Before You Read...

After defeating Moo, Genki gets sent back to the real world... along Holly, Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger and Hare. It seems Moos' creators' great, great, great grandson has unlocked Moos' original body, and now rules the Earth with the power of Moo. When they get back, instead of going back to Japan (supposedly...) they end up in a now demolished America, they meet up with a young man named Chris (specifics later) who knows of Genki, and says time sped up while they were in the world of Monster Rancher ( In the story, the rest will be explained.). Now they search for the Cinder Bird, as shrines pop up all over the place, and common houshold CD-ROMS turned into Mystery Discs. They soon leave to find the Cinder Bird, and destroy the evil person, who unlocked Moo. (More to Come ^^!)

Although CP has pretty much explained the other characters, here's Chrises' profile As a 14 year old adventurer, Chris thought he knew it all... until Moos' forces destroyed his hometown, he joined his friends in a guerilla task force to destroy Moo. He was attacked by Moos' forces and lost everyone he knew. Before that, he was the champion Monster Rancher player in America, and was supposed to challenge Genki in a Final match... before he was informes Genki was missing in (presumably) Tokyo. He is a known medical expert and a loyal friend. He is not trusting of others and belives that friends are the only thing that one needs. He is not trusting of others and will protect his friends... with his life. The strange gold knife he keeps on his belt is inscribed with an ancient, unknown script. He might be the only one with the power to destroy the creator of Moo...

Part One:

((It was a typical winter day in Washington D.C., a young man looks at a Compact Disc in the parlor of a large home, his facial expressions were firm, yet he was deep in thought))

Young Man: It is time. Just as the prophecy foretold, in Y2K, Moo will be released on the New Year.If that happens... he will be under my power. Nobody will destroy Moo this time. If the time comes... I will rule the world!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

((The background changes, to a now happy world of monsters, who rejoice at Moos' defeat, Genki is saying his goodbyes to Holly, Suezo, Mocchi, Golem, Tiger, Hare, for the portal back to Earth is reopening and he must now leave))

Genki: Goodbye everyone, maybe I can return back here sometime!

((Genki's body is now turning transparent, and Mocchi is crying))

Holly: Goodbye Genki, maybe you an come back soon!

Suezo: See ya kid!

Golem: Goodbye Genki, do not fight in your world.

Mocchi: Mocchi say goodbye Genki!

Tiger: Come back soon!

Hare: See ya Genki, I'll miss you! ((soon, Genki has completely vanished and is on his way back to Earth, when he returns, he looks around at the demolished surroundings of Los Angeles))

Genki: What's going on. Where am I?! ((suddenly, six shapes start taking form, it ends up to be Holly, Suezo, Mocchi, Golem, Tiger, and Hare))

Holly: Genki???

Genki: Holly?? Mocchi, Suezo, Golem, Tiger, Hare, what are you all doing here?

Tiger: I'm wondering that myself.

Holly: This is where you live!? That's horrible, how do you survive?

Genki: Believe me, this is not where I live.

Suezo: Geez, what's goin' on here, this looks like Northtown! ((Genki turns to see five silhouetts emerge from the haze, it ends up to be a small squadron of machine-gun toting Nagas))

Naga: Sssurvivorsss, how pleasssant... get them!!! ((Genki and Holly duck, while all the monsters seek cover behind smoking ruins of buildings, as bullets whiz past, a young man jumps off of a roof of a tower, and kicks one of the Nagas in the back of the head, all the Nagas turn to see a lost disc form, the leader of the squad looks in fear))

Naga: It'sss you... ((the boy soon unsheathes a golden knife and thinly smiles, and attacks head on, smoke soon covers the city, and the battle cannot be seen any longer))

Genki: What's goin' on?!?!?

Holly: Who was that? ((the smoke clears, leaving all to be seen, five lost discs are in the area where the Nagas were, the young man turns to Genki, and Holly, the monsters get back out in the open, Genki looks towards the young man))

Genki: Wh... who are you?

Young man: Follow me

Genki: But you didn't answ-- ((the young man cuts him off))

Young man: We must go... now!!!! ((They run off in the horizon, an Allure stares at them from the recesses of a demolished building))

Allure: I'll get you soon, soon. My hunger festers for you, boy. Your life force is so strong, strong enough so I can gain immortality.

((The young man leads our heroes to a scorched house, which has some food in it, as they eat their meal.))

Genki: (impatient) Just who are you anyway?

Young man: My name... my name is Chris Who are you?

Genki: My names Genki, it means energy, and I'm full of it! ((Chris drops his fork-ful of food into the plate))

Genki: What's up?

Chris: Genki? You were the winner of Monster Battle, in Tokyo, right?

Genki: Mmmm hmmm, how did you know?

Chris: I was supposed to challenge you to a final battle, I was the American winner, where were you?

Genki: I was in the world of monsters.

Chris:Oh... time sped up while you were there then... you were missing for 2 years. Now all this happened and...

Holly: Just exactly what happened?

Chris: It was the turn of the century, Y2K. I was visiting my friend in L.A., when all this happened.

Genki: There's more to it than that, and you know it. So tell us.

Chris: You're right, there is more... ((Chris's facial expressions showed fear instantly))

Chris: We must go... now!

Genki: Can't we just finish eating?!

Chris: Damn it Genki, we have to go now!!!!! ((Chris grabs Genkis wrist and pulls him out of the house))

Suezo: Pushy, pushy.

Golem: He is right we must leave now.

Hare: Tiger, what happened? Did you cut the cheese?

Tiger: What!?!?!?!

Hare: (in fear) Heh heh... just a joke, you know, a joke... ((Tiger chases Hare outta there and into the forest, where Mocchi is eating, Chris is setting up camp, and all the rest are setting up the fire.))

Genki: So, why'd you pull us out of there?

Chris: Allure was there.

Genki: Allure? Who's that?

Chris: I met up with her once before... she tasted my life force, an Allure sucks the life force out of men...

Genki: Oh... so why are you helping us?

Holly: Yeah. Why are you helping us? ((Tiger still chases Hare for what he said))

Chris: It's a long story... if you all listen you will know.

Suezo: Sure I'll listen... if you don't fall asleep like Monol did.

