scared. Especially with no one there. She began to shiver and then her teeth began to chatter.
Misty: Aww man...I wish I knew it got this cold at night. I would wore pants or  something.
Togepi squeaked and Misty knew it was cold too.
Misty: It's ok Togepi. Just keep warm in this.
Misty put Togepi in her bag and kept walking.
Misty: Ash? Pikachu? Brock?
Suddenly Misty heard a rustle in the bushes. And out popped the lamest of all villains...Team Rocket.
Misty: Don't even bother saying the motto. We've heard it a million times.
Jessie: We? I only see a scrawny little brat! Hahahaha!
James: Hey, were is the other twerps?
Misty: I'm lost and I don't know where they are.
Misty hung her head low. All Team Rocket did was laugh. While Misty walked off embarrassed. Why was I so stupid? She thought. I shouldn't have told them. But, on the other hand, I DID get away. Idiots.
Misty just kept running until all of a sudden, she felt a sharp pain in her back. Jessie's Arbok had done a poison sting! Oh no!!!!!!
Misty:Ugh.....I can't...go...on....
Then she couldn't say anymore and collapsed! Just then, Misty could hear a faint rustle in the bushes. It was Ash and Brock. Misty could just see Ash running twords her when she balcked out.
Ash:MISTY! Oh my gawd! Misty! What happened?!
Just then, Misty weakly opened her eyes.
Ash: Misty...what happened?
Misty: I...got..caught in a.......Team Rocket battle and....told..them...I was lost...and they....laughed and....I left....and Jess..Jessie...s...sent.....out her...Arbok.....and sent a......poison sting......at me.......
Brock:Ash, don't move her. Lay her down in her sleeping bag and DO NOT let her go to sleep! I'm going to the Pokemon center for help.

As time passed, Misty just got paler and paler. Soon, she was breathing so low that she looked as though she was sleeping. Ash stroked her hair and kept her awake.
Ash:Misty...I gotta tell you something. I've always liked you. When I saw you....it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know I havn't paid you back for your bike, but....um...I probably won't.
Misty:Me.....too.....ugh....oh...it hurts!
Ash: Misty! Hang on! Don't leave me! I love you!!!!!
As Misty got paler, Ash worried more. Suddenly, he saw Brock running up.
Brock: I got the medicine!!!!!!!!!
Great. But I hope Misty can hang on for a while....Ash thought.
Ash: I don't know if she'll make it.
Brock walked over to check he pulse...
Brock: Oh my gawd.......she's...dead...... I'm too late.
Ash suddenly ran out tears streaming down his face. He ran as fast as he could. Until he tripped over something. It was Misty's backpack! Sh must have lost it! Ash sniffled and he cried even louder. Suddenly, he turned around to see Pikachu coming up the road.
Pikachu: Pika pi! (Ash!)
Ash:Leave me alone!!!!
He started running and didn't stop. He saw out of the corner of his eye that Pikachu was crying too. It must've been feeling like Ash. Ash stopped and turned around and headed tword Pikachu. He picked it up and started walking back.
Ash: I never thought this could happen Pikachu. I loved Misty.
Pikachu: Pika, pika pi ka! (She felt the same way about you. You only know that she loved you.)
When finally they got back to Brock and Misty..*sniff*.. Ash only saw the body of his love..his only love. The only thing that was alive was her beauty. One little strand of red hair lay down covering her eye. *sad music*
Brock: I'm so sorry Ash. I..I should have run faster. I'm so sorry.
Ash: Brock, it isn't your fault...I just..just loved her and really didn't get to tell her. I told her...but she probably barely heard me.
Suddenly Ash and Brock noticed a small glow above Misty. Then it took human shape.
Figure: Ash....Misty has one more chance. It's because of your love that kept you two together. So, I am givin her her life back....son.
The figure was fading away and Ash cried more.
Ash: DAD! NO WAIT! DAD! No!!!!!!!!
But a tear streaked face suddenly turned to happy tears as Misty sturred. Her skin turned back to it's normal color. Ash was so happy.
They ran too eachother and gave eachother a long kiss. With Brock and Pikachu happy and teary-eyed.
                    THE END
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