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Title: Usagi, Mamoru, and a pole.
Rated: PG
< >- means thinking.
Minna- everyone (I used to think that the person was refering to some one
who's nickname was Mina!)
It was a sunny day in Tokyo, but even better yet, school was out! It was
summer break, the best of all breaks, and no one could ruin Usagi's mood, or
so she thought...

"La dee dum, la dee dee! No one could be happier than me!" Usagi sung over
and over and over again. Some people looked at her like she was crazy, but
she didn't care, all she knew was that it was summer break, and she could do
anything she wanted! (Correction, she couldn't go rob a mall, go on a
killing spree, etc.) "La dee dum, la de.." CRASH, THUNK! "Gomen, gomen!"
Usagi stared yelling out.

"Well, maybe you should stop singing that ridiculous song and pay
attenition of where your going!" Yelled the person Usagi acidentally bumped

"Fine then, if you're going to be that way, then I take that ba..." said
Usagi as she picked up her things, and then looked up at the person, who was
GEORGEOUS! (A.N. Guess who!) He was perfect in every way, pure, thick, black
hair, nice muscles, (not the gross kind when the person looks more like a
rock than a person,) but she couldn't see his eyes, they were hidden behind
his Ray-Ban sunglasses. <Damn the glasses!>

"You were saying?" asked the man.

"I take that back, if your going to be such a jerk then why should i
apologize?" Usagi said so that he didn't see that she had instantly
forgotten about Motoki, the cute arcade guy, and fell in love with the
"mystery man," and besides, it was the only thing that could stop her from
drooling over his looks.

"Bump into ya later, odango atama, i gotta go somewhere!" Said the man, as
he took off his sunglasses. While he was busy being a jerk, he was really
thinking about her good looks, the angelic blue eyes, golden hair, that
shined like the sun, and naturally rose-pink lips.

"Yes... bump.... later..." said Usagi as she was staring into his
wonderfully blue eyes, that were like the midnight sky, she was also walking
into a pole.

"Odango, WATCH OUT!" said the man as he ran over to gracefully catch her.

"I......bump...pole!" were Usagi's last word as she fainted to the ground.

"Uhhh....." Usagi moaned as she woke up, the first thing she did was feel
her forehead. There was the biggest bump on her head that her had ever felt
before! (She had tripped and stumbled a few times that caused her bumps.)
Usagi almost fell to the ground before some one caught her.

"Don't want you to faint again!" said the man with scarcasim, and a bit of
worry. Usagi's memory was coming back, and then she realized that she wasn't
at home.

"WHERE AM I!" yelled Usagi, still in the man's arms, which to her surprise,
she felt very comfortable in.

"Tone it down, you were kind of out of it when you walked in to a pole, and
then i caught you, since i'm a med student, and the hospital is far away, i
took you to my apartment."

"Sorry, it's just weird being in a persons apartment when you don't even
know their name!"

"Oh, my name is Chiba Mamoru, yours?"

"Tsukino Usagi."

"Do you want some cocoa?"

"Sure." Mamoru let go of Usagi, much to BOTH of their disappointment, and
Mamoru went to make the cocoa, and Usagi tried to go with him, but she was
very weak and fell into Mamoru's arms. "Sorry Mamoru."

"Maybe you shouldn't walk for awhile, because you did hit that pole hard."
said Mamoru as he carried Usagi back to the black leather couch, and set out
two of those fold out table thingys that you use to eat t.v. dinners with in
front of Usagi, made some hot cocoa and gave some to Usagi and sat down with
his hot cocoa on the black leather love seat that was kitty-cornered to the
couch that Usagi was sitting on. Usagi and Mamoru sat in awkward silence, so
Usagi took the opportunity to take in her environment, a.k.a., Mamoru's
Let's see, there was a black leather couch and love seat and a black t.v.
right in front of the leather couch, with a little plant on top. To her
right, there was a bookshelf, and a little distance to the right, was a
table with two chairs. The kitchenette had a counter acting like a wall, and
vertical from the counter, from left to right, a fridge, a microwave, and an
oven. He had a white carpet that was absolutely spotless and his whole
apartment was so clean, it was demented. (Which means, it was so clean that
it looked like to one lived in it, but no dust.) A room sometimes refectects
the type of life you live, in his case, empty.

"Maybe I should go home now, its already 5:00, and my parents will be
worried that i'm about 2 hours late from being home, since i spend an hour
at the arcade." said Usagi.

"I'll drive you home. By the way, do you know Motoki?"

"Of course! I know him like a brother!"

"I wonder why we haven't seen each other there."

"I think i've seen you there talking to Motoki while i was playing
Sailor V, and i've seen you studying in the booths, too."

"I guess we should be going now."

"Yeah, I guess." said Usagi as she tried to get up and walk, without
suceeding. (AN: I know that people can still walk, and they don't faint,
when they bump into a pole. (I know from experience!) Since I have the
high-honored title as the author I can make anything happen!
Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *gasps for air*

"I'll carry you out to the car." said Mamoru as he scooped her up into his
arms and carried her out to his car.

"Oh my gosh..." was all Usagi could say when she saw Mamoru's red sports
car. She never in her life has seen such a clean and obviously expensive

"Yup, this is my car, isn't she a beauty?"

"For a car, not a person!" said Usagi as she laughed. (A.N. Yes, this is a
very corny joke, but it was all i could think of at the moment.) Mamoru set
her down on the passenger's side and put on her seat belt.

"My dad is going to freak out when he sees you carring me to the door, so
you should just try to help me walk, I don't want you killed, or anything."

"Thanks for warning me!"Mamoru said with a light chuckle.

"No problem!" said Usagi, laughing. "Um, Mamoru, we just passed my house."

"How am i supposed to know where your house is."

"So i guess the devil is back." Usagi mumbled to herself.

"What did you just say?"

"Nothing." Usagi plastered a fake smile on her face.

"O.k., so which one is your house?"

"This one."

"Okay." Said Mamoru as he pulled into the driveway. Mamoru got out, open
Usagi's door, helped her out, she put her arm over his shoulder and tried to
walk. "One, two, one, two." said Mamoru as he helped her walk.

"You're helping me walk, we're not in the army, or anything." said Usagi,
and they both laughed.

"Hello Usagi-chan! Where have you been, your late! Who's this handsome
young man? Is he your new boyfriend? Did you meet him at the arcade? Oh my,
can't you walk?" spilled out her mom, barely giving Usagi a chance to talk.

"Actually, I ran into a-"

"We should get you inside, sweetheart! You need a good rest here put your
arm around my shoulder and i'll walk you to the couch!" said Ikuko and
quickly slammed the door in Mamoru's face and almost RAN Usagi to the couch.
Outside the door, Mamoru looked really surprised. On the way to the couch,
Usagi mananged to say, "We never said arigato to Mamoru!" So, Ikuko dropped
Usagi in mid-run and opened the door quickly and said, "Thank you, Mamoru!"
and once again, slammed the door in his face.
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