((they all gather around and Chris starts, the background fades away as Chris's story begins and it changes to his memory))

Chris: It was the break of the new year, I was at a friends New Year party, when an army of Naga warriors attacked. All of my family was destroyed. The U.S. armed forces tried to defeat them, but they all died... after that me and my friends made a guerilla task force against Moo, who we soon found out who it was. It was around July 24th... my birthday. We were attacked by an army of Nagas leaded by Allure. We managed to kill off all the Nagas, but not without casualties. I was knocked out by a Naga, when I woke up Allure "tasted me" and left... all around me were empty bullet clips, shotgun shells, lost discs, and the corpses of my friends. they were strewn across trees, impaled with their own knifes, only one of my friends survived. Carsen - my best friend. For three months we survived together. Around two days ago, a small squadron of Strikers attacked, we killed them off, all but two, they escaped. Carson told me to meet back at the rendesvous point in an hour. He never returned, when he got lost, I lost everyone I knew... and Moo is gonna pay. Thats why I helped you. You see... I think everyone needs friends to survive. So... which would be better for dinner, MREs or should I go hunting?

Genki: What's an MRE?

Chris: It's freeze dried food. I have chicken & rice, ham & eggs, and turkey & cranberries. Plenty for everyone.

Genki: I'll have turkey & cranberries.

Holly: Chicken & rice will be fine.

Tiger: Same as Genki.

Suezo: I'll have the Ham & eggs.

Golem: Mmmm... rocks. ((Golem pulls rocks out of the ground and starts eating))

Mocchi: Ham & eggs- chi!!!

Hare: Well... I'll have whatever Holly's having . Chris: That's settled... all I have to drink is water, and tea. Since I can't make coffee, tea is all I can supply. Alright, stand back everyone. Chris pours gasoline over the wood of the fire, then sends a match in, the fire blazes up and Chris places a grill over the fire and starts cooking the MREs,they started eating, Chris was deep in thought and then bushes started rustling

Holly: What's that? ((all of a sudden, a quad of two BlackSaurians and two Naga Saurians attack))

Chris: Of all times! G-Genki, look out! ((Chris pushes Genki out of the way and gets hit by the BlackSaurians and gets knocked back into into a tree, a crack knifes through the air, and Chris is now incapacitated, Genki, Holly, Suezo, Mocchi, Golem, Tiger, and Hare are cornered and about to be killed when Chris wakes up))

Chris: I won't lose anymore friends!!!! ((Chris' eyes glow red and he unsheathes the golden knifeat his waist, then he jumps and stabs boths BlackSauriansin the space between the eyes, the Naga Saurians try to attack, yet Chris manages to slash their intestines out, soon four lost discs lie in the clearing, the glow leaves Chrises eyes, and he falls to the ground the rest of them look at him in astonishment))

Chris: W-what's going on, what happened?

Holly: You just saved our lives.

Suezo: Who are you, the bringer of death!?

Tiger: I don't trust him.

Hare: Now Chris, lets not be hasty...

Mocchi: Mocchi hungry!

Chris: You really don't want to piss me off. ((Chris' eyes glow red once again, and Suezo and Tiger are picked up by a psychokinetic force then gently set down.))

Suezo: What was that!?!?!?

Chris: Psychokinesis. I can control my psychokinesis, unlike others.

Holly: Let's check out the Magic Stone. ((Holly uses the magic stone, and finds out where they will go next.))

Holly: To the East.

Chris: East, huh. Nevada, I'm comin home!

((They all start leaving East, Leaving to find the Cinder Bird.))

Death of Allure

((In the Sierra Nevada mountains, three weeks later, the group is still searching for the legendary Cinder Bird, Chris, meanwhile, is searching through his backpack as the others are eating))

Chris: YES!!!!!!!!!, Just as I thought, two of 'em.

Genki: Two of what?

Chris: You'll see, when we get to Rays' place.

Holly: Ray? Who's Ray?

Genki: Ray?

Chris: Ray? Oh, that Ray. Ray is a Raggaeplant, the tapes are two of his fave tunes.

Suezo:Should we trust him?

Genki: Trust who?

((Tiger is lying down in the distance, resting))

Tiger: I say we leave him here, or we kill him.

Hare: Kill who?

Tiger: Chris. There is something very odd about him, I can feel it.

Holly: Come on Tiger, if we kill him, we would be lost in this forest... who knows how long. He knows this place better than any of us do.

Chris: Hell, even if you tried to kill me, it would be useless. You saw my psychokinesis back there, and that was only 10% of what I can usually do. Just imagine what 100% does...

Suezo: What!?!? Ten percent, I wonder what 100% does.

Chris: You don't wanna know... but this... this is 40%. ((Chris' eyes become red, and a good-sized tree pulls out of the ground, and splits in half))

All: W O W !!!!!!!

Genki: You really are powerful, aren't you?

Tiger: I smell danger up ahead. ((Chris gives a confident smile))

Chris: If there is, it'll have to deal with us.

Hare: Well, onwards and upwards then. ((as they leave,Allure lurks in the trees behind them, she smirked and silently remembers the time when she tasted Chris's extremely strong life force))

Allure: It's about time you've come... I deserve a fine meal. ((Allure leaves to the clearing ahead, where the group of humans and monsters are headed, and sets a trap, meanwhile, the group is almost to the clearing))

Chris: Once we reach this clearing, we can set up camp, it's almost midnight.

Suezo: Sounds good to me!

Mocchi: Mocchi hungry! Mocchi hungry!

Golem: Food does sound good right now.

Holly: I'm a little hungry too, come to think of it.

Genki: Yeah, I'm starved.

Chris: Well, we're almost out of MREs and you wont find another spot like this for miles, I'll go hunting instead. Whatever I kill, I eat.

((The group reaches the clearing, and, just as they set up camp, Allure comes out with a large squad of Blacksaurians))

Chris: Allure, it has been a long time. Unfortunatly I survived, and I want revenge.

Allure: Oh really. Well, for a challenge, let's see if you can survive this. ((The air around them turns to a purplish-green))

Genki: What's goin' on!?

Chris: It's... it's Allure, she's sucking out our life force!! ((Genki and all the others, exept Tiger, Chris, and Holly are incapacitated))

Chris(dying): H-Holly, there is a mystic carving in the outreaches of this forest, go west. You will find a temple, go in and grab the carving, It is the only way to imprison Allure.

