Walking Manís Road




Disclaimer: I don't own Monster Rancher or Walking Man's Road
(from the Last Unicorn by America/Jimmy Webb)



How long have we been traveling?
It seems like an eternity and always using trails walked by
humans before.
Humans, I've seen my share of good ones (like Genki) and bad
ones (like the owner who got rid of me and my brother because
we were 'unwanted' problems).
Human roads, where will they lead me, where will they take me?

<Man's Road>
<Horizon rising up to meet the purple dawn>
<Dust demon, screaming, bring an eagle to lead me on>
<For in my heart I carry such a heavy load>

Moo has taken nearly everything from me.
I remember how his dino troops massacred my pack, but I guess
I have a new 'family' now.
Though I think that no-one knows how I feel, how I felt when
Moo told us he'd changed my little brother into a baddie.
My brother, will I ever see him again?

<Here I am, on Man's Road>
<Walking man's road>
<I'm hungry, weary, but I cannot lay me down>
<The rain comes, dreary, but there's no shelter I have found>

There's a human saying, home is where the heart is.
But where does my heart lie, where will I truly be happy again?
Will I find a place to call home one day? I hope so.
Until then I guess I'm going to stay with them, no matter how
bad things might get, but with loyalty, courage and determination
all on our side, how can Moo win?

<It will be a long time till I find my abode>
<Here I am, on Man's Road>
<Walking man's road>
<Moon rising, disguising lonely streets in gay displays>

I kinda made a promise to the boy, guess that's keeps me here
on this journey, this quest.
Genki says that we're a team and I guess that's true in a way,
no matter how annoying certain individuals are.
So as we all continue down these well-trodden trail, I think to
myself how long will I be traveling along these paths again for
they are man's roads, not mine

<The stars fade, the nightshade, closing makes the world afraid>
<It waits in silence for the sky to explode>
<Here I am, on Man's Road>
<Walking man's road>