A young boy is running through some woods on the outskirts of a small town.

Eventhough it just started to rain, he is already drenched from is navy blue, long

sleeve shirt, and vest, to his blues jeans and sneakers. The reason he is running can

be clearly seen right behind him in hot pursuit, three hunched over creatures

resembling dinosaurs. As he was running he looked for some way to hide or get

away, but every possibility he came up with seemed to slip into a worst-case

scenario. He continued to run but, he was getting tired and the creatures chasing

him were gaining up on him. He was desperate now, he looked everywhere for some

way to get away from them. Just then up ahead he saw some bushes he could jump

into, "perfect!", he thought and jumped into them. The three creatures stopped right in

front of the bush he was hiding in. "Where'd he go?", asked the first one in a low

growl. The boy, also known as Matthew, could tell that the one who spoke was the

leader, for unlike the other two creatures he had a helmet on. "I'm not sure sir",

replied the second one, "but he can't have gone far."  "We'll keep looking," said the

the third one sniffing the air,  "but it will be hard, the rain is masking his scent."  "I

don't care!", yelled the leader, "No one gets away with insulting Captain Dino! no

one!" "Yes sir!", replied the other two Dinos at the same time, "We won't let you

down!" They then ran off in three different directions. "Whew that was waaaay too

close", said Matt whipping off his forehead with a one of his sleeves. "What was too

close?"  "WHAAA!!!" yelled Matthew in surprise. He turned around to see what looked

to be a large lobster with no antennae looking at him. "Well?" Asked the creature

again. "Forget about that!" Matthew almost yelled, "Who are you?" "My name is

Crimson," He replied, "Nice to meet you..." Crimson said as if to say 'and you are?'.

"Matthew, Matthew Semmons" replied Matthew as he extended a hand toward

Crimson. Crimson just looked at him curiously with his head tilted to one side. "Oh,

you don't know what a hand shake is do you?" said Matthew.  Crimson shook his

head,  "Well that's okay don't worry about it."  "Okay," Crimson replied. Just then

Matthew's stomach growled loudly. Causing Matthew and Crimson to sweat. "Well I

haven't eaten in a while, and I guess I am kinda hungry," Matthew said rubbing the

back of his head. "Well was getting hungry myself to be honest. Let's go into town

and get something to eat." "Okay!" Matthew beamed happily, "let's go!"

It was a two-mile walk back to town. Matthew couldn't believe he had just ran those

two miles running from those Dinos. He looked over to Crimson who looked back and

gave what could be interpreted as a smile. Matthew smiled back and decided to break

the silence. "So Crimson," Matthew said looking forward as he talked, "why were you

in those woods by yourself?" Crimson stopped dead in his tracks Matthew stopped to

and looked back at his new friend. "What's wrong?" ".........Sigh” was the only reply

he got. "Come on, you can tell me." Matthew encouraged "It's better to tell someone

what wrong then to just keep it all bottled up inside so let it out."  "Well," Crimson

started, "It's a long story."  "We've got time." Matthew replied trying to encourage

Crimson to share his story. "Okay," said Crimson "It all started a few days ago...


I lived in a happy little town called Koroma It was beautiful especially since the

the cherry blossoms where in full bloom...

"Come back here Crimson!" says a young boy playfully " You'll have to catch me

first!" replies Crimson.

I was playing with my master's son as he was watching when all of a hail of fireballs

came raining from the sky hitting several houses causing them to catch fire

"Crimson I want you to take Marshall, and my sword, and get as far away from here

as you can."  "B-but master I want stay with you a fight" "No , I'm counting on you to

take care of my son now go!"

After strapping the sword to my back he sent me and Marshall off away from the towns

people who were fighting the monsters who attacked us. he went and joined them.

As I was running with Marshall some of the monsters chased after me and started to

shoot fireballs at. One hit Marshall in the back of the head killing him... I didn't

notice until I was half way into that forest. I gave Marshall the best burial i could and

marked it with a piece of wood I found nearby.


"And then I found you,” Crimson finished. Matthew looked at Crimson and realized

that sword was still on his back. "Whoa...I'm sorry I..." "Don''t worry about it,"

Crimson said cutting him off, "you were right it did feel better getting that off my

chest." "Well...okay." Matthew replied, since they had been walking the whole time, 

they were already only a few feet from the town. " Well cheer up Crimson at least you

have me to keep you company now!" Matthew said trying to cheer up hs friend. "You

know what?" Crimson asked. "What?" Matthew replied. "You're right!" Crimson said

happily.  "Hey I'll race you to town!" said Matthew running ahead. "You're on!"

Crimson yelled back running after him. "He is right," Crimson thought to himself. “At

least I don’t have to be alone anymore."