Holly: How come I'm not dying?

Chris: Allure sucks the life force out of men only, a-and you are the only one that could do it. Trust me!

Tiger: Don't trust him, you'll only get yourself killed!

Chris: Believe in me, if you don't, we will all be dead and only you can go against Moo. Go, now!!!

Holly: Alright.

Chris: B-be careful... ((Chris and Tiger both pass out, and Holly leaves west, twenty minutes later she passes a small sapling))

Holly: I have to do this... If I don't... then everybody else is... ((a large combat knife spins towards Holly, and Holly dodges it just in time to see the knife split the sapling in two, Holly looks up to see a young man wearing combat fatigues, he pulls out a gun and points it to her head))

Young man: Who the hell're you?!?! ((Holly falls to the ground in shock))

Holly: Please, don't hurt me, my name is Holly, who are you?

Young man: Godammit! First,tell me why you are here!

Holly: J-just who are you?

Young man: I'm Carsen,and, for the last time, what're you doing here?!!!?

Holly: Carsen? You're the Carsen?

Carsen: Yeah... why?

Holly: Chris keeps on talking about you...

Carsen: Y... you know Chris? Where is he?

Holly: He's at a clearing, just east of here.

Carsen: Well why did'nt he come? Why are you here?

Holly: It's Allure. She found us and...

Carsen: No... It's not possible... no...

Holly: I'm sorry but...yes... Chris told me of a carving... in a temple west of here...

Carsen: You mean we have to get to the temple?!! Damn... It... it's extemely dangerous... but... I'll do it... for Chris...

Holly: Thank you.

Carsen: Okay... follow me. ((15 minutes pass and the temple comes into view))

Carsen: Alright, now, only one of us can enter, I've tried with more... sadly, only I came out.

Holly: I'll go.

Carsen: Okay, the carving is in the antechamber of the sacrificial room. Got it?

Holly: Yeah.

Carsen: I'll stand guard here. Go, now. ((Holly runs into the temple, it is dark and has an unsettling feel to it))

Holly: I wonder who lived here... ((Holly turns to see skulls hang off of spears. She enters the antechamber, grabs the glowing carving, when an earthquake begins to unsettle the temple, and soon, timbers are falling and one manages to nick Holly on the shoulder. Holly escapes from the temple just in time to see it collapse))

Carsen: Damn... you're hurt, but I don't know medical stuff, that's Chris's forte.

Holly: It's just a little cut. We have to get to Genki, and Chris.

Carsen: Y-you're right... there is no time to waste. Chris needs our help, and he derserves it.

((Holly and Carsen leave to the clearing ahead, when they get there, the air turns puplish-green again))

Carsen: I feel weak... ((Carsen passes out, and Holly takes out the carving, and throws it on the ground near Allure))

Allure: You bitch. You think you can save your friends with a stone? HA! ((Allura's body starts to become translucent and fall away into the stone.))

Allure: Damn it, bitch. You defeated me this time. But I will be back!

Holly: I won't lose anyone like I did my father... I won't lose anymore friends!!!

((Allure becomes one with the stone and the air turns normal again, they all wake up))

Chris: Carsen... it can't be... I thought you were...

Carsen: Chris... you still alive? Geez... I thought you were dead... Y'see, Holly told me everything... and...

Genki: Who are you?

Carsen: I'm Carsen... and you must be Genki...

Mocchi: Who strange man?

Genki: Mocchi, this is Carsen.

Genki: W-what happened? Holly? ((Genki turns to see Holly's cut))

Genki: Holly, you're hurt.

Holly: I only got nicked...

Golem: Pain.

Chris: Here, let me fix you up. ((Chris, gives Holly pain-killers, and stitches up the cut))

Chris: There. Now, make sure not to touch it for a day... here... take these every four hours. ((Chris hand her aspirin))

Holly: Thanks.

Tiger: I still don't trust him...

Genki: Tiger, c'mon. If he helped Holly, he must be good.

Hare: Yeah, Tiger.

Mocchi: Tiger... Chris is good.... chi!

Chris: Let's go to Ray's place. ((They leave to a large mansion in the east, when they get there, they see a plant with a Jamaican accent, Ray looks at Chris)) Ray: Chris, hows it goin'? Chris: Just fine. Payment. Bob Marley's greatest hits, for safe passage, and UB40s greatest hits for the best room in the house, with the best chef cooking for us, Okay?

Ray(eagerly):Okay, man! ((Ray guides them to a room bigger than a small house, and with everything that belongs in a small house, only with nicer beds and everything else that you could think of))

Holly: What are you doing, we can't afford this!

Chris: We already did, with the tapes.

Suezo: Music tapes?

Chris:Ray loves his music so much, he will give anything for it. ((Hare's eyes brighten))

Hare: Chris, do you have anymore tapes?

Chris: Ummm... no.

Hare(sad): Oh. ((It turns night, and as the group falls asleep, a squad of Nagas break in with a Trident for a commander))

Trident: Where are they!?

Ray: Where are who...

Trident: Don't give me this crap!!, where are the rebels!!

Ray(scared): Umm... they are in the second story... third room on the left.

Trident:Yessss... It's time. Do you have a fireplace?

Ray: Well, yes... but... ((Trident and his squad leave then come back with the group imprisoned))

Chris: Ray!!! I thought I could trust you!! ((Chris looks at Ray))

Chris: I thought I could trust you...

Ray: Chris... I- I'm sorry... ((Chris' eyes glow red, but then he sees the Trident ready to kill Holly.))

Trident: Don't even try it, boy. Or...or the girl dies!! ((The glow leaves Chrises eyes as he looks on in defeat))

Chris: I...I never thought this could happen... ((the Trident throws the carving in the fire, and Allure returns))

Allure: You really thought you could beat me, couldn't you. How useless...

((they head for a prison, and just as Trident shoves everyone in a cell, Allure stops him))

Allure: Wait... give me the bitch... I demand to execute her, personally.

Trident: Yes, Allure.

Genki: Holly, no!!! ((Genki runs towards Allure but Chris and Carsen hold him back))

Chris: Genki, you don't know who you're dealing with... Allure can suck the life force out of you instantly, or Trident will kill you anyhow... Genki... Holly is...

Carsen: Going to...

