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By: Suka (L.A.)



Chapter 1


Roger wasn’t aware of it but he was being followed.


The truck following him suddenly accelerated and slammed into the back of

the Griffin.


He barely regained control of it again and managed to guide it back into his

own lane before a truck flew by in the other lane.


“Damn crazy idiots!”


Roger was already in a bad mood before this happened and now he was really

mad.  He flipped a switch at the bottom of his console and pressed the blue

button that popped out.  At the back of the car a pair of doors opened up

and two missiles were launched out.


Unfortunately Roger didn’t have time to see if the missiles hit the truck

behind him he was too busy staring at the road in front of him.  Up ahead it

was suddenly turning to the left and he was going way too fast to get around



“Oh shit!”


He slammed on the brakes locking them up instantly and turned the steering

wheel as far as it would go but it only caused the car to spin around to

where the back crashed through the railing first and the Griffin went flying

off the side of road.




He woke up and looked around dazed and confused.  He was sitting inside the

Griffin in the drivers seat.  Why was he inside his car and where the hell

was he parked?  He looked at his wrist watch but it wasn’t working.


“Perfect”  He muttered to himself.


What time was it?  It felt like he had slept for hours and he had a terrible

headache and he couldn’t remember how he’d gotten there...


He taped his watch it a few times and held it up to his ear but it was

broken and that also meant that he wouldn’t be able to call Big O if

something came up.


Frustrated he quickly undid his seat belt and reached across yanking open

the glove compartment hoping to find pain killers but when he found a bottle

it was empty.


“Damn...”  He groaned chucking it to the back seat.


He sat there for a minute trying to relax and remember what happened to him.


If he had made it back home, why hadn’t he gone inside?  Maybe he fell

asleep in the car.  Boy he must have been more tired than he thought.


He tried wiping the windshield and his window but it was covered with ice

outside.  He would have to get out if he wanted to see outside.


As soon as he stepped outside he felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  The

building in front of him was decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows

and at the very top there was a cross with a figure of a man nailed cross



How awful, why would anyone make something like that?


Shaking his head he looked away from the building to the street on his right

and saw that there were no homeless people lining it begging for food and

didn’t see any signs of destruction anywhere.  There also wasn’t any dome

over head and the sky was the clearest he’d ever seen it outside the city.


Then he heard singing coming from inside the building and he turned back to

it. Wait a minute, wasn’t there a building like this one in Paradigm City? 

Yes accept it was almost completely destroyed.  This one looked like it was

just build.




“Where the hell am I?”  He wondered out loud.  Something definitely wasn’t

right here.


Well just standing around wasn’t going to get him anywhere, he had find

someone to talk to.  He had to find out where he was and maybe get a clue as

to how he got there.


He locked up his car and headed for the entrance of the building hoping to

find answers there.  An old couple entered the building before him and so he

got a glimpse of what was inside.  People were sitting down facing the front

and they were singing.


When he finally reached the large doors at the top of the stairs he

discovered a sign hanging above them and read it.




Below that it had a schedule of events coming up and the names of important

people that were a part of the church.  He didn’t recognize any of the

titles or names but the dates were especially odd.


“What the hell?”  He whispered taking a step back and bumped into some one.


“Oh excuse me!  I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you!”  A familiar voice

said.  Roger spun around very surprised and relieved that she was there and

hugged her without really thinking about it.


“Dorothy!”  He laughed squeezing her tightly.  He’d never been so happy to

see her before, well accept when he she rescued him from Red Dorothy.


The girl stood there baffled and afraid to move because a complete stranger

was hugging her and he knew her name.


“Um... Do I know you?”  She said timidly trying to get out of his embrace. 

Roger blinked shocked and backed off.


“Know me?  Dorothy of course you know me...”  He trailed off staring at her.


She just stared back at him and shook her head.


“No I don’t, you must have me confused with some one else.”


He suddenly wasn’t so sure this was his Dorothy and feared for a second she

was another evil Dorothy out to get him.  But then the more he stared at her

the more that seemed unlikely because her skin was softer and her movements

where more natural, like a humans.


Roger stepped back nervously as a couple walked up behind her.


“Dorothy dear, is everything ok?”  The lady asked touching Dorothy’s



“Um yeah I fine, lets just hurry up and go inside mom.”  She said taking the

woman’s hand and leading her inside past Roger.  The older man behind them

stared at Roger suspiciously for a second before following them inside.


Mom?  Roger was stunned.  Since when did Dorothy have a mother?  She only

had a father and he was dead now.


He was sure of it now, this was not his Dorothy but he wasn’t sure if she

was evil and even though she acted so much like a real person, she couldn’t



He was about to open the door himself when suddenly a siren went off.  Roger

jumped and backed away from the door.


Before he knew it, everyone that had been inside the building was rushing

out of it and running for their cars; some of them had screaming kids under

their arms.  Roger tried to stop a few of them but they rushed past him

mumbling something about another raid.


Another raid?  What are they talking about?


In all the chaos he missed Dorothy and her family but that was the least of

his worries right now be now he realized that he had no where to run to

himself so he decided to go into the now abandoned building.