"A Warped and Pointless Story II: Chronicles of Retardedness" By:Ryan

(Okay minna! First of all donít take any offense to anything! This is all one big joke! Iím not serious in this story and I you canít see that when you read itÖ.you have problems. Second, Kids and fans of Mr. Rogerís Neighborhood DONíT TAKE WHAT HAPPENS TO HIM SERIOUSLY! Like I said. This is all one big joke! If itís any consolation I sometimes sit down and watch Mr. Rogers, Wishbone, and Sesame Street. NOT Barney or the Telitubbies. I hate them but there are people my age who love them. Iím a 14 year old girl and if I can watch those and the make fun of them then you shouldnít get offended. Sorry if this seems stupid but I donít want flames from angry fans. Lastly, there are tons of references in here and yes, there is an anime about a girl who turns into a super heroine pig. Enjoy the story! Tell me what you think! Mandakaye@twave.net Oh, I would like to point out that it isa miracle I wrote this because I usually hate sequals. I have only liked a few. So feel privileged.)

The screen is focused on a picture of a grassy field on a beautiful summer day. A beautiful girl with long red hair, huge purple eyes, and a long red dress blowing in the wind stands staring into the sky.

Narrator: (Has soft voice) Once upon a time there was a beautiful and noble princess who everyone loved. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with her.

Genki and Holly look at each other in confusion.

Holly: That was retarded!

Hare points at a railroad track.

Kenny(yes, from South Park) stands on a railroad track.

Out of nowhere a train comes and runs him over and the rats carry what is left of him away.

Stan: Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

Kyle: You @$#%!

They walk away and Timmy rolls out onto screen and raises his arms.

Timmy: Timmy!

Tiger: No, that was retarded.

Suezo: Too bad. I was looking forward to a normal day.

Golem: This is normal.

The MR gang walks along. From the bushes a voice is heard.

Voice: I so pretty! Pretty pretty dancing!

Genki pulls away the bushes to reveal a panda admiring its dancing.

Holly: ummÖ.okay?Ö.

The panda turns around and looks at them.

Panda: Do you know what panda has for lunch?

Everyone else: uhhhÖ.???

Panda: Bamboooooo!

It walks off.

Genki: That takes the cake for most retarded thing to happen today.

Holly: Yep.

Genki: Anyway, Holly, whereís the next mystery disk?

Holly lifts her necklace to discover a Magic number eight ball and a note.

Note: I got tired of you. I donít if I will be back or not. Who cares. You suck anyway. - Magic Pendant

Holly: Stupid pendant! Okay, Magic Number Eight Ball, lead us to the Mystery Disk.

She shakes it up.

M#8: Your future looks uhhhhÖ. Stupid!

Holly: What does that mean?!

She throws it.

Voice: oww!

A pink pig in a cape, big green eyes, and a symbol on itís chest hands Holly the ball.

Pig: Here ya go!

Hare: That pig just talked!

Pig: That rabbit just talked!

Genki: (knocks Hare on the head) Who are you?

Pig: Iím Buurin! (Super Pig) Iím a Super Heroine! Do you need me?

Genki: No!

Buurin: Bye!

It flies away.

Twilight Zone guy pops up. Unseen by Genki and Co.

Twilight Zone Guy: Why is all this retarded stuff happening? Because the characters of Monster Rancher have entered the Zone where normal things donít happen very often. They are trapped in some stupid fanfiction written by an immature, deranged, and morbid author known as Ryan.


T.Z.G.: Ryan is the best author in the world!

Out of the corner Ryan slips him a hundred dollar bill.

Mocchi: Who are you.

T.Z.G.: Oh my god! A cute little pink thingy! Iím allergic!

He drops dead. Mocchi grabs the money.

In a Japanese Garden.

Toshiro: Itís so nice to finally have some peace and quiet to drink my tea.

Genki and the gang run over his tea.

Toshiro: You little-

Before he can finish Golem accidentally steps on him.

Mr. Roger from Mr. Rogerís Neighborhood comes up.

Mr. R.: (To Genki) Hello neighbor!

Genki: Ewwww! Ecchi Hentai Yaoi freak!

Grabs a bazooka a blows Mr. Rogers to bits.

Tiger: Thatís our show for today! Parents if your children are shaking in a fit then we suggest getting them to the hospital immediately followed by several thousands of dollars worth of visits to the psychologist.

(tries to make a friendly smile)

Everyone: buh-bye!

by da way- This is copyright of Ryan aka Chibi Reaper. You steal it or you change it, I do to you what Genki did to Mr. Rogers. It doesn't take much to mail me and ask people. My address is at the top. Arigato!

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