Chris&Carsen: Die... ((Suezo's eye starts to tear up))

Suezo: This can't be happening...

Suezo: Holly, come back!!!!

Genki: We have to get Holly back, we have to!

Chris: Genki, don't you understand. There isn't anything we can do!

Golem: He is right Genki.

Carsen: Unless...

Genki: Unless what?

Chris: Oh yeah... Carsen, do you still have the laser we stole?

Carsen: Right here.

Chris: Perfect... ((Chris and Carsen set up the laser near the bars Chris: Okay, everyone look away. Chris and Carsen take the laser and burns through the bars, the group leaves down a hall and into an office to find Allure stooped over Holly, ready to kill her with the axe she has taken from a smirking Trident))

Genki: Holly, no!!!

Holly: Genki!!!!

Carsen: Holly, look out!!! ((Carsen pulls the pin on a hand grenade, and shoves Holly out of the way))

Allure: YOU BASTARD!!!!!!! WHY!!!!! ((the explosion knocks everyone back, Allure screams in pain, and turns into a lost disc, Carsen is lying there half dead when Trident, still alive, attacks Carsen))

Trident: You killed Allure.... now you will pay!!!!! ((Trident impales Carsen with a spear, Carsen, with his last breath of life, unholsters his gun, and shoots Trident in the head, Trident turns into a lost disc also))

Carsen: I-I'm sorry I couldn't make it this time... f-forgive me... ((Carsen passes on with his final breath))

Chris: Carsen!!!!!!! ((Chris's fist shakes with anger, and he picks up Carsens body and carries it to a hole in the ground and covers it up with leaves, Chris says his regards, and puts the axe on Carsens grave.Chris gives Carsen a final salute, and leaves))

Chris: Let's go east... Holly, are you hurt?

Holly: No, I'm fine...

Tiger: I guess Carsens death really shocked you. Nothing I haven't seen before.

Chris: Tiger! I know all that you have been through, it will never compare to what I have suffered. Even though you lost your brother... I've lost everyone... all my friends... and now... this is all 100% of my power! ((Chris's eyes glow red with rage, he lifts Tiger off of the ground, and slams him into a rock, Tiger gets up and fights Chris, only to find that he got blasted into another rock, a crack fills the air and Tiger passes out into a concussion))

Golem:Chris, calm yourself. ((Golem covers Chris with his hand)) Chris(furious): Get the f**k off of me, rock boy!!! ((Chris picks Golem up with his psychokinesis and slams him into a group of trees, only to pick him up again and slam him on the ground, soon Golem lies in a pile of rubble, ))

Holly: Chris, what are you doing?!?!

Genki: We have to fight him, group attack!!

Chris: Such a futile effort. Die,dammit!!!! ((As Genki and the others rush towards him, Chris disappears just in time to knock Mocchi into a rock and give him a concussion, soon Suezo is after Chris and Chris nearly kills him by smashing his body into a sharp edge of a stone))

Hare: Please don't hurt me, pretty please?

Chris: I'm not gonna fall for that shit!!!! ((Hare is picked up by Chris's psychokinesis and is repeatably smashed on the ground until Hare doesn't move, a little bit later Genki runs toward Chris, only to get smashed into a large tree))

Genki: C-Chris, w-why are you doing this? ((Chris smashes Genki into a large rock, yet Genki stilll manages to get up))

Holly: Genki!!!!!!!

Genki: I d-don't understand... w-why?

Chris: You never fail to amuse me boy, but now... instead of only psychokinesis... let's see how well you take to a knife!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((Chris unsheathes his knife, Genki tries to get away, but ends up with a knife through the chest, blood spatters all over Chris and Genki, Genki falls unconcious))

Holly: Genki!!!!!! Chris, how could you... ((Chris picks Holly up and slams her into a tree, then he stabs her in the back, soon Holly is out cold and a cut in her back, and running out of blood, Chris falls to the ground, out of his psychokinesis, Chris looks around himself, and sees all the bodies of his friends))

Chris: W-what have I done... I didn't... I could'nt... could I?

Chris: What the hell have I done... Damn!!!!

Chris: No!!!!!!!!!

Chris: I... I have to leave them... I am too dangerous... ((Chris cleans up all of their cuts and leaves a note, finally he leaves... for good, after a long while, Genki finally wakes up, to see his friends bodies surrounding him, bandaged and covered))

Genki: Mocchi?! Holly?! Tiger?!Hare?!Golem?!Suezo?! ((Genki sees the note Chris left them and reads it))

Dear Genki,

I cannot stay wth your party because of my apparent danger.. If I stay, I could kill you all next time, and I don't want to be the one that kills my friends, so I must leave and try to defeat Moo on my own .

with pain and misery


P.S.: If you can.... forgive me... and tell everyone goodbye for me.

Genki: I can't believe it... What happened... I don't get it... why did he... ((Genki goes around and wakes everyone up but Holly))

Tiger: Where am I... ((Genki and the rest try to wake up the comatose Holly, with no success))

Genki: I-I can't believe... Holly is...

Suezo: Poor Holly... I can't believe this...

Hare: Geez... he even knew what I was going to do...

Tiger: I told you not to trust him... but he knew who and what I lost...

Golem: He is deadly... he must learn to be calm...

Mocchi: Mocchi hurt...

Genki: We have to find Chris!!!

All: What!!!!!!

Tiger: After what he did to us!!!! I won't do it!!!!!

Hare: I'm with Tiger, I say we all stay!!!

Genki: Fine!!!!! If none of you want Holly to live... fine by me... but if we don't... Holly is going to...

Suezo: Don't say it , Genki...

Genki: Die... ((Suezo's eye starts to well up with tears))

Suezo: I'm with you, Genki... We have to do it... for Holly!!!

Genki: Anyone else want to come!!!!

Mocchi: Mocchi come, Genki!

Golem: I will come too...

Tiger&Hare: Oh well...

Tiger: I'm only doing this for Holly...

Hare: Me too...

Genki: That's it!! He went east... to fight Moo!!! Let's go!!!!!!!

All: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They leave east... to find Chris... to help Holly... and to find the cinder bird...

To Be Continued...

Kaduka's Wrath

Genki, Suezo, Tiger, Golem, Hare and Mocchi are searching for Chris so they could heal the comatose Holly, at this time they are at a destroyed town near the top secret military facility, Area 51

Genki: I don't have a clue where he could be, we've been searching for Chris for weeks now, but...

