"WHAT IF..." by: Chibichan

Aloha! What if Monster Rancher and Pokemon switched scripts without knowing?

Total Chaos! This is a totally pointless,stuped and warped fic. Please don't kill me if you are affended by this.

It had been a typical day in pokemon land Genki Ketchum along with Holly, Hare,Tiger,Mochi (who rode on Genki's hat),Suzo and Golem continued on their journey to the Elite four. They soon stop.

A dino was eating peacefully unknowing what was about to happen.

Genki: Alright! A dino! Mochi I choose you!

Mochi: CHI!!


Mochi: (pink electricity surges out of his body and shocks the dino)

Genki: Go Monsterball!

Monsterball catches dino shakes then stays still.


Meanwhile in another world...

Ash, MIsty and Brock continue their jouney for the Phinox along with their monsters Pikachu,Staru, Starmie, Phsyduck,horsy, Vulpix, geodude, onix, squirtle, charmander, pigioto and bulbasaur

Ash: So Misty, where does the magic stone say to go?

Misty: Let's see. (she consintrates) It's pointing East.

Pikachu: Pikachu hungry!

phsyduck: Me too!

Brock: Yeah Ash we should get something to eat.

Ash: Right!

Much,much later..

Genki and the gang get confronted by Team Moo.

Mint and Give it up twerp! You're no match for Team Moo!

Genki: Oh yeah?! Go Hare!

Hare: Hare!

Mint: Go Jell!

Jell: Jell!

Genki: Hare! Kick attack now!

Hare kicks Jell sending it flying.

Mint: Cannon attack!

It cannons Hare making it slam against a wall.

Genki: Hare give them your head butt!

Hare head butts Team Moo and they go flying.

Team Moo: Looks like Team Moo is flying again!!

Imeadiately a dark aora falls over both worlds. Both groups stop at what they are doing, blink, look at each other and when seeing where they are...

Both groups: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! (Their screams are heard into the night and is heard far off into space by Marvin the Martian and Duck Dodger who are still fighting on who's claiming Mars.)

Marvin: I say! What was that?

Duck:(annoyed) Who cares! I still say that *I* claim Mars!!

Both shrug and go back to fighting in who owns Mars.

The End...Or is it?