Tiger: Maybe he got killed.

Genki: If he did... no... We have to keep searching

Hare: I'm beginning to think that Tiger's right, maybe he did get killed.

Suezo: Maybe I can find him. Ready Golem?

Golem: Ready. ((Golem picks Suezo up and throws him into the sky, Suezo sees a familiar figure running into Area 51))

Suezo: I think I've found him!!!! ((All the others look at the facility, while Suezo falls and hits the cracked desert floor, making a comet-sized hole in the ground))

Suezo: WHY DIDN'T YOU CATCH ME?!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!??!?!

Golem: Sorry...

Genki: Suezo, I think you're right, Maybe that was Chris.

Tiger: Let's get him then.

Genki: Mocchi, you stay here and guard Holly, ok?

Mocchi: Mocchi stay, chi!

Genki and the others set off to get Chris, when they reach Area 51, Chris is gone, but there is a path of blood leading into the facility Genki: Do you think... Everyone goes inside the facility, surrounded by dead bodies of the Nevada ational guard

Genki: What is this...?

Tiger: I don't know, but I've got a very bad feeling about this...

Hare: I think we're walking into an ambush here.

Golem: I sense something strange... ((A blast of air knocks them off their feet, Tiger quickly jumps up))

Tiger: What happened?! Who's there?!? ((Genki and the others slowly regain their conciousness, a voice speaks from out of the dark))

Voice: Tiger? Genki? Golem, Hare? ((Chris steps out of the darkness))

Chris: W... what are you guys doing here? Sorry about that, I thought more Slashes were coming...

Genki: Chris, can you help Holly, what you did last time almost killed her...

Chris: Yeah, I could.... Where is she?

Hare: She's at a camp just west of here.

Chris: Did you say west?

Hare: Yeah.... why?

Chris: Uhhhhh...... We gotta get her outta there!!!

Genki: Why?

Chris: Kaduka.

Genki: Kaduka?

Tiger: Kaduka is a Magic/Naga mix. He has an extremely sharp three-bladed hand. He is a battle born killer.

Chris: Not to mention he has... oh say... a small army of Gangsters with him.... My uncle, Colonol Davidson, is in the hanger with a few surviving soldiers.... but we can't be late. We'll go now.

Suezo: Do you mean...

Chris: Yes, if we're too late... let's just hope that doesn't happen.

Genki: Let's go!! ((Chris rejoins the group and heads for the small camp west of the facility, meanwhile...))

Kaduka: Yes...... Only a short time until we reach Area 51... Nathan's wrath with the power of Inaxion by his side will be unimaginable... We shall rule this world and the world of monsters...

Gangster 1: Yes master... we shall bow only to Inaxion and Nathan.

Gangster 2: I see a camp just ahead... perhaps it holds the rebels.

Kaduka: Yes, I see it as well... We'll just have to see who it holds.

Kaduka and the army of Gangsters heads into the dry clearing ahead to kill whoever is there, Mocchi hears the army and desperatly tries to wake up Holly, until he finds out to attack with all his might

Kaduka: Hmph... look, it's a little Mocchi... Get him outta here boys.

Gangster 1: C'mon, let's have us some fun... ((the army of Gangsters whip out their Uzis and start shooting at Mocchi, who has a slim chance of surviving, but, using his cherry blossom blizzard attack, manages to kill a few, the bullets tear into Mocchi and leave him injured, Chris soon arrives first, followed by Genki, then Tiger, then Hare and Golem, only to find bodies of... monsters and the bleeding Mocchi, and Holly in a worse condition))

Chris: We're too late...

Genki: No..

Tiger: I can't believe...

Golem: This is not good...

Hare: Of all things... ((Chris looks at Mocchi, then Holly, then the bodies of the few gangsters))

Chris: This is strange....

Genki: What?

Chris: The monsters never turned into lost discs... I don't get it....... ((Mocchi picks up his bloodied body and pulls on Genki's arm wearily, while Chris checks Holly's pulse))

Genki: Mocchi, you're alive?!?!

Mocchi: Mocchi hurt..... chi...

Chris: I've got a pulse!!!

Tiger: What?!?

Suezo: Yes!!!!!! Holly's okay!!!

Golem: But...

Hare: Well, it's good to know that Holly and Mocchi are okay. But... about the monsters and lost discs....

Chris: Alright..... everyone, find cover. This is gonna be like a shockwave. If it hits you, you either be dead or nearly dead, if you're lucky.

Genki: You heard him! Hide!! ((Genki and Mocchi find cover behind a large rock, while Tiger and Hare find cover behind a small building, and Golem and Suezo wait inside of the building, Chris places both of his hands on Holly's forehead and calls forth his power, making his eyes glow red, there was a red blast, like lightning with no thunder that enveloped the entire area for miles, Holly gets up to find all of her wounds healed and her friends standing over her))

Holly: W... what's going on?

Suezo: You made it!!!!!

Golem: Yeah!!!

Genki: It's good to see you're okay Holly.

Tiger: Where's Chris?

Holly: Chris? What's he doing here?

Genki: He saved your life, Holly.

Hare: He might be back at that place on the hill.

Tiger: You're right, he probably is there... ((The group heads back to the military facility, on the way there they see Chris fighting off a group of Gangsters))

Chris: Genki, I need some help here!!!

Tiger: You heard him, let's get rid of these guys!!!

Mocchi: Mocchi!!!

Tiger: Bring it on!!!

Golem: I must do bad things sometimes....

Hare: Let's go

Suezo: C'mon!!!

Gangster 1: Hmm... it's that Mocchi again... let's get 'im boys.

Gangsters 2&3: Ok!!! ((Chris stops few of the 5.57 caliber bullets with a psychic wall and goes headforth with his knife and guts the first Gangster, Mocchi and Genki slam into the third Gangster while Golem and Suezo protect Holly from getting hit while Tiger and Hare both attack the second Gangster, all the while bullets flying by their bodies, the second Gangster frozen in place while Hare punches him to oblivion, the first Gangster lying on the ground bleeding to death))

Gangster 1: You w... won't get a... way with this.... Kaduka will kill you all!!!.... ((the first Gangster passes on and the second Gangster's pieces lay all over the cement ground while the third Gangster falls on the cement, head cracked open by the sheer force of Genki and Mocchi))

Chris: Damn.... Kaduka is headed for the hanger... I don't know why but...

Holly: I don't get it.. why aren't they turning into lost discs?

Genki: We don't know...

Chris: We gotta warn my uncle. His small group is no match for the Gangsters and Kaduka...

Tiger: You're probably right... only we can kill them.

Hare: Well... is there another entrance, Chris?

Chris: I think... wait.. I know that there is another entrance. Right... about... here. ((Chris presses a switch in the guardhouse and releases a small manhole.))

Chris: Follow me, or you'll get lost.

Holly: What is this place?

Chris: This is Area 51, a top secret military base run by the government. We're going into some sewers with some pretty nasty things, like Papads and Kelps...

Tiger: What are we waiting for.

Genki: Let's go. ((Chris goes in first, followed by Genki, then Tiger and Hare, and finally Golem (who could hardly fit) and Holly and Suezo, inside the sewers they wandered around and, after around 15 minutes Chris found a blinking red switch.))

Chris: Just a few seconds....

Holly: Ummmm..... Genki.... WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?!?!?!!?!

Genki: Hmmmm.... I think.... no....

Chris: Those things? Ohhhh.... those are genetically created monsters from this lab we're going into.... uh oh... Tiger, Golem, Hare hold 'em off, ok? I'll get this damned thing open.

Tiger: Ok, you heard 'im. Let's go!! ((Tiger Hare and Golem are attacking the fierce monsters while Chris desperatly tries to open the triple locked door, until he decides to just breach the door. He picks up a dead soldiers' M-16 and shoots the door down))

Holly: Let's get out of here!!!!

Mocchi: Mocchi wanna leave, Genki!!!!!

Genki: Ok, Mocchi, let's go.

Suezo: C'mon Tiger, Hare, Golem. Let's get outta here!!!!! ((Genki, Holly, Mocchi and Suezo go inside first, followed closely by Tiger, Golem and Hare and finally Chris, Chris shuts the door and holds it down))

Chris: C'mon, I kinda need some help here!!!!

Genki: Golem, help hold the door closed, alright?

Golem: Okay. ((Golem holds the door shut while the others grab things like chairs and broken computers and throw them on the door Chris: Golem, you can get off now.))

Golem: Good.

Genki: Chris, where's the hanger?

Chris: Past this and a few more Bio Labs.

Tiger: I've heard of this place. Some people say it's an alien research facility...

Genki: Tiger, how can you know?

Chris: Listen, I'll go warn my uncle, you guys need some rest. Follow me to the barracks.

Suezo: Sleep........

Genki: I do feel kinda tired... but....... G((enki and Suezo fall asleep))

Chris: Golem, pick up Genki and Suezo and follow me. ((Chris goes into a back room and gets a few military beds set up))

Chris: I'll be back soon, meet me in Bio Lab, ok?

Holly: Ok........ ((everyone falls asleep in the beds, with Golem on the wall, Chris leaves into the close-by hanger and meets up with his uncle, who is assembling weapons))

Col. Davidson: Chris.... What are you doing here?

Chris: Listen up, Kaduka's coming here, now!!! We have to get out of here!!!

Soldier 1: Shh... listen... ((The small group waits and hears some voices from outside the hanger door))

Chris: You guys have to follow me. C'mon, now!!!

Soldiers: We'll hold off the Gangsters, sir. Go with your nephew!!!

Col. Davidson: Ok... ((Chris, grab that shotgun, I'll take the M203.... suddenly the hanger door bulged inwards and fell, revealing Kaduka and a few Gangsters, CHris and Col. Davidson evacuated to the Ops room))

Soldier 2: F**k you, bloody bastards!!!!

Gangster: Damned humans, think you can beat us!!!!

Kaduka: What say we spill some blood, my friends.

Gangsters: Alright!!!

Soldier 4: Oh shit...

Soldier 3: You're all gonna die!!!

Kaduka: Oh really? ((Kaduka rushes blade-first and slices the 3rd soldier in half, blood spraying everywhere, Kaduka's claw arm bloodied from the last kill, Bullets tear though the Gangsters bodies and pools of blood fill the small holes in the ground, the one bullet of a Gangster blows a soldiers head open while that Gangster is impaled on the peices of glass, shooting by involuntary movement, Kaduka lops off one soldiers head while using his psychokinesis to blow up a soldier from the inside out. When the battle is over, Kaduka stands on the corpse of a soldier , untouched by bullets and bloody to no extent, he leaves to the Bio Lab, leaving a trail of blood behind him from the gored claw with tendrils of flesh hanging off and dragging on the floor, the only sound is that of Kaduka's footsteps, meanwhile, in the Bio Lab, Chris, Col. Davidson, Genki, Golem, Holly, Tiger, Hare, Suezo and Mocchi are all discussing a way to escape))

Hare: I say we go back through the sewers.

Tiger: That's a great idea, but there still is the matter of those... things.

Holly: Check the map, is there one?

Col. Davidson: Yes, right here... but we barricaded all the exits and we can't get out any of those...

Genki: I think we should fight our way out.

Chris: Y'know, Genki. You're a brave kid, a brave and foolish kid. Foolish as in, if we go, we're going to die.

Genki: Well, we can't stay here, or Kaduka'll come. ((A large, three bladed claw broke through the wall with no effort and nearly killed Mocchi))

Genki: What just happened?

Chris: Ok, let's go through the sewers, it's alot safer than here!!!

Kaduka breaks into the large lab and starts to attack

Col. Davidson: Chris, you and your friends get out of here!!!!! I could kill him!!!!! ((Genki tries to open the door but the lock stops them, Col. Davidson fires a grenade into the door and blows it up, but gets impaled by the claw of Kaduka, and thrown into the wall, bleeding badly, Chris fires a few shotgun rounds into Kaduka, but doesn't kill him, Kaduka rushes for the defenseless Holly, claw first))

Holly: GENKI!!!!!!!!

Genki: Holly, look out!!! ((Genki slams into Kaduka, knocking him off balance, soon after that, Tiger uses Super Torpedo and knocks Kaduka unconcious, Chris picks up a flashlight and beckons for the others to come into the sewers))

Chris: Nice moves Genki. Now let's get outta here.... do I have to spell it out for you?!?! Q u i c k l y!!!!!!!!!!

Hare: Hold on... ((Hare breaks a glass of ambionic fluid over Kaduka, freezing it with a fire extinguisher))

Hare: That oughta hold him. Ha ha ha ha!!!

Tiger: Nice work.... for once.

Hare: Was that an insult Tiger?

Chris: Come on!!!!!!

Genki: Chris, we'll meet you up there. We have some.... unfinished business.

Chris: Alright, See ya!! ((Chris runs off in a different direction))

Hare: Where's he going?

Golem: We find out... soon.

Holly: What were you talking about, Genki?

Genki: We have to block this door, so that Kaduka can't get through so easily...

Golem: With what?

Hare: Yeah, that grenade blew all of our old stuff up.

Genki: Hmmmm...... Maybe that table, and those chairs. ((Genki points to a titanium alloy table with six chairs))

Genki: Don't you think that would hold?

Mocchi: Mocchi hungry...

Tiger: Yeah, that should hold.

Mocchi (angry): Mocchi hungry!! Mocchi hungry!! Mocchi hungry!!!!!!!!!!

Holly: When's the last time we ate?

Tiger: Not now Holly... ((Golem picked up the large table and jammed it into the doorspace, Tiger, Hare, and Genki picked up the chairs and set them in a tight barricaded position))

Genki: Good, now we can get out of here.

Holly: Let's find Chris. ((the seven leave in the direction that Chris left in, when the barricade bends forward, knocking Genki into the wall))

Genki: Hey!!!! What's goin' on!!!!

Suezo: Uhhh.... maybe we should leave...

Holly: Genki, look out!!!!!! ((A claw breaks through the door and nearly slices Genki into threes))

Genki: That was close. ((Chriss runs out of a sewer section, gasping for breath))

Hare: Chris, what are you doing here?

Chris: We can't leave that way... the exit is blocked, I managed to fight some of them off.

Genki: Who?

Chris: Blacksaurians... I don't know where they came from.. but... oh shit... they're in here!!!!!

Tiger: Let's go. ((a large squad of blacksaurians appear in the derilict sewer, but are driven back by something))

Tiger: Huh? What's goin' on!?!?!?!?!?

Hare: I don't... ((Hare gets buried in the titanium barrier, and Kaduka steps into the sewers))

Kaduka: You shall not live to oppose Nathan!!!!!

Genki: Why can't we!!!!

Kaduka: Let me give you a vision of what will happen... ((Kaduka searches through his mind and sets a vision into the minds of the eight, a vision in which they are all dead, on the sewer floor, torn up by claw wounds))

Golem: This is not going to happen. Leave, I will stop him.

Chris: I'll unlock the main exit, Holly, Suezo, follow me.

Genki: Tiger, you, Mocchi and Hare stay here with me, we'll help Golem. ((Genki frees Hare from the broken barrier))

Mocchi: Mocchi stay too Genki!!!

Tiger: Good, I need a good fight.

Hare: Gotcha, Genki. ((Chris, Suezo, and Holly leave for the main exit while Mocchi, Genki, Golem, Tiger and Hare fend off Kaduka))

Kaduka: You think you can defeat me? How incorrect. Only two have the power to defeat me. One, you know of. The other... you don't.

Genki: We'll keep fighting 'til we win. a hundred, a thousand, even a million times if we have to.

Kaduka: One chance, for now. Take your best shot. Genki: Fine. ((Genki rushes forward and tries to punch Kaduka, but his arm is wrenched backward by an unknown force, a snap fills the air, soon Genki is rushing back at Kaduka, arm sprained, and hits Kaduka with amazing accuracy and power, Golem cyclone attacks Kaduka, Tiger super torpedos him, and Hare uses Guru Guru, they all hit and nearly knock Kaduka out, but Kaduka hits them all with a psychic based bomb that throws them all back))

Kaduka: You have passed the test. I shall await your next arrival. Only next time, I won't be so easy.

Genki: Wait!!! ((Kaduka vanishes without a trace, at that exact time, Suezo shows up and asks them to follow him to the exit, after about fifteen minutes, they reach the exit and meet Chris and Holly at a small camp in a derilict building, Chris burning wood soaked with kerosene, a pot boiling on the fire))

Chris: 'Bout time you showed up. Holly: Genki, Mocchi, you're all right... I was worried...

Genki: Kaduka said something about us passing a test... that only two of us have the power. Do you know what it means?

Chris: No. It really doesn't make much sense to me. Was there anything else he said?

Tiger: Yeah. He said we knew one, but we don't know the other.

Chris: Hey, I'm not a prophet, but I'll try to decifer it... wait. I think I know what it means now. "The power" is probably psychokinesis. I have it. " One you know of. One you don't. " Out of all of us. I'm one of them... but who is the other?

Hare: Well, it's not me...

Tiger: Me neither.

Golem: I don't know.

Suezo: Well, it can't be me.

Mocchi: Mochhi hungry, Genki.

Holly: Let's eat. I found some food in the back.

Chris: Good, 'cause I'm out of MREs. I had to give some to the soldiers.

Genki: What is it?

Holly: Stew, and thats it.

Chris: All we have to drink in this hellhole is water. And it doesn't taste so good either.

Genki: Well, it's better than nothing. Let's eat. ((Holly dishes soup out of the pot while Chris pumps some water from a well outside, everyone is eating like pigs, except Holly))

Tiger: Best damned soup I've had in... who knows how long.

Golem: Mmmmmmm.

Genki: This is good, what's in it?

Holly: I don't know... ask Chris. ((Chris walks in carrying two large buckets of water))

Genki: Hey Chris, whats in this... what is that?! ((Genki points to a small stone in the corner of the room))

Chris: Where the hell did that come from? ((Chris goes overr and picks at it, trying to get it out, but it just falls out instead))

Mocchi: It's a mystery disc, a mystery disc, chi!!!!!! ((Mocchi picks up the CD and gives it to Holly))

Holly: These are exactly like the ones we have at home.

Genki: Lemme see!!! ((Genki snatches the mystery disc away form Holly))

Genki: This is and odd disc... maybe it holds the Cinder Bird!!!!

Tiger: No, it'd be too easy.

Hare: C'mon lazy, you just wanna leave.

Tiger: Haaaaaarre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hare: Uh-oh... ((Tiger chases Hare outside, and then lcks the door and comes back in))

Hare: Please don't leave me outside , Tiger, please?? Tiger? Tiger!!!!

Chris: I think I saw a shrine over there. Let's check it out, alright? ((Chris, Genki, Holly, Mocchi, Golem, Suezo, and Tiger all leave Hare in their dust. They reach the shrine and Chris steps on the main platform))

Chris: I guess I'll take this one. I'm the only one here who doesn't have a monster. ((Chris takes the disc and places it on the hole in the middle, Holly goes to the lower controls and starts it up, Chris waits for it to be completely enveloped by the blue aura))

Chris: Unlock! The disc disappears and a Nya appears in the aura, then the aura disappears.

Holly: It's a Nya...

Genki: A... Nya?

Nya: Yes, a Nya. That's what I am. ((they all stare at the Nya in disbelief))

Nya: I can talk. What's wrong wit dat?

Holly: It's just that you're so young.

Nya: Awright, now I'm hungry. Who gots da food?

Chris: I do. C'mere.

Nya: Man do I got da munchies, gimme da food!

Chris: Well, you certainly like food... do you want to come with us?

Nya: Where ya goin'?

Genki: We're gonna go to a place with a lot of food.

Nya: Where der's food, der's a Nya!

Chris: Good.

Nya: And I wanna stay with da guy wit da food, ok?

Chris: Ok...

Nya (mouth full of food): Mmmmm hmmmm nnnnn gggnnn.

Chris: What?

Nya: I said, dere's lots o' food east o' here, so let's go!

Chris: Well I guess we follow Nya.

Nya: Hey, have you guys met Cinder Bird? He was my best friend. He lives in.... New York City.

Chris: How...? Did you know that?

Nya: I dunno. It came to me I guess.

Genki: Well let's go then.

Hare: Wait up you guys! Wait up!!!!!

Genki: C'mon Hare!

The eight of them leave to find the Cinder Bird, and to solve the riddle of who else has the power to defeat Kaduka, and to stop Nathan from destroying the world...

To Be Continued...

Preview of "Hare, the Traitor"

Mmghffphph... mumbled Nya as he gulped down piece of fish.The dark night was clear, except for a few clouds. Nya gulped down yet ANOTHER fish.

"Nya, that's the fifteenth fish you've eaten today!!!" screamed a very hungry Holly.

"Uhhh... I got hungry?"

Holly, enraged, walking towards Nya who was steadily creeping away."Urrrgghhhh!!!!!!! That's it Nya... TIGER!!!! Make him give us our fish!!!!!"

"Come to think of it, I got a little hungry myself..." replied an even angrier Tiger.

"Tiger, please, I didn't mean any harm, really..." Nya sheepishly answered.

"I'm with Tiger. GIVE US OUR FOOD!!!!" Hare yelled

Genki, overcome by hunger, joins in the brawl."NyA,,,.,. Iii am VErY HungRy GIve uS the FoOd,.,,..,.,."

Golem, not wanting any violence, sit's between Nya and the food crazed monsters and humans." If you want food, ask Chris and Mocchi."

Suezo, even more enraged, sneaks out from behind Golem."GIVE US OUR FOOD!!!!!!"

Nya runs out into an old building and locks the door.

"You're not getting away from us now Nya!!!" yelled out Holly.

Chris and Mocchi, on the other hand, were eating some more fish they caught when everyone started the fight with Nya

"Come on, would ya quit it?" an annoyed Chris asked. "Don't we fight enough already?!?"

THAT made everyone stop and slowly look in his direction.

" Come on, can't we all have a break from the fighting?" Chris asked "Look, now there's more than enough fish for everyone, except Nya." everyone walked over, speechless, sat down and started eating fish.

Nya stepped out of the building and ran toward the fish, where he hit an invisible wall."Heeeeyyyyy, what's da big idea???" asked a confused little yellow cat. "Doncha think I'm hungry?!?!?!"

"You already ate too much." said holly, now happy as can be

" Ohhh Nooooo..." said a fearful Chris " Everyone... HEAD FOR THE HILLLS!!!" Chris runs off to the middle of nowhere

"Ohhh no... Nya has a sugar high!!!!!!" Holly, too, runs off into the distance.

" Uhhh... RUN!!!" Genki and all the others head for the hills, and duck behind a huge rock. "

"Heeeyyyy, guys, I don't feel so good."

"DId SOMEone SpIkE ThE FiSh????" Soon, the tree's were torn and ripped, the fish was nothing but bones, and the building was utterly destroyed. Nya, on the other hand, was fine."Well, it seems his post-fish fit is over." Hare blurted out. Nya then keeled over and fell asleep."I feel you're pain, Nya."Chris walked by the fire where he cooked the fish, and lied down. Soon, nearly everyone was asleep, or talking to eachother in their sleeping bags."Nice night, huh Holly?" Genki said, with his hands behind his head."Yeah... hey, does anyone feel like we're being watched?" Holly asked. "No.... wait, yeah someone, er, something is watching. Genki, come with me, you too Tiger. Suezo, you stay and protect Holly. Hare you take Nya and Mocchi to the rock, keep yourself covered. Golem... ummm... just stay here and provide backup and cover against whatever comes.Everyone got it?"

"Yeah!" everyone cried out in unison. The plan started. everyone got in their places."Don't worry Holly, we'll be fine."Genki proudly said." Genki, let's go." Tiger, cool, calm, and collected said. The trio disappeared into the woods, unaware of who they were about to face. Hare, Mocchi, and Nya, who was still asleep, hid behind a large rock column, when Hare heard something, he went to check it out. Chris led the way, hacking past any bushes in their waywhen Tiger heard voices, and soon enough Chris and Genki could hear them too."So boss, when do we get to kill those shitheads?" One of the voices asked." Yeah, payback time... he he he he." "We deserve to kill 'em after all they did to us." another voice moaned, but it was answed by a gruff sounding voice. "Not yet, just you wait." Genki stood on a tree branch to get a better look, but it snapped. That's when the voices stopped and the trio heard footsteps coming closer, when the footsteps broke into a run, several dark bodies cam into the clearing. They were bodies of gangsters, an after them came a dark figure with